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Scene 1
Shashwat burns brush and says to Pavitra that this is your sample, Aryan comes there and asks how did fire light here? he pours water to stop it, he asks wh they are silently standing, Pavitra says this happened because of Shashwat, he doesnt want people to know that Aradhya is his daughter, i wanted to do his DNA test so that we will know if he had relation with Tulsi or not, Shashwat says shut up, Aryan says baba calm down, if she wanna do DNA test then let them do it, i know truth, this mess will be over, everything will be clear, you know test’s result will be negative, let this test happen, Kumudini listens this and thinks why my grandson is is creating problems for me, Shashwat says okay Pavitra do what you want to, he leaves, Pavitra leaves too, Aryan is miffed.

is waiting in hospital, Chimaji comes there, Aradhya stares him, he doesnt look at her, Aradhya says truth wont be hidden by you not seeing me, soon truth will be out, aaba says dont argue with him, leave, Aradhya says even i dont want to talk to him, soon truth will be out, Aaba says you will be punished too alongwith Tulsi, Aradhya says what if test comes out to be positive? then will you punish Chimaji? you dont know this Chimaji is fake, he is coward man, he is totally cheat and fake man, chimaji says enough, he is about to slap Aradhya but Aryan comes and holds his hand, Aaba says leave his hand, Aradhya asks what happened Chimaji? even if test comes out to be positive even then i will not call you father, nobody would want a father like you, you dont deserve to called as father, i want test to be positive so that my mother is proved right, i will get right to say in world that i dont accept you as my father, today you raised hand on me but dont do it again, only my mother have right to slap me, Aryan says to Aaba that you are taking side of very wrong person, he says to Aradhya that we will talk to them after results, he leaves with Aradhya. aaba says to chimaji that this devdasi’s daughter have fooled my son, its my mistake, i have given freedom to my grandson, Kumudini sees all this and thinks that wow my grandson, you stopped your father’s hand to save Aradhya, this is called Kumudini’s blood, you are my lion, you broke Chimaji and aaba’s ego, its great God.
All are waiting for result, doctor comes and gives report to Aaba, aaba opens it and reads, Aradhya says to Tulsi that see Chimaji seems so tensed, now his truth will come out, Aryan looks at Aradhya. Aaba looks at Chimaji, Nakku says to Pavitra that your report will be given by nurse later. Aaba says to Chimaji that i told this women is blaming you, her daughter’s DNA sample doesnt match with your DNA sample, all are shocked, Kumudini thinks i am sorry Tulsi, i couldnt stop this test and i cant tell this truth that Aradhya is Pavitra and Shashwat’s daughter, Tulsi says this is a lie, Aaba says shut up, results are out, you will be punished now, its good if you dont talk now, Aaba asks Raghu to take her and tie her to some tree in village, Aradhya says we will call another doctor, Aaba says this is not some game, its panchayat’s decision, Aradhya comes to Chimaji and says you know what truth is, if you have little truth in you then tell truth to all, Chimaji says God has told truth, this is panchayat’s matter, i am just guest here, its my duty to not interfere in this matter, culprit should be punished, Raghu starts taking Tulsi, aryan asks him to stop, Aaba asks aryan to not cross limit, Aryan says you are crossing limit Aaba, Aaba says you are going against us for these cheap women? this is about respect of village and Chimaji, i can forget that you are my grandson, he says to Raghu that if anyone tries to stop then dont stop, take her, Raghu takes Tulsi from there, Aryan goes behind them, Kumudini thinks how will i save my daughter? Chimaji says to Aaba that its time for my prayers, he leaves, Aaba looks at Kumudini and says you were talking alot in Panchayat, why you are silent now? will you not save your daughter? Kumudini looks on.
Tulsi is dragged in village, Aradhya is coming behind her and ask goons to leave her, Tulsi is tied to tree, villagers gather there and says beat this women, Raghu says to villagers that she blamed Chimaji falsely so tomorrow we will beat he with stones here only, we will beat her so much that no on would be able to blame Chimaji again, Chimaji comes there, Aradhya comes to him and says will you remain silent even now? you know what relation you have with my Aayi, stop this injustice, Aradhya says you wanted me to get punished, why are you crying now? Aradhya says you are great personality, they will stop if you order them, she folds her hand and asks him to stop all this, Chimaji says you dont deserve my goodness, your aayi tried to blame me, she falsely blamed me, Aradhya says you used to love her, for sake of that relation, stop this nonsense, she was your wife, Chimaji says i dont know story she has told you but truth is that i dont have relation with this characterless women, Aradhya says i was fool to beg you, dont you dare say anything against my mother, i know you are lured by this position of great saint and thats why you are not saying truth, Chimaji says shut up, he looks at Tulsi who stares him, he looks away and says i am unclean by these devdasies, i will take bath, he leaves, Aradhya is heart broken.
Nurse gives report to Aryan, Pavitra asks where are you going? will you not read this report? you have no importance for your aayi’s peace but you are worrying about that devdasi? Shashwat comes there too, Aryan gives report to Pavitra and says i dont need you, i have faith on my father, you can read this report, PAvitra says you read yourself, she stares Shaswat, Aryan looks at shashwat, he reads report, Kumudini looks on too, Aryan says Shashwat’s DNA doesnt match with Aradhya’s DNA, Kumudini recalls flashback how she took Shashwat’s hair and exchanged it with some random DNA, fb ends, Aryan says are you fine Pavitra maa? Pavitra says this means he is not father of Aradhya? Aryan says you kept doubting Shashwat, you spoiled my relation with him too, you kept yourself away from him, its difficult to rectify all this now, Pavitra gets emotional, Shashwat leaves, PAvitra asks Aryan to stop him, Aryan says this your fight, try to mend his heart, he leaves, Nakku asks Pavitra to leave Shashwat and stop your son, he is going to save that devdasi.
Aryan comes to Aaba and says only you can stop all this, i know you are doing all this for revenge, aaba says you have understand many things due to that Aradhya, Aryan says you are doing wrong, Aaba says i am not doing anything wrong, Aryan says listen, Aaba says you listen for first and last time, i didnt do anything wrong, i asked that devdasi if she is ready for test and told her punishment too but she agreed for test, this is not my fault, go and ask any man in this village if i am wrong, if anyone say that i am wrong then i will stop this, go now, Pavitra listens all this, Aryan leaves. Pavitra stops Aaba and says did you see whats happening, Aryan is forgetting us because of that Aradhya, we will lose him, PAvitra says talk to deshmukh, we will make him marry Purva, Pavitra says what about Aradhya? Aaba says she is a small problem for us, we will handle her, go and make Deshmukh agree for marriage.
Aryan comes to one villager and says you know what aaba is doing in panchayat is wrong, you are part of panch so please stop this, villager says he is God for us, we cant do anything.
Kumudini prays to Krishan and says please save my daughter, i was just saving the secret that Aradhya is not Tulsi’s daughter, i have no relation with Aradhya, she is just pawn to take revenge from aaba, i have no feelings for her but Tulsi is my daughter, i cant even ask Aryan to save his mother, right thing should come on right time only, Aryan is Tulsi and Chimaji’s son, i cant tell this truth to Tulsi, Aradhya comes there, she doesnt listen Kumudini’s words and says they have taken Tulsi, they will beat her, you are part of panchayat, stop all this, Kumudini says nobody will listen to me, this is not small matter, it is matter of Chimaji’s insult, nobody will help us.
Aryan is talking to villagers but nobody is ready to go against Aaba, Banari sees him and thinks that he is trying to gather people against Aaba, i have to do something.
Kumudini says to Aradhya that this is all your fault, why did you insult Chimaji? Aradhya says do you even what he was saying for us? Kumudini says he can say anything, dogs bark but whats the need to answer them, who sacred man will confess that he broke his saintliness for a devdasi? you started all this, Aradhya says come with me to Tulsi, Kumudini says even your aayi is no less, why did she allow this DNA? which saint will allow truth to come out and that Aaba would have changed reports, i can just pray that my daughter is saved, Aradhya says she is my mother too, Kumudini says if anything happens to her then i will die, Aradhya says i will end this, i will save my aayi’s life, she leaves, Kumudini says to Lord that i raised this girl as my grand daughter, this is fight between blood and upbringing, upbringing relation can not replace blood relation.
aaba says to Banwari that dont know what lacked in my upbringing that my blood is against me, Banwari says this is not time to talk about blood and upbringing, its time to stop Aryan, i have done my work, Aryan will not come out of his room, i have locked his room after giving him medicine, flashback shows Aryan fainting after drinking juice which had medicine, Banwari locks him in room, fb ends, Aaba asks what about tulsi? Banwari says she is tied with tree, guards are keeping eye on her, nobody can save her, Aryan could have saved her but he is sleeping now, Aaba says your guards must be busy in drinking, i will go there and see myself.
Aradhya comes near tree and makes Aaba’s guards unconscious by making them smell chloroform. Tulsi is in bad state and asks for water, Aradhya comes there and offers her water, Tulsi asks what are you doing here? Aradhya says i have made aaba’s unconscious, lets go from here, Tulsi says your life will be danger, let it happen, leave from here, Aradhya says leave from here, dont worry about anything, Kaka comes there and says to Tulsi that no one will help us, lets leave from here, tulsi says i wont leave Aradhya here, Aradhya says your life is in danger, you go with Kaka to Pune, i will come tomorrow, i will pretend that you are still tied to tree, Tulsi says i wont leave without you, they can kill you, Aradhya says you are given punishment, not me, i am not alone, Aryan will come to help me, he has gone to talk to Panchayat, dont worry. Aaba comes to site and sees guards unconscious, Aaba says its good, our enemy is not Tulsi but Aradhya, she has created many problems for us, now she is in trap, Kaka takes Tulsi from there. Aradhya says i will call Aryan before anyone comes here, she calls Aryan but he doesnt pick her call as he is unconscious, Aaba comes there and says what happened? he is not picking call? Aradhya is shocked seeing him there.

PRECAP- Whole village is gathered at site, Kumudini says to Aryan what relation you have with my grand daughter, tell everyone, aaba my grandson have no relation with her, dont force relation upon him, Kumudini says i have proofs that they have relation, i will show to whole village, she shows video in which Aryan applied blood on Aradhya’s forehead, she asks Aryan why he is silent? say that this is lie, what i am saying is lie, Aryan says no, Aradhya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. why late update? … ok no problems… what a jhakkkkkaasss episode it was .. Ami pagol hoe jabo seriously ei show tar jonno.. love it to the core.. what a gorgeous performance by each and every actors.. they are beautiful and strong.. this show is epitome of strength.. every bits and pieces of the show is powerful.

  2. Omg ????precap is most most most awesome???aryan accepts wat was kumudini saying but here I can’t understand 1thing that is really kumudini doesn’t live aradhaya is she acting I feel emotional here??????

  3. Live = love its typing mistake opppsss sorry

  4. Will Aryan confess everything to the village about the fake drama

  5. Kuch samajh nahin aa raha,sab unpredictable hai, rao will not accept aaradhya, dat purva is still dre coz rao said tgat in 2 or 3 days marriage scene,den wat wil happen,ohhh deva re deva tu ages re deva tu ahes re, but y dey r showing all tracks like suoerfasy,in south it runs for 2 years from 2000 to 2002, but i hv doubt about dat in hindi version,

  6. Every passing day is increasing my love for Shravan … No overacting … No OTT expressions … He is always on the mark … Undoubtedly one of the bestest actors of recent times, he is doing complete justice to the character of Aryan … Infact the whole cast of krishnadasi is doing a great job … Cheers to Krishnadasi … I am totally addicted to it! πŸ˜€

  7. Can’t wait until monday. Wt a precap

  8. oh no i will hate if aryan will go against aradhaya nooooooo

    1. Will Aryan go against aradhya

  9. Only watching for shravan love u shravan looking sooooooooooooooooo cuteeeee

  10. wow! i cant wait for the monday epi! they should have this show on everyday πŸ˜›

  11. Kumudini doesn’t love Aru, she has just used her.
    Love Aryan for standing up for Aru and tulsi.

    Looks like Aryan has been beaten up in the precap. I feel so sorry for them both.

    Such a shame Aru didn’t hear kumudini in the temple.

    When the truth comes out, Aryan will be loved by tulsi. Aru will be loved by shashwant. I just hope they come out of this loving each other.

    Hate Aaba and kumudini, they are both evil and as bad as each other.

    1. I think Aryan is not beaten up … The villagers will hurl stones at Aradhya and in order to save her, our hero, Aryan, will get injured in the process … Well this may not be true, it is only my assumption

      1. That makes more sense. Can’t believe his own family dragged and locked him up.
        I hate that man with the glasses and shoulder twitch.

  12. Ya but we have to wait till Monday
    shaa sat to monday yar nahi wait hota

    1. We all love KD very much.But un4tunately its trp is getting low.?

  13. nice episode….
    wating for next episode eagerly

  14. Ivlo tension ah iruku intha serial. Mudila…

  15. wow nice precap. I can’t wait for next epi. Luv u lot shravan. U r doing awesome.

  16. Hey guys it’s sad but I have read that Aryan is doing drama for gayatri’s revenge. I just wish it is wrong

  17. poor aradhya has to bear everything………yeh kumudini toh ekdum aunty nikli…… swap nhi krke v revenge le sakti thi woh………..just hate her

  18. wow!!!!! what an episode!!! just loved it…..
    just love aradyan!!!! u guys are wonderful !!!
    just waiting for Monday. ……. Monday………come fast………

  19. Nc episode really lve the sereal no dragging and very good performance by all the actors especially shravan reddy and sana

  20. Upcoming episodes……..
    TULSI doubt KUMUDINI behaviour. ..

    See OLV….link here

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    have u guys seen the new promo of krishndasi aryan saves aradhya while people throw stones on aradhya and then he acsept his marrige too aradhya too lovely but dont know wheter this is a rrevenge from aryan?

    1. Aryan wants to do the right thing. He’s a good guy!

      Does he accept his ‘marriage’ or simply that he filled her maang with his blood? There’s a difference.

      1. Even if Aryan accepts in front of the villagers that he had just filled Aaru’s maang with blood, Kumudini is there to interpret it as marriage!

      2. I know, she capitalises on anything to help her make her revenge more sweet, for herself.

        She is really hurting tulsi by her actions.

  23. Precape is full of suspense let see what will happened next episode

    1. No nakshtra i don’t think so its revenge from aryan ….
      Aryan truly love aradaya

  24. hey! please give me link where I will get tomorrow episode.

  25. The best part was when Aryan stopped Chimaji from slapping Aaradhya …. At first i thought that it was Tulsi but i was super happy when it turned out to be Aryan …. Love the way Aryan protects his Aaru everytime

    1. Oh yes, very true. That was brilliant!

      1. I loved it even more because Aryan took a stand for Aradhya infront of that Aaba

  26. Yes guys the sceen is awesome when Aryan protect aradaya from chumiji’s slape

  27. I don’t understand all these cheesy romantic serial are getting good trp. A show with good story and good actors doesn’t have good trp… what is happening people….

  28. Fan of ishveer

    @diya it always happens diva nice stories and some message based serial don’t get nice trp rating but all the draging, boring, ghost serials get high trp rating and many nice serials have came to end because of low trp…i pray to Lord that does not happen to KRISHNADAASI….and the episode was awesome…..i hope for the best to happen……KRISHNADAASI ROCKS……

  29. Fan of ishveer

    Sorryyyy i typed ur name as diva….Sorryyyy for that diya……

  30. Atiba..
    Please Written updates of this serial. . Update it soon after the serial. .
    I can’t watch the serial at 10.30
    So I ll be always waiting for written updates. .

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    1. Yea…plzz..mke it more interesting..

  33. Chill guys nothing will happen like that aradaya will not confess her love in whole village because aradaya and Aryan both know that it was just accident ( aryan fill aradaya’s mang) arayan and aradaya both love each other but both of them not realize their love yet..

  34. Love aryan coming to Aru s rescue..he is always at the right place at the right time

  35. Shravan is awesome

  36. Really Aryan and aradaya look awesome with each other superb chemistry both of them…

  37. lagche..awesome..

  38. Love u sharvan

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