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Scene 1
Aradhya asks Aryan to listen, he is leaving in his jeep, Aradhya runs behind him, he stops, Aradhya says to Aryan to listen to her for 2minutes, he starts to leave but Aradhya comes infront of his jeep, she says you have to pass me else listen to me, she says I agree with you, i feel exactly what you feel about Gayetri, she is my friend for Godsake, try and understand, we will try to find solution of this problem, please understand, i know you are angry with me, you can drive over to calm yourself down, please talk to me, Aryan says you wanna talk? she nods, Aryan asks her to sit in car, she thanks him and moves aside from his car, he starts driving and stops, Aradhya says atleast give one signal that you dont hate me, Aryan throws her stole on road and leaves, Aradhya takes stole and smiles,

she says i understood that you dont hate me, you came to give me my stole back, thank you, thank you so much. Aradhya sees Damini’s Ayi walking from there, she says that she has Alzheimer, she says to Ayi that i know your Damini, she takes her from there.
Damini says to david that i got to know, you are getting married David, sorry Davaish, this is your name now? David asks if she has problem with his name? she says no, you changed name, came to Krishnavati then won Aaba’s trust and now marrying his grand daughter, this is strange, David says i didnt do any crime, Damini says i am not calling you criminal and i dont call criminals at my house, David says you called from back door so that nobody can see me, Damini says secrets should remain secret, i got to know your name, its Shrike, you bought sim card on this name and messaged Gayetri right? David says whats the proof Damini? Damini says inspector Damini, David says i am getting late, Damini says you messaged Gayetri and called her there? David says you have proof? Damini says you are sweating, David says any solid proof? Damini says your past? you know how to break relations, you know to runaway from marriage venue, i have been to it, you will do same with Gayetri? David says i am sorry for whatever happened, i had some problems, i wanted to marry but i was helpless, its not my habit to play with girls, i havent touched Gayetri, he takes out musical lighter and plays with it.
Aradhya brings Damini’s Ayi to Damini’s house. Damini is inside house, Damini says to David that you have changed much, you have left smoking but you still play with your lighter when you are in tension, your tension is telling me that you are hiding something. Aradhya sees them from window, she is not able to see David’s face as he has back towards her, Aradhya sees musical lighter in his hands, Damini says to David that i know you dont have good intentions towards Gayetri, i wont let you succeed, let me get one proof and you will be behind bars, David leaves, Aradhya says what this man has to do with Gayetri? who was he? i need to find out, Damini can tell me, if i get to know it then i can clear misunderstanding for Aryan that Kumudini is not behind all this and also Gayetri’s life will be saved too, he has used Kumudini’s name, what animosity he has with Gayetri? only Damini can tell me. Damini’s ayi starts screaming, Damini comes out and asks Aradhya where did you find her? Aradhya says in market, Aradhya asks who was the man whom you were talking with about Gayetri? Damini’s mother get hyper, she has an attack, Damini makes her sit in car, she says to Aradhya that i will tell your everything after returning but before that dont say anything to anyone, Damini leaves with her mother to hospital.

Scene 2
Aradhya meets Swara and helps her in her case. Aradhya comes in hospital with Swara to meet Damini, Aradhya says i am wasting your time here, Swara says these things dont matter between friends, distance dont change friendship, lets find about person with musical lighter. Aradhya comes to reception and asks about shankri(Damini’s mother), receptionist says Damini went to Mumbai with her as her mother was ill, Aradhya calls Damini but she is not picking up, she tells this to Swara, Swara says dont worry, i know you would not lose, you would do when you take up responsibility, Aradhya says Damini must know everything about that person, his name and details, what i know about him? it is that he has musical lighter, this is not solid proof, Swara says it is, you can ask shopkeepers about that lighter, i have to leave, i am sorry to not help you out, Aradhya says thanks for being support, Swara says i have to leave but why dont you take Aryan’s help? Aradhya says i keep calling him but he is not picking call, he thinks Kumudini is doing all this, he hates Krishnadasies, Swara says he was your friend, there are misunderstandings but you are trying to help sister and when you do good with people then they do get to know, just for me, talk to him once, maybe this will decrease animosity between your families, also its better to have two people than one, you will find out soon this way, Aradhya says you are right, i should talk to Aryan, i just hope, we find that person before Gayetri’s marriage, she says to Swara that i am praying for you too, Swara says i pray that you get successful, swara says i have flight, she leaves.
Aryan is having wrestling match, Aryan wins, Banwari praises him, Raghu asks Banwari for match too, Aryan says Banwari will fight, Aradhya comes there and tries to meet Aryan but guard stops, she says i need to talk to Aryan, Aryan sees her on gate, she waves to him, he is stunned. Aryan comes to her, Aradhya says i need to talk to you, Aryan says i dont wanna talk, Aradhya says its important.
Gayetri’s haldi ceremony starts, Shivangi blabbers that she is shame to family, Pavitra listens it, Shivangi gets conscious and says Gayetri is looking so nice, guest asks Pavitra to apply haldi to her, Pavitra stares Shivangi, she comes to Gayetri and applies haldi to her, aaba comes there and calls Pavitra. Aaba says to Pavitra that i couldnt meet the girl whom Aryan likes, call her in Gayetri’s marriage, i am doing Gayetri’s marriage in helplessness but i dont want this to happen to Aryan, i wanna see if that girl is suitable for Aryan and if she is not then i will find a good girl and make him marry soon, i am alerted after listening his modern thoughts, i want to bring him on path before he loses focus, he leaves.
Aradhya says to Aryan that i wanna help you, Aryan says do you even know what Gayetri is listening? all because of your aaji, Aradhya says i wanna clarify misunderstandings regarding my aaji, Kumudini is not behind all this, there is some other person behind it, there is a man behind it, i saw him in Damini’s house, he had musical lighter, before i could see him, Damini’s mother got ill and we had to take her to hospital, you and me can find about that man, this is about Gayetri’s life, i think there is something fishy, Aryan says you cooked nice story, Aradhya says i not cooking any story, if we find out about that man then we will know who trapped her, Aryan doesnt listen to her, Aradhya says you dont trust me but atleat think about Gayetri’s life, she is your sister, i hope you would understand this much. Banwari sees Aradhya there. Aryan stops Aradhya and says i am coming, he goes to change, Aradhya waits for hi.

PRECAP- Aryan and Aradhya are in market, Aradhya says to Aryan that this is serious, Aryan sees Pavitra coming in market, he hides, Pavitra comes to Aradhya and invites her for marriage, she sees when i see you, i feel i have relation with you from some birth, Aryan listens this. Tulsi says to Kumudini that if you play games with someone’s daughter then others can play games with your daughter too. David hugs Gayetri, Aryan comes there and stares him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. very intresting

  3. I dont want kumudini to win in this battle. coz if she wins thn aradhyan will be seperated….. n i just luv shravan. but i hated him in splitsvilla 7

    1. and i fell for his determination and willpower in splitsvilla. according to me he was the most genuine person in among those bunch of fake people. he was bad or good doesn’t matter . as i believe no one is bad or good. everyone has two face like head and tail of coin. if he is good for w person he may be bad for other and vice verse. Since then falling for him like mad everyday.

    2. Y u hated him in splitsvilla sreya

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