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Krishnadasi 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya comes to Tulsi’s house with aaba and Aryan. aaba shouts Kumudini dancer where are you? see who has come, you welcome people with dance so welcome us by dancing, where are you devdasi? Aryan says there is no one in house, we should leave, aaba says no, i want to see crying face of Kumudini. Tulsi comes there with Kumudini on stature, Aradhya asks what happened to her? Tulsi says someone tried to kill her in hospital, Aradhya who did it? aryan and aaba are shocked too, Tulsi says we dont know anything, chimaji is there too. Aryan helps Kumudini, he puts pillow beneath her neck, Kumudini wakes up, Aradhya asks who tried to kill you? Kumudini looks at Aryan and holds his hand, she looks at Krishanji then, Tulsi asks who tried to kill you? Kumudini keep looking at Aryan and tries

to speak, Aradhya asks who tried to kill you? tell us, Kumudini says Aryan.. all are stunned and looks at Aryan, aaba says she is on death bed still not stopping her drama, how dare you blame my grand son? Tulsi says why would she lie? Aradhya says she must saying something else, Aryan cant do this, he was with me in house, Kumudini faints again, aaba says your own daughter is telling truth, lets go Aryan, he drags Aryan, Aryan leaves Kumudini’s hand, ARadhya looks at him sadly, Aryan turns to see them, he leaves. Tulsi says what aaji said? Aryan? Aradhya says Aryan cant do this, he was with me, we were having fight over divorce papers, Tulsi says divorce? she looks at Chimaji.
Pavitra cries, she tells Nakku that hospital people called me and told me that ARadhya is mine and Shashwat’s daughter, what kind of mother i am? Aaba used to be bad with my daughters but i did so much bad with Aradhya, how cruel i was? this cant happen.. if Aradhya is my daughter then Aryan is not my son, this cant happen, she cries, Nakku says if aaba knows that you gave birth to daughter not son then he will throw you out of house with your daughter, servant comes and says aaba is calling everyone downstairs, Nakku says to Pavitra that this truth should not come out ever, lets go downstairs.
In hall, Aaba says to Purva that i told you you would marry Aryan only, tomorrow will be your marriage with Aryan and Gayetri’s marriage with Jairaj, he asks Paivtra to start preparation, ask Shashwat to do preparations, Purva touches his feet, Gayetri is in tears, Purva smiles at Aryan who is tensed.
Doctor checks Kumudini, he tells Tulsi that she needs rest, he leaves. Aradhya sits beside Kumudini, Tulsi call her name out, Kumudini wakes up, Aradhya says you know who attacked you? who it can be? Kumudini tries to speak.. Aradhya asks if she saw his face? dont know who attacked her, why did she go to hospital? Tulsi says someone from Aaba’s family must have done it, i was attacked too earlier and Kumudini was finding that person, i feel same person attacked aayi, Aradhya says why you didnt tell me? what proof she was finding in hospital? i will find about this matter, Tulsi says dont put your life in danger, Aradhya dont worry about me, i will find out, i just want hint about this matter, she looks at Kaka, he gets tensed and leaves from there, Aradhya thinks that Kaka knows something for sure. Aradhya comes to Kaka and says who did it? who attacked Kumudini? kaka says i dont know anything, ARadhya says you want anything happen to Kumudini? Kaka says no nothing should happen to her, i will tell you everything, Kumudini was attacked earlier too, some goons came in white car, that car was of aaba’s, Aradhya says who can try to kill Kumudini from aaba’s house? Kaka says i dont know, Kumudini met lawyer too. David comes there and says Aryan and Gayetri are getting married, will you not do anything? they are our life partners, Aradhya says he was my life partner, we are divorced and i am worried about my aaji, she had been attacked two times, David says is it related to will? i work with lawyer who handles Kumudini’s case, case is related king Keshav’s will, Aradhya thinks that Keshav is my mother’s father, she says i need your help, we will go tomorrow, will you help me? David says what about Aryan and Gayetri’s marriage? Aradhya thinks about it.
Aryan comes to Purva’s room, he sits and says i have brought saree for you, i fyou like it then i want you wear it in our marriage, she says how sweet, she tries to hug him but he says your hands are filled with mehndi, he says you had to bear so much because of me and Aradhya, i promise you this game is finished and we will starts our life afresh, Purva says i will love you so much that you will forget everything, Raj comes there and says i am sorry to disturb you both, Purva there are sherwanis in my room and i am not able to pick one, Aryan says thats fine, i was coming to you, i have brought sherwani for you, thank you for everything, i hope we work harder, Raj says thanks for trusting me, i wkll keep Gayetri happy, Aryan leaves. Raj closes door, Purva says i cant believe that we are close to our destination, now that ARadhya can rot in hell.
David, Aradhya and Kaka comes to lawyer’s office. David says we have to collect proofs soon before lawyer comes here, this case is secret. Aradhya and David starts searching lawyer’s room, Aradhya finds file, she says to David that its written that Deshmukh is distant relative of Keshav and wants to get his will, Kaka says this means he attacked Kumudini to get will.
Aryan gets ready as groom, he looks around in hall. Nakku gives water to PAvitra and asks her to drink it, she asks her to be careful, aaba is keeping an eye on you, if he gets doubt on you then everything will be finished, she takes Pavitra from there. Aryan stares everyone, Markand sees Aryan and says to banwari that Aryan has good fate, he is getting married again and there is you who couldnt marry once, Banwari says even you couldnt do much after marrying. Aryan comes down in hall, aaba says see my lion has come. he says to Aryan that today my dream is going to be fulfilled, i am waiting for the day when my grand sons will play with me. Today will tie safa(turban) on your head. He ties turban on his head, Pavitra is sad, aaba puts cloth on aryan’s shoulder like king used to put, he says you are looking handsome, Aryan smiles, Shashwat is not happy too. Purva comes there dressed as bride. She stands beside Aryan. Raj and Gayetri comes there too dressed as bride and groom. Raj says first i want my sister to get married then i will sit in mandap, he asks Aryan to sit in mandap.
Aradhya says even i think same, she says will says that if Tulsi has son only then she will get property but i am only daughter of Tulsi then why he wants to kill Kumudini?
Marriage ceremony starts, Saras is not happy too.
David says to Aradhya that maybe Kumudini is trying to get will, ARadhya says Kumudini would have got to know that Deshmukh wanted Keshav’s property, i thought that they wanted Aaba’s property only but they have big planning.
Aryan and Purva starts taking pheras, Pavitra is in tears.
Aradhya says to David that we have to bring this deshmukh’s family truth out, i will go there, you go and bring police there, we have to stop this marriage, David says okay.
Pundit asks Aryan to make Purva wear Mangalsutra, Aryan makes her wear mangalsutra but it falls from his hands before he can tie it around her neck.
Aradhya comes to aaba’s house but guard stops her, Aradhya says i need to go inside, please let me go, he says leave. Aradhya is tensed.
Aryan sees Mangalsutra and says its broken Purva, Gayetri and Raj’s marriage is remaining too, time it passingby, he says to Purva that i believe when hearts are attached then marriage is done, i will make you wear mangalsutra later, Pundit says yes no problem, take blessings of elders. Aryan and Purva touches Aaba’s feet. aaba asks Pavitra to bring Gayetri, she brings Gayetri in mandap, marriage starts.
Aradhya runs in house. She comes insdei and says this marriage cannot happen. Purva holds Aryan’s arm, all are shocked to see her there. Raj is angry, Aradhya says stop this marriage Aryan, this cant happen, Aryan says Aradhya? what are you doing? he comes to Aradhya and says what are you doing? there is no need to shout, i have already married Purva, dont start drama, ARadhya says i know your marriage is done with Purva and we cant do anything about it but dont let Gayetri’s life be destroyed, i am telling you these people are fraud, you dont know them, you dont know their reality, Aaba shouts shut up else i will kill you, Pavitra gets tensed, Aradhya says Aryan try and understand, i want to tell you something, i have proofs, come with me, Aaba says no need to listen to her, Raj thinks that if Aryan listens to her then we will be gone, i have to do something, Raj says enough, how much insult we have to bear, i was leaving but you stopped us her aaba to see this? ARadhya says Aryan come with me, she drags Aryan from there. Aryan says no need to do this, we are married now, Raj comes to Aradhya and says Aryan will not go anywhere, you will go out of this house, Aryan says i am talking to her Raj, Aradhya says this family is fraud, you know they attacked my aayi and aaji, they are fraud, Markand says to Banwari that this family drama is becoming mystery. Raj says how much lie? Aryan says Raj i am talking to her, Raj says move back Aryan, Purva says Aryan she is not able to take the fact that you divorced her, Raj says enough of her drama, i will throw her out of house, he holds Aradhya’s hand and drags her, Pavitra tries to go but nakku stops her, Aryan asks Raj to stop, Aradhya says listen to me Aryan, Aryan moves his face away from her, Raj drags Aradhya, Aryan goes behind her, Pavitra says to Aryan that save Aradhya, he is taking her, save my daughter, Aryan says what did you say? save your daughter Aradhya? Aradhya is your daughter? from when you have started calling her daughter? Nakku says she got tensed seeing her in that condition, she is Tulsi’s daughter and if Tulsi gets to know it then she will call police, Aryan says Pavitra is crying and that too for Aradhya, this didnt happen earlier? Pavitra looks away.
Raj brings ARadhya to lake side and says i did mistake by leaving you alive, today i will finish you and your proofs too, Aradhya is hurt, she says i have proofs against you that you and your sister are trying to get Aryan’s property, Raj says you are right but there is no use of all this, Aryan wll do what i will tell him to do, i can admit you in mental hospital, Aradhya says do anything but the proofs i have against you, i will show them to everyone, i know that you are trying to grab Aaba’s brother in law Keshav’s property too and you attacked my aaji too, Raj gets angry, he looks around and says wow, you know more than you should, i will not leave you.. Aradhya says what will you do? will you kill me? but proofs will not be destroyed, i will show papers to Aryan that you created to get property, even if you kill me even then i will not leave you, Raj says you dont know, i can kill anyone anytime, tell me where are proofs? Aradhya asks him to be away, Raj grabs her neck and tries to strangle him, Aradhya hits him and points gun at him, she says if i get angry then i can kill anyone too, Raj says i will enjoy today , he asks her to shoot him.

PRECAP- Aradhya’s hands are tied, Aaba points gun at her and says she and her family have not given us moment of peace, Aryan comes and takes gun from aaba, he says what are you doing aaba? aaba says move away, i will kill her today, Kumudini comes there and says aaba before shooting her atleast see who she is, She is grand daughter of Vidyadhar Rao, 21 years back to save me and my daughter, i did all this, i swapped children in hospital, she is your blood only, all are shocked, Aryan and Aradhya cant believe it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am happy Pavitra understand that Aryan is not her son

  2. when the truth will reveal?Is poorva-aryan’s marriage complete?

    1. Sujee

      No.he didn’t make purva wear mangalsutra

  3. when the truth will be reveal?Is poorva-aryan’s marriage complete?

    1. No the wedding is not complete cos the manglasutra to break was Aryan and Arrus plan ??

    2. No it’s not completed. He is doing drama.

  4. Simran

    I just really hope that Aryan is just acting to be married to that purva. Aradhyan is the best

  5. First thing first 🙂 abeyy ooo colours walonnnn what the hell do you think of yourselves huh ?????? This is absolutely unfair. This time it is tooooooooo much . No KD on Friday and Saturday ????? How could you do that ? 1 hour special episodes for Kasam 2 days !!! :O:O why ???? What’s so special in that show ???? We want 1 one epi of KD on Saturday nd Sunday then . Stupid colours
    Now epi & the spoiler……minddddblowinggggg ohhh my good lord I just want to scream out of excitement :-D:-D:-D ohhhooo loved every one…..including Chudail ji and her dada. Aryannn who said you are lower IQ ? You are genius man! ! 😀 😀 KD is the bestest. Everyday twists and twists. No dragging ( Yeh I don’t deny they gave unnecessary importance to Purva ). Eagerly waiting for tomorrow. Nd nd shudhikaran of Aru ?? Ahhh Aabha Saheb. ..won’t you ever change ? Sooo finally end of Deshmukhs…..
    Guys , Friday& Monday are off days for us , KD fans. One day was more than enough yaar. Friday Saturday Sunday& Monday! ! Utter nonsense

    1. actually in that day Krishnadasi starts from 11 pm.. instead of 10:30

  6. Friday & Monday. Sorry

  7. Too.much of drama in one epi…. Good to see dat aryan didnt let witch to hug him… Aryan n purva’s marriage isnt done…. Now aryan will come to rescue aaru…. Hope we wil get one aara hug…. Plzzz

  8. I used to watch this show only for neil (shravan reddy) but I started liking the plot…the best thing is that they dont drag any part…everything happens like a roller coster ride…precap is fantabulous…finally the truth will be out…

  9. Happy to see pavitra’s care towards aaru… But she didnt cared so much for gayu… After knowing child swapping truth what will aaba do with aryan???

  10. Did u guys read the spoilers they r amazing can’t wait for the other episodes

  11. Wow. So much drama. Can’t wait till tomorrow’s episode. I love how KD writers moves try storyline fast without much dragging

  12. hai hai hai!finally good days have come for me and the truth is out in KD.
    most awaiting to see the episode,i’m like dying for that.

    1. yes
      …..I like very much

  13. Sujee

    Wow…rapid fire serial.cant wait for tomorrow .want to see aaba’s face when he knows the truth…

  14. Woooow Aryan. . You’re heroooo. I just can’t say how much happy I’m.. how cleverly he protects his love. Amazing. No words . Oh god I wwon’t forget this week ever . Wht an epi..
    Blasting epis. It stoped my heart beat. Must say, KD deserves the best serial, best jodi awards..arra rocked today.

    I won’t be able to finish praising them ever.
    Precap is bomb.. finally truth is out. Want to see aaba’s twisted face after knowing the truth. God this KD is not giving a second to think. Fast forward… bt sad Arra. Hope their relationship will be safe.. Aryan , you’re really a lion. .love you & your 2 foot ki dinasour..

  15. Guys purva and Aryaan marriage is not complete. Abba find out Aryaan and arafhya never had a divorce as Aryaan found out truth bout jairaj they haven’t divorced. Why do u think the magansuthta ‘broke’ it didn’t Aryaan did so they wouldn’t marry so Aba found out and that’s why he’s Guna kill aradhya but they find out truth and aba says guards get rid of this devdasi grandson and he says aradha must have shudkaran before coming in rao house aha xxx

  16. i am happy pavitra understand that aryan is not her son

  17. O M G i cant wait anymore tomorrow is going to be blast ..

  18. Loved the precap! But still hope Pavitra and Aryan dont happen or else it will be a regular saas bahu and dayan drama!

  19. ooo plzzzz i wish precap is not a dream thank god truth is reveal finally ….now i hope ara love track come back soon missing their love scenes sooooo much….???

  20. wowwwwwww….great episd….
    & what is the spoiler everyone talking about..?????

  21. Oohhh…what a nyc epi…Aaryn u r the Hero..forever..Precape z just amaizing..waiting for next episode..
    Kd z the best serial…??

  22. Sujee

    Guyz.i saw a fb profile named shravan this our aryan or fake one???and i have sent a friend req to it

  23. Then it’s fine. If they telecast it @ 11. Sorry colours 🙂

  24. A lot of filmy today. Glad the truth is going to be out. Wonder how Kumudhini is going to prove that she swapped the babies. Aaba believes her….????let’s wait and see. Waiting to see how everybody is going to adjust to the new relationship….. And how Aaryan found out about the deshmukhs. No KD on Friday and Monday? That’s unfair to KD fans. Kasam serial gets on my nerves, for the past few months they have been showing only a marriage and nothing else!

  25. Ruby

    Wonderful epi..the bomb is going to blast 😀 happy to see pavitra’s care towards aradhya.

  26. wait a sec…if kumudini did all this so she could get aaru tortured…by her own grandpa n family…who aaru thinks are her in laws…iska matlab jab it is revealed that aaru is pavitra’s daughter and aryan is tulsi’s son…iska matlab kumudini n family will technically become aaru’s in laws….bcoz of aaru-aryan being married…toh tulsi will become aaru ki saas and kumu as aryan’s grandma will still torture aaru…I just hope kumu has change of heart and starts loving aaru and i also wish ki pavitra’s love for aryan wont vanish jusy becoz he is not her own son…kyunki aryan loves her a lot..i hope rao family wont treat aryan badly coz that will break aryan’s heart.

    1. Yaaah…xtreamly i also wish to that could be happn..but there z no hope..

  27. anyone saw the sbb aur sbs aara r getting married dobara in mandir o bhi aapni marji se and then they hug each other wowwww i am soooooooooo excited so much i can’t wait

  28. wow they r marrying again thanks for d spoiler simran

  29. I saw in YouTube that Aryan and aradhya will remarry and both r happy I the marriage

  30. Whether kd is telecasted at 11 or not at Fri and Monday. Pls anyone reply

  31. Indira Maam to quit the show????

    1. Sujee

      Watt????there is no KD without her

    2. Ooohh…without indira..the seri

    3. Ooohh…without indira mam..the serial will be boar…Ooo no…she z a miracle..y she z gona quiting.?.???

  32. really feeling very bad such a faboulus actor she was what hapend yaar first chawal has quit d show nd nw indira mam

  33. Awesome scene. I hope it isn’t a dream. <3 this drama. Best couple aru n aryan

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