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Krishnadasi 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Uday says to Aryan that we were faking marriage so you can marry Shravani, thats it, Aryan looks away and cant believe it, he says i knew that Aradhya loves me only, she couldnt marry you, where is Aradhya? uday says she said that she is going for some work, Aryan says i want to meet her. They listen noise and comes in lounge to see Aaba injured, Aryan asks what happened? Markand says Jairaj did it, aaba’s car had accident, Aryan says Raj with aaba? Aaba asks bhamini if she is fine? she nods, aryan asks how Raj was with you? Aaba says its long story, he asks where is Aradhya? Bhamini says she went behind Jairaj because he threatened Shravani, he is dangerous, he can do anything with Aradhya or Shravani, Aaba says why you didnt tell me earlier? you are still on Shravani’s

side? Aryan and uday goes to see them.
Shravani sees property papers and says what a gift i got, if Kumudini didnt sign papers then Raj would have tried to stop my wedding but why to give property to him? this is all mine but he is waiting for me in room with gun, what to do? she hides property papers in her saree and says i should call Damini and its time to send Raj to his real house jail, she calls Damini and says i am Shravani speaking, Raj has entered our house again, come fast, she ends call and says i did great work, first i threw Aradhya out then Raj now. She sees Aradhya coming there and says how come she is here? she is stunned and say Raj is hiding in my room and she is going there only.
Raj is waiting for Shravani in room and says where is she? is she playing any game with me? if she does that then i will kill her and Aryan both. Door opens, Raj shouts where were you? he sees Aradhya there, Aradhya says you were threatening Shravani? her sister is here, you cant do anything with her. Raj says great, one side is Shravani who is snatching your husband and marrying him and there is you who is trying to be good sister. But now when you are here, along with property i will get you today too, it was my dream, Aradhya says you dream a lot, i will call police and you wont be able torture my innocent sister, Raj laughs and says innocent? you dont know her, she is player, liar and cheater, Aradhya says she is not liar, you are playing game not her. Shravani hides behind door and listens their conversation. Aradhya says to Raj that you have destroyed our lives and now you are behind Shravani, Shravani thinks that this day is good, i got property and here Aradhya is fighting for me with Raj. Raj says when you are angry, i like you a lot. He sees Shravani and asks her to come inside. Shravani asks Aradhya if she is fine? Raj says sorry Aradhya, i thought first that i would kill Shravani and Aryan only but God wants me to kill you too. He points gun at them, Aradhya covers Shravani and protects her, Raj loads gun and says what? Aradhya holds his hand and asks Shravani to run, Shravani is about to run but her foot twists and she falls down, Raj pushes Aradhya away and locks door, he grabs Shravani by hair and says you want to run? he slaps her and says what a luck, its like buying one and get one free. He points gun at Shravani and says i did only one thing with honesty that was to love you, but you cheated me, listen to me, if you cant become my wife then i wont allow you to become someone else wife, Shravani says what are you saying? i never met you before, Aradhya he is lying, Aradhya says i know, i dont trust him. Raj says i am lying? he grabs Shravani, Shravani asks Aradhya to save her, Raj says i am sorry Aradhya, i love Shravani a lot so i will shoot her first then i will shoot you.

Scene 2
Aryan and uday comes home with police and Aaba’s family. Aryan asks Kumudini if Raj is at our house? she says why would he come here? Damini says Shravani called me and said that Raj has entered house again. Aryan asks where is Shravani? Kumudini says she is getting ready in her room, they all run towards her room.
Raj is pointing gun at Shravani when Aradhya hits his hand with box, gun falls down and Aradhya picks it up, she points it at Raj, Shravani hides behind her, Aradhya says not us but you will die Raj.. Raj says God i am so scared, see i am shivering Aradhya.. he laughs and says you will kill me? shoot me.. shoot.. come on. he tries to snatch gun, Shravani tries to push him away but he grabs her and puts her infront of him, he grabs her by neck and says now shoot, first bullet will hit her then it will hit me, we will die together. Aradhya says leave her, i will call police. Raj says i wont leave her now, she goes to other men. Aryan and Uday knocks door and asks Aradhya to open door. Raj says to Aradhya that if you open door then i will strangle your sister, go and open it, he strangles her, Shravani says dont open door. Aradhya says i wont. Damini asks from outside to open door, Raj says i dont want to go to jail. Aradhya says if you leave Shravani then i will talk to Damini and will make sure you serve less in jail. Raj says you think that i am a fool? if i have to go to jail then i should kill this liar and cheater first. Aryan asks Raj to open door. Raj strangles Shravani, Aradhya says leave her otherwise i will shoot you. Raj strangles Shravani more, Aradhya shoots him on chest. All are shocked outside. Aryan says we have to break door. Aryan and Shashwat starts breaking door. Raj falls on floor. Shravani runs and hugs Aradhya. Aryan breaks door, everyone comes inside and sees Raj lying in pool of blood and shot. All are shocked and looks at Aradhya. Damini checks his pulse and says he is dead, Aradhya says i killed him.. Kumudini is stunned. Damini asks Aradhya to handover gun, Aradhya puts in her handkerchief, Damini is sad for her too.
Raj’s body is taken away from house. Damini says sorry Aradhya but we have to arrest you, Aryan says why would you arrest her? she shot him in self defense to save Shravani, Damini says it will be court’s decision to give verdict on case but for now we have to arrest her, Aaba says arrest me instead of Aradhya, Damini says you know this cant happen, Bhamini says Aaru you did everything for your sister, God knows you are innocent, Aradhya wipes her tears and says dont cry, nothing will happen to me, Bhamini hugs her and cries, kumudini rolls her eyes. Aradhya asks family to take care, she hugs Aaba and asks him to take care, and accept your third grand daughter. She comes to Kumudini and says aaji i know you will take care of Shravani well, Kumudini looks away. Aradhya hugs Shravani and says my sister.. shravani says aaru.. Aradhya asks her to take care, Shravani cries. Aradhya says to Uday that thanks for everything, Uday says dont forget our honeymoon plan is still remaining, Aradhya says i am happy that i got friend like you, Uday whispers to Aradhya that i told truth to Aryan that our marriage was fake, Aradhya is stunned and turns to look at Aryan, he looks away. Damini says lets go Aradhya, Aradhya says one minute. She comes to Aryan, they share painful eyelock and are lost in their own world, Aradhya weeps silently looking at him, Aryan says dont worry, i am here, i will free you soon, dont worry at all, okay? Aradhya says to Aryan that if you ever loved me, ever thought of me as a friend, i dont have right on you but can you do my one work? Aryan says just say it, i will do anything you say, what you want just tell me? Aradhya comes to Shravani and brings her to Aryan, she gives her hand in Aryan’s, all are stunned, Aradhya gulps and says please Aryan marry Shravani, if you want my sentence in jail to be peaceful then do it please and keep Shravani happy. Damini handcuffs her.
Damini says lets go Aradhya, its late. She drags her away. Kumudini says oh Lord, my grand son will not marry at this wrong time, she asks Pundit to find another time for marriage, she prays to lord for wedding. Aryan runs from there.
Aradhya is brought to jail. Damini says you will be interrogated today, Aradhya says i will say that i killed Raj in my senses, i am ready for punishment, Damini says its not true, Aradhya says this is my truth and it wont change no matter what, Damini is disappointed and leaves.
Aryan comes to police station and requests Damino to let him meet Aradhya once, she says okay for 5minutes only.
shravani says this had to happen on wedding day only, Raj had to die today only, God make me marry Aryan soon, What was Aradhya doing here? i called police then why she had to come? Bhamini comes there and says how selfish you have become? you dont care about your aaba, your sister saved your life and you are thinking about wedding only? did i do any mistake by taking your side? because of your baby, i have to lie so much, i cant even look in eyes of family, Shravani says nothing like that, i swear on you, my mind is not working, i dont know anything, i was scared that Raj might kill me and my baby, forgive me, i became selfish because of my baby, you know baby brings people closer but because of this baby, Aradhya had to go to jail, i am at fault, Raj hided here because of me, he died because of me and Aradhya went to jail because of me, i should die, she takes knife to cut her pulse, Bhamini throws it away and says have you gone mad? Shravani says what can i do? i have choose between my sister and baby, where to go? i dont know anything, if i die then Aradhya’s path will be clear, Bhamini says you are not alone, you are mother of a child, i know your pain and confusion, listen to me this is your test, dont do anything which will waste your sister’s sacrifice, Shravani says what can i do so that Aradhya is saved from going to jail? Bhamini says god will make everything fine, she hugs her. Shravani thinks that this oldie is becomign problem for me, i have to do something with her.

Scene 3
Aradhya is brought to otherwise side of meeting area which is covered with gauze, Aryan comes on otherside, Aryan says why did you say that you killed him in your senses? what was the need? dont worry, i will find good lawyer, dont worry, he holds her hand but Aradhya pulls her hand away, Aryan is stunned, Aradhya says why did you come here? you are getting married, Aryan says you are in jail and you want me to get married? we will talk about it later, Aradhya says i have killed Jairaj and i am ready to take punishment, Aryan says this is not sacrifice but madness, we all listened that you shot him to save Shravani, when you didnt do crime then why you are insisting on taking punishment? Aradhya says you promised me, go to Shravani, if you ever loved me then go back to Shravani, she has right on your love, whats the fault of baby which is yours? please go and marry her, start new life, Aryan cant believe it, ARadhya looks away and says you promised and if you dont fulfill it then i will assume that we never had love between us, Aryan looks at her longingly, humari adhuri kahani plays, both silently cry, Aryan turns away and is in pain, he looks at her one last time and starts leaving, Aradhya turns to see him going and holds gauze watching him going away from her, she cries.

PRECAP- Aryan is shown taking pheras with Shravani while Aradhya is standing there in criminal’s saree and watching Aryan in tears. Kumudini gives mangalsutra to Aryan and asks him to make Shravani wear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nonsense
    Hate maha Aru ??

  2. Aryan don’t do this……..

  3. Djdmdkdmxxjdjxcj

    Aryan plzzzzzźzzzzzzzzzz dont do this this to aryadha she is so innocent and it’s a aRyan and aryahda not a Ryan and shravani

  4. Aru y r u doing over acting now? first u ask him to marry that b*t*h nd leave from here when he leaves then u start looking him from back? I dont understand her intentions what she wants? Y r u crying if u r ri8 ? Y r u in pain if u think that u r ri8? Y this crying nd over acting now? She spoil his life like hell ?


  6. It was very clear chance to exposed that beach and end her track but nahi f**king director is so keen to keep her … in show till d end …… they have whole one month they cud have bring new short track …. brain less director …… such a useless man I will never watch your any show in life ….. I feel so bad why did I get in this serial so much I sud not have followed before…… sucks, waste.

  7. Nitha

    happy didn’t watch episode,irkd!’ redg update,brainless spineless writers y don’t u end marrg epi in glimpse. dragng?anyvys ary doesn’t prove hs innoce it vl b Mahan aru nly expos frog finly.testng viewrs patince ??.n jairaj shld hv bnn punishd, death s not justifd, he ws shoutng abt frog,y didn’t he tell he kild tulsi, atlest tat trck cud hv got end.thn s death was justfd but noo nly bacha ki padi Hai sab ko, wic s not even thr in reality..writers if I get u Im gonna kill u pll so badly, ????.ruined charc, story worst writers.u cud hv endd shravni trck ds wek, nex wek kumu reptnc, last 2 wek aara marrg n happy scen.but u hv plnd to show evrythng n last epi ?.bearng ths nonsens for shravn n Sana nly suc gud actors

  8. Nitha

    I never thou kd vld turn like ths,tat I vld get irrtatd by watchg it so sad I’m ??.all credit to insane writers??..

  9. Frog gonna rule KD for one more month !! That’s why frog married Frog. Now Aru will come to get back Aryan. Then at last , Frog out AaRa United happy ending to KD. Wahh writers wahh….. what an unfit track for KD . My mom was saying last night Purva was much better than yeh chudail 😛 nd I agree with her . Sonal is soo cute . I like him same way I hated Jairaj.

    Where are our angels ? Rebba , Tanu , Maleesha nd all ? I think bcs of this boring track they are not commenting too !!

  10. the mahanta of aru has reached the height of stupidity

  11. kd is going off air soon
    aryan what are u doing 🙁
    and u aradhya u should atleast one time believe jairaj
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz change this track

  12. Nitha

    New spoiler aradhya ka badla andaaz.shravani dragged kumu n lockd in room, she was shouting meri aru aayegi ???(hilarious kumu).aradhya in new luk, planning wit uday n pvr to enter mansion.she was wearing lenses so tat Aryan cud not idntfy her..diya n Sana spoke abt currnt track.Sana said thr vl b happy ending.

  13. Nitha

    How can’t Aryan idntfy aru jus becz she wore lense.stupid dumbo CVS.???..I now nly wish If thy cud giv us most waited aara marriage ????

  14. Nitha

    Hw cm all d writers get same idea of saas-bahu,fake pregnancy, dual role,1ML wit 2 herion &vice-versa etc..but seriously my kd ws not lik tat befr ds shravni drama,it ws so unique tat s d resn I luvd it. Plzz in last few epi I want tat essence of my old kd?? aara back.

  15. How about aryan changes the direction of mangalsutra and it hits directly into aru neck. Oh Krishna miracle pls

    1. Nitha

      Aweee ??..wish if it hd hpnd miralnaz.. But noo?..

  16. Yaaarrrrr…..
    Kyaa bakwas krdi ab ye….
    Aur ye aradhya ab over acting kyu kr rhi h itni achi lagti thi. Ab irritate krti h over acting kr k ache log aise nhi hote this is,over acting. Aryan bechara fasa pda h us pr tras ata h he deserve much better uski acting bhi zbrdst h. Sharavni jo pregnant h use ek bar dr k to le jati agr tu itni achi behan h

  17. This was my fvrt serial aradhya itni achi lagti thi ab pta nhi ise kya ho gya…. aur gyatri k role pe thoda aur focus kyu nhi krte… she,is,much better than aradhya.

  18. Aur plss yaar thoda realistic kro. Fake drama acha nhi lagta. Jo ache actors h un pr bhi focus kro.

  19. rubbish… please end the show as soon as possible… waste of time..

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