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Krishnadasi 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
A woman comes in Kumudni’s house. Kumudni says what you want? She says justice. Your grandsons car hit my husband and killed my husband, your grandson is a killer, Kumudini asks what drama is this? she asks Nakku to throw her out of house, woman says your grand son last night hit my husband while driving, my husband died so i am here to get justice, Kumudini says even i want to get justice for my daughter but that doesnt mean you can say anything against my grand son, woman says i want to get justice for my husband too, she tells Aryan’s car number and says your grand son is murderer, Kumudini shouts you.. woman says last night, Aryan hit him with car and he died, your grand son didnt even stop car and left him on road to die, your grand son is killer, he killed my husband, Kumudini

shouts enough of your drama, you are telling good story, i will behead you, i know my grand son has money thats why you are doing this drama, woman says you are talking about money when my husband died, we just started our life when he killed him, Aradhya says you are mistaken, my husband.. Aryan comes there too, Kumudini says enough, i know Aaba is doing all this, he is behind all this. Woman asks Aryan to tell truth, if he hit someone or not last night? Aryan remembers it, Aryan says yes, i did hit something last night on road , i got out of car to see someone, but didnt find anyone so i left, woman says i was at a distance, i saw you hitting my husband, he fell in ditch thats why you didnt see him, i saw you leaving, i ran behind you but you left, you are killer, Kumudini says just get lost from here, Aryan says to woman that i couldnt see anything last night as it was dark, what can i do for you? woman says if you had stopped last night then he would have been saved, if you want to help me then help me do last rituals of my husband, his body is still on road, he says yes, Kumudini says to Aryan that where are you going? Aryan says its clear that her husband has died, i did mistake and i cant rectify it but i can help her do last rituals, he goes with woman, Kumudini says Nakku that i feel she is clever fox.
aaba comes to David’s house, he asks asks Saras and Micheal, he asys they are not here, Aaba says to David that now i understand my mistake, i can see you love Gayetri then why you are denying this relation> what is stopping you? David sees Raj sitting at distance, he messages David, message reads that if you tell anything to Aaba then dont forget that Saras and Micheal are still in my abduct and they are at gun point, David says to Aaba that leave from here, Aaba says i know there is reason behind your denying, Raj messages again that David if you want to save your family then come to jungle fast, aaba asks whose message is making you tensed? David says why dont you understand? i dont want to marry your grand daughter, find some other guy for her, he leaves.
Woman comes to accident site with Aryan, Aryan says where is his body? Woman says it was there only, what will i do now? did some wild animal ate him? she cries, Aryan says i did big mistake but i didnt do it deliberately, i didnt know i was destroying someone’s family while saving my family, woman says what happened, all of this, Aryan says i am ready to bear punishment, you can file case on me, we should go to police, they will help us find body, i am ready to accept my mistake infront of them, woman looks at them. Some caravan comes there and says see that woman is there, woman is shocked to see them, Aryan asks who are these people? Woman says i told my villagers that my husband died, if they see you and get to know that you mistakenly killed my husband then they wont spare you, go form here, i know you are a good man thats why you came here with me, just go from here, they will not spare you, Aryan says i will talk to them, just listen. Villagers gather there and grabs woman, they say to woman that you are asking killer of your husband to leave? are you having affair with this guy(Aryan)? you left your husband’s deadbody here and went to meet this guy? Aryan says she went to find me as i killed him mistakenly, she brought me here, vilalger says you both came here to clear the thought that her husband indeed died so you can both have affair, we did her husband’s last rituals, villager’s head says that this woman is characterless and her punishment is to make her devdasi and his lover(Aryan) wil be killed infront of everyone, they grab Aryan, Aryan says i dont even know her, she met me today only, woman says leave him, he is a good man, he didnt do anything, we dont know each other, villager shouts to stop, you both are characterless, they take Aryan and woman from there.
Aaba comes home, Shashwat says what happened? aaba says there is something David is hiding, he sits down and says Shashwat you are a good father, i was never good father or grand father, shashwat says nothing like that, Aaba says David is nice man, i could see he loves Gayetri alot but why he denying it? if Aryan is forcing him? Shashwat says why will Aryan do that, Aryan loves Gayetri, Aaba says then who is threatening him? there is something wrong, Shashwat says you dont worry, i will bring your medicines, aaba says dont waste money on my medicines, he leaves, Shashwat thinks how to tell Aaba that he shouldnt doubt Aryan, only aradhya can make him understand.
Aradhya comes to Damini and tells her about accident, Damini says why Aryand didnt tell earlier? Aradhya says he got tensed and went with woman. Constable comes there and tells her that villagers took Aryan and woman from there, they were saying that they will kill Aryan and will make woman devdasi, Damini says lets go there, Aradhya says i will come with you too, Damini says they are dangerous, Aradhya says its about my Aryan, Damini says fine come.
Shashwat see Gayetri going for work, Gayetri says i have got new job, better than hospital, Shashwat asks where is Aradhya? Gayetri says she has gone to work in Kumudini’s house, Shashwat says dont know if thats good, Gayetri says dont worry, Aradhya is very mature, Gayetri leaves. Shashwat says my daughters are working so hard while i am doing nothing.
Kumudini is calling Aryan. some NGO women come there and says we got to know that people are forcing a girl Shravani to make her devdasi, she was last see here, Kumudini says my grand son went with her, i am finding him, woman says so your grand son is involved in this too? we know you support devdasi ritual so are you involved in all this? Kumudini says if you want some cheap money? she asks Nakku to throw some money on their face, woman says i am new journalist of this village and this is my first case, Kumudini says i dont care, dont know where is Aryan, she asks NGO women to leave, journalist says we will not leave till your grand son doesnt come here and tell us about Shravani.
Tamre comes to Shashwat, Shashwat says did you find any job for me? Tamre says today is strike, i will talk to some people tomorrow for your job, he leaves, Shashwat says if today is strike then where is Pavitra?
Damini and Aradhya comes to place, Damini says we have to be careful, if villagers find out that we are here then they can hust Shravani and Aryan. They come in godown, Aradhya sees Aryan tied with ropes, she says Aryan, Damini says cant you see villagers with guns around him? they can hurt him, dont make noise, they hide. Shravani is brought there, they are taking her away, Aryan shouts to leave her. Aradhya says they are taking her to make her devdasi, Shravani cries and says dont do this, i have lost my husband and you are doing this, villager says the woman who tried to make her husband’s killer to runaway then she has no character, after making you devdasi, any man of this village will be able to make relation with you, will be able to use you, he asks man to be ready, after she becomes devdasi, we will kill her lover(Aryan), we will cut his head. They make Shravani sit in mandap to do devdasi ritual. Aradhya says to Damini that please let me go, they are going to make Shravani devdasi then they will kill Aryan, Damini says we have to be cautious, they can hurt Shravani or Aryan, try and understand, they have weapon, Aradhya says why you are not doing anything? Damini says they can hurt Aryan. Aryan says to villagers that leave that girl, she has lost her husband rightnow, do anything with me but leave her, villager slaps him and says we can behead you in one go. Aradhya says i will save my Aryan’s life at any cost, she goes. Damini orders her officers to cover Aradhya and some go to stop devdasi ritual. Aryan says to villagers that there is nothing between me and girl, villager shouts to shut up. They are about end devdasi ritual, they ask her to repeat lines of pundit so they can finish devdasi ritual, one man says i am going to see preparation for after ritual is completed, other villager jokes that you lost your control by seeing woman? you are about to use her.
Aradhya hits villager on head who was guarding Aryand, she stealthily comes to Aryan, he says Aradhya? both look at each other and shares eyelock.

PRECAP- Aryan says to Aradhya that why did you come here? Aradhya says your life was in danger so how could i stay silent? Villagers see Aradhya with Aryan and shouts to catch her. Damini comes there with her force and asks villagers to not move, head villager says that this is about devdasi ritual so dont interfere in all this, we will die but wont leave this devdasi ritual, chaos start there, Aradhya and Aryan looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. We dont want any new entries…..we want our aara back….hope this track may end very very soon……[email protected] ..want them back….waiting badly for aryan to realize his mistake soon ..tat the real culprits are purva n raj…


  2. Wow…intrestingg..I lyk todayz episode ??Nw our Aarra will b backsoon…
    The new z lil intrestingg….I lyk it..i think Kd z back…i love todayz episode..No worries Aarra will b togethr..??
    Am lill confused about Shravani..
    Eagerly waiting for next episode??

  3. Ohooo hell boring episode …that girl ? i think she has some problm in her throat ? lol …last seen was cute? gayu jaldi kidnap ho jao plz? then arra will find u ? waiting for maha episode ?

  4. Rhimjhim


  5. Lovely episode.


    special episode promo….

    new OLV….

    WU: sorry didnt post the videos on the post itself kinda in a hurry anyway it shows the new girl shravani in the store room drinking and then she hears a noise and runs away. Aaru comes and she is moving the sofa when she discovers the bottle and glass and starts her detective work, her first suspects r banwari n markhand but she thinks they wouldnt dare coz of kumu. Aaru trying to pull the sofa by herself was. Also they showed the whole cast having cakes and shravan feeding everyone, they all were having cake taking pics selfies etc looked like fun cute video.

    So the new girl is a fraud lets c how much crap aaru has to deal with before she is exposed

    1. Thankz for the vdeo Santhosh..Video z so cute..Everyone celebrating with cakes..Lol..
      Everyone luk so awsm..??<3

  7. i think shravani had a hidden motive…’s all her plan for something……let her track end soon…..

  8. Last part and pre cap were the best. Shravani , which drama company she’s from ? I really hope she’s not Raj & Purva’s friend. Who knows ?!? Everybody is after Aryan and his wealth!! I’m hating aaji these days.

  9. Oohh…what happn to everyone..i lyk to read the comment area..But what happn to all…Very less commentz..Aarra will be back guyz..Asap..I hope so..
    All is well..All is well..
    But nw also i belive that there r alot they loves kd now also…All r bc about their matter..Anyways best wishes to commentingg..Bcoz our commentz r accepted by the channel..Thatz y’l they give repeatz,nw promo & sunday mahaepisode too…itz unbelivable..??

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