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Krishnadasi 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya is sitting in her house, she recalls how she asked Tulsi about her father but she said that Krishanji is your father and your real father didnt have guts to call you his daughter, she recalls how Tulsi said infront of all that Chimaji is Aradhya’s father, she recalls how Chimaji locked her in cave. Tulsi comes there and sits beside Aradhya, she calls Aradhya, Aradhya says that fake and cheat man is my father, i always wanted to know about him and he is that man? Tulsi says i am sorry, i had to bring truth out like this, i know you have many questions in your heart, i am ready to answer your questions today.
Chimaji sits in his room and recalls how Tulsi said that she had relation with Chimaji only and he is father of Aradhya, Chimaji says she opened her mouth after

many years, she wants to take revenge from me.
Aradhya says i have bothered you alot, i will not question you further, Tulsi says i wont hide anything from you now, Yashwant Chimaji is your father only, you trust me? Aradhya says what are you saying, i completely trust you, Tulsi says i was young, we fell in love, Aradhya says then what happened to that love which became silent and secret? Tulsi says 22years ago, i used to clean mandir. Flashback shows, 22years back Tulsi in mandir, yashwant comes in mandir to learn pooja and chants, he keep looking at Tulis, they would meet in mandir daily, i started falling in his love, he started loving me and i fell for it, he was pundit and i was Krishnadasi, i didnt have right to love anyone, it was sin everyone’s eyes so we kept our love secret, flashback shows Chimaji saying to Tulsi that i want to live with you, Tulsi says even i want to but.. Chimaji says leave ifs and buts, i will marry you then nobody will question me. He fills Tulsi’s forehead with sindoor, he says tomorrow i will take you home infront of all, i will announce infront of all that you are my wife, fb ends. Tulsi says i kept waiting for that day, i knew Kumudini will make it issue, i didnt want to live like dasi fo some rich man, i wanted to have family, flashback shows Chimaji lying on bed with Tulsi, he gets some letter and leaves from there, fb ends, Tulsi says dont know what was written in that letter, it changed my life, he left from Krishnawati after that day, our marriage couldnt come out to world, i kept waiting for him to comeback and accept me as his wife, after one moth, he returned to Krishnavati but he was changed, he was not my husband, he started ignoring me, flashback shows Tulsi trying to talk to Chimaji but he ignores her, Shashwat comes in mandir too and asks Tulsi to leave, Chimaji sees this, Tulsi leaves, Shashwat goes behind her, chimaji sees them leaving mandir, fb ends, Tulsi says then i became pregnant, Chimaji would come to Krishnavati very less, our marriage was still secret. Flashback shows Tulsi coming to Chimaji, she says you are not talking to me, you promised me that you will accept me as your wife infront of all, why are you not saying anything? you know i am pregnant with your child, Chimaji says dont know whose child is this, whose sin is this, i dont know, after i went from here, you have involved in relation with Shashwat and wants to name his sin on me, Tulsi says how can you blame me? Chimaji says i have seen you with Shashwat, you talk to him with eyes, Tulsi says shashwat is my friend Saras’s brother only, he is nothing for me, how can you call my love a cheat? Chimaji says dont touch me, if you touch me then i will have to wash myself with ganga jal, Tulsi pours water on herself and says i was uncleaned by touching you, i gave you my everything but you are a coward, dishonest and cheater, i break relation with you, i will not take your name ever, she leaves his house, flashback ends, Aradhya cries.
chimaji thinks that i know i left Tulsi for my selfish deeds, i blamed her falsely and left my past, now my past is haunting me, if truth comes out that Aradhya is my daughter then it will be destruction for me.
Aradhya is crying in her room, Tulsi comes to her and says did is hurt you by telling all this? aradhya says no, you didnt hurt me, i wanna show you something, she shows her letters and cards, she says you know what is this? these are letters which i used to write to my father, i still write them, when i was in 1st standard, there was father’s day celebration in school, all fathers came but my father didnt come, i used to write letter to him and would write that i miss you father, why mother doesnt tell me about you? will you come on my birthday? i had image of my father, i sketched him as superhero, i thought when father will come to me, i will show him these letters but how can i show this to that cheap Chimaji? i ashamed that he is my father, you were right, he is coward, he doesnt have guts to hold my hand and say that i am his daughter, i have no hopes now, i am proud of you, you are my mother and father, you never bowed to anyone, i salute you for your fighting spirits, nothing is more important than your self respect not even my father. Aradhya says there is no use of this DNA test, i will die but wont call that Chimaji as my father, Tulsi says i wont move back now as if i move back then people will blame me that i have lied and have falsely blamed their great Chimaji, i will go to hospital now and will see what punishment that Chimaji will get for his deeds, Aryan listens all this standing on door of their room.
Kumudini is in mandir, she says to Krishan idol that what you want? you want me to open all secrets? Aaba has done great move by announcing DNA test, my daughter will be destroyed by it, people will question her but i cant answer them rightnow, i am in dilemma, what should i do? i have to stop this DNA test drama, i dont have any other way out, Krishanji help me in this. Aaba comes in Mandir and stops Kumudini, he says what happened to Krishnadasi Kumudini? you start using your tongue when you see me but what happened to you today? why are you silent Kumudini? see if you have floor to stand on, are you imagining your daughter being hit by stones in market? he goes to pray to Krishan, Kumudini thinks he can bark as much as he wants but i have to stop this DNA drama, she leaves. Aaba looks at her going and smirks. Chimaji comes to Mandir, he meets Aaba, aaba asks why you seem tensed? aaba says dont worry, their truth will come out, Chimaji says i think we should stop these tests, its like i have bowed down to a devdasi’s blames, we cant follow their words, i think we should forgive devdasies, God will punish them, Aaba says i know you are great and forgive people but if we dont do this DNA test then Kumudini will disrespect you in whole village, you know media people, they will make it issue, you are great person, people follow you, if you dont do DNA test then people will start having doubts, it will be disrespect to you.
Aryan is walking on road, he recalls Tulsi and Aradhya’s conversation, he thinks that what should i do? Aradhya is in pain, she is my friend and i should be with her, i am sorry Aradhya, he leaves. Aradhya comes on road and recalls how Aaba announced about DNA test, Pavitra comes there, Pavitra says to Aradhya that why did you call my son in jungle? you should have died in jungle only, you never leave my son, my son wants to free himself from you, he was finding girl for marriage but you destroyed that too, you want to destroy my son, why did you call him there? Aryan comes there and says she didnt call me, i went to jungle myself. Aradhya doesnt answer Pavitra and leaves from there. Aryan says to Pavitra that atleast think what is her situation, what if i was in her place, would you act like that? go home, we will talk later, he goes behind Aradhya, Pavitra is stunned. Pavitra says my son is going to devdasi leaving me alone, what father, son is doing same, he doesnt know that his relation with Purva is breaking because of Aradhya, now DNA test should happen, truth will come out and it will open eyes of many people, truth will change lives of many people.
Pavitra comes to her house, she says to Nakku that i will do Shashwat’s DNA test, he showed softness towards Tulsi today too infront of all, maybe Aradhya is his.. Nakku says why you want to bring bitter truth out? Pavitra says i will not announce anything, i dont care if Aradhya is Chimaji’s daughter or not but i want to know if Shashwat had any relation with Tulsi or not, Nakku says how will we get Shashwat’s blood for DNA test? Pavitra says this test can happen using hair too, she takes shashwat’s hair from brush and says it will be helpful for DNA test.
Aradhya sits alone in jungle, Aryan comes there and sees her sitting silently in tears, he is sad, Kaisi yeh Udasi plays, he thinks what he should do? he comes to Aradhya, Aradhya doesnt look at him, Aryan sits on his knees and says i am really sorry Aradhya, dont take Pavitra’s talks seriously, i know what you must be going through but the Aradhya i know cant break like this, i wont let her break down, Aradhya looks at him sadly, she shows him cards and letters, Aryan says i know you wrote them for your father, i came to meet you at your house, i listened your and Tulsi’s conversation, i am sorry, Aradhya looks at letters and says what will i do now? Aryan brings woodsticks, he says some memories give you pain only, instead of crying seeing them daily, we should burn them and kill them forever, he lights fire with woodsticks, Aradhya looks on.

PRECAP- Nakku comes to hospital and asks nurse to do Shashwat’s DNA test and match his hair with Aradhya, Kumudini listens this and thinks that the secret i have been hiding for years will come out now, i cant let it come out like this, i have to do something. Damini’s mother meets Kumudini and says to Kumudini that you remember you made me do an act 21years back? you made me switch babies at birth. DNA report comes out, doctor gives it to Aaba, Aaba reads report, all are gathered at hospital, Aaba looks at Kumudini after reading it silently.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Sandy

    Can’t wait!! So excited to find out! what if the real truth comes out like
    Aradhya = Sheshwant +Pavitra
    Arayan = tulsi + chimaji, But lets gets real for the show now, somehow chimaji is the father of Aradhya will be revealed

    • hey mani couldn’t answer in last episode… yes MMA means Mix Martial Art .. he is trained in that and of course like you said deserving cannot win… than also happen to him. everyone used to hate him so it was obvious that someway or other everyone will push him out of show .. more over it was not a public voting show.. if it were then i am sure he would win.

  2. umama alam

    I think kumu chnges the reprt that’s why pvr is spchlss.aara sence is good?our hero f8 with us 4 his ❤lady.this is vry sweet n the wy he cnsles her is also awsme?aftr that if the *fake drama spoilr trns true ,thn my heart will be???

  3. apra

    how shrewd this kumudhni is omg
    really felt sad for aradhya as well as for aryan
    the plot is really nice

  4. ishveer

    Today epi was not nice as well as not developed….everyone talk about the same story repeatedly…that’s irritated me…. Today I saw epi,I felt sleepy….not interested to saw epi…but last few mins OK bcoz aru and Aryan scene…..
    Few guys tell that aru’s father name revealing at end of story.. But here nothing like that….
    I think this stiry is altered bcoz I saw SBS segment ,they tell that Aryan rescue aru from cave and then aru say about whole story of kidnapped…. Aryan gets angry on mahant….but that’s also happened here..

  5. jk

    I don’t like this episode….
    emotional episode…. 🙁
    want to see smile on aaru and aryan’s face….
    am waiting for that…. 🙁
    why this brainless pavithra behaving like this???? so irritating lady….
    i just hate her..,.

  6. Payal

    I didn’t get what is precap!but nice episode.Thnku Atiba fr fast updates and as I always say,plzzz keep it up☺☺

  7. Haai

    Hai I’m a silent reader!!!
    I think so aryan s tulsi’s nd chimaaji son nd aaradya s pavithra nd shaswanth’s daughter,,as dey were talking about switching babies!!
    It’s Jst my thinking

  8. Omg I think kumudini switch aradhaya and aryan I think aradya is shashwat & pavitra’ s daughter and that aryan is tulsi & chimaji son
    Nice turns I lv this show mostly

  9. Diya

    I thought Chinmaji would have soft feeling for aradhaya and Tulsi. But he so evil still bothered about his image…

  10. Nimisha ?

    Loved the way Aryan stood up to his silly mother.

    Really lovely scene at the end between Aryan and Aru, great friendship and amazing chemistry they share,

  11. kavya

    What? That means aryan is tulsi’s son and Aradhya is Pavitra’s daughter?? But y d hell did kumudini do this??

    • silent reader

      That’s coz she wanted to take revenge…. Just think since krishnadasi’s baby is girl.. She will also be treated like devdasi.. Kumudi’s grandson will b safe with pavitra whereas their daughter aardhya will b suffering with krishnadasi

  12. Kavya

    What r you doing the channels the complete episode is not showed in recap episode ,they are cutting some of the scenes.It is not fair ,Iam only see the recap episode plz correctly show the episode .Don’t cut the scenes.It’s a request.

  13. Naazu

    Yes Aryan is tulsi n chimaji’s son. N aru is Pavitra n shashwath’s daughter. Kumudini switched d babies coz she wanted to take revenge on aaba, as he don’t like devadasies.. So she made his one grand daughter Christian n one devadasi… Oh god she is so poisonous… Bt nice twist!!

  14. Hey m new here..i also think that aaradhyaa is shashwant and pavitras daughter…and aryan is tulsi chimaji….coz kumudini must wanted a baby girl whom she can make devdasi….bit unfortunatly tulsi delivars baby boy and that will be d reason why she switched babies..

    • Appy

      kumudini aba sahib se bdla lena chati thi ku ki wo unhe nachne wali or devdasi bulata tha characterless bulata tha, to wo uski hi poti ko dewdasi bna k usse bdla lena chati thi isliye usne bache swtich kiye.

    • its totally for revenge. just think the boy he love so much, called him his gooroor is a Krishnadasi’w son instead of his grandson… kumudini actually planned to slay the whole rao clam without shedding single drop of blood… only tears will be shed in the process to finish whole clan.

  15. ishveer

    I think serial going to air off…bcoz previous time big boss show was telecast at the same time of krishnadasi…..big boss show ‘s promo is showing in the chennal….so sad…that’s why serial is no dragging..

    • Appy

      esa nahi h. w oshow off air jayega jiski trp sabse kam hai . or ye show bahut acha chal rha h. or 10.30 k itiming k iwaja hse BB9 ki trp kharab hui thi to wo wapise time 9 ko lene ki koshish krenge.

    • krishnadasi is gaining more trp than big boss in this time slot, which is commendable … big boss suffer last year in this timeslot so hopfully it will be back in 9 pm slot but yes KD also running to fast. it will finish soon too.. but with proper conclusion.

  16. Rhimjhim

    no maybe big boss for the general people….. and guys have u noticed aryan’s name has both aradhya’s and aryan’s name….. ar – aradhya and yan – aryan…. isn’t it amazing

  17. the TRP of last week is 1.4 … its dropped by 0.2 points.. well it was expected… guys please watch the show at 10.30 pm telecast in indian. we don’t want it to go off air .. i love it too much.

  18. sree

    frnds i have a doubt…..
    If aaba’s sister is wife of king with whom kumudni had a relation,then even kumudni is also like a sister of Aaba….
    it means shaswat can marry tulsi if he wants as of their relation…even if they are married to some other even then shaswat wife becomes the sister of tulsi…it means Aryan and Aaradya become sister and brother from kumudni’s relation point of view

    • sree

      if any one of u here are frm telugu states then they can understand the relation what i mentiones above

      • krishnai

        sure i understand… not only telgu but whole south India believe in this type marriage but in north they dont go to this deep….. ancestor relation they wont take in count…. if u see most of the serials we can see that……. so they can make it a pair…. even i had this doubt but seeing all hindi serials i got used to it….. NO OFFENCE TO ANYONE……. just telling my point of view………

    • mrunali

      Guys in Maharastrians marriages happen in relation
      relation is boy of sister and girl of brother can amrry each other
      it means girls got married to their bua’s son
      In Maharastrians this marriages were done even though my grandparents were of this relation

      now about your doubt kumudini is like sister to Aaba but nt actually his sister tulsi had a relation with Aaba’s sisters kids as step sister and not with Aaba
      So Aryan and Aradhya are nt in relatiom
      hope your doubtnis clear nw

  19. Aryan is taking her sisgayatri’s revenge, Aryan also pretends to love Aradhya and saves her from every difficulty and situations.
    Aradhya feels that Aryan also truly likes her, Aryan confesses love for Aradhya.
    Aradhya comes to stop Aryan’s marriage and confesses that Aryan and she love each other.Aryan dumps Aradhya 
    Aradhya confesses their love in front of whole Krishnavati.
    Aryan backs out and dumps Aradhya saying that he can never love a Devdasi like her.
    Aryan had planned all this to take revenge of Gayetri’s insult and fulfills his revenge plan.
    Aradhya heartbroken knowing this and Aaba is happy to see Devdasi defeated.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.1 Comment

    • i am continuously saying since 2 weeks that stop spreading this nonsense of a spoiler.. its not true.. but it seems that no one is willing to stop this circulation. because of this hype of circulation even media getting confused and again imitating same false news.. there is no solid proof of the spoiler…. its not interesting at all. rather disheartening.. the show can suffer of low trp for it… please please stop circulating it. please. i am fed up now… same news everyday for week yet its not true.

      • #Tanu stop commenting bullshit, i jzt pasted wt ws der in d latest updates, evn m confused abt it; & stp feeling so mch; it z jzt a drama ok #so#cartoonish#grow#up

  20. Cutex

    No guys nothing happen like that arayan truly love aradaya love seen in Aryan ayes and he truly miss her

  21. Cutex

    How araya fake love trap can happen guys if fake love trap happen than it means everything fake aryan care love concern about aradaya

  22. Nakshatra

    omg rula diya yarr i felt too bad for aru as well as aryan loved the last seen in real sense pavitra is very brainless lady and iritating too yaarrrr vry much exicted for todays epidofe about DNA report what will be mentiond there omggggg deva re deva
    ab to krishna hi jane ki us report main kya hai loved aradhya and aryan seens KRISHNDASI ROCKS

  23. Cutex

    Guys plz use common sense see the reality of aryan love i think fake love trap is someone plaining to spoil the show because the show going on top level and there is no reality in this fake news plz guys i requst u not belive any fake news related to the serial

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