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Scene 1
Shravani says to Aryan that i am so happy that you said yes for marriage, i mean you accepted my request and said lie to aaji about our marriage. Flashback shows Shravani coming to Aryan, he says leave me alone, i am tensed. She says i will leave, just listen to me. Aaji is pressurizing you to marry me, i dont want to come inbetween you and Aradhya because i know you both love each other, you know aaji wont listen so you can lie to her that you are ready for marriage, i mean then you will be able to stop aaji sending Aradhya’s relative to jail and Aradhya’s problem will be solved, fb ends. Aryan says whats the need, Aradhya must be thinking that i really agreed to marry you. Shravani puts hand on his shoulder and says time is greatest, with time Aradhya will understand truth.

Aryan gets up from bed and says whatever but Bhamini aaji didnt have to go to jail. Shravani smiles and starts leaving but Aryan stops her and says i am sorry because of aaji you have to go through all this, sorry, Shravani says my happiness lies in your happiness and my baby will get whats in his fate, she starts leaving but looks at Aryan and thinks that seems like my drama is working, remaining Kumudini will handle, she blows kiss to Aryan when he looks away and leaves. Aryan looks at Aradhya’s photo and says i hope you will understand that i said and did everything to save your aaji.
Bhamini asks Aradhya how are you? she says i am fine but will you accept my one request? she says what? Aradhya says please come home, i know you are miffed but leave anger, all are waiting for you, please come home, Bhamini thinks that Aradhya loves me so much and i have done just bad with her, she looks away and says no i am fine here. Aradhya says you are miffed with Aaba but whats kids fault? you have kept us away from your love, dont take our right from us, Bhamini nods no, Aradhya says fine, if you dont come then i will live with you in mandir here. Bhamini says what are you saying? Aradhya says you are stubborn but i am stubborn too, you have to listen to me, Bhamini says i have seen that, she is in tears, Aradhya says i want to live with my aaji, i have two ways, either you come home or i live with you here in mandir, tell me what to do? Bhamini looks on.
Pavitra says to Gayetri that Aradhya is so hurt but still went to take care of Bhamini, Gayetri says kumudini took advantage of her goodness, Pavitra says i couldnt do anything to save her marriage, Shashwat says her marriage with Aryan was broken earlier only, we should help her move on, Gayetri says she loved Aryan, its not easy to forget love, David says she is right, Pavitra says she has gone through a lot, Shashwat says yes and now we should help her to move ahead in life. Aradhya brings Bhamini there. All are happy. Pavitra does her aarti and brings her inside. Aaba comes there and is stunned to see her there. Gayetri says what you did today, nobody could, we are proud of you. Shashwat introduces David as Micheal’s brother and Gayetri’s fiance. Aradhya says lets take selfie. all family members take selfie except aaba in it. Kumudini comes there and says Oh Lord, its family reunion here. I am so happy to see you her Bhamini tai. Shashwat says what are you doing here? leave us alone, Kumudini says you talk to guests like that? Bhamini knows me for so many years, i have brought one more good news. She says Vidyadhar Rao why you are standing alone like outsider in your house only? arent you happy to see Bhamini here? Why you are looking at me like this? i didnt bring any police. Aradhya says then why did you come with this basket? Kumudini says i have good news for you. She drags Bhamini and brings to stand beside aaba, she says you both look nice together. she puts Shagun basket on table, aaba says what is this new drama? Kumudini says dont get angry, your blood pressure will shoot up and you will be on wheel chair to go to hospital, i didnt come to fight, i have come to join kids relation. Shashwat says i dont understand what you say? first you broke relation and now asking to make it again? Kumudini says i am not asking for your second daughter Aradhya’s hand but your third daughter, for Shravani, all are stunned, Bhamini gulps. Kumudini says Aradhya she is twin sister, Pavitra says what are you saying? you think we will believe you? Kumudini says you will thank me in sometime, i have found your all daughters, i will make you meet your third daughter too. On Aradhya’s birth date, you didnt give birth to dead baby but she was alive. I took one baby with me and other baby was taken my your mother in law Bhamini only, ask her, all are shocked. Kumudini says i know you all think that i lie but Bhamini wont lie, she asks Bhamini to tell truth. Aradhya says aaji tell that this is lie, i dont have any twin sister, tell truth, Kumudini says Bhamini tai say it, Shashwat says aayi tell us. Bhamini says yes this is truth, all are shocked. aarti plate falls from Pavitra’s hand. Shravani is standing on door too. Bhamini says Shravani is your twin sister, she is daughter of this house. Pavitra says Shravani is my daughter? how this can be? Bhamini says i was about to tell you.. she sees Shravani there and says Shravani? everyone turns to look at her. Kumudini says Shravani? she goes to her and says come, why you are standing on door, this is your house only, i got to know that your aaji took away 22years back and we thought she died but she is alive, all are your family here. Shravani says to Bhamini that aaji you are my nice aaji, please tell me whats the truth?
Aryan comes to Shravani’s room but doesnt find her there. Her luggage falls down on floor. Aryan picks it and starts closing it when he sees Shravani and Bhamini’s picture. He says Shravani and Bhamini aaji? what relation they have? how do they know each other? He finds file in bag and reads it, he says her name is Shravani Rao and her grand mother is Bhamini Rao? it means Aradhya’s aaji and her aaji are same? how is this possible? He leaves room.
Bhamini says to Shravani that i did all this to save your life, when you were toddler, you used to ask me about your parents, your siblings, you had so many questions, what could i do? i was dumb, i couldnt answer your questions, i used to be afraid of your grand father. Flashback shows aaba warning Pavitra that if she gives birth to girl then he will throw them out house. Bhamini tells whole story to family how she stole Shravani and left. She says Pavitra is your mother and Shashwat is your father and Aradhya is your twin sister and he is your grand father. Shravani emotionally looks at her family, Bhamini says this is your family. Pavitra says Shravani.. Shravani moves away and says one minute. She drags Bhamini and says i used to crave for answers but why today you are answering them? i started to believe that i didnt have family, people used to ask me if i am illegitimate and i used to think that my aayi baba must be seeing from skies but why this with me? i had to leave school in childhood as aaji didnt have money, i had to so much, i used to work and any work, when i needed support, i had to support myself and aaji, people had evil on me and i had to become habituated to it and used to work with them, why all this? because of this man Vidyadhar? just because i was born daughter? he wanted to kill me? She says to Shashwat that you were my father, you could have protected me but no, what should i do cry and call you baba? and Pavitra? call her my aayi and hug her? she says no, i dont need anyone, all relations died for me in childhood, there is no one for me expect my aaji, she is my everything. Pavitra says i didnt know anything, Shravani says even if you knew, what would you do? would you have saved me from your father in law? no you couldnt have, nobody is at fault so its my fault? my reality is my dream grand father, my dream family, the family standing infront of me is nothing for me. Shravani says this is not my family, my family is only my aaji, my would be husband Aryan and my Kumudini aaji. She says to bhamini that tell them that i wont sacrifice my happiness for this namesake elder sister Aradhya. I will not allow my baby to be called illegitimate, my baby will live lavish life in shadow of Kumudini aaji, i wont let him wander around like me, tell them Bhamini that they can do anything, i dont care if anyone gets her love or not, my life has taught me to think about myself only, i will marry Aryan and will make life with him too, i just need my own family and house, all look on shocked. Shravani leaves from there, Pavitra and Shashwat goes behind her. Aradhya says her pain is true, she needs our support, she goes behind her too. Aryan have seen all this hiding behind window. Kumudini leaves too.
Raj comes to Shravani’s room and says she didnt meet me, didnt bring food or wine for me, where is she? he sees photo frame, he picks it and sees Bhamini and Shravani’s picture together, he is shocked and says this oldie? he recalls and says i hided in her house. He looks at file and reads Shravani’s name and Bhamini’s name, he says she is Barkha’s aaji, she hided such big truth from me. he sees Aryan’s photo in file and sees I love you written behind it. He says she is cheap and cheater, great Barkha, one side she has affair with Aryan and otherside lying to me that she will marry her, i brought her as pawn for me and she played game with me? he gets angry.
Aaba stops Aradhya and says i wont allow you to go behind Shravani, Aradhya says she is my sister, Aaba says you didnt listen what she said? Aradhya says try and understand her situation, i was like this when i got to know about my family’s truth too but Pavitra, Shashwat and Gayetri handled me, she needs our support. Aaba says she is trying to take your place, she wants to marry Aryan, you did so much for her but still she is saying this, no sisters relation is like this, Aradhya says she hasnt accepted me as her sister, we need to give her time, Aaba says when you got to know about us that we are you family then you didnt hate us but gave us love and accepted us then why she is hating on us? if she doesnt want to accept me then i wont accept her as my grand daughter too, Aradhya says people say anything in anger, she is reacting in anger, Aaba says person’s reality comes out in these situations, i tortured you a lot but today i bow down infront of all, trying to change but not now, i wont bow now, i wont allow anyone to snatch your right even if its my grand daughter, they can call me evil but i wont allow her to snatch your right.

PRECAP- Some servants are grabbing Shravani’s hands. aaba says if you dont disagree to marry Aryan then your face will be blackened my polish. Aradhya comes there and says wait.. She brings Aryan, She gives Aryan’s hand in Shravani’s hand and says i Aradhya Shashwat Rao promises to make Aryan and Shravani marry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. f**k u aradhya? i really really want aryan nd shravini to be together forever atleast shravini loves him not like aru …aradhya tum ny kabhi us sy pyar kiya bhi tha ya nae? Fake girl huh disgusting mahanta ki devi i want aru to cry soo badly after their marraige happen …she really doesn’t deserve him ? u deserve only that chooha new guy usi k laik ho tum …or shravini nd aryan can make a good couple? overacting aradhya ….aru just leave him alone dont interfare in his life u dont have any right to make desicions of his life f**k u ? ….shravini it would be better if u save him from aru ..go girl go u got diamond ?


  3. Rubbish

  4. Only Shravani..Shravani???Go n die…
    Oohhh..What u said..??Haan, u will marry arayn & make ua lyf possible..?Am waiting for that, i wana see hw u live??
    And Aaru u vocally promise that u should make the marriage possible..?I wana see, hw u make it..!!
    Aarayn u just silently support Aaru…
    Both Heartz r beatingg..But they both doing opposite..Uff..???

  5. Maleesha

    Can’t discribe in words how sorry i felt for arra 2day. & also I’ve not enough words to say how much i hate shravani.such a disgusting sis.AAba was right . Shravani can’t snatch aru’s rite
    . & by the way,it’s good that raj came to know abt his so called barkha. now i think he himself will teach a lesson to her. soo sad epi. & the new entry… I don’t think KD will go off air so soon. coz they’re taking new character.any ways, hope for the best of the best for my arra

  6. Jayaraj…My hope z with u only mann..Nothing else give a hard slap to ua financee…A large 1..Which she neva gonaa forget???
    Both oldie bcome totaly foolss..Fooling drama..
    Aabba u make me so proud..Be lyk dz ?

    1. Haan..Rebba, my hopes r with jayaraj nw..Eventhough he z an idiot..?

  7. Maleesha

    Oh god .. Aryan was looking so hot 2day. wooow..I couldn’t take my eyes off him. & seems like aru has even got some new sarees. wish writers could’ve made some romantic scenes of arra in this costumes.. Miss you arra. & want to kill this neww friend of aru b4 he enters the serial..

  8. Hare stupid aru and aryan please use ur mind atleast now whn tht frog told her husband died because aryan na and bhamini now that she is not married and they can ask her na its so dumb yar their are not useing they brains i hate u cv’s u people use mind to separate our aaraa not to bring them together please end this sharavani track and aabha pls support aryan pls make them one like before we really miss our old arra in spoilers u people are putten aru come to known abt truth and feel guilty for aryan when all the truth will be out pls end this frog track soon we love u aaraa and sorry for telling stupid

  9. Omg!!! Sharavani is so selfish….aradhya is so stupid yaar and why aradhya plz, do you have some brain or no?????? I heard the new entry of a guy in aradhya life… It’s true??

    1. Hate the precap

  10. I hate to see srawani face again n again when they gonna kick ker out. jai raj just kill that beach ……… kumudini pls comeback in positive role pls we are bored with your dirty tricks ……. I used to like her before but I hate her bud hiya Marti vi nahi

  11. 3veni

    ohh..dis episode is full of dat frog….her overaction….aryan is dng ntnggg…..aradhya is believeing everything……dis show is draggging……

  12. I think the marriage will happen !! Nd whoever were bashing Aru , I agree with you all πŸ˜› πŸ˜› Aryan , dumboooo at least think man !! He behaves like a weak woman !! ( women are not weak by the way !! ) amul baby. What the hell are they showing . Somebody go and ask Bhamni about Shravani’s first marriage . Did everybody forget it ? Aaba Saheb , I’m proud of you. Your second granddaughter is an idiot , but you are not. Tulsi aai , I really miss you. Poor Aryan , he is not able to stop others from taking decisions for his life and being played by others ! He’s just a toy . Toy boy . Goshhhhh hight of irritation !! Can’t handle it anymore. It’s good that I don’t have good vocabulary in abusive words , slang , otherwise I would definitely have used it for all of them . blo*dy cockroaches !!

  13. Nd Jairaj baby , you are the only hope now . What is good about Villains is they don’t keep quiet when they played by others !! Jairaj , sweety, cutie πŸ˜› please don’t be like dumbo Aryan , please react soo badly to so called Barkha and tell her truth to everybody. Please stop the marriage πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  14. Forgot to praise Kumudini aaji , Krishnadasi Kumudini………you are the worst of the worst aaji in this world . You don’t deserve to be called aaji. You are the biggest idiot in Krishnavati , Banwari & Markhand are intelligent than you !! Nd your grandson he is also same like you , cry baby . How bad you are .

    Ohhh writers , bring back the old charm of KD. Otherwise you guys gonna regret for everything as I regret after watching each episodes these days !!! Uff !!
    Respect for all the actors but hating every character !! Including AaRa for their foolishness. How could someone be soo foolish ? blo*dy hell !

  15. best part was jairaj knew d truth thank God atleast he knew d fact dat chudail was cheating him. Nd i hope he wil do something. Nw a days dey r ruining our aara character’s.aaba u r absolutely corect yaar

  16. the story line is going daily worse and worse,how could aradhya make aryan to maary that stupid shravani,she got mad ,is this same aryadhya who fought for her right when aryan was going to marry poorva,now she is becoming mahaan and disgusting ,really from now onwards i stop seeing this serial.its really boring yaar,writer also got out of mind without solving the mystry of tulasi,death,shravani fake pregancy,how counld they make a new entry for aradhya,its really annoying .its better to end the show.

  17. uff … o god haye ram.. this shravni….pls dont try to be oversmart as u r not.. and one day defintly aara reunite so not to plan anything as now raj aslo know your reality… you are dumb seriously how can she sis of aradhya.. and pls aradhya wake up baby.. u are going to lost everything….
    Arayn pls do somthing for your self too.. this aradhya is scrifizing but pls at least you donnot do such thing all are bullshit

  18. Rhimjhim

    Aradhya is trying to be mahan… such a crap… lost all the interest to watch this show… i am afraid lest Aryan will turn into a shadhu… being fed up of the number of marriages he is doing… btw guys this is going to be his 4th marriage… tell me which groom will like to marry soo many times… first with Aradhya, then with Poorva, then again with Aradhya… and now with Shravani… cut the crap CVs u have lost it… rubbish… i hope u all agree with wht i say…

    1. Xactly ua right..

  19. God plz give some buddhi to aryan nd aru they r really blimd these days with their mindS. ND GOD plz sravani jaisae sister kona kisiko matt dhena plz.

  20. The only best part of this epi was that jairaj came to know about shravani.I just hope he will not act like Aryan who is a zero lQ.aradhya stop being so mahan CVS need to improve the characters other wise even if they act well it is of no use there characters need to be sensible.for now I feel the only sensible character is abba

  21. I [email protected] the last moment f the marriage..Aaru find the truth..?And between dz Aarayn create some drama too..?i hope that,Cvs does’nt create the whole characters to characterless..Nw also i hope the best..Aara r in hurt..They both love each other&also beautifull destiny can only capture by difficut roads..So am hopingg nw..??
    And i dont have anywords for shravani,kummudhini & bhamini..For me they were psychological abnormal peoples..??What eva they r doing..Do it..But Aara neva gona seperated..

  22. aru is digusting…she is becoming mahanaari and in this way she is spoiling aryans life….aru dont deserve aryan neither shravani….he must go away from all this mess….i feel pitty fir araa

  23. aru is digusting…she is becoming mahanaari and in this way she is spoiling aryans life….aru dont deserve aryan neither shravani….he must go away from all this mess….i feel pitty fir araa

  24. Last week KD topped at UK na. That’s why they are showing this nonsense now !! Taken for granted huh !! Every week , we think Shravani drama gonna finish ! Lekin nahi !! Drag it drag it and keep dragging it . What’s the need of Frog’s marriage with Aryan ? Nd new entry for Aru ? For dragging it more like Kumkum Bhagya of Z ?? Enough writers , director , producers and others…Please stop it

  25. Arrre yar kissi bhi serial mei achha track aa hi nathi rahaa hai kya karie
    Kum se kum iss mei toh track change karo yaar it is My favorite serial


  27. u r absoulutly corect Sayali nw aaba character was only sensible. Anyone have spoilers na plz post here.

  28. wah aru tune prove kr hi diya ki khoon akhir khoon hi hota h. bda bolti thi ki dunia mujhe Ardhya tulsi k nam se janegi. an baap milte hi naam b badal liya.ardhya shashwat nan gyi. >:(

    1. Yea..Really..No 1 z thinking about tulsi’s peacefull..Every1 r taiking opposite decision..??

  29. Manya

    ??????I am going to murder kumudini ????βš™β›?βš”?☠☠bcoz Shravani will be murdered by jairaj ???

  30. Manya

    ??????I am going to murder kumudini ????βš™β›?βš”?☠☠bcoz Shravani will be murdered by jairaj ???and then there will be no one b/w aara ❀️

    1. ???LoL..

  31. Aryan just escape from that place.. Ppl around you are either evil or stupid.. You go somewhere and live happily

  32. Marisa duarte

    Shravani and kumudini negative roles r boring and so is naku

  33. shravani is spoiling the whole story,i hate shravani,jst die!

  34. pls writers n directers remove shravani,bring some happiness to aradhya n aryan

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