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Scene 1
Kumudini says my grand son has given me surprise today, Vidyadhar Rao, i have to give you credit that how Aryan thought about auction thing? even i am surprised but now i remember he has your upbringing, you know how to throw people out of houses, he has learnt it and now teaching you in your language, i felt yesterday only that things ill be good for me, if you think good then good happen, Aryan told me that he will give me surprise and he gave it and showed you stars in daylight, my life is completed now, Aaba says yes he is your blood afterall, he said big words that he wont snatch house from us but what he did in real? he showed his real blood in end, see you all family, you all were praising him and see he wants to throw us out of house after insulting us, Kumudini says dont shout else

you will get heart attack and will sit on wheelchair again, dont shout on your family, they are going to walk on roads with you, she asks lawyer to start auction, bid everything in this house.
Aryan wakes up and sees Tulsi in his room, Tulsi says i told you that you will have to wake up early here, i have made puran pulli for you, sorry your birthday was worst birthday ever, Aryan says you had to bear so much yesterday, Tulsi says mother can bear anything for her kid, you did good by not snatching house from them, you have this goodness in you, dont let it die, you and Aradhya have light in your that can end darkness, Aryan says you still think Aradhya is good? they were throwing you out of house yesterday and she was silently watching it.
Aaab’s every show piece of house has brought in hall, lawyer says things have value of 5crores, Kumudini says now start auction of house. Auction starts with 6crores, Kumudini says to Banwari that you must have made enough money by stealing from aaba, why dont you buy this haveli? aaba would serve you well, she says this Keshav’s property, increase bid, bid increases to 17crores, Shashwat says Kumudini what are you doing, Aryan can never do this, Kumudini says lower your voice, Shashwat says Kumudini ji please stop this auction, Kumudini says see aaba, your son is begging to me, remember Shashwat how you had thrown my daughter out of village pulling her hair, this auction will happen for sure. Bid is announced for 20crores.. lawyer is about to announces auction being completed counting 20crores 1.. 20crores 2.. 20crores.. but Aradhya comes and says stop.
Tulsi says to Aryan that Aradhya has my upbringing, she wont let anything wrong happen, Aryan says you are innocent, even i believed her goodness but what i saw yesterday after that i know she has your upbringing but has aaba’s blood, i cant forgive her, Tulsi says i dont want to hate anyone, tell me how can blood make someone good or bad? Aryan says even i used to not believe it but.. Tulsi says i dont want to see hate in your heart, you remember how you and Aradhya tried to rectify mistakes, you both worked in each others house, it was Aradhya’s idea, she is not bad, i have heart relation with her, when she will throw me out of her heart then i will die, Aryan says dont talk about death, dotn say it, he hugs her, Tulsi says i will have to die one day and then you will see pain in her heart and eyes, i will die sooner or later but i dont want to make you wait to see her goodness, Aryan says why you are talking like this? Tulsi says dont know, maybe i am not able to fathom the fact that you hate Aradhya who was raised by me as my daughter, dont hate her, she puts his hand on her head and says swear on me that you will never do bad with that family.
Aradhya comes in house and says stop this auction, Kumudini says wow, you want to stop this auction, you are in this family for 4days and now you are trying to fight for them? your family’s roots are shaken, nothing is left now, Aradhya says those you leave you in difficult time is not your relative you wont understand it as you just know how to use your relations, it can be your daughter tulsi, it can be your so called grand daughter Aradhya whom you had put for auction too or it can be Aryan whom you fooled to have come to do this auction, its not my nature to ditch my family, i have my family with me but you are alone today, Kumudini says me and alone? i have my daughter Tulsi with me and my grand son Aryan too, they are like my pillar, ARadhya says if he was with you then he would have asked to empty this house yesterday only, Kumudini says he wont come for all this, lawyer start auction, Aradhya says this auction cant be completed, this is Aryan’s property and i am his wife and without my consent this auction cant be done, Kumudini says now you remember that you are his wife? Aradhya says dont you remember how you made me marry Aryan? Krishnadasi Kumudini says never forgets anything, dont you remember how you had charged Aryan with rape case and made me marry him, you played with my life so now see how this marriage will shield me, she says i am married to Aryan and i have marriage certificate too and about Aryan Rao, he is only heir of Keshav’s property and i am his only wife and as per law wife have equal right on husband’s property, right lawyer? Kumudini says is surprised seeing her like that.
Aryan says to Tulsi that she maybe my wife but i cant forgive her, what you want? Tulsi says just bring her here once, she is not able to say truth in that house but she wont be able to lie here with me, just bring her here once, i want to reunite you both, Aryan says i promise to never hurt Aradhya or her family but i wont forgive her, Tulsi says dont forgive her but bring her here, i feel if you dont bring her here today then it will be too late, just bring her, Aryan says Aradhya is very lucky to get upbringing from my mother, he leaves his phone there, he starts leaving but turns to look at Tulsi, she emotionally looks at him, he leaves.
Aradhya asks lawyers and clients to leave, servant please greet them and ask them to leave, see no one should try to act smart, she eyes Kumudini. Kumudini thinks that she may have not my blood but she has learnt all games from me, she has turned table on me, she turned my trick on my face only, i lost my trick today, what is happening? Aaba says all will leave but this Kumudini should be thrown out else she wont leave, Kumudini says to Aradhya that i will comeback to jump again, Aradhya says do come Krishnadasi Kumudini, remember i know your games too well, you wont be able to do anything as i am standing with my family now, the Aradhya which you used to call your favorite, Kumudini leaves, Aradhya thinks that i have to talk to Aryan, i want to know what is happening, i feel he is not involved in all this auction.
Aradhya is calling Aryan but his phone is on silent and in Tulsi’s house. Gayetri comes to Aradhya and asks if she talked to Aryan? he is not picking up my call, ARadhya says he must be angry with me after all what he saw, i have hurt him, she recalls how she insulted Tulsi, Aradhya says but he needs to understand that he cant do things in anger, i have to tell him that i did everything because of aaba’s blackmailing, if he is involved in this auction then its bad and if its aaji’s trick then i have to inform him, i know where he must be, i have to talk to him before relations breakdown, she leaves.

Scene 2
Aradhya comes to mandir and prays to Krishanji. she thinks that God give me strength to tell truth to Aryan. She comes out of Mandir, Aryan is coming in mandir, they dont see each other and passesby, she leaves while Aryan comes in mandir. Aryan prays to Lord and thinks that Tulsi still have faith in Aradhya, i just pray that her faith is proved right and mine too.
Aaba is calling lawyer and says you need to find legal way out, we have been living here for 100years, my grand father signed on papers to not show any right on this property but he was fool, you find some way, he ends call. All religious scholars come to Aaba’s house, aaba asks if there is any problem? Shastri says to aaba that everyone used to respect you, no one had ever guts to say anything against you but now people’s tongue are opening, they are talking against you, aaba says i will shut their tongues one by one, i beat drunkard yesterday who tried to talk against me, drunkard comes there and says i was drunk that day and i was alone that day but now i am with whole village, Aaba says i did mistake by leaving you, Shastri says till when you will shutting mouths? you used to respect rituals thats why people used to respect you but now fingers are pointed on you, Tamri says that you destroyed my daughter’s life, you destroyed lives of many and now as payback you will have to live on your daughter’s wealth, aaba shouts on him. Shastri says understand their emotion, people are asking if you have grand son or grand daughter, they are asking if you have house to live or not? people are making fun of you, this is not good weather for Krishnawati. Kumudini comes there and asks what is going on here? why you all are attackibg aaba? let him sit on his throne then he will talk, he will answer everyone, right sarpanch? aaba angrily looks at her, Kumudini says seems like he will remain silent as he is trying to hide behind his new grand daughter, he used to hate daughters and now he is hiding behind them, aaba shouts you dancer, just shut your mouth, Kumudini says you can get punished for insulting woman Sarpanch, you can tamed now as you used to roam like mad animal, she says to villagers that dont be scared of him, his goons wont come to stop you as he doesnt have money to give them, this house is even my grand son Aryan’s, we will starts proceeding but first Nakku will serve refreshment, Nakku bring juice, Banwari says to Markand that how did this Nakku switch sides? Kumudini says to Nakku that you are my servant so dont be afraid of anyone, Nakku is shivering, Kumudini says first serve juice to Aaba, oh he cant drink juice in his son in law’s house, i saved you from breaking ritual aaba, you know villagers that this Sarpanch is living in my house and not leaving it, what should i do now? she sits on aaba’s throne and puts her slipper on his position, aaba is fuming in anger seeing all this, Kumudini says should i show pity on them and let them live her, i can show pity like his grand daughter is showing, i can show pity but he has to ask forgiveness from me for all his wrongdoings, he has to sit on my feet and say sorry, aaba shouts you characterless woman, i will bow to you? he pushes her off his throne, Kumudini falls on on floor and has hurt on her head, aaba says you are the one who used to dance and sell yourself to kings, i wont bow down to you, dont brag so much, dont you remember how i had thrown you out of village, i have even today so much strength to beat you infront of whole village, i will never bow to you, he is about to hit Kumudini with his stick, Kumudini screams in fear, Aryan comes and holds his stick, Kumudini sees Aryan and hides behind him, aaba says you filthy blood leave my stick, Aryan says only you have blood and all other have gutter water, Aaba leaves stick and laughs, he says you have come to your standard, you kept making Kumudini come here to throw filth and now you have come, Aryan says what filth i have created? Aaba says as if you dont know that you sent lawyer for auction of this house, Aryan says what? what auction? Aaba says you are Devdasi’s son so you are bound to do drama, Kumudini is better than you, she is jerk but has guts to fight from front even with fact that she is woman and you are just coward try to backstab us, Aryan says what? he looks at Kumudini what you did? Kumudini says you did it, who called lawyer here? you called him and now feigning ignorance, you are saying that you didnt call lawyer auction then who called them? Aryan is confused, Aryan thinks if Kumudini didnt do that auction then who did it?

PRECAP- Aaba tries to hurt Kumudini but Aryan comes inbetween and says you are not in senses aaba.. aaba doesnt stop, Aryan shouts Vidyadhar Rao, he takes stick from him and says i should have stopped you earlier, i used to see everything wrong but i was blinded by your love and never stopped you, i did mistake. Aaba comes to his room and reloads his revolver, he says today is Aryan’s life’s last day.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. well done ARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u do a good job 2 give a reply…………but precap is scary!!!!!!!!!!!aaba is goinsg 2 kill ARYAN11111

  2. No i think instead of aryan tulsi will die and aryan thinks bad about ardhaya.

  3. No Umama Aradhya will come between them.

  4. i bet Aru saves him and gets shot instead…

  5. Will aru die? I hope not

    1. I guess aru will not die but she will come in between and get shot so that the misunderstanding would be clear

      1. tulsi ki marne wali emotional speech sun k to lagtah ia hai ki tulsi hi arne wali h, tabhi esi bate kr rhi thi wo.

      2. Haaii..Aayushii…Feeling happy to c u here..Dont knw y…But still..I read ua FF intro..itz very cute..
        And by the way, If Aarru got Shot,it will be awsm n also our Aarra will be togethr..??

  6. Awesome episode btw when is tulsi and chimaji’s marriage

  7. I think Raj did this auction

  8. Ugh why do they always show the most interesting part on Friday? I suppose it’s how they keep the viewers hooked.

    To people saying Aradhya has become weak, I disagree. She’d always put herself in danger but this time Tulsi was threatened that’s why she’s being cautious. She’s still brave in my opinion

  9. plz stop d misunderstandings between aara cant see them like that anymore

  10. even though there was no Aara i loved yesterday’s episode… specially Kumu-aru and Rao-aryan tashan. … but tell me someone is it true that a wife has a say in the decision of property equally as husband? … well in my knowledge no. a wife only has a say for property if its under her name or its under her husband name but the husband is dead. …well may be i am wrong, cause i don’t have much knowledge about it … or may be i am right and indian serial mein sab chalta hein. .. may be cv showed it just to clarify the rape case.
    Aryan calling Tulsi Tuh instead of App .. its very cute as if he totally excepted his new life and mother.. but it seemed a little rushed to me as well. and Tulsi speaking all that omission words. taking promises from Aryan and that look of Aryan and tulsi when Aryan was leaving seriously indicating one thing that ..tulsi going to die.. more over in the new OLV it has been show jairaj and purva abduct Tulsi and gone behind Aryan to kill.. lol.. Aaba is also behind Aryan. poor dude drew a target sign behind his back .. in new interview Aryan shoulder was tainted with blood.. now have to see whose blood it is.. Aradhya was roaming near Aryan and Tulsi..
    … its seems this week it was full pack drama and next week it will be full pack action… hopefully no one will die.

    1. Tanuu….✋
      R u bc…right nw..??

    2. Ruby

      you are right’s didn’t thought wisely this time. Aradhya can’t stop auction

      1. But Guyzz…I have a doubt…☝
        Can any1 solve it…
        Hw the property f Aryn can b saled by auction without his presence..? And 1 also, The matter about the auction z unknown for him(Aryn)..Then hw could b it happn..An anothr 1 can provide dz auction drama without the mention f owner..Am lil bit confussion..Actually, i fully dissagree with dz Auction drama..I think cvs want to conform well..

    3. Bilkul totally agree with u tanu dear aru cant stop auction there is no any law which says that wife has equal ri8 on husbend’s property …kuch bhi? …but we can expect anything in indian serials ..tulsi shouldn’t die she is the pure soul in all characters? and that abba buddhaaa marr ja manhoos insan i can never ever expect from aaba that he will try to kill aryan? u shameless person huh faltoo insan…i saw new segment that aaba will try to kill aryan but tulsi will come infront of aryan nd she will get shot instead of aryan ??? abba ????????????

  11. Oohh…What an epi…Itz too intrestingg..I lyk dialogues between Tulsi n Aryn..the tashan between Aaru n kummu…I miss the last portion ?
    But anyways Precape z intrestingg..

  12. What z gonaa happning..1 side Aabhaa z trying to shoot Aryn..Otherside, tulsi in problm..Where shuld Aarradhya..In Rao house or @ Tulsi’s House..Uff..Lotz f confussion..?

  13. I think kumudini will die as there are news that the actress had decided to quit

  14. lovely episode.. finally kd is coming on the right track.. but i am scared is it right ???tulsi will die instead of aryan.. please dont do that…badly waiting for next episode…hope everything will become fine in kd…love u aara…i wish you both are real life couple…but sana is already married…

  15. And 1 thing also…
    Sana was lukking Amaizing in yesterdayz Saree…I lyk it very much…So cute..Love u lot…??

    1. OFcourse,Sana was lukkingg so cute…I love her lot…??

  16. I ❤ yesterdayz ερίι…Full drama z amaizingg…Xactly, aftr a y’l Aarradhya speakzz out..Uff..itz miracle.
    Nw also Kummudhini z not beliving Aarru can b lyk dz much…So nyc..???

  17. i just want to know guyz that when ara misunderstanding will clear coz i jussst want ara scenes well i was hoping that in coming episodes ara will lost in a forest and ??????…..but nothing seems like that lol

    1. Mehruuu…Ua imagination went a lot..??but anywayzz…there z a hope?

  18. Apparently aaradhya saves aryan ->

  19. I agree with Tejaswi

  20. rebba always hope for the best like me ..
    … but i no it wont happen

  21. i no its a typical story in every serial in which boy and girl lost in a forest but in this serial it wont happen bcoz its diff from other serial but honestly speaking i really want that happen

  22. bcoz its soooo romantic…imagine guyz when aaba and raj try to kill aryan and in order to save aryan life ara run from home and they get lost in a forest its a very dark night they foumd a cotage then it start rainig they both enjoy the rain and then somg plays tumhe apna bnane ki qasam khai hai…and then in cotage……as usual…..hahahahHHHHHaahaha?????????????????

    1. ???Mahruu..really u r n Fantasyy world..Yea ofcourse, it shuld b so awsmm…Haann..

    2. Mahru they r fighting like cat nd dog nd u r talking about romance? KD writers r damnnnnn diffrent from other daily soaps we r dying to watch one romantic scene of arra nd u r talikng about rain sequence? but it will be awsome if they show a scene like this ..?

    3. Mehruu..ur so lol…but ua imagination z quite intrestingg..??

  23. I nevr felt dis before, but now they are dragging the show.. i saw a video now where aaba shoots aryan but tulsi comes btw dem and gets shot! Aradhya den speaks against aaba nd all.. god! I really dont want tulsi to die, cuz if it happnd, aara misunderstndings will take a very long time to end!

  24. Wow Mahru great thinking there. In the upcoming episode aaba shoots Aryan but Tulsi will come in between them and get shot. Thats right but the actual twist is that aaba wasn’t the one who shot Tulsi. Have a guess guys who cud it be? It’s jairaj and poorva. Wait and watch!!!

    1. Uff…dz Jayaraj z gonna doing it..Oohh..?

    2. Oohh..really!
      itz gonna happn…Oohh?

  25. Late to comment . But it’s better late than never 😀 I have nothing much to say on last epi. Whatever they show I just love it , except Purva. I was absolutely unaware about gun & bullet track 😀 😀 ha ha . Thank you all for info about upcoming track. When Tulsi said about her death & all I kinda felt that yehh now that’s what gonna happen next.

  26. guys I saw a promo of kd that rao is going to shoot aryan bt tulsi runs towards him and sh gets shot. bt the thing it the bullet was not shot from rao’s gun. it was someone else’s gun. hope this incidnt won’t put hatred btwn arra

  27. Wow…Nyc episode..

  28. Itz late…but also thankzz for the update Atibaa…I lyk the episode very well..

  29. Yesterday episode z so intrestingg..But i think Y kummudhini z going to Rao house without any matter else..Give some tym to Prathyumnna well..Y’l continues moving f kummudhini to rao house make me lill shy?But anywayz i lyk the drama very well?

  30. Mehruu…I had noted ua comment…??itz so lol….Kd z nw moving through a tough stund+action n ua dreaming about Forest+romance…Wow..itz amaizinggg..??

  31. Tanu is right, wife has no say in the ancestral property of her spouse. If it is his own earnings then it might be different. After Aryan, the property can only go to the next heir that is Jairaj, though it is not clear how he is related to Keshav. The second point that all serials make a blunder is signing divorce papers. No marriage is annulled as soon as the husband and wife sign the papers. The court has to decide their divorce, after a series of counselling and court hearings and it takes minimum six months and the divorce can only be legally heard in court after the couple has been married for minimum six months. So all this is bull shit. And after legally being married no parents or grand parents has the right to forcibly blackmail and separate the girl from her husband. In spite of all this I still like the drama.???

  32. Only one request…please don’t start this thing about wishing they are real life couple…..there is a lot of difference between reel and real life…so let’s be mature and see them as just a couple in a serial. This is my opinion.

  33. Sry for the late Comment..But anywayz Thankz Atiba for the update..The drama was quite intrestinggg..i lyk the dailogues between Aaru n Kumudhini & also Aryn n Tulsi & Aryn n Prathyumna..Itz very amaizingg..

  34. i had read the commentz right nw…Ofcourse Tanu n Rani , itz right.I agree with u both..
    The other matter z dz a serial n story might b anythingg..We r just a viewerz..

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