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Krishnadasi 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya meets doctor Kulkarni(Kumudini’s doctor) at hostel gate. she asks about Kumudini’s health, he says your Aaji is ill, she is not fine thats why she returned to her village but she was saying that she has some important work there, Aradhya asks what illness she has? doctor says nothing major, old age problems, she will be fine with medicines and you know she is stubborn, she decided to go to Krishnavati so she left, she has some work there, if you need anything them tell me, he leaves. Aradhya says to Shivani that now i get it, they went to Krishnavati suddenly for this, Shivani asks her to call them, she says no i will talk face to face, i am not kid, i am mature now, i will go to Krishnavati, Shivani says those village people will recognize you, Aradhya says but aaji

needs me, Shivani says you promised Tulsi to not go there, Aradhya says she broke her promise too by not telling me about Kumudini so i will go now, she leaves from there. Aradhya is on her way to Krishnavati on scooty, Tulsi calls her, Aradhya says seems like she got to know about me from telepathy but i will not take her call, will surprise her, she ends call. Kumudini calls Tulsi, Tulsi comes there, band people have come to meet them, band person says that when you people left, we didnt get some major work but now we will get work by playing music in marriages again, Kumudini says Tulsi will dance on your music in such a way that all 21years will be forgotten, she sys to Tulsi that see all have so much respect for us, now everything will be good for us, Tulsi is tensd.
Aradhya is riding her scooty, a car passes by her, she says these car people think that road is theirs, i will teach him lesson, she brings her scooty infront of his car and starts riding it and doesnt allow him space, she falls down on road, he comes out of car, he is Aryan, he says you room no. 32? she says you goon? he says you are 2feet girl and speak so much, Aradhya says you have little more height than me so calling me with names? Aryan says you are 2feet dinosaur, Aradhya says i will teach you lesson, she tries to hit his car with stone but cant hold stone as its heavy, he says you cant even hold 2gm stone, Aradhya starts taking out air from his car’s tire, he tries to stop her but Aradhya kicks his foot, he falls down, aradhya punctures his tires and says one use her mind when she cant be physically strong, you must have rabit-turtle story? now dont mess with 2feet people from now on, she sings main chali main chali, she tries to start her scooty but it doesnt get started, Aryna smirks and sings Main chala main Chala, Aradhya angrily looks at him.
Aaba Sahib comes in mandir and buys one flower basket, shopkeeper says its already sold, Aaba says i have touched it so its mine now, Kumudini comes there and says you have to take my flowers now? Aaba says i dont want to filth my tongue by talking to her, Kumudini says all know about your toungue, Aaba says did you forget how you had to leave village to save your face? Kumudini says did you forget how Lord blessed his village when i returned? Aaba says it was coincidence, Kumudini says its our relation with Lord, Aaba says i cant send you to graveyard easily, Kumudini says will you not fight with Krishnadasi? will you not see how we will be brought to bless bride today? Aaba says you will not be respected there, you will dance there and people will throw money at you as you are dancer, one person comes and touches aaba’s feet, Aaba says this is respct, Kumudini says this is your threat, you will see respect in marriage, she asks to give her flowers back, Aaba says i took it so its mine now, Kumudni says take it as my blessing, he is about to leave but slips and flowers fall from his hands, Kumudini takes it in her saree pallu and says to Aaba that this is coincidence? my God brought my flowers back to me, Aaba leaves from there.
Ardhya is trying to fix her scooty, Aryan says i can help you, i am not that bad, i did everything that day for my friends’ heart, Aradhya says you so are filmy, i am not interested in being your friend, Aryan says you broke my friend’ Varun’s heart, Aradhya says what.. a truck comes there, Aryan and Aradhya stops him, Aryan asks him to give lift to him, Aradhya says he broke my scooty, give me lift, Aryan says i will give you money, give me lift, Aradhya says i dont have much money but you must have sister like me? Driver says i dont want to get involved in all this, maybe you both have runaway from home? Aryan says no she is my wife actually, we had fight, he asks Aradhya to keep silent, driver gives them lift in truck.
Pavitra is doing pooja and says to God that i pray to you too, dont make me lose to Tulsi, shashwat says who do pooja at this time? Pavitra says i will do pooja more now, she has comeback and will dance too, shashwat says whats maddness is this? aarti diya blows off, Pavitri says this is not good sign, she asks Shashwat to not go there, Shashwat says even after so many years, your doubt is not gone, okay i will not go in marriage, aaba comes there and asks Pavitra to make shashwat wear her bangles, he says to shaashwat that are you afraid of those cheap dancers to not go in our village’s marriage? we will go there and all will see who rules here, he says to Pavitra that your place is in kitchen so dont try to indulge in men’s matter, she leaves from there.

Scene 2
Aryan is singing in truck, Aradhya says i am your wife? Aryan says i helped you, Aradhya says even if you are last person, i will not marry you, Aryan says as if i want to marry you, i would die before that, you girls are so dramaqueen, if you have so much ego then you would have told driver that you are not my wife, you keep talking about your home issues and othertime you people you keep talking about feminism, driver says i am stopping at dhaba, have food, Aryan says to Aradhya that decide if you want to continue this husban wife drama or not. He talks to driver, driver says dnt fight with wife else she will not give you food at home like my wife did with me, Aryan says wife should remain in control, i will show you how to control wife. They come at dhaba, Aryan says to Aradhya that i will like you to order for me darling today, he tells her what he wants to eat, he says to driver that i like it when she serves food to me, Aradhya eyes him angrily.
Kumudini makes Tulsi get ready as Krishnadasi, she says you will wear everything after so many ears, people call us dancers but only few know about relation with Krishna and we have Mangalsutra of his name, she makes her wear it and says you are looking so beautiful, she says tell everyone today when you dance for God then how you do it, she asks Tulsi why she is tensed? Tulsi says i am worried about Aradhya, she is not picking up call, Kumudini says she must be busy in hostel and college, we will call her after marriage.
Aryan asks Aradhya to make him eat food, he makes her sit beside him and says to Driver that she is like kid, he goes to wash his hands, Aradhya thinks that i have to get rid of this oversmart glue guy, i will play victim women now and will teach him lesson, she says to driver that my husband beats me, do you beat your wife? driver says i cant, my wife throws things at me, Aradhya says but my husband beats me alot, he broke my scooty and did you see how he was ordering me for food? he was calling me darling infront of you but will beat me at home, do you have sisters? driver says yes, she says what if your brother in law beats your sister? he says i will beat him, Aradhya says i dont have brother, please save me from him, he beats me alot, driver says you called me brother so i will save you from him now, Aradhya and driver sit in truck, Aryan comes there, Aradhya whistles to him, truck starts leaving, Aradhya asks Aryan to give bill of dhaba, he runs behind them but truck leaves, Aryan gets angry.

Scene 3
Kumudini says to Tulsi that a palanquin will come to take you for marriage. Tulsi says but you know about Aaba, maybe he will not allow them, Kumudini says he can stop people but what is God’s will, that will happen for sure, dont worry. door bell rings, Kumudini opens door, they are shocked to see Aradhya, Aradhya says you know i like to surprised, Aradhya asks Kumudini how she is? Kumudini says i am fine, Aradhya says i met doctor uncle, he told me that you are ill, what are you hiding? Tulsi hides seeing Aradhya. Kumudini says nothing major, i was feeling low in city, i dont like noise, see its so calm here, you know that doctor Kulkarni is mad, he wants to keep me as his patient, Aradhya says thank God you are fine, Aradhya sees Tulsi all dressed up, Tulsi says Kumudini is fine, why did you come all the way here? Aradhya looks at her and is stunned.

PRECAP- Aryan calls Aradhya and talks like staff member, he says to Aradhya that fire has broken in your hostel room, Aradhya is shocked to listen it. Kumudini thinks that Aradhya should know their reality now, she is our grandchild, she puts a picture in Aradhya’s bag. Kumudini and Tulsi are made to sit in palanquin and are going to marriage in grand style. Aradhya arrives at her hostel room and sees fruit baskets there, she reads note “From now on your everyday will be fruit day” from Aryan. she tears paper. Aryan comes in Aradhya’s room, Aradhya says now this 2feet girl will teach you lesson, she breaks watermelon on his head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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