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Scene 1
Aryan takes phera and thinks that the way Aradhya insulted my family and me today, i will keep insulting her at every step, Aradhya thinks that i will fight for my rights and i will fight my husband for this, i will fight for my rights but i will never disrespect your family, i am Tulsi’s daughter so i will not stoop as much as you did. Pundit says last phera means that they will not have extra marital affair, Aradhya repeats it, Aryan repeats that i will have no relation with any girl, all stand there in tears. Pundit asks Aryan to make Aradhya wear mangalsutra, Kumudini asks Aryan to make her wear it, Aryan puts mangalsutra in her neck, Pundit asks him to fill her forehead with sindoor, Aryan looks away and fills her forehead, Pundit says now they can leave. Kumudini says marriage

is not finished, we should register marriage as he can deny marriage later, she makes them eign marriage papers and says now marriage is done, Rao family should be happy, from now on Aaba is my grand daughter’s father in law, we are relatives now, she offers him sweets, he doesnt eat it and acts like breathing heavily, Kumudini asks him to go home and prepare for Grah parvesh, he leaves. Kumudini says to Pavitra that you are now mother in law of my grand daughter, be nice to her, she hugs Pavitra. Kumudini asks Aryan to be happy and always smile, you both are looking nice together. Tulsi brings her in corner and says what you wanted as happened, why you are insulting them? Kumudini says i dont have time to talk, we will talk later.
aaba comes out of police station, deshmukh says what is all happening? my daughter ins distraught, your son married that devdasi, what about my daughter? we thought that your game will work but that devdasi’s plan worked, aaba says she blamed Aryan for such cheap act, we couldnt do anything and in such situations one has to compromise to save their respect thats why Pavitra agreed for marriage, she saved our respect, Deshmukh says what about our respect? what about my daughter? she is not stone, she has heart too, her life is destroyed, she is neither unmarried nor married, Aaba says i will do something for Purva, she is my daughter in law and what happened inside police station is fake, Purva says they registered marriage too but we couldnt do anything, i liked Aryan and knew that he doesnt love me but i agreed to marry him but now i can become 2nd wife of someone, whats the need of this kind of relation? my husband will not love me and some other girl will keep showing her rights on my husband, Aaba says Aryan will not accept this marriage, didnt you see hate in his eyes for that devdasi? we will do something to free him from Kumudini’s trap, just give me time, i have never bowed to anyone so i will handle this dancer too.

Scene 2
Tulsi recalls how Aryan said that he is helpless. Aradhya comes to her, Tulsi wipes her tears, Aradhya asks if she will not bless her? will i have bidai without blessing? Tulsi says every mother cries on Bidai of her daughter but she is happy but i am not happy today, earlier atleast your husband was on your side but now no one will be on your side in that house, what will happen with you there? Kumudini made you do wrong today, Aradhya says what wrong did i do? they did cheating so how can i be wrong?m Tulsi says its not about who is wrong but who will bear burnt of all this? you will get pain in that house, even Aryan will be not on your side, Kumudini made you do wrong, Aradhya says i dont know about right or wrong but i am fighting for my rights, you made me learn to fight for justice and whoever will try to harm me or my family will have to pay for his deeds, i didnt want to get married to Aryan like this, you saw how aaba got heart attack just before our marriage, Aryan agreed to marry Purva happily, i kept begging to Aryan to listen to me but he didnt listen to me so now he agreed to marry me here? he must have done something wrong that made him silent, he could have plead for justice but he didnt as he is wrong, the men who think women are just toys should be treated in right way, dont worry i am going to fight for myself, just bless me that Krishanji be with me, Tulsi says i can just bless you that you see truth, the gap which you and Aryan have should be filled and you both realize your mistake, true love never dies just remember that, always be happy with your husband, Aradhya touches her feet and leaves from there, Tulsi cries.
Aryan is sitting in car. Aradhya comes out of police station. Kumudini says to Aradhya that your aaji is with you, if you need me even at night time then just call me, i will be there in 2minutes, remember you have to teach lesson to people who took your peace, you should never forgive people who cheated your love. Kumudini says there will be no one to help you there, i am with you, always be happy, now go, she kisses Aradhya. Aradhya comes to Aryan’s car and sits with him in backseat, they leave. Tulsi comes out and sees Aradhya going, Tulsi says to Kumudini that you played your game but if anything wrong happens with my daughter then i will take up sword, Kumudini says you want to make our house as war zone? she leaves.

Scene 3
Aryan and Aradhya comes to Haveli. All family members frown looking at them. They stand on door, Aryan says why you all are standing? will you not welcome your daughter in law? bride is standing on door, she will come in with all rituals, Pavitra says what are you saying? you want us to do grah pervesh of this devdasi? Aryan asks Nakku if he has to tell her what rituals are? he asks Pavitra to go and see if preparations are done for Grah pervesh, Pavitra goes. Aryan leaves from there while Aradhya stands on door. Pavitra comes back with kalash and tray. Aryan comes to house with Purva holding his hand. He says this house’s daughter in law is the one who aaba selected for me the one who made my family happy, devdasi cannot be daughter in law of this house who cheated and plotted to come here, i am not someone’s toy specially not devdasi’s, Aradhya is shocked to listen this. Aryan says my wife will do Grav pervesh with full respect, he asks Purva to kick Kalash and come in house as his bride, Aradhya looks on, Purva is about to kick Kalas but Aradhya comes forward and kicks Kalash before her, all are shocked, Aradhya comes in huse, Aryan is angry and says how dare you? he comes to Aradhya and says how dare you disrespect this ritual? Aradhya says i didnt disrespect it, i followed ritual hubby, you did so much hardwork for this ritual so i had to follow it as i am your wife and this is my right and you can snatch my right from me, legally i am your wife and i am married to you so Grah parvesh is my right. She puts feet in red water and comes in house leaving her foot prints on floor, all are stunned. Aryan says you are right, you are legally married, you can come in this house using law but you cant come in anyone’s heart as law cant rule over hearts, my heart, my family will never accept you as my wife, you are Kumudini’s grand daughter so you must have learnt many planning and schemes but i am aaba’s grand son and you can be legally my wife but i wont accept you ever, Aradhya says i am your wife and i know how much black your heart is, we will talk about having place in heart later, first i have to take my right which you are trying to give to someone else, your family talks about rituals and traditions alot so you should know that with all rituals i have married you and our marriage is registered marriage so its double marriage for us, i am your legally wedded wife so legally you cant marry anyone else till i am present so legally i have right on this house and on everything here, Aryan says yes you have right on everything, you have right on money and land of ours, this is what your family wants? your family has this tradition so loot rich people so you will show rights, i have seen your real face now, you were right i have zero IQ, my aayi and aaba kept telling me that devdasies are cheat and always trap people but i was fool to emotionally get attached to you, your aaji trapped king so that he can gift her mandir, you need someone too who will take care of your needs, who will give you money and all, i stopped your auction, i will complete your auction today, we will send your rates to your aaji, Aradhya says i am seeing your real face too, its like clear to me now, you are from aaba’s family so you will change colors like chameleon, Aryan says till now you have sen my one face but now you will see face who has just hatred for you, you can never be my wife, you can plot anything but you can never enter my heart, you can enter this house using law but will never be able to enter my heart, aaba thinks that my grand son ash made me happy, long live son, i feel like my heart will stop beating as i am so much happy, Aryan brings Purva in house and takes her inside, all family members leave, Aradhya says you never thought that you will be welcomed with flowers here, you have come to get justice so i will get it, its my right to live in Aryan’s room, lets start with that. Pavitra comes there and says where are you going? is this your father’s land? Aryan have not accepted you as his wife, just get lost from here, she pushes away Aradhya, Aradhya says you cant throw me out of house, Pavitra says yes as then you will file case on us but we will show your place in this house, you will sit in feet, she throws away aradhya, Aradhya falls on floor and thinks that they can insult me but i will get justice for me at any cost.

PRECAP- Shashwat says to Aradhya that you have stooped so low that i dont have sympathy left for you, he leaves. Gayetri says to Aradhya that dont expect sympathy from me, what you have done with my father and brother cant be forgiven, she leaves, Pavitra says so Aradhya that even servants are respected in this house but you wont get any respect. Kumudini prays to Krishanji and says i have no animosity with Aradhya, i have nothing to do with that girl but she is aaba’s blood relative and thats her fault only. Aryan and Aradhya put hand in milk bowl to find ring as per game, Aryan takes off ring from Aradhya’s hand which he gifted to Aradhya earlier. He says not this family ring will reach its right person, he makes Purva wear that ring and says i made many mistakes but i will keep rectifying them from now on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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