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Krishnadasi 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purwa says don’t you think my brain is working so fast? I got Kumudni blamed for her own daughter’s murder. And we killed her and we are safe. Jayraj says yes we are so clever. David overhears everything and says oh this means they killed Aryan’s mom. Jayraj sees david and says Purwa I think he heard us talking. He runs after david but David runs. David hides, Jayraj looks for him and says where can he go? Purwa says lets look on the other side. Jayraj says david don’t tire us. we have closed all the exists. Come out that’s better for you. Jayraj finds them. David says I will tell Aryan and Aradhya everything, Jayraj says I will kill you before that. Purwa says don’t kill him we can use him. David says I won’t work for you even if you threaten to kill me.


is on his way. He is talking on call and says kaka I have gotten the papers ready. We can take aa ji home tonight. He feels like his car hit something. He stops. Aryan comes out of car and says there is nothing here.

Aradhya says to Gayu I should tell abba that you still love david. Aaba has changed. Gayu calls David and says his number is off and so is Micheal. Arahdya says we should talk to aaba before guests come. Shasvat comes and says aaba has called you all. Gayu says I don’t wanna meet anyone. Aradhya says I will talk to him dont’ worry he will do this for his grand daughter.
They come downstairs. Aaba says look Gayu whom have I chosen for you. Aradhya says I want to talk to you aaba. She says the guest, I am sorry if you feel bad but this proposal… We accept it. Gayu says what are you saying? Aradhya says come and see who the guy is. Gayu is shocked to see its david. She is so happy. Gayu says thank you aaba. Aaba says what you thought I didn’t know what you want? Are you happy now? Gayu says yes a lot.

Arayan shows papers to damini and says these are authentic papers not like the pistol you found in our house. Release aaji now. They release Kumudni. Aryan says are you okay aaji? Lets go home? She says I don’t wanna go home.

Aaba says where is sarasvati and Micheal? Gayu says I have been trying to call them. David says they have gone for some work out of city. Aaba says I wanted to hug my daughter and apologize. Forgive me Gayu and David. I could never learn your love. David, I am giving my grand daughter’s hand in yours. he holds their hands together. Aradhya says I think david wants to wait for Sarasvati and Micheal. David says no I don’t want this relation. Arahdya says but you love each other? DAvid says I dont have answers. Gayu says what have i done? He says let me go. I don’t have answers. good bye. David leaves. Everyone is startled.
Gayu says he doesn’t love me anymore. Aaba says now I know why sarsvati and micheal didn’t come. They kept their phones off. Aradhya says why? Aaba says saravati wants to seek revenge. She is still mad at me. There can’t be any other reason. I saw love in David’s eyes.

Aryan says aa ji come home please. Kumudni enters aaba’s house and says Pradhumnya Vidhata Rao come out. She says why are you staring at me? Looking at me has dazed you? You got me arrested for my daughter’s murder? Aaba is dazed. Kumudni says you thought I would stay in jail and you would sit here and enjoy. You made your daughter place that pistol in my house. Tulsi was my daughter. Aaba says I didn’t do any such thing trust me. Kumudni says don’t lie. You did this to a krishnadasi. Everything will be ruined. Now I see what Krishnadasi does, you won’t have ever imagined it in your wildest nightmares.
Kumudni puts sindur all over her forehead and says today Krishnadasi vows, I will send you to jail and ruin lives of all your family members. You will be destroyed. I curse you that.
Kumudni spills water from temple’s pot. She carries it on her shoulder. She breaks the pot. Kumudni says I have given you this curse. Now start your countdown. She leaves the house. Aryan follows her. Aradhya says Aryan stop. She runs after him. Aradhya says please listen to me Aryan. Aryan says its out of hands now nothing can stop it now. Aradhya says you are seeing whats happening with this war. We have to tell aaji that this vengeance will destroy everything. Aryan says you should have thought that when you placed the pistol in my house and talked to police. Aradhya says I didn’t put it there. I was dazed when I saw that pistol and I was scared so I called police. I made a mistake. I should have called you. There is someone who wants to destroy our families and relationship. Aryan says seeing you grosses me. I never supported aaji but I will now. Your family’s countdown has started. Aradhya says no please. He says if you wanna live with peace some days then stay away from me.

David says to Jayraj I said no for the marriage and did as you asked. Leave my brother and his wife. Purwa says relax david. We haven’t kidnapped them for this. You know about our plan now. You have to do a lot for us now. David says just show me them. Jayraj says you are such a good boy. You do whatever we ask. Nothing would happen to them if you listen to us. My sister is crazy. Purwa says go home and sleep, we will call you when you are needed. David leaves.
Purwa says life is so weird, we can get a pawn out of blue. We never even thought of it. Jayraj says God is with us.
Aryan will keep thinking Aradhya placed pistol in his house. He hates Rao family now. Next knock at his door now.

Pavitra sees Shashvat upset in his room. She massages his feet. He says what are you doing? Pavitra says what I didn’t do all these years. he says you are thinking about Aryan? She says and about Aaru too. Kumudni put sindur on her forehead what will she do with out aaru. Shashvat says she can’t destroy us no matter what. God is seeing everything. We didn’t do anything. We will ask aaru to be careful. She will be her first target.
Aradhya is in her bed and she recalls everything that happened earlier. Aradhya says what should I do? Should I go to his place?

Next morning, Pavitra sees Aaru is not in her room. She wakes Gayu up and asks where is aaru? Pavitra says I don’t know I was asleep. Pavitra says has she gone to Kumudni’s place? God take care of her.
Aradhya comes to their house and says I have to stop them and talk to them and I can only do that if I stay here.
Aradhya is cutting vegetable and says Rao I will cut you like this. She says to Aaru so you came. She says see these eyes of a kirshnadasi. you played such a bad game with me. This tilak on my head it will remind you of my vow to ruin your family. I won’t remove it. I krishnadasi kumudni curse you, you will never stay happy. In place of love you will always get hate. Your life will be ruined. Aradhya says please listen to me aaji. She says don’t call me aa ji or I will cut your tongue make pickle of it and send your family.

Precap-A woman comes in Kumudni’s house. Kumudni says what you want? She says justice. Your grandsons car hit my husband and killed my husband, your grandson is a killer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ek wakt tha jab comments 100 easily cross hoti thi but now hardly they r crossing 30 comments,the serial lost its past glory.maine kudh iss serial ko dekhna choddhi thi

  2. Rhimjhim

    i am getting confused day by day… i am going to hate this new entry… well Aaroo was as blunt during the ghat sanskar as dumb person… she cud have stop Kumudini from doing such a big task… and Aryan is different than a fallen statue… he himself does not know where his place lies…. he has time to do all other work than to just listen to Aaroo for once and to try to understand wht she is trying to tell…. if this continues then i dont think the trps (may be that it is called) will remain stable… they were 9.6 two weeks ago and now they have dropped to 8.8… plzzz Kd…plzz dont lose ur charm… u want my old Kd back at play…plzzzzz

  3. Aru

    Krishnadasi Spoiler: A New Entry To Bring Twist In Aryan & Aradhya’s Lives!
    It has to be recalled that in Colors’ show, Krishnadasi, Purva’s track had tested Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya’s (Sana Sheikh) love. Now, another new entry on the show will be seen creating trouble in Aryan and Aradhya’s lives. Previously, it was Aaba saheb who was against their love, now Kumudini (Indira Krishnan) will separate the love birds, with the help of the new entrant.
    Apparently, Diya Makhija will be entering the show. She will be seen playing the role of Shravani. According to the reports from an entertainment portal, Diya will be seen as a worried and saddened wife, as her husband would have been killed in a road accident.
    Krishnadasi Spoiler: A New Entry To Bring Twist In Aryan & Aradhya’s Lives!
    Well, who is responsible for the accident? No guesses required! It will be Aryan! Already, the child swap track has brought a lot of changes in the story. Now, this new track will bring in a major twist in the show.
    According to the latest spoiler, in the upcoming episode, Aryan will hit a person on the road, while driving. The person will die and his wife will barge into Aryan’s house for justice!
    Shravani will gain sympathy and it will be Kumudini, who will help her get justice! She will apparently try to get Shravani married to Aryan. After Purva, now Aradhya will have to fight for Aryan from Shravani!
    Well, there is a twist in this track as well, Shravani will have hidden motive of getting into the family.

  4. Hell boring episode …KD is loosing its charm day by day? aryan is dumb nd aru is helpless what is this han ….nd this new girl ufff arra will never be together i guess? nd that kumu over acting kr gayi aj?

  5. Aru


    Aradhya has come to save Aryan’s life. Aradhya and Aryan got together to save a girl from becoming a Devdaasi. Aryan is blamed to have an affair with that girl. But Aradhya knows Aryan is innocent. Aradhya sees Aryan tied and wounded, caught by the goons. Aryan gets surprised seeing Aradhya there and feels her concern. She frees Aryan. The goon pushes Aradhya. Aryan gets angry seeing that and beats the goons. Aradhya and Aryan run from there. The girl will be getting in between Aradhya and Aryan’s love story.

  6. stupppid entry and track what the hell i want ara together not kabab main haddi

  7. stupppid entry and track what the hell i want ara together not kabab main haddi i just want ara romance

  8. Finally colors tv make one hour special episode of krishnadasi…..i am super exited for the upcoming track… The kidnapping drama, aradhya saves aryan and aryan bets the goons for hurt her aru….WAITING ??

    1. Really? Are you sure??

      1. Yes 100% on 24th july

  9. This is turning soo bad day by day…..jst stop all this and show the truth…..??????????has become boring…..

  10. Actually am not feeling well.Nw adayz Kd z going through a strange path..Yesterdayz epi increase my headache..What the hell z going on…??Aarra want to togethr..Bcoz f their hate,itz so sad..Plzz change the track.

  11. Nice episode.


    kumudini rocks pvr parivar shocks..?????

  13. Hey the new entry’s name is funny…. shravani.. because aryan’s real name is shravan… haha.. they could have given some other name to that girl

  14. Wow! Kumudini’s eyes cannot get more wider. What is it with that mansion? First PVR and family were there and they were behaving like animals, torturing and trying to kill Aaru now Kumudhini and co wants to torture and kill aaru. Now David is caught in the bad guys web and in a jiffy they were able to kidnap Sara’s and Michael and he hides the truth from everybody. The police in the story only goes to arrest and release no other work for them and no body thinks about taking their help. There was a promo about Gayu drowning and Aryan and aaru getting together to save her. Let’s see if something better will come out of it.

  15. Is it true that 1 hr epi is going to air on 24 july?

  16. totally disgusting..again a jealousy track..ahh..god plz stop it..and that kumudini..I was fed up of her overacting..god knows when the truth will be out..David I think that idiot Jairaj and Purva had kept Micheal and Saras as hostage..thats y he didnt said the truth

  17. Happy birthday shravan reddy ??????….

  18. Serial is going out of track . Aryan is behaving like minus IQ .. bt loved his behavour with aru when he was unconcious..
    & now I have started to hate kumudini. Has she lost it? Plzz writers, want our sweet arra back soon, coz I’m fed up with this nonsense twists n turns.


    & Wish you best of luck for your future. ..

  19. Yeh I agree , show has lost its charm !! I wonder when will they bring back old charm. After Purva & Jairaj now Shravani!!! Seriously ?? Writers , take a break and bring new villains!!! Ohkayz now episode : Kumudini ji you are becoming horrible day by day . Aaba , you are forgiven for all your sins please keep going like new and improved Aaba. You thought good for your granddaughters, very good. Rao mansion has some problem , whoever lives there always does bad things. Kumudini ji please change….Aryan baba , your reputation is at stake!! Please open your eyes & brain for your own sake dude!! When Aru is swearing on Tulsi you should trust her low IQ. Even chudail & kamina saying that you are of no use!! Enough of this track writers. What was the need of Tulsi’s death ? Yeh Aaba is a changed man now, that is the only good thing happened post death. Ahhh I’m very much disappointed. You better end Shravani track soon. Nd send AaRa to somewhere along with family 😛 except aaji..
    One hour special episode is on 24th. But I don’t know the time!!

  20. Rhimjhim

    well i tried to make a portrait of shravan and have written in fabulous handwriting…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHRAVAN REDDY….


  22. spolier – ( sharvani will take up all the job s in the house. and talking about aradhya to aryan dont know what??) . plz bring ara together plz plz. aryan should onces try to understand aradhya

  23. happy birthday shravan reddy

  24. Sana z lukking so cute & Aaryn also..??
    A new entry..uff..?Kumudhini z over reacting now adayz lyk old prathymnna..Shit..I just hate her character for now adayz..And what happn to David..David z the only 1 now knw the truth about Idiot sibbling..If he also dead lyk tulsi..???
    Happy birthday Shravan reddy..God bless u…

  25. Happy birthday dear shravuuuuu……[email protected]@@@!!!!!!! U r d bestieeeee…….. may all ur dreams come true……

  26. Happy birthday shravan reddy luv ur acting u are really awesome u r cute and ur smile and dimples make u look even more adorable happy b’day once again

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