Krishnadasi 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Purva comes in mandap dressed as bride, Aryan is tensed. Pundit starts chanting mantras. Aryan recalls how he spent moments with Aradhya. curtain between Aryan and Purva is taken off, he smiles at Purva, Pundit says bride and groom should exchange garlands then this marriage will be completed, Purva is about to make him wear garland but Damini comes there and says stop it, this marriage cannot happen, all are shocked, aaba says what are you saying? Damini says Kumudini’s grand daughter is being raped by Aryan and i have to arrest him, Kumudini and Aradhya comes there too. Pavitra says what rubbish is this? Kumudini says she is right, stop this drama, she takes garland from Aryan and throws it away, she says stop this marriage drama, Shashwat asks Aradhya what are these people saying?

say something, Aradhya is silent, Damini says i have to arrest Aryan, aaba says this is fake complaint, this Kumudini wants to stop this marriage, Damini says girl came to police station and filed complaint herself, her condition is saying truth, Markand says you cant arrest him, Damini says you can fight case in court, she arrests Aryan and takes him from there. Pavitra asks aaba to do something, aaba asks shashwat to call biggest lawyer of Pune, Shashwat goes to call.
Kumudini fill papers in police station. Aryan is brought there, Aryan says to Aradhya that i came to talk to you, i cant do this with you, how can you put this cheap blame on me? Aradhya says tell me that you didnt destroy my life, Aryan says i said no to your marriage so i destroyed your life but not like what you are thinking, Aradhya shows him her torn clothes and says what is this? Aryan says how can you think your aaji? Aradhya says dont talk about her, you and your family just think about destroying others, i loved you so much you did this drama to please your aaba’s ego, i am ashamed of loving you, i will make sure that you get punished so that you never get to play with emotions and feelings of any girl, Aryan says you are not doing right, Aryan is taken to jail. Kumudini listens all this and thinks that my revenge’s 2nd stage is finished too.
Pavitra cries in house, Gayetri says Shashwat will free Aryan, dont worry. Banwari says to Markand that Aradhya changed colors so suddenly that nobody can believe it, Markand says she changed whole game, she stopped Aryan’s marriage, she has win over Aaba in doing drama. aaba asks Markand if Shashwat talked to lawyer? Markand says he has gone to talk to him, aaba says i will go to police station and will finish everything, deshmukh whispers that if you go there then your truth will come out that you are doing drama of heart attack. Markand gets call, he informs Aaba that Shashwat is arrested too as they have filed complaint saying that Shashwat was involved with Aryan in all this, Pavitra says i want to go to police station, aaba says go, she leaves.
Kaka asks Kumudini why did she file case against Shashwat too? Kumudini says this height of injustice, i will take revenge for my grand daughter, Kaka says how will marriage happen now? Aradhya filed case against Aryan so he will not agree to marry Aradhya now, Kumudini says marriage will happen for sure, she thinks that i want to make whole Rao family against Aradhya, i wanted to make father go against daughter, when shashwat will know that Aradhya is his daughter then i will ask him if he will consider blood relation or her upbringing.
Shashwat is put in cell with Aryan, Shashwat says Aradhya filed case against me too, Aryan says how can Aradhya? Pavitra comes there and says to Aryan that you fought for that girl and see what she is doing with our family now, aryan asks how is aaba? Pavitra says he is worried, he wanted to come here, Shashwat says dont bring him here, he will get tensed. Pavitra cries and says once this case is solved then i will not spare Aradhya, i will talk to Damini, i think she is with them, she leaves.
Pavitra asks Damini to leave Aryan and Shashwat, Damini says FIR is filed so i cant leave them, if Aradhya takes her case back then they will be freed, Pavitra says i will never beg to those devdasies, Damini says you will not get bail in rape case and lawyers will not take up this case because of their reputations, she leaves, Pavitra is tensed.

Scene 2
Tulsi says to Aradhya that i dont think Aryan can try to rape you, you should not destroy his life like this. Kumudini comes there and says you are so great my daughter, cant you see Aradhya’s condition? her clothes are torn, he broke door of her room too, Tulsi says my heart is not believing it, Kumudini says you went to talk to them, did they listen to you? you dont believe me but Kaka saw everything too, Aradhya will not take her FIR back, bearing injustice is like injustice itself, Aryan did drama of marrying Aradhya then broke her heart then he tried to play with her respect too. Door knocks, Kaka opens it to find Pavitra there. Pavitra comes inside, Kumudini says beggars have come. Pavitra asks Aradhya to take her complain against Aryan back, Kumudini says my grand daughter will not take her case back. Pavitra says to Tulsi that whatever i have done wrong with you, take revenge from me but ask your daughter to take case back, it will put him in shame for life, please do something, you know Aryan cant do this, Tulsi says i am trying to pacify Aradhya. Kumudini says Pavitra you wanted my daughter to rot in hell then where did your ego go now? Pavitra says to Aradhya that i know wrong has done to you, if Aryan has broken your heart then i am sorry from his side but you know he cant do something as cheap as this, Pavitra fold her hands and says only you can save my son, please save him, Kumudini says i feel bad for you so i can make Aradhya take her complaint back, Aradhya looks at Kumudini, Kumudini says i have one condition for that. Pavitra says i will do anything, Kumudini says i will tell it in police station, get lost from here.
Kumudini comes in police station. Aryan says i will not marry this girl(Aradhya) at any cost, Kumudini says your mother was pleading to take case back and this is only condition of Aradhya, if you want to come out jail then you have to marry Aradhya. Aradhya whispers to Kumudini what kind of condition is this? Kumudini says i know you still have soft corner for him, you take him as your husband, you want justice right? justice will be served only if he marries you. Kumudini says Aryan’s name is stuck with Aradhya, wherever she will go, his name will accompany her so he should marry her. Aryan says even if Aradhya is ready to marry me, i will never marry her, i cant be that cheap. Kumudini says then why did your mother come to plead infront of us? you will never get bail in this case, if aaba sees this drama then he will get real heart attack, Aryan shouts to control her tongue, Kumudini says we didnt want to waste time, your aayi came to us, dont know why this boy sis so stubborn, if you are gone your father or on your mother? we will not take case back, she starts leaving with Aradhya. Pavitra stops them, she says to Aryan that agree to marry her, they will not take FIR back at any cost, jsut say yes for marriage, this is only way to come out of jail. Kumudini whispers to Aradhya that if Aryan says yes for marriage then do this marriage, you will get your right and justice only by marrying him, he has already destroyed your name by combining it with your name so marry him. Pavitra asks Aryan to not think much, just say yes. Banwari says there is so much drama happening here, we should call old aaba before he dies there.
Aryan and Shashwat comes out of jail, Kumudini says my grand daughter have taken her complaint back as your aayi wanted it, Kumudini burns complaint papers and says as per promise, Aradhya have taken her complaint back, now you have to marry her here in police station only, she put handcuffs in Aradhya’s hand and Aryan’s hands. aaba comes there too, Kumudini says gadh bandhan is done, she asks Pundit to start mantras, Pavitra says to aaba that i didnt have any way to sve Aryan, he would have lived with this blame and our family’s respect would have been ruined too, we dont get justice in these type of case so i agreed to her conditions, my motherly love forced me to agree to her, aaba nods. Kumudini says to Pundit that aaba respects rituals and traditions alot so do everything as her rituals. Pundit says groom and bride will take pheras now. Aryan pulls Aradhya and starts taking pheras with her around fire, Pundit says first phera means that husband will be with wife in all conditions, Pundit ask them to repeat his words, Aryan says i will be with her, Aradhya says i will be with him in happiness and sadness, they take 2nd phera, pundit says it means that wife will respect husband’s family and vice versa, Aryan says i will respect her family, Aradhya says i promise to respect his family, they take 3rd phera, Aryan thinks that the way Aradhya have insulted my family, i will insult her everyday, Aradhya thinks that he made fun of my love, now he will plead for love, Aryan thinks that i promise to make your life hell, Aradhya thinks that you disrespected my family, your destroyed my name, you faked promise of marriage so now i will fight for my rights, i will be your wife and i will fight against you, i will fight for my rights and will never insult your family.

PRECAP- Aryan comes to house with Purva holding his hand. He says this house’s daughter in law is the one who aaba selected for me, no devdasi is daughter in law of this, Aradhya is shocked to listen this. Aryan asks Purva to kick Kalash and come in house as his bride, Aradhya looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Rufina

    OMG…Completely showed by the promo….i find it a bit interesting….KRISHNADASI is soo hot n spicy…i am a bit worried that aryan will really marry purva….hope that does not happen….

  2. Meenakshi

    blo*dy hell !! What the hell was that ? Precap. I hope Aradhya will face aryan’s hatred. I didn’t expect this much from Both Aradhya & Aryan. If anyone get any spoilers about upcoming track please share…

  3. umama alam

    Kumu is really a disgusting woman.?she steps so low?.she makes a father against his daughter not more than she wants that everyone hates Aru…?I really love Tulsi .?she’s really a pure soul.she still believes in Aryan?the jail marriage really very interesting I just ❤ it.but precap is annoying.?how can Poorva agree with Aryan 2 stay with him who is newly married?????

  4. This is not done. AaRa loved each other they can’t hate each other this much. What r the writers upto..? N how can Aryan marry Poorva now n he would be also locking Aradhya in the store room. This is seriously very bad. I can’t tolerate this. This kumudini is so so so evil. N when every thing will be fine between AaRa then this Poor a will be a villain for the love story. The writers hv twisted the story more than what was required. I’m really upset with this poorva thing ?

  5. What’s going on??full bla bla….both families are playing with aaru and aryan’s love…when it will become end??aaru and aryan even don’t know about their aaji and aaba’s trick…

  6. Cutex

    Guys in upcoming episode iy shows that aradaya will be on full of revenge mood when aryan says this house daughter in law is poorva not devdasi and then araday comes and throw the kalash Aryan stunned and to see that and promised himself that he will make the life of aradaya worst then hell….

  7. Sneha

    worst episode…..worst precap…… Crazy writers…… aryan will marry chipkali.,,.,,anything else……??????

  8. swati

    Today suddenly pavitra realized that whatever happened with Aroo was wrong
    That Banwari called Aroo girgit but actually the girgit was Pavitra
    But the precap is so sad I hope Aroo just fight for her right.

  9. Cutex

    Today episode is really very sad i can’t saw aara in hated situation my heart broke into pieces precape is sooo sad…..and i can’t watched the show in hate story of heart not seen Aara in revenge mode i hate the present trape why CV creates hate trap….

  10. Shipra

    Guys I am very sad. How can they do this with aara. If Aryan will Marry That Cobra Chipkali. Oh God Please Save my Aaradhya from that cbipkali.Oh God What will Happen if Aryan will marry that chipkali. Oh God I cant see this. Please unite Aara soon . I think Aryan is hoing to marry Poorva then her parents will come and stop marriage. I wish this will happen Or Aryan dont marry that chipkali. I want to see Aaba’s reaction when he will come to know the truth.

  11. LifNa

    aiwaa… krishnadasii rockzz…
    aara jail vivah…. itz new and very intrsting…. yaaar….

  12. Prabha

    Aryan cannot marry Purva bcoz he married Aaradhya at the police station and will not break law by marrying Purva. But he will sure use Purva to take revenge with Aaradhya.

    One other reason for this hatred to be at this level is because we expect people we love to be perfect and here the misunderstanding in this situation is so big that it will hurt more and heal slow if they know the truth

  13. Cutex

    Hy tanu i read your previous episode comment in which u thought to break from this show plz don’t do that last time u told me that to contribute in trp and watched episode rather than read episode……
    U r a most important part of krishandasi family and i commented because of you ,ruby,mrunali because i like all of u very much so i request u be in touch with comments….
    On the other side krishandasi is heart broken now a days and become very emotional but have u remember u told me that actors are working very hard…
    But if u break from serial than am also break from serial and comments also
    Friendz all of u very good but tanu rubby and mrunali are my most chating friends so that i mention their names…..

    • mrunali

      Ya cutex i do reply for u guys only
      i actually got disappointed with the latest track
      i am continuing with the show bcz i stopped watching it and reading written updates
      but i will be in touch with u all through comments
      so tanu i will b here only but not as part of this serial but as a family
      bcz i do miss u all too

  14. Cutex

    We are KD fans and not bear low trp and low comments so all of u guys keep commenting and don’t worry hate trap will end soon..

  15. Cutex

    Tanu and mrunali if both of u don’t mind than i want to be a friend of you on Facebook and whatsup may i ????????whenever read rply please…..

  16. Hannah


    So as Aryaan locked Aradhya in store room she stays there overnight, and then Aryaan goes sleep that night he doesn’t marry purva officially only what we saw on tv but they go to room and there room decorated like suagraat but he doesn’t touch purva as he still loves aradhya deep down, so he slept on sofa. He wakes up in morning like shi* and then goes downstairs to store room it’s dark cold and aradhya on floor sleeping and she fainted he rushes to take her hospital and when dr said who are u to her and he goes I’m her husband,…

    This is just a track I thought would be interesting but wouldn’t happen as hate for Aradhya has doubled for Aryaan I just really want purvis to leave as I can cope if Aryaan hates arafhya said love story will come but if he married purva too it’s causing more problems for Aara xxxxx

  17. Nimisha

    Oh dear… What a sad turn of events,

    Kumudini what are you doing to these two lovely gentle souls!

  18. noooooo year plsssss
    don’t stop watching this serial
    this is serial it is command for bad and good track.
    just wait and watch

  19. Harsha

    I thnk nw gayu also turn to -ve to tk rvng frm aru and helps aryan. whn aara realises their lv dat nagin chipkali poorva and gayu cntinue their rvng plan against aaradhya and crtes more prblms btwn aara.i thnk pavitra in upcmng days turns +ve. i hope so.

  20. Meenakshi

    Ohhh no noooo will he really marry that stupid Purva? How can he marry her ? He’s already married!! Whatever happens negative or positive I’ll nvr stop watching Krishnadasi. Hope this hatred track will end soon and somebody kick that poorva out of Aradhyan’s life

  21. Kuhu

    Yeh purva ka character bohut anoyn hai is track ko bad deker agar aara ka apna prob dhekate to jada accha hota I thnk viewrs r decreasn fr dis purva.

  22. aaru

    I heard that aryan will keep aaru in storoom and romance with poorva in their first night could he do so ..i dont think ..sht about you gyzz

  23. aaru

    New mans entry is there ..sonAl handa as antoginst ..may be he will fall in love with will so intrsting aryan will feel jelous

  24. Oli pops

    I love this soap! Right Aradhya is a wonderful and strong character. Aryan is weak – he did not love her enough to stand up to his Aba for her.
    Still he treats her with contempt. I don’t like this twist and Purva needs her own man and a life whilst she is at it. Ultimately they loved each other so much they will find a way back but I do hope Aradhya gives them all hell!

    Also read new character is coming on the show!

  25. Such a negative turn in arra love story.Why kukumu creatres such a tragedy in arra’s lives. It’s not done. I loved previous epis but I hate nowadays epis . Such a bad twist. Everything is just bcoz of that shameless purva, kumu &aba. I just hate them and want kill them.
    In a way I ‘ m happy that arra marriage took place.
    I just hope kumu & rao wil die soon.
    Hope everything will be on the track soon

  26. cutex, i never said i will not continue watching KD. i am just taking a break.. and i will contribute to trp because my dad going to watch it. he loves this type of drama and i am going to peek now and then
    cutex you asked whether this hate track in tamil series or not… well i don’t know about it…. but Sonali Jaffar is the writter of Hindi Krishnadasi episodic. … she is well known for writing love-hate stuff. she wrote similar track in Madhubala and MATSH. … please guys tweet her and request her to not to repeat same track. this show already got enough element ..this third angle jealously track was not needed. she should respect the original writer.
    …. and about spoiler … i this most of the people already saw all the segments.. lol we are getting rain of segments.. like i said i am feeling we are getting more segments than episodes.
    …. i don’t know if Aryan really married poorva or not.. its not clear yet. .. but TOI announced that a new antagonist will enter show as Raj. it will be played by actor Sonal Hande…he will play a obsessive stalker.. but he may turn positive in future.. he will be there as another Third angle in Aara life as poorva..
    …. Cutex.. my email is [email protected] .. you can search me with similar email in FB. … but i am very inactive in FB.. but u can share your no. in FB message box so that we can be in whatsapp.

    • Cutex

      Thanks tanu i will search and send u friend request and also type my name so that u know me…

    • Cutex

      Tanu have your name on fb is tanusri sarkar????? Actually i searched and send request to tanusri sarkar and also send message but am not sure its u r someone else so please tell me..

    • Cutex

      Yeah! Tanu accept kanza chugtai’s request cutex is my nick name…profile photo is a girl who wear black googels…

  27. today’s episode was very bad….but guys don’t blame kumudini…the real hell is that pradumna vidyadhar rao…..he had tried his level best and was successful in breaking arradhayan’s marriage….because of kumudini atleast our aradhyan is married…yes I agree they do not love each other…..but they hava a special place for their partners in their heart……which will be soon be seen

  28. new character entry raj
    this character is done by sonal handle who had work in balika vadhu. his character will like sharuk khan in bazigar and darr.
    he will fall in love with aradhya.
    and in last he will turn into positive.
    keep watching krishnadashi

  29. Afrin

    I’m so sad aaru why you thiniking about aaryan attempt rapped you .how can do this and you know that kumudini discusting woman so why you believe kumudini.I’m so upset my aaryan and aaru

  30. Debashis

    iss besharam Purva ki koi self respect nahi hai… itni bar apmanit hone ke baad bhi wahi pari hai…. I just miss those Aradhya and Aryan romantic nok-jhok scenes….?
    let’s see what happens next… kaas unke dil pe ek dusre keliye kuchh pyaar abhi tak bacha ho….?

  31. Santhosh

    Upcoming episode WU….

    video 6-

    WU- sana’s hairstyle is so awesome manh! aaru in red saree and gloden blouse. She is looking cute in new lookso the scene is..

    Aaru crossing aryan’s path then aryan hold his hand and says whats your problem? How dare you to say to my mom that we’ll make suhagraat? (pranati..SR on its way). Aaru says, its my haq after all we are married now. We are husband and wife now. What 1st night is said after marriage? obviously suhagraat (pree..ab toh toot jayegi yeh pakka). Aryan says you entered this home by breaking door doesnt mean that you can do anything. aaru says..toh think, the girl who can break the door can do anything, now be a good boy and come with me and lets make SR and holds his hand. Aryan shocked and says “what what what” He says good joke okay? Then aaru says.. okay i’ll call inspector damini back here.
    She is dialling to police from that angrezon ke telephone se


    WU-, aaru says what have you done aryan by taking your mom’s name? you made this case more complex. If police came to know that your family is separating both of us then the whole family will goes to jail ( i want that only ). And im sure you dont want that haina? Aryan gives angry looks. Aryan says that “dikha di na apni aukat?” { you showed that how down you are fallen today} You have same blood as in a devdasi. Aaru boldly hits back at him and says “Once you fallen down to that level and now its my turn. Lets get on the point..i cant come in you room but you can come in my room which is a very spl room , i.e. store room.” Ary becomes tensed and aaru handcuffed her and his hands and says “ho gya gathbandhan..ab rahenge hum saath hi, Mr. and Mrs Aryan viyatar Rao”. Aryan tried to open it and says aaaru to open it. Aaru teases him saying that what you want? should i call inspector damini? Then she says soch u want your whole family to go in jail? Come with me now (she ordered him ).

    Shrana iv- reporter says finally aaru started to revolt back. Shravu says iss 2 foot ki dinasaur ko meine sarr par chada liya hai aur ab yeh dinasaur ho gyi hai mujhe khaa jayegi sana laughs( they are looking so cutee)

    same scene as above and then..
    Aryan says just open this. aaru gives warning smilingly do u want your family to be inside? No na, then lets go with me to store room. And takes him and aryan shouting where is the key?

    ans of Colors TV serial “Krishnadasi” will soon have to gear up for a new entry who would bring new twists in the love story of Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aaradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh).
    Actor Sonal Handa, who is better known as Saurabh Kabra in Balika Vadhu’, will repeat his mean act in the TV show Krishnadasi’.
    Sonal will play Raj, the parallel lead, who will eventually turn positive. His character will be similar to Shah Rukh Khan’s in Baazigar’ and Darr’.
    Krishnadasi is fiction television series which is a remake of the Tamil serial as Krishnadasi’.
    he show is a love story caught in the backdrop of hatred and conflict due to Aradhya’s lineage of a Devdasi family.
    Currently in the show, it is seen that Aryan and Aradhya’s who were very much in love with each other will marry each other in jail. Aryan had given into emotional pressure from his grandfather Pradhyuman and broke his marriage with Aradhya. Aradhya being wrongly influenced by her grandmother Kumudini gets Aryn jailed for molestation charges and forces Aryan to marry her.
    Now after their marriage, Aryan and Aradhya would share love-hate relationship due to the misunderstandings created by their families!
    It will now be interesting to see what twists would Raj bring in Aryan and Aradhya’s love story!

  32. Meenakshi

    That’s a great news! New entry. It is much needed at this time. Writers please don’t make us to hate Aryan. Guys , thank you for the spoilers
    Long live KD 😛 haha

  33. Reva

    Hypothetically speaking if aaradhya believes that aaryan s*xually assaulted her why did she agree to marry such a bastard and how can purva agree to live with a guy aldready in love. I mean lust isn’t going to live forever.
    Is the soap SHAKTI going to replace krishnadasi

  34. Alyaa

    The episode was really awesome as AaRa got married? but also sad as now AaRa hate each other due a big misunderstanding created by Kumudini??But also because of Kumudini AaRa got married?Kumudini had to do all this because of Aaba Saheb(Heart attack acting)and AaRa marriage was broken because of him??

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