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Krishnadasi 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan comes to Gayetri, he says you remember this Rakhi? it reminds me that i have to protect you, i know aaba has forced you for this marriage, you bear alot of pain but i wont let this happen now, i will protect you, Gayetri says i am happy that after father, atleast there is someone who cares about me, who can fight for me infront of aaba, whatever happened was in different situation, you forget it, i am happy with Aaba’s decision, Aryan says you dont have to stressed or pressurized by Aaba, you dont have to do all this, Gayetri says no truth is that if aaba had made me marry someone rich and dominant person like him then i would have become doll in cage, i wouldnt go for studies but Deviash is nice person, i would live my life according to my conditions, its my luck to get marry

to simple man like him, i know after marriage, whatever i will do, Deviash will be with me, he wont stop me from studying further, i have faith, Aryan asks her to swear on him that she is saying truth, Gayetri says i swear on you and you know i cant lie a swear on your name, i never told my heart thing to anyone but i am telling you, Shashwat listens all this and smiles, Aryan asks Gayetri if she is saying truth? she says yes, Aryan says if you are happy then i am happy too, Gayetri ties Rakhi on his hand, shashwat leaves, Aryan thinks that Gayetri maybe happy with this relation but whatever happened and who is behind it, i will find that out, someone called you at that place and i will find out who is that person.
Aradhya comes in her room, she sees wound on her foot and recalls how Aryan being tied wiped her wound, how he took care of her, she smiles and laughs, Tulsi comes there and asks what happened to her? why she is laughing alone? Aradhya says i was coughing, Tulsi asks if she has flu? Aradhya says no dont worry, Tulsi goes to bring Kadha, Aradhya says why i am smiling thinking about Aryan? i lied to Tulsi too like i am hiding something, what am i hiding? she smiles and wears earrings, she puts lipstick on and smiles and recalls how Aryan was close to her give her mouth to mouth breathing, she gets confused and says dont smile thinking about that incident, he was trying to save my life, he was running away but he cameback to save me, i should not smile thinking about it, fitoor song plays in background, Aradhya smiles again and says why i am thinking about that arrogant Aryan? actually he is not that arrogant, he thought that i have cancer and changed his attitude completely, why cant be things normal between us, everything is weird between us, he must be worried rightnow.
Aryan comes in his room and says Kumudini must behind all this, he calls Raghu and asks him to find out who called Gayetri to godown, he says make sure you find out soon, he ends call and says why things are not normal in my life? He starts unpacking his stuff and finds Aradhya’s stole in his bag and recalls how he mistakenly put it in his bag, he recalls their moments, how he hugged her, Aryan says because of Kumudini my sister got insulted and i am thinking about her grand daughter, this animosity will never, like grand mother like grand daughter, he throws away her stole.
Aradhya thinks that Aryan might get angry at her again, she says what Kumudini did was wrong, what if Aryan starts hating me again? no, this way misunderstandings will increase only and Gayetri, she must be miffed with me and Kumudini, should i call Gayetri? or should i message her? but aaba must have taken her phone in this situation, what should i do? Kumudini didnt do right, she says i should talk to Aryan, i can call him, he will understand my point, i was with him when this happened, dont know he will understand or not, he should understand me, i am his friend now, she texts Aryan “how are you, can we meet?”, she says i hope Aryan replies me else i will die of guilt.
Pavitra says to Gayetri that Aryan told me that you are happy with this marriage, what if you had said no for this marriage? Aryan and aaba would have fight, Shashwat comes and says i dont care about fight, he says to Gayetri that what you want will happen, Gayetri says i am fine and happy with his Aaba’s decision, i am saying this from heart, i just want to ask one thing, Shashwat says i can give life for you, what you want? Gayetri makes Shashwat hold Pavitra’s hand and says i want this space and coldness between you two to die, she makes them hold hands and says atleast give me this as my marriage gift, please, Shashwat looks at her emotionally, Gayetri says i wanna tell you both that i am happy with this relation, i am happy that i am marrying Deviash, Shashwat hugs her and smiles.

Scene 2
Kumudini comes to David and sees him checking some new clothes, she says you are preparing alot for marrying Aaba’s grand daughter or you are happy with something else? David says why are you taunting me? Kumudini says it feels like you have forgotten your mission, are you happy with all this? David says i remember everything but i have to pretend too, nobody should know that this is not marriage but a trap, Kumudini says but you have no relatives, who will come in your marriage? we will come and dance, David says what will i say that Devdasies are my relatives? Kumudini holds his collar and says not Devdasi but Krishnadasi, dont forget that i am doing all this for my self respect, when you people call me devdasi then it erupts volcano in me, David says i am sorry, i didnt mean that, i just wanna say that aaba hates you and if you come as my relative then our game can be finished, Kumudini says i know what i have to do, i will surely come in Aaba’s grand daughter marriage and will dance too, David laughs.
Pavitra comes to Aryan’s room, he asks if she has some work? she says cant i come without any work? Pavitra finds girl’s stole(Aradhya’s) in his room, she asks whose it is? Aryan says why are you smirking? Pavitra says you are hiding it from me? i know its of girl but whose? Aryan says i went with friends, it was Varun and Shivani’s marriage, a problem happened and a friend came with Shivani, it must be hers, it mistakenly came in my bag, Pavitra says this mistake should happen daily but why it was in garbage bag? did you fight with her again? Aryan asks who? Pavitra says your friend, Aryan says she is not my friend, she is Shivani’s friend, i will return stole to her, Pavitra says Shashwat told me that Varun and Shivani left for Pune so her friend must have gone too, you will go there to return it? Aryan says i will courier it, she says tell her that i have given love to her, she thinks that he doesnt know that i know everything, she leaves, Aryan says Pavitra is taking different meaning of all this, Aryan gets Raghu’s call, Raghu says i couldnt find any clue till now about message but i feel its Kumudini’s work as she went there first and created issue there, Aryan cuts call and sees Aradhya’s message “can we meet”, he says dont know what Aradhya wants, her aaji is putting fire everywhere and she is asking me to meet.
Aradhya says Aryan please reply me, she waits for his message, she says he hasnt answered me, is he angry with me again? but i am worrying so much? but whatever happened to her sister was because of my aaji, we became normal after much time and aaji did this, should i call him? she sees Aryan coming to her house, she says he has come to answer my message, she gets happy and runs to open door.
Door knocks, Aradhya runs to open it, she opens door and smiles at him but he ignores her and comes to Kumudini,, Kumudini says you have come at aarti time, she asks him to take parsad? she asks if he has come to burn the house? Aryan says dont have this sugary talks with me, Kumudini says son i just asked what are you doing here? Aryan says dont call me son, Kumudini says okay i will call Aryan Vidydhar rao why you are here? Aryan says i wanna know truth, what was the need to disrespect my sister infront of all? how did you know that she was in godown? Aradhya thinks.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. no precap?? What??

    1. Would someone tell me wat song it is that is often played while aaryan araadhya romance? Raara raara song. Pls tell whch movie i want that song.

      1. Deepshi…this song is ye fitoor…from film fitoor

  2. Why….? No recap

  3. I luv u aradhya

    1. u know guys whats precap????

    2. my fav drama serial

  4. love this show..has action, romance, revenge keeps you on your toes,, enjoy watching.

  5. Someone please tell me wat song that is played while aryan nd aradhya’s romance.. Not a full song but two words like taara raara raa raa..

    1. Fitoor song i guess

      1. Thanx vaish.. But i dint mean ths song.. Im asking for the tone tht was played while aaryan sent the flying candle aftr coming to krishnavathi.

    2. it is one of the bgm of krishnadasi

    3. that taara raara raa raa bgm is not from any movie
      it is created for this show by the krishnadasi show’s music director

  6. hey deepshi, the song is ‘ye fitoor mera’ of movie. ‘fitoor’..

    1. she is asking about the taara raa raa bgm i think

      1. Thank u heer. U r ryt. Am asking abt the bgm.. Is it available in net to download.? I really love that one yaar.

    2. Thanx poorni. I was asking abt the bgm.

      1. i think it is not available in net

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