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Krishnadasi 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aaba asks Tulsi whom she wants to lure today? whose money she wants now? Tulsi cries, Markand says she is cheap and can go anywhere for greed, Shashwat says enough, if she is cheap then that doesnt mean we should become cheap too, he says to Tulsi that if you so little respect then go from here, dont try to ripple the storm of history again, go from here, Tulsi leaves. Nakku says to Pavitra that i dont understand if he made her runaway or saved her.
David tells doctor that Sarasvati has cancer, she is on last stage. Kumudini asks till when? he says from one year, Kumudini asks then why did you allow her to go there? David says she went to meet some Aryan, Kumudini says he is her nephew but that aaba didnt allow her to meet her, he threw her out of house, she was dying but i saved

her, Aaba is so cruel, David gets angry and says Aaba didnt do good, i will never forget it, Kumudini says dont forget it, he has destroyed lives of many people, mine too, he will never stay happy.
Kaka brings Aradhya home, he says nothing happened to Kumudini, i lied to you, Aradhya says why? Tulsi comes there, she is in tears, she goes in her room and locks it, Kaka says she must have been insulted, Aradhya says what are you saying? she asks what are you hiding? she asks Kaka to speak up, Kaka says ask your mother, she has to answer you today.
Tulsi pours water on herself, she cries and says i am bad, she recalls how men were misbehaving with her in party, she wipes herself with water, she recalls Aryan’s words about her, how Aaba insulted her. Aradhya comes there and asks what she is doing? Tulsi says dont touch me, i am filthy, Aradhya asks what happened to her? Tulsi cries and hugs her, she says everyone saw me with evil eye in that Haveli, i danced there without shame infront of all, i wasnt Krishnadasi but a dancer devdasi today, Aradhya hugs her and says not to cry.
Shashwat comes to Aryan and says you have no right to talk to elders like this, how dare you insult Tulsi, she is like your mother, Aryan says you remember that i have mother? Shashwat says dont forget you are talking to me, dont follow elders if they are doing wrong, Aryan says why are you feeling bad for her? its like you are hurt fro that Devdasi, you have soft corner for her, Shashwat is about to slap him but Pavitra comes there and says what are you doing? you will slap your son for that dancer? what happened to you? only this was remaining to see, i dont know what more i will have to bear because of that women, she leaves, Aryan looks at Shashwat, Shashwat says one day you will know answer of all your questions, Aryan says it will be late till then, i wont be needing any answer by then, wont be waiting even, he leaves.
Aradhya wipes Tulsi and says i know you have many secrets and have hidden it from me and i understand why but there is no use of hiding, if a daughter see her mother washing herself and calling herself filthy then many questions will rise in her heart, i have strength to bear everything, tell me everything, Tulsi says you went to Haveli that place is hell, it is Aaba Sahib Vidyadhar Rao’s house, he is same person who sent you to jail as you went against customs, Aradhya recalls his encounter with him, she says aaba sahib? Tulsi says Gayetri is his grand daughter, i dont know what Lord wants, you made one friend and too from that Haveli, why history is repeating itself, Aradhya says what history? Tulsi says my best friend was also aaba’s daughter, dont know what game fate is playing, i promised to be away from them but we are standing infront of them, Kumudini is right, there is no use in closing eyes, truth has to come out someday and today is that day, today is the when i should answer your question and every question has one answer that is Aaba sahib, he made our lives hell, he threw us from our village, its old animosity, its way before your or my birth.
Pavitra made darkness in room, Aryan comes there, he switches on light, Pavitra says close it, i have only darkness in life, Aryan says i never asked you anything but now i want to know whole truth, Pavitra says you wont be able to bear it, Aryan says i wanna know why you are so sad, Pavitra says me and Aaba have seen all this alot, this all started by Kumudini. Flashback shows young Kumudini dancing in some king’s palace, king likes her, Aaba was in musician’s team, he angrily looks at king, fb ends, Pavitra says she was dancer, she was beautiful and was greedy, many rich man wanted her, she knew she can lure any man and she eyes your Aaba’s brother in law who was king Keshav who was husband of Aaba’s sister. flashback shows, king coming to Kumudini and gifting her heavy necklace of gold, Aaba gets angry, king says this is not enough, i wish to give you whole wealth of mine, fb ends.
Tulsi tells Aradhya that Keshav was husband of sumitra who was sister of Aaba but king liked Kumudini who was Krishnadasi, it was her work to dance in parties, it was tradition at that time, flashback shows Keshav telling Kumudini that i wish i could make you my wife, Kumudini says i am only Krishan’s wife, he says but as per ritual i can take care of you, i will fulfill every duty of yours, Kumudini says as you say so and we cant say no to any human, she hugs Keshav, Sumitra sees all this, fb ends. Tulsi says when Krishnadasi gets married, a promise is taken from her that she can never become wife of anyone and if anyone wants some peace from her then she can deny it, Kumudini accept Keshav, they loved each other, Kumudini started liking him too and she gave birth to me. Flashback shows Keshav telling Kumudini that i couldnt get a child but you gave me this happiness. Sumitra comes there, Kumudini says i know my daughter cant be part of this family but she is husband’s daughter too, give her blessing, Sumitra leaves without blessing her, Keshav gets angry, Kumudini says dont fight for me, i am just a dasi, you should not destroy your family cause of me, you should leave, Keshav leaves, fb ends. Tulsi says Kumudini didnt have any greed, she never wanted to become queen, she just was following rituals, she never wanted to break their house.
Pavitra tells Aryan that devdasies just break houses, dont know what magic she did on Keshav, he used to avoid Sumitra, he was always with Kumudini, Sumitra became lonely, she left desire of living, she was queen but she had nothing, king has Kumudini with him, sumitra was so sad that she left the world and this all happened because of that Kumudini.
Tulsi tells aradhya that Keshav’s wife died and that was start of animosity between Aaba and Kumudini. Flashback shows Sumitra’s funeral, he says to Kumudini that i will not spare you, this animosity will run for coming generations, fb ends. Tulsi says Aaba started hating Kumudini, people used to taunt Kumudini that she destroyed king’s life, she was not able to bear it so she decided to leave palace and come here in Krishnavati, Keshav didnt stop her as he wanted her to be happy. We came to Krishnavati where we had to face aaba daily. Flashback shows Aaba meeting another king, king praises him for his music skills. Aaba is about to start playing instrument but Kumudini comes there wearing ghungroos, fb ends.
Pavitra says Kumudini took Aaba’s sister’s life and if that was not enough, she came here in Krishnavati, she used to lure beautiful and rich people, people used to respect them as per custom, Kumudini took advantage of that and went to King’s place here and to insult aaba, your aaba was respected person, he used to play instrument but that Devdasi denied to dance on his music.
Tulsi tells Aradhya that Aaba’s hatred became so much that he denied to play music for our dance, king wanted to see dance so Aaba left from there, that was new level of hatred.
Pavitra tells Aryan that king respect devdasi as she used to give him peace, Aaba was insulted there and left from there, from that time Aaba never touched instrument. Aryan says then why shashwat have soft corner for them? Pavitra says a women can lure any man and if women is beautiful and have have greed then she can do anything, now it was time for your father, that Tulsi started to lure your father, she was pregnant, dont know whose child it was but she used to keep roaming around your father. Flashback shows Tulsi pregnant and feeling dizzy, she is about to fall but Shashwat holds her in time, Pavitra sees this, fb ends. Pavitra says they started to target us, before flirting with your father, she lured your aunt sarasvati. Flashback shows Tulsi teaching dance to Sarasvati, fb ends. Pavitra says saras(Sarasvati) was trapped by Tulsi and she married person from different religion, his name was Micheal, Aaba had set her marriage with prestigious family, mandap was set for her marriage but your Bua Saras ranaway from mandap and she was provoked by Tulsi, just think how much insult Aaba had to bear.
Tulsi shows her picture with Saras to Aradhya, she says i told saras to not runaway from house, this is not right to do marriage but she used to love Micheal, he said that he will kill himself if she doesnt come with him so Saras couldnt stop herself and ranaway from here so blamed me for all this, dont know how she must be, my Saras.
David says to Kumudini that i have seen Saras crying for ages, we never celebrated any festival, i never saw her happy and only Aaba’s ego is reason behind it, its time to teach lesson to him, Kumudini says just calm down, you have volcano inside you but it can burn you down, keep it with you, it will help you later, if you want revenge then attack Aaba but not like this, you have to play it like chess, just play wisely, dont do everything in one go, let enemy’s house burn and he should not know it, David says what you mean? Kumudini says aaba destroyed my life too, i want revenge for every insult, to destroy his ego, i will help you, will you help me? she extends her hand, David looks at Saras in hospital, he puts hand on her hand, Kumudini is happy, David says i am with you, now our aim is same, Kumudini blesses him and says he wont allow you to come in his house if you tell him that you are David so from now on your name is Devaish, enter his life and start controlling his family, we have to win this chess game, dont worry, leave, David leaves, Kumudini says Krishan gave me one more pawn.
Aryan looks at Saras’s picture, Pavitra says your grand mother couldnt bear the fact that Saras ranway from house so she did suicide. Flashback shows aaba’s wife doing suicide by hanging herself, Shashwat cries and says nothing can happen to her, fb ends. Pavitra says that day Shashwat opened his eyes for first time, he taught lesson to Tulsi that day, he threw her out of village that day.
Tulsi says to Aradhya that we were blamed for everything, Aaba called Panchayat and they ordered us to leave village, we were dragged out of village, what was our mistake? we used to serve in mandir, we used to teach lesson to kids but that Aaba blamed us for killing his wife, when you were born, we were given punishment that we cant enter Krishnavati for 21years, Aaba’s son grabbed my hair and threw me out of this same house, Aradhya hugs her and cries. Rulsi says you were newly born, we ranaway from here.

PRECAP- Aryan says to Pavitra that these devdasies are fighting with us since two generations. Aradhya says our two generations had to bear injustice. Aryan says now this third generation will fight this war, till i am here, nobody can take your place. Aradhya says to Tulsi that Aaba and his family have to pay for all the tears you shed. Aryan says devdasies family will have to pay for our tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I love this serial…a truly different concept…

  2. but what relation actually did tulsi had with shashwat???

  3. It’s becoming more interesting. …
    With new twist and turns….
    now I think this story in different ways.

    aradhya will be tulsi’s daughter and aryan will be shashwat son. .

    aradhya will be sarasvati’s daughter
    and aryan will be tulsi’s son…

    aradhya will be sarasvati’s daughter
    and aryan will be tulsi’s and shashwat

    aryan will be sarasvati’s son and aradhya will be tulsi’s and shashwat

    and I also think that Parvati is behind every thing. .because may be she love shashwat. she create all misunderstanding. .that’s why now she is very much fear

    Which case do you guys think correct. .

    1. anu… aradhya or aryan cannot be saraswatis daughter or son coz its shown that saras ran away on the day of her wedding and same day her mother did suicide and same day aradhya was born and tulsi and kumu had to run away with aradhya…

  4. Very interesting today. Does anyone know the tamil version of this and the name of the serial in tamil.

  5. It’s getting more interesting…

  6. What didnt King Keshev do anything?? he was still alive when his wife died right??

  7. Hello girls
    I m here to clear ur confusion….
    In tamil aryan belons to Saraswati and micheal, pavitras child died after birth. So sashwant changed the babies with Sarasvatis approval. Sashwant likes tulsi, because she s innocent and his sisters friend too. He knows that she didn’t do any mistakes, but still some mysteries are there about aradhya…. I can’t remember as i forgot sorry….

    But this serial s very nice one….. Finally aaradhya and aryan get married so no worries…. They found out every single mystory abt their life…. But meanwhile they have face struggles of their hearts abt each other and others too…


      thanks dear for clearing the confusion…….

    2. Thanks. Now it makes sense a bit why Sara wanted to see Aryan one last time as she is suffering from the end stage cancer

    3. Snikdha Sheikh

      thanks 4 clearing our confusion! super excited to watch upcoming epis! very intense & interesting story line! I hope CVs don’t ruin it!


        ya pls dont bring any sasu bahu drama alone pppppppppllllllllllssssssss……. then i will stop watching KD………

    4. Please tell me if aradhya also became krishnadasi or not.
      Because as shown till now it indicate the same.

  8. In tamil too this serial was called Krishnadasi. It was aired in some 2000 or so..Indeed it is an awesoe concept.. Increasing suspense day by day!!!

  9. thanks for your comment 🙂

  10. Sooooperb…. Vry intrstng….

  11. @ Anu- 4th one is the correct as per my idea

  12. wow …what a story ..mudt say its awesome …
    so Aryan isn’t sashwats son…Dats cool..

  13. Some good story better than saatiya

  14. Nice serial

  15. why no advertisement during the telecast of this serial????????

  16. Abi I think that aradhya is pavitra’s daughter. ..may be the child which die is tulsi’s. ..kumudini may be exchange child for revenge….
    then gayatri and aaradhya will be sisters …

    getting very excited…nd waiting for aaradhyan’s mohabbat aur nafrat ki kahani….

  17. Oh..!! great serial..! hope the serial continues like this..! interesting 🙂

  18. superb serial…wow what a story. I think Aaradhya is Shashwat’s daughter,many twits coming up but definitely she is Aaba’s grand daughter for sure. Other wise Kumudini will not be so confident and she wanted Aaradhya back in Krishnavati. I think Aaba will break realizing that Aryan is not his heir but his sisters son technically. And Aaradhya is actually his. Interesting!! yes even I think that Pavitra played dirty tricks here to get Shashwat

  19. really nice with different plot and not the routine main leads hating each other.sravan that u take up different role from ur past shows.nee acting chala baguntundhi and nee navu kuda.

  20. really nice with different plot and not the routine main leads hating each other.sravan that u take up different role from ur past shows.

  21. Superb story….i like Aryan..Tulasi…Gayetri…Aaradhaya….

  22. Lovely concept… New story. different from the usual serials

  23. Its a famous old Tamil serial krishnadasi dupped

  24. Snikdha Sheikh

    where is today’s written update??

  25. How come when I search the tamil version it doesn’t come up

  26. Aradhya is pavis daughtr n aryan is tulsi son as per tamil version

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