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Krishnadasi 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Purva says to Aryan that you have only that much property? my Dad has much more than that, Aryan says you are not changed at all, you used to wear branded things in childhood too, i think we should go back, i have many rich friends, i can make you meet them too, Purva says i dont want man who just make money, its good to know that your family owns almost whole Krishnawati but you didnt brag about it, you have simple thoughts, what kind of girl you like? like some boys want simple girl, some want modern, Aryan says you are saying like i had dozen girlfriends, Purva says but you must have imagined or liked a girl, Aryan imagines Aradhya in car and says i want girl who fights with all odds, who answers you back, whom you can talk whole day, aradhya says i am like this, i fight and keep talking,

aryan says i want girl who doesnt wait for any prince to save her from problem, Aradhya says i fight for myself, i am like that, Aryan says i like girl who just throw water after opening door without seeing person, who doesnt think about anything, Aradhya says you got miffed when i threw water on you, Aryan says i want girl who is independent and can take her decisions, Aradhya says you like so much about me so you must like me too, Aryan says dont even think that i like you.. this all turns out to be Aryan’s imagination.
Tulsi comes in Mandir and searches for Chimaji, she says to Krishan that that fake pious man is torturing Aradhya and you are silently seeing it, she goes to search him.
Purva says i like the fact that you are honest and didnt say that you like me, i am of different type but you can give me discount, aryan thinks that Aradhya is not here but still i keep thinking about her, he drives car fast, Purva holds his hand and asks him to drive safely, he jerks his hand away, Purva says you are acting like no girl held your hand, Aryan says girl did, i mean.. Purva says i am sure Aradhya must have held your hand, Aryan recalls how he held her hand near lake, he says from where did Aradhya come? Purva says i am just joking.
Tulsi comes to chimaji’s den, she asks his servant where is Chimaji? he says take his name with respect, Tulsi says dont teach me anything, he is so cheap that he kidnapped a young girl, servant says he is inside and meet him with respect, Tulsi says i will free my daughter even if she is in ruins, she goes in, Banwari sees her going and says what i am seeing? she is so furious.
Aradhya is in cave, its all smoke due to fire had lit, she coughs and says i am hungry too, Lord please show me someway, she says can someone listen my voice from this cave? She sees a small hole and says if i make this hole bigger than i can go out from here, she strikes hole with stone to break wall more.
Aaba says to Deshmukh that in childhood, Aryan used to play with my mustache, i thought he didnt like my mustache so i shaved them, Deshmukh says i have sacrificed alot for my daughter too, Aaba jokes that you wouldnt have shaved your mustache, i am sure, they laugh. Kumudini comes there, aaba says how dare you come in my house? Kumudini says no one can stop me, what you thought that you will kidnap my daughter and will fix your grand son’s marriage? i can break this marriage rightnow, she says to Deshmkukh that you didnt search about this man Aaba? i know everything about him, if i tell truth then you will be thankful to me that i saved your daughter’s life, Aaba asks her to leave, Kumudini says no one can touch me else i will make issue, where is my grand daughter? aaba says go and ask Chimaji, she insulted him. Deshmukh says now i understood that she Devdasi Kumudini, Kumudini says even he knows me, Deshmukh says i remember because of her Aaba’s sister killed herself and now she has come to tell me that aaba is not right person, she has come here to tell me that Aryan have affair with her grand daughter, i know this is all your tricks and plans to trap man of rich families, i wont come in your trap Kumudini, get lost from here, Aaba laughs and says you are insulted enough, you want to get insulted more? go and ask Chimaji, Kumudini says to Deshmukh that you didnt do right by insulting me, if anything happens to Aradhya then remember you have daughter too, i am praying that you will pay for your words Deshmukh, she says to aaba that you will rub your nose infront of me, Aaba laughs and says we will see that, Kumudini leaves.
Aradhya is trying to break wall, her hands get injured, she recalls how needle pricked Aryan but he thought it pricked Aradhya’s hand and got worried for her, she says if Aryan was here then he would have taken care of me so much, needle pricked him but he thought i got hurt.

Scene 2
Aryan and Purva comes to tea stall, Purva likes tea, Aryan says drink calmly else your mouth will be burnt, Purva says i like this tea alot, she says you studied in top University then why did you come here back? are you on long vacations? Aryan says i didnt come here back to return from here, Purva says i have seen people going abroad but nobody comes back to village, Aryan says this is my truth, i will stay here, why should i leave from here? are you fed up inj such less time? Purva says truth is that its good to stay here for somedays but Mumbai have so much facilities which we cant get here so its difficult to live here for life, Aryan recalls how Aradhya said that she has comeback in village and will stay here, she will teach students and that will give her return of her studies, she said that we watch movies in which hero returns to village and bring electricity there, we clap for them so why cant we bring change in our village? Purva asks what happened? Aryan says i was just lost.
Aradhya says if Aryan was here, he would have said that i am dinosaur and i found this place to stay here, he would have said that i have killed innocent rats too, she says its weird that i am getting energy by recalling time spent with Aryan, those bitter sweet memories are making me happy even here, its strange that i am missing Aryan every minute, i cant lose hope, i have to fight. She breaks wall and creates hole in it, she sees a cow outside cave, she says who brought here in jungle? she says Gau mata please help me, come in any form but help me, cow leaves, Aradhya gets sad.
Tulsi is searching jungle. Tulsi comes to chimaji, he is praying while his eyes are closed, she shouts Yashwant.. she says you punished my innocent daughter and now praying to lord? you wont even get place in hell, stop this fake drama of praying and open your eyes, you wont get spared from me, tell me where is Aradhya, where is my daughter? tell me else God will punish you, open your eyes and answer me Yashwant Chimaji, he doesnt listen to her, Tulsi says i know how to distract you, i am not seeing your act for first time, earlier too you faked your pious personality and destroyed my life. Aradhya thinks that i am mad, how will an animal help me? Krishan ji please save me. Tulsi says to Chimaji that today a mother will distract fake person like you for her daughter. she starts dancing infront of him, his eyes are closed.
Cow comes in market, Aryan sees her, he says she seems like hungry, Purva says you are talking to a cow? are you mad. Cow starts walking away, Aryan goes behind her, Purva says where are you going? he says dont worry, Aryan and Purva follows cow.
Aradhya says i cant lose hope, i have to do something, She sees cow coming back outside cave with Aryan, she shouts from hole that Aryan i am here inside cave, he waves to him, he sees her stuck inside cave, he says what are you doing inside? dont panic, i will bring you out.
Tulsi is dancing infront of Chimaji. Aryan tries to open save but cant more stones from door, he forces alot and moves stones, he brings Aradhya out of cave, he says to Aradhya what happened? Aradhya breakdowns in tears and hugs Aryan tightly, he gets worried for her and hugs her back, Purva comes there and sees this, she is stunned.

PRECAP- Purva says to Aryan that she is same girl who irritates you in your dreams? what you said about her and what i am seeing is entirely different, Aryan doesnt listen to her, he lifts Aradhya in arms as she is fainting and leaves in jeep with Aradhya leaving Purva in jungle only. Purva comes to Haveli and says to her mother that i dont know why are staying here when Aryan cares about that girl(Aradhya) more than me. Pavitra listens this, Nakku says to Pavitra that i told you that girl will destroy Aryan’s life. Kaka comes to Kumudini and says come fast, Tulsi is taken to Panchayat, they are saying that she will be punished.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. Aradhya is Shashwat and Pavitra’s daughter

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