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Krishnadasi 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shashwat thanks Aradhya, he says because of you atleast one misunderstanding between me and son is removed because of you, our families have so much hatred but you did everything to save Aryan, God has given you good heart, God bless you, thank you, Aradhya says i want to end animosity between our families, maybe this new generation will start this, shashwat asks her to go and sit in car, Aradhya goes, Markand calls Shashwat and asks him to come home fast, Sashwat listens Pavitra beating Gayetri and telling her why she did it? Shivangi says i never tried to cross my line, you have destroyed our respect, Shashwat asks what is happening? Markand says Panchayat is being called, its about Gayetri, Shashwat says i am coming, he says to Aryan and Aradhya that we have to reach village fast, Aryan

asks what happened? shashwat doesnt answer and starts driving.
Pnachayat starts, Aaba says it is called for Davaish(David) and Gayetri, i want to tell everyone that all are equal in my eyes when it comes to justice, i know some people take advantage of situations, they start flying but they fall down soon on ground, everything happened infront of everyone and seeing all this, i announce Davaish and Gayetri’s marriage, Gayetri sadly looks at Pavitra. Kumudini says what a decision, Gayetri seems happy about it, you are lucky to marry guy of your choice otherwise if a girl chooses her life partner then she is thrown out of house, not given share in property and all, this happens in this village right Aaba? Aaba says you shut your mouth, i know you are behind all this, your mind keep working to hurt me and my family, this chess game has gone so ahead that you are attacking my house kids too, dont you have guts to fight with me from front? Kumudini says your kids do acts and you blame Krishnadasies for everything, she says stand infront of mirror sometimes, you will know reality, Aaba says you cant fool with all these talks, i know your reality, i can read your face and know what you have done. Aradhya, Aryan and Shashwat comes there, Aaba says to Kumudini that i know you have trapped Deviash and Gayetri and made issue of it, Kumudini says this is not your fault, you mentality is wrong, you will think cheap of others only, Aaba says listen your inner voice, you will know black and white, you have maligned my grand daughter’s respect but remember you have grand daughter of same age, the day her respect will be maligned then you will remember what you said today here.
In haveli, Banwari says to aaba that we milked snake(David) all this while, Shashwat and Aryan comes there and asks everyone to leave, i want to talk to Aaba alone, all leave, Shashwat say Aaba.. Aryan comes forward and says aaba whatever you have done till now with Gayetri, i never said anything about it, i would pacify myself that its generation gap, thinking is different but the decision you have taken today is like Gayetri is an animal and you gave her to any butcher, how can you do this? whenever you said negative things to Gayetri, i used ot pacify her that aaba is good from heart but his thinking is old but what if Gayetri aske me today about your decision then what would i answer her? she wants to study further, she is competent, its not her fault, even you know that she is bring trapped in all this then how can you do this with her? Aaba says she is not your sister only, she is my grand daughter, she has maligned our respect, Aryan says for your respect you will destroy someone’s life? who is this Devaish? whats his standard? how can you give Gayetri’s hand to him? did anyone ask Gayetri if she likes him or not? Aaba asks Aryan to calm down and understand matter, she have blackened our face, Aryan says you dont understand that Gayetri cant do this, i trust her, she is being trapped, Shashwat says Aryan is right, she is bring trapped, i never said a word to you, whenever you insulted my daughter, i kept silent but not now, this is enough, i wont let you destroy my daughter’s life at any cost, Aryan says i could have stood against you in Panchayat but i cant insult you infront of anyone, this is house’s matter and should be solved here only, you know world has gone ahead of all this, you know i was stuck in similar situation with a girl and shashwat saved me but he didnt blame me or that girl either, i am fine here but Gayetri is being punished for same mistake, why this difference? if you are going to punish her then punish me too, Aaba says you are my life, you are really important to me but you cant give orders to me, Aryan says yes but understand one thing if your decision is going to destroy my sister’s life then i wont sit quiet, Devaish works for us, how can we marry Gayetri to him? Aaba says i also thought to make Gayetri marry in good family but Gayetri destroyed our respect, Aryan says she didnt do any mistake, Aaba says i am father of a daughter, you will tell me what respect means to daughters? i dont take name of daughter who destroyed my respect, its better for Gayetri that atleast Davaish is taking responsibility and marrying her, your 20th century thinking doesnt work here, i live in old age and my decision is that this marriage will happen and you wont argue about it, he starts to leave but Aryan says no, i wont let you do this, i wont let Gayetri marry like goats, she will marry with her consent, she can marry any guy from any religion or any cast, if Gayetri says that she is not happy with this marriage then i will stand against you, Shashwat says i will stand against you too Aaba, i agree with my son, he is absolutely right, they both leave, aaba looks on.
Aradhya says to Tulsi that i cant understand how Kumudini can cash some girl’s respect, Tulsi asks where were you? i was calling you but you didnt pick my call, Aradhya says i was fine, i couldnt get network so couldnt call you, am confused to see all this, how can Kumudini do all this? she forced Aaba to announce Gayetri’s marriage with Davaish, this is not justice, Gayetri wants to study, how can Kumudini do this with a girl? knowing aaba, i thought he always blame Kumudini for cheap things but when i saw Kumudini’s face today, she had some happiness, weird happiness was seen on her face, Tulsi says she is doing wrong, Kumudini comes and says i did right, Aaba destroyed his daughter’s life but i have saved Gayetri’s life, Aradhya says even if you saw her in that situation, instead of making it a issue, you could have protected her and could have tried to find truth, Kumudini says you are blaming me? do you even know what happened? that girl spent whole night with a guy, it was cheap, all girls have to protect their respects, Aradhya says what if it was me instead of Gayetri? Kumudini smirks and starts to leave, aradhya says i know you have animosity with aaba, he did wrong with you and Tulsi but that doesnt mean you will take revenge like this, i have seen what good people do in this situation, if you wanted, you could have hided this thing, you could have saved Gayetri’s respect but you cashed this situation, her marriage is fixed with Davaish without even asking her will, why did you do it? Kumudini says you are child, you havent seen world, i have experience, if all this had happened in our age then girl would have been disappeared by her family, Tulsi says but this is not your age, your age has passed and dont forget we have a daughter too, what if anything like this happens with Aradhya? Kumudini says Aradhya cant do this, Aradhya says maybe Gayetri was trapped in all this, maybe she was locked in that godown, this happened with me too.. i mean what if this would have happened with me? i would have fought against it, i cant bear this injustice, Kumudini says why are you worrying about aaba’s grand daughter? she spent whole night with a guy, Aradhya says if a guy and girl spent a night in a room then that doesnt mean they have only that kind of relation, maybe they spent night because of some helplessness, in cities, girl and guy live together for years before getting married, Kumudini says that happens in cities but this is Krishnavati, people have some beliefs here, i got married to Krishan as my father ordered me this, all girls of my age got married as per their father’s will, Gayetri is lucky, she should thank me for removing her scar, i have protected her respect and life, that guy accepted to marry her because of me else aaba would have thrown her grand daughter out like his daughter then where would have she gone? i would have to take head-ache medicines alongwith cancer medicines, she leaves, Aradhya says to Tulsi that first time i am feeling for first time that Kumudini is not different from Aaba.

PRECAP- Aryan says because of that Devdasi, my sister got insulted in whole village. Aradhya says what if Aryan is angry with me because of Kumudini? Aryan says this animosity will never end, like grandmother like grand-daughter, he throws away Aradhya’s dupatta. Aradhya messages Aryan and asks if he can meet her? he says her grand mother keep putting fire everywhere and you want me to meet you. Kumudini’s door knocks, Aradhya opens it and finds Aryan there, he comes in and passes-by Aradhya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice serial keep going i want aradhaya and aryan to be married soon like any situaton

  2. i too feel kumudni wrong tody what she did cannot be justified

  3. Abba and kumudini think alike and I hate that type of thinking.! good that Aryan and Aradhya stood up and talked back especially with the support of their parents

  4. Atleast aba is gud than he just act according to situation.but kumudini is a witch burning in revenge fire..she used an innocent girl fr her worst motive

  5. again fight betwn aaru nd aryan,oh fed up of these fight plz unite them plz

  6. I think this Davaish can be Abba’s daughter’s son means Abba’s grandson, who came to take revenge with Abba and if Kuminidini involved with her, too.

    1. devesh is david. he is aba’s daughter’s brother in law.. yes he came for revenge with kumudini’s support. there is definitely no incest here.

    2. Davaish is abba’s daughter’s brother-in-law, who has come to take revenge with Abba

  7. I think aryan in kumudini’s grandson and aaru is aaba’s granddaughter
    Because kumudini was afraid of somethinf when she met police inspector’s mother

  8. nice episod

  9. Kumudini is right in her own way I feel. Just because Aabas sister eloped and married the man of her choice, Kumudini and Tulsi were blamed, insulted,dragged by hair and thrown out of village for 21 years. That insult is too much fora woman and that too for someone like Kumudini No wonder she’s burning with rage.

    1. Yes i agree that anger of kumudini is justified. If she really want to take revenge from aaba she should have destroyed the respect of aaba. Not gayatri.

      1. Ya I 2 accept tis.. Gayatri is so innocent.. Could have planned something instead of spoiling gayatri’s respect..

  10. At lest she is considerate that Gayetri is in good hands. Else if it was any waste character like Markand or Banwari, then wat wud happen to Gayetri.
    But waiting for Aaru-Aryan to fall in love….

  11. i think there shud be another main lead male tht shud flirt witth aaru and when aryan sees this he shud be jealous. there love will start then.
    what do u guys think ?

    1. Agreeee..nice thinking

  12. I hate kumudini..?

  13. Oh god..whts wrong with this serial..agar aba is wrong den kmduni also go to wrong destination to spoil abba..i don’t lke her chrctr..or arayan kun misunderstanding hai..plz unite them quickly..any way love u sharvan..tooo hoooooooot

  14. Most hooooooooooooooooooooooooot in the world shravan I just want you to hug for one time

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