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Krishnadasi 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya is working in kitchen, Pavitra comes there and thinks whose daughter is she? if not tulsi’s then who? Aradhya asks if she needs anything? Pavitra says leave this house for our peace, Aradhya says for your safety and good life, i cant leave this house aayi, Pavitra says again aayi? i told you many time to not call me aayi, why dont you leave this house? servant comes there and says i have made prickle of mango, will you eat it? pavitra says i get hiccups eating mango prickle, Aradhya says i will taste it, she tastes it and says its nice, servant leaves, Aradhya starts getting hiccups, Pavitra turns to look at her, Aradhya says it seems like Tulsi is missing me, Pavitra gets tensed seeing her, ARadhya drinks water, Pavitra thinks that many girls would get hiccups by eating prickle,

but what she is my?.. should i go for blood test? i should clear my doubt, i would get to know that my blood doesnt match with this devdasi’s daughter, this cant happen.
Markand meets Kumudini in market, Kumudini says who drives white car of aaba at night? Markand says please let me go, i have other works than spying for you, Kumudini says i would go and tell aaba about your deeds, Markand Jairaj and his uncle deshmukh drives that white car, he leaves, Kumudini says what relation they have with Keshav’s property?
Kumudini meets one man Raney, she says to him that Keshav made his will infront of you and your sign is in it too, he sys yes, Kumudini says someone is trying to grab that property, he attacked me too, Raney says who can that be? Keshav didnt have anyone else than you, he made Tulsi’s son as his heir, we can give property to boy only, girl cant get it, Kumudini says if Deshmukh had relation with keshav? he says i dont remember it, if any guy has relation with Keshav then he can get property, Kumudini says dont you remember Tulsi gave birth to boy not girl? he says yes i know but you have proof to prove that he is son of Tulsi? i mean there is some document that proves it? Kumudini says you know in what situation she gave birth to son, we didnt make any birth certificate, Raney says but court would need proof that Tulsi has son, Kumudini thinks how will i prove that Aryan is Tulsi’s son?
Purva says if Aryan cant take Aradhya’s sign on divorce papers then i can. she comes in Aradhya’s room and says i will apply ointment on your wound, she takes ointment from her and says i will help you, she applies it, ARadhya says you care for me so much, Purva says so much happened with you and anything can happen with you, i am worried about your future, ARadhya asks why? what happened to my future? Purva shows her video in which Aradhya is strangling Tulsi, how she called Shashwat as her son, Purva says you didnt know what you were doing but thank God Raj recorded it, anyone can believe that you are mad, one lawyer was saying that this video can prove you mad, this is your future now, ARadhya says Oh my God, what will happen to me now? Purva says nothing if you want, all is in your hands, if you sign divorce papers then i will delete this video, nobody will do anything with you but if this video reaches court then you.. Aradhya says only my own relative can think so much about me but.. you dont have what Kaveri have, she can control anyone, she can make them do anything she wants when she makes them wear this locket? she shows her locket, Purva says what you mean? Aradhya says you know what i am saying, the video you showed me shows that Kaveri can do all this, i got to know everything, you proved to people that i am possessed by soul, you tried to kill me too, i got to know everything, Purva smiles and says its good that you know everything, she locks door and says now we will play openly, go and tell everyone truth but how will you tell? let me guess, Pavitra is involved in all this and she wants to throw you out of house, aaba hates you then who? Shashwat cant even say a word infront of aaba, who is left to tell? Aryan? he has promised Aaba that he will divorce you and will marry me, you can tell anyone but no one believe you that we brought Kaveri in house to play this ghost game, no court will believe it, all will call you mental, Aradhya says i could have told when you tried to kill me, Purva says leave this house, ARadhya says you will go from this house, you and your brother wants money, get ready to leave this house, Purva says you are challenging me? i will throw you out of this house in two days otherwise my name would not be Purva deshmukh, ARadhya says if i dont throw you out of this house in two days then my name would not be Aradhya Aryan Rao, Purva says you have two days, ARadhya says you have 48hours, keep counting, they stare each other.

Scene 2
Its morning, Aryan calls someone and says i am leaving house. ARadhya comes to him and asks if he will not eat breakfast? Aryan says you are behaving like nothing happened, you need to leave this house, nobody wants you to stay here, cant you see that? Aradhya says not even you? its okay, one day i will win heart of everyone, she sees Purva there and says one day nobody would want me to leave house, she holds his hand and says i need to talk about Purva, Purva gets tensed, she makes him sit and says listen to me, she tells him something which is muted, Purva is tensed and tries to listen, she says before this girl can make some damage, i have to talk to Aryan, she comes to Aryan and says i didnt do anything, she is lying, Aryan asks what ? Purva says she doesnt want me to stay here thats why she is provoking you, Aryan says relax, she was telling me that she feels guilty, she couldnt talk to you directly thats why she was telling me, what you were you saying? Aradhya says why you thought that i would badmouth you? Purva says i thought that you had impression that i deliberately pushed you out of window, Aryan says its good that you both are resolving issue, he leaves, Aradhya asks Purva if she will eat breakfast? Purva says you have no idea what you are in, you have put hand in fire, Aradhya says this was just trailer, now i will show you film, Purva says i will throw you out of house, i will keep eye on you, i will do some mistake and then you will see what i do, Aradhya offers her poha and leaves, Purva is angry.
Kumudini thinks that she needs proof, she thinks that i was waiting for right time to bring truth of Aryan and Aradhya but this keshav’s proerty matter has come and now i would have to prove that Aryan is Tulsi’s son, he has right on Keshav’s property, Tulsi comes there and stares her, she starts leaving, Kumudini tries to talk to her but Tulsi leaves, Kumudini says she gets miffed on small issues, she says wardboy told that old file is in old hospital, it means i will get Aryan’s birth certificate there only.
Aryan comes to Chimaji and asks why he called him? Chimaji says i met doctor, there is something mixed in Aradhya’s food, lets go there, Aryan is stunned and leaves with him.
Aradhya is cleaning room and says these boys cant keep cupboard clean, she sees smell in Aryan’s clothes, Purva is spying on her and says i am waiting from so much time to catch her but she is cleaning from a long time now, she must me cleaner’s daughter in past birth. Saras comes to Purva and says i understand, this devdasi has spoiled your life, maa and daughter are same, she brought me in house but i cant forget that it was her aayi who poisoned my mind to leave my house and now this girl is poisoning Aryan’s mind, dont worry, you will become daughter in law of this house, aaba wont let devdasi become Aryan’s wife, be aware of your steps, you are like a fairy, can you take me to my room? Purva is elated and says why not, she leaves with her.
Pavitra comes in hospital, nurse says lab technician hasnt come till now, you can wait for him, Pavitra says okay, she is tensed and says once i find out that Aradhya’s blood doesnt match with me then i will get peace. Kumudini is in hospital too. She meets nurse and asks about headnurse, he tells her, Kumudini goes. Pavitra says i came to this old hospital so that no one sees me but i should not stay here for much time too. Pavitra says to nurse that i am leaving, when report comes then call me, she gives her phone number and leaves before Kumudini can see her. Kumudini meets head nurse and says you are ambe maa, my grand son has got job but they are asking for birth certificate, i dont have it, he will loose his job, we will be on roads, i got to know that old files are in this hospital, please help me, i beg you, nurse says come with me.
Purva is eating ice cream in Saras’s room, Saras says stay away from her, Purva says she cant do anything with me, i will do everything with her, just see how i throw her out of this house, Purva is dizzy and says till she remains here then what about me and my family? Saras says they are in danger? Purva says yes Nikhal keep calling us for loan, we have taken loan from him, once i get married to Aryan then i will get money of Rao family and nikhal will be lost from my life, Purva falls unconscious. Aradhya and Micheal comes there, Aradhya says seems like medicine worked, Micheal says it was successful idea, Aradhya says now i can get proofs against them, Saras says she must have Nikhal’s number, take it and execute your plan, ARadhya takes Purva’s phone and shows number to Micheal, he writes it, Saras says you are doing so much for this family, be careful, ARadhya says they are taking advantage of Aaba’s hatred towards me, i will do anything but wont let anything happen to Aryan or his family, Saras blesses her, Aradhya leaves with Micheal.
Kumudini comes in documents room, she is finding file and says there are so many files here, dont know where it is, she is searching for it, she finds file and opens it, she sees page torn, she says someone did this purposely, how will i prove that Aryan has right on Keshav’s property?
Aradhya meets Nikhal and says you need your loan from Raj and Purva otherwise we will prove that you are in fraud with them, you want your money or want to go to jail? Nikhal says i agree to you, Aradhya says so we will record your video, tell everything about Purva and Raj’s fraud, she makes video, Nikhal says deshmukh’s family is in debt, they dont have house thats why living in aaba’s house, he took loan from me and said that aaba’s grand son will marry his daughter and then they will grab aaba’s money and will return my loan, Aradhya thanks him and says you have helped us alot.
Nakku cmes to Purva, Purv is sleeping, Nakku asks her to wake up , why you arre sleeping so much? we have to do work, that ARadhya is roaming around, Purva gets up and says how i slept so much? she recalls how Saras made her eat ice cream, she says what if i said something wrong? she asks where is ARadhya? Nakku says she is has comeback home and was saying that she wants to show something to family, Purva thinks how can i do such a big mistake, did ARadhya get any proof against us?
All family members gather in hall, aaba says to ARadhya that show it fast, we dont have time. Markand says to Banwari that lets leave, Banwari says lets see Aradhya leaks, dont know who is going to be busted. Aradhya thanks aaba for saving her life, Aaba says stop this, just sign divorce papers. Aradhya says after seeing this video i dont think i will have to sign those papers, Raj comes there too. Aradhya puts cd in player and plays video.

PRECAP- Nurse calls Pavitra and says we checked DNA too, Aradhya is your daughter only, Pavitra is shocked. Aryan says to Aradhya that you will not stay in this house anymore, he drags her. Pavitra cries in her room and says Aradhya is my daughter? Aryan drags Aradhya, she is pained as her hands her wounded, Aryan says call police or anyone but you wont stay here now, Pavitra comes there and says Aradhya.. stop Aryan.. dont throw her out of house, Aradhya and all are stunned and confused, Pavitra looks at Aradhya in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Episode was awsome ..but m curious to know that if pavitra knows that aryan is not her son but tulsi’s son? Whatever m glad that one part of truth is revealed m curious to know about others reactions what my thinking is shashwat will be heart broken that aryan is not his son bcz his love towards aryan is soo damn pure ..nd at the same time he will regret too that he behaves badly with aru …tulsi and chimaji will be damn happy to know as they give birth to a baby boy? pavitra will hate aryan as he is devdasi’s son nd abba sahib m damnnnnnnnnnnbn curious to know his reaction towards aryan his reaction towards aru will be the same as he didn’t like girls…kumudini got stabbed awwww ? but she will recover …nd what’s the link of deshmukh famliy with keshav ? I think that man is jairaj …jairaj is such a greedy man huh stay away jairaj bcz the owner of that property is only our aryan baba?

  2. I missed d awesome epi 🙁 bcoz of power cut , written epi is d oly way 2 know d awesome KD tq 4 d updates

    1. U can download the episode from

  3. This is a open request to all arra & KD fans. I know bcos of this stupid purva’s track & her evil activities some of you are not willing to watch kd. Bt plz keep watching . Don’t stop it. We know this is a unique serial. I don’t think we can have this type of serials oftenly. Don’t miss this opportunity.everything in kd is perfect; actors, charactors, scenes, romance & everything. The actions of the charactors are extremely practical.So plz guys, think twice b4 you stop watching it.

    1. You r right…

  4. Its from krishndasi upcoming story as aradhya is failed to stop wedding of aryan and poorva bt she still try to expose the truth of jairaj to save gayu from his evil wrk bt no1 stands and belive her and jairaj throws her out of the house

  5. Aryan purva got married. wat the hell is going on.poor aara… I thnk pavitra won’t know the vil be a dream seq.otherwise she vil hear wat aaru says.

    1. No aru its nt a dream sequence of pavitra. She was very sad wen aradhya was leaving the house

  6. Guy one good news ……
    Aryan aur purva ka shadhi nahi hothi hee……… kyu ki Aryan mangalsuthra ko achi se nahi penatha……. vo pandithji se kuch boltha hee aur ee sub Aryan ki plan…….
    aur aru Aryan ko shoot karthi hee vo kyu muje patha nahi……..

    1. Yeee. Thanx madhu for reliving my mind. I was so scared. This is rhe best thing I heard today

    2. From Where did got this news?

  7. Ruby

    new spoiler-Aryan will marry purva

    1. Hey ruby.. it’s nice to see you here. You were not seen in previous comments. ….

    2. They will marry but its all Aradhaya and Aryans plan to expose Purva and that Jairaj

  8. Ohkayz !! Let them get married. Purva & Aryan. But will Aryan divorce Aradhya before marrying Purva ? Soo hah we are gonna bear chudail Purva’s ugly taunts to Aru and Rao families looooooong regression period , especially Aryan. I feel to stop watching KD bcs I’m damn sure it gonna give me heart attacks often…In each upcoming epis. But I’ll watch it. Bcs story is too good yaar.

    1. Its aara plane to marry with purva the marriage is not valid its aradaya’s plane of fake marriage…

  9. Just waiting for Monday!!!

  10. Please Cv’s Don’t seperate Aryan & Aryan ki “Biwi” (aru) 🙂 i just wish that sbb segment spoiler of Aryan & purva marriage should not come true :/

    1. Me too..

  11. ufff… this is disgusting… if Aryan gets married to purva… its a kind of blaah…. I was not expecting such tracks in my kd… I was really excited about Mondays episode… but after knowing abt the new spoiler all my curiosity burned to ashes….. kd too is becoming a blunder……..
    now am not that interested abt the upcoming track or even abt the serial……..
    cheeeee….. was never expecting purva & Aryans marriage………

    1. shahana that is a plan made by aryan

      1. Really. .

      2. yeah i also think so…. let’s hope for the best

  12. Pavitra u r so lucky u have a aradhya as a daughter

  13. Guys, is there anyone called ‘ritu’ in kd serial? According to the article I read, she is the daughter of chimaji. I’m sry, it’s a little bit confusing for me.

    1. i thinks its self claim.. i also saw her name in Wikipedia of kd ..but nothing like that seems in further future.. most probably she was about to enter but cv changed the track and made chimmaji good.

  14. Arra is the best….

  15. Aryan to marry purva and aradhya to shoot aryan (by chance) … lol these spoiler made our yesterday crazy……today more spoiler made their way to was… all this aryan poorva marriage and murder of aryan is all Aara’s plan to expose jairaj and …hopefully that chipkali too.

    1. Really…tannuu..
      the murder is also a part of Aaryan n aarradhya drama..???

    2. snehamjwinslet06

      u always give us some relief by your news tanu……..thank you 🙂

  16. nice epi ut pre is sad but happy about their plan … i hope tha love track will stat soon impatiently waiting for ara love scenes….???

  17. Hey I read from the forum, that our Aaroo made a plan to expose the brother and sister evil plan by getting purva and arYan married. But it’s a fake marriage just to bring the truth out and our aaroo and Arayan has teamed up. I think araYan will believe aaroo since he found out that someone has been trying to poison aroo into madness.☺☺☺☺☺
    If this is true then we r going to see more of cute aaraaa scene ??????

  18. Narendran

    superb..episode and pavitra will accept aradhya..and aryan will go to kumudini??horrible…anyways.if aryan and aradhya united means..i will be happy

  19. What a relief. Now I’ll watch KD with double excitement.

  20. Finally jairaj truth reveled infront of rao’s family with the hlp of arra’s plan yupiiii8 am so happy…..

  21. hai .this is first time i’m commenting.devika


    1. Devu dear upcoming twist will be that aryan marries poorva but it was fake marraige aradhya came nd try to stop the wedding of jairaj and gayatri but jairaj throws aradhya out of the house nd will try to snatch the proofs against him they both will fight nd accidently aradhta shot aryan after that jairaj will accept his all crime nd aryan will get up nd expose him infront of whole famly it was all aara’s plan to expose deshmukh famly ..? nd welcom in KD famly

  23. reading the comment section is fantastic… its really nice and relieving… first I too wer one among the silent readers but some comments made my fingers type my views… now I feel like I hav many friends right here…
    tanu… maleesha… meenakshi… ayushi..etc..etc.. quite familiar names…
    helloooo… everyone… am Shahana..from Kerala… just completed my Triple main degree in BA English( English literature, communication & journalism).. now its vacation tym…waiting for my results and pg admission notifications… wot abt all u guys… how r u ol..??

    1. hi shahana.. me too waiting for result and pg administration

      1. ohhh. . ? …. Hi5✋

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