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Krishnadasi 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan looks at Aradhya and thinks that Varun is right, i am seeing her everywhere, how can she be in my room? i think Markand have mixed something else in my juice too. Gayetri takes Aradhya from there. Aryan asks Markand if he has mixed anything in juice? Markand says i made it specially for you, Aryan looks around and doesnt find Aradhya there, Nakku comes to him and says your mother is not coming down, Aryan leaves.
Tulsi says to Kumudini that this is why i told you to not let her come here, she has gone to aaba’s house, what if he knows that she is my daughter? Kumudini says she didnt go by herself, Gayetri called her there, Tulsi says but if aaba knows that she is in his party then dont know what he will do, why are you so calm? are you happy with all this? you always

wanted Aradhya to come to Krishnavati, Kumudini says but i never forced anyone, she came here on her own, Tulsi says i wont let be part of this drama, Kumudini says this is her fate and it cant leave Aradhya, you can run as much as you want, Tulsi says i wont let aaba insult my daughter, i will bring her back from here, Kumudini says i will bring her, Tulsi says no, you will create drama, i will go, Kaka says what if aaba saw her before we reach there? Tulsi come sin Mandir and says if my prayers are true then till i reach there, Krishan will protect my daughter, she prays to him and leaves, Kaka goes behind her. Kumudini smirks.
Aradhya says to Gayetri that your house is nice, i am sure your family is good too, Gayetri says all are good but my father is best, he is welcoming guests then i will make you meet him.
Aryan comes in Pavitra’s room, he turn on lights, he asks Pavitra what happened? if she fine? Pavitra wipe her tears and says i am fine, Aryan says why arent you ready? all are asking about you down, Pavitra says nobody cares about me here, there is no place for me here, Aryan says no you are owner of this house, Pavitra says i am owner for namesake, i am always afraid that my position as wife will be snatched, Aryan asks if shashwat said something to her? Pavitra says he must be happy that those devdasies have comeback, they took my happiness, everything from me and now they have comeback, Aryan s shocked and says they are back? Pavitra says yes and i am afraid, what if she snatches your father? where will i go then? Aryan says nothing will happen till i am with you, come to my party, its incomplete without you, Pavitra says you are my lifeline, i was getting ready for party but then thought that guest must know about your father and that devdasi and they will question me, i didnt want to answer them but now you are with me so i will face everyone, Aryan says get ready, he leaves, Pavitra looks at Nakku and smirks.

Scene 2
In party, guest says to aaba that devdasies have returned? Aaba says i dont want to waste time by talking about them. MLA comes there, Aaba greets him and says i am thankful that you came, MLA says we come whenever you call us, he asks where is Aryan? Banwari says will call him.
Aradhya is talking to Gayetri, Gayetri sees Aryan, she says to Aradhya that i will make you meet my brother. She comes to Aryan who has back to Aradhya, Gayetri says i will make you meet my friend, Markana comes and says aaba has called you out, Aryan says to Gayetri that i will come later, he leaves before Aradhya could see him.
Kumudini is praying to Krishan, she says i never thought that my prayer’s fruit will be so sweet, Tulsi was right, i always wanted Aradhya to cross boundaries of aaba, now my grand daughter is there, i kept my cool but now my pain is less, i am waiting for day when Aaba’s head will bow down infront of me with shame, let me go there and see drama too, i will see it and will show it too.
Gayetri comes to Aradhya and says he was called by someone else. She says i will make you meet my mother, Gayetri comes to Pavitra and says my friend has come, i want you to meet her, Pavitra comes to Aradhya with Gayetri, she says i told you about her, she helped me in accident, Aradhya touches Pavitra’s feet, Pavitra blesses her and gives her bangle of hers, she says this is my blessing, you saved my Gayetri’s life so i have to give it to you, Gayetri says this is not gift but her blessing, i will make you meet my father, she takes her from there.
aaba says to MLA that Aryan is here, he is owner of everything, Shashwat gets call, he leaves.
Gayetri says to Aradhya that baba will be happy to see you.
A lady comes in party and says Aryan is my nephew, i want to bless him, servant says are you mad? he says aaba’s grand son, lady says i am Aaba’s daughter sarasvati, i want to bless Aryan, she coughs, Raghu says you stay here, i will talk to Aaba.
Aaba asks Aryan did you like party? Aryan says its grand like i have topped some exam, he gets call, he ends it, Aaba says dont worry, you take it, Aryan takes call and leaves.
Markand comes to Aryan and says i have brought fruits for you, eat it, they are nice for health, Aryan smiles and recalls how Aradhya broke watermelon on his head.
Raghu tells aaba that Sarasvati has come and wants to meet you, Aaba says how dare she come here? she wants to destroy our peace, tell her that when she married man from different religion, she was dead for us from that day, make her leave, Raghu agrees.
Tulsi and Kaka comes in party stealthily, Kaka says we have entered but how will we find Aradhya? what f Aaba sees you, Tulsi says i dont care, i just want to save my Aradhya, just pray that no one she iw my daughter.
Raghu comes to Sarasvati and says Aaba has ordered to not let you in, Sarasvati says just make me meet him once and see Aryan then i will leave, Sarasvati says let me go in once, Raghu pushes her away and says leave, Sarasvati cries, she leaves.
Sarasvati is going from market, she feels dizzy, she bangs with car, Kumudini comes out of car, she puts Sarasvati in car as she has fainted.
Gayetri says to Aradhya that i will make you meet my father, he will be happy to see you. Shashwt is standing with Aaba, Aradhya is coming to them with Gayetri, Tulsi and Kaka sees this and is shocked. Tulsi says to Kaka that she is going to Aaba, we have to stop her, she thinks that i have only one way to divert attention from Aradhya.
Gayetri calls Shashwat but Aaba orders him to look after guests, Shashwat leaves. Music starts, everyone looks on confused.
Aaba comes in hall to find Tulsi dancing, all are shocked, Shashwat and Aryan comes there and are stunned too. one guest says Devdasies are not allowed in haveli then how come she is here? Aaba says what devdasi is doing here? Aradhya comes there, she is about to see Tulsi’s face but Kaka comes there and drags her out from there. Tulsi is dancing, guest holds her hand, Tulsi dances.
Kaka says to Aradhya that Kumudini is feeling ill, come with me, Aradhya leaves with him.
Tulsi dances in vulgar way, all look on stunned. Markand says to Aryan that she is devdasi Tulsi, she has returned after 21years here, Aryan is shocked. banwari thinks that her ghungroos are making noise in heart. Nakku says to Pavitra that she has come here, what will happen to you now? Pavitra says her ghungroos should rot in hell, see how shashwat is eyeing her. Tulsi thinks that i hope Aradhya reaches home safely till then i have to bear it. MLA says to aaba that you have made me happy, you did great arrangements, one guest asks if enemies at making him dance to his tunes?
Kaka is leaving haveli with Aradhya but Raghu is on gate so he hides with Aradhya.
Tulsi is dancing, Aaba shouts to stop it, Tulsi stops, Aaba angrily looks at Tulsi.
One servant calls Raghu, Raghu leaves, Aradhya says he is same person who.. Kaka says yes, he leaves with Aradhya.
Aaba says to Tulsi that how dare you come here? Tulsi folds her hand and says this is ritual that whenever there is celebration anywhere then Krishnadasi comes to bless them, Aaba says its celebration thats why you are still standing else.. get lost from here else what happened 21years back, it will be repeated again.
Kumudini brings Sarasvati to hospital, doctor checks her and asks Kumudini if she is her relative? Kumudini says kind of, i called her family they will come here soon. doctor says okay wait outside. Kumudini comes out and says game has started and i am getting pawns too, Aaba is so egoistic that he didnt allow his own daughter in house, now his own family member thrown out from his house will change dynamics of game.
Tulsi says to Aaba that you are forgetting ritual, whenever there is celebration, we go there even uninvited to give them blessing, your grand son has come right? i have come to bless him, she looks at Aryan and says you are grand son? Aryan looks away. Nakku says to Pavitra that your marriage is in trouble, Banwari thinks that there is something else in her mind. Tulsi comes to Aryan and says you are like my son, i am here to bless you, Aryan says i dont need your blessing, and i am not like your son, my mother is here to bless me and taking blessing from you is like insulting my mother, i know your reality, you break people’s house in name of rituals, this is your reality, right? Tulsi is hurt listening this, he says you are women thats why i am calm but if you try to insult my Aaba and my mother then you will see my anger side, if you dont want to get insulted more then leave from here, just leave, Tulsi cries and starts leaving. Aaba says one minute, Tulsi stops.
A man comes in hospital, Kumudini meets him and says if i am not wrong then you are David? you are Sarasvati’s brother in law? you are brother of Micheal? he says who are you? Kumudini says Sarasvti know me, you can call me aaji, he says how you know us? Kumudini says its long story of your sister in law and mine also, you know who did this with her? he is her father but very cruel, he announced his daughter dead as she married Micheal who was from different religion, she loved your brother so she married him, what wrong did she do? he broke relation with her, there is only one enemy of me and your sister in law who is Aaba Sahib.
Aaba comes to Tulsi and says you have come here to do ritual? all are thinking that we have called you here but they should know truth, he say to guests that i dont know which man she eyed and wanted to lure here thats why she came here, we didnt call her here, her mother did same and daughter is following footsteps, Tulsi cries, Shashwat says enough, all look at him.

PRECAP- Aryan says to Shashwat that why are you feeling bad? why you have sympathy for that devdasi? so much soft corner for her? Shashwat shouts Aryan.. he is about to slap him but stops. Tulsi pours water on herself, Aradhya comes and asks her what she is doing, Tulsi says don touch me, she hugs Aradhya and cries, Aradhya is shocked seeing her state. Shashwat says to Aryan that one day you will get answer of your all questions, Aryan says it will be late till then.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What just happened??!! in the precap- did tulsi get raped?!?! I think Shashwant was in love with tulsi but pavitra was in love with shashwant then kumudini did some plots such as forcing tulsi into a devdasi which made shashwant go against his beliefs and started hating her which was the perfect time for pavitra to step into his life but but he still likes her??, I think this is how the story goes …Why tho??? but i’m glad this is fast paced and exciting!!!!

  2. Now the story is Iittle bit predictable..
    I think aaradhya is sarasvati ‘s daughter why kunudini is telling that aradhya is a weapon. ..
    so aryan and aaradhya are cousins…

    otherwise aaradhya and aryan will be brother and sister…i mean if she is
    tulsi’s daughter. ..because something
    is there between shashwat and tulsi’s. …
    now it become more interesting. …

  3. meenu ji they were saying aaradhya is tulsi’s daughter and if its wrong then she would sarasvathi’s daughter anyways a brother child can marry a brother’s sister child

  4. Ooh.. Neil is back?..

  5. According to me.. Aryan is tulsi’s son and aaradya is saswath’s daughter.. Kumudini exchanged them to take revenge frm abha. Bcoz one day she will become devdasi.his granddaughter will become devdasi. So thats why she is saying aradhya is my main mohra. And thats why she brought aradya to here..

    1. But if aryan is tulsi’s son then his father probably shashwat….and then aaradhya ‘s father will also shashwat. .so can it possible …
      Then they will be brother and sister. ..

    2. Aaryan’s father is not shaswath..someone else.. Who used tulsibas devdasi..

  6. Now the new promo is both aryan and aradhya will come to knw their real identities.whan aryan finds that she is devdasies daughter he will break all the relations with her. (noooooo we dont want this)

  7. Confusing… N’ thrilling too. Donno wats gonna happen nxt!!!

  8. After seeing saraswathi’s plead to meet Aryan I think aryan is saraswathi’s son…and aaradhya is the daughter of tulsi and shashwath becoz when doctor referred aaradhya as behan of gayathri the screen was highlighted and moreover gayathri’s rply was ” chalo,galti se bhi sahi dr ne hame bahan maana”.Anyway let’s wait and watch….
    I am so excited to watch sravan reddy again on screen♡….and shashwat is also handsome

    1. yeah i thnk u r ryt..aryan n aaradhya cznz 🙂

  9. However aaradhya will marry Aryan, will suffer a lot at her in laws and finally will die after giving birth and show ends. wish they change this in hindi

    1. oh u watchd ths shw in tamil ah…bcz i heard tat ths s a remake f tamil version shw…so can u tell me whoz aaryan n aaradhya? ..i mean their parents 😉 😀

      1. would b better if u say.story going n good but confusing yar so..better u revel us

  10. According to Tamil version kumudini exchanged the children during birth flashback is only shashwat and kumudini knows this. They do so because aaba doesn’t like girl child so they need a guy and Tulsa delivers a guy so just for that reason they exchange it. But shashwat’s wife misunderstands and thinks he has an affair with tulsi. Tulsi husband as in aaryan’s father would be a head of another village and he leaves her because of some reason which I don’t remember

    1. And what about saraswati….. Why she is so pleaded to see aryan….
      Eow then aryan and aradhya can marry

      Can any one please tell tamil version briefly… Plzzz

  11. Hey what’s the show called in tamil @prena

  12. Neil <3

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