Krishnadasi 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shashwat is searching for them, he calls out Aryan’s name, Aradhya listens it in cold storage, she screams from inside that we are inside, she knocks door from inside, shashwat, Varun and Shivanis listens it. Aradhya comes to Aryan and says someone has come to save us, she asks him to wake up, she sees him unconscious and not responding, she asks him to wake up and listen to her, she shakes him up and asks him to open eyes. Shivani says i listened voice, she shows them door. Aradhya hugs Aryan and cries. Shashwat breaks door, he comes in to find Aradhya hugging Aryan.
All gather around godown, Kumudini says this is cheap, let Sarpanch come, Aaba comes there, Kumudini says they are here so now door should be opened, aaba asks Raghu to break door of godown, Raghu breaks lock

and opens godown, David comes out, Kumudini acts shocked, Markand thinks so he was having fun here, he says to aaba that see this man is double faced, you thought he is innocent and loyal and now see his colors, aaba says i thought you were a good man but after doing this cheap act, you have broken my trust, David says you can blame me for anything, Aaba says this girl’s mistake too who has come with you, Markand asks which girl you forced? Kumudini says if he forced girl then girl would have shouted in godown but girl came with him here with her consent, she didnt mind spending night with him, Banwari says we should call that girl and blacken her face so that it sets example for whole village girls, Aaba asks to call girl out, Raghu asks her to come out of godown, Gayetri comes out of godown, all are stunned.
Shashwat asks Varun and Shivani to come home with him, Varun says we have to face our parents now, alot has happened already, Aryan and Aradhya got in problem too because of us, Shashwat says it was not deliberate but marriage by running is not good, i have talked to Shivani’s dad, you go and meet him, Shivani asks him to take care of Aradhya and Aryan, Aryan is lying in jeep covered with blanket, Shivani meets Aradhya and leaves with Varun in car.
Kumudini says whats all this? she is Aaba’s gran daughter and spent whole night with a man, what was all this? what you both were doing? this is so filthy, she asks Gayetri what were you doing with him whole night? Aaba angrily looks at her, Kumudini asks for what you are punishing Aaba? Aaba is sarpanch, he is the man who use to throw filth on others, who threw women out of village for 21years, today his grand daughter destroyed his respect, he is insulted infront of everyone, what will people think? you did everything openly, you should have thought before doing all this, atleast you should have been careful before doing it, what were you doing with this guy? because of you Aaba’s head is down, Banwari thinks that dont know whose time has come now, Kumudini says whole Krishnavati wanna know what Aaba will do with you now, David asks Aaba to listen him, Aaba pushes him away, he slaps Gayetri hard, Gayetri falls down, aaba holds her from hair, Kumudini says if it was someone else then Sarpanch would have hanged her, aaba sees clay, he smears it on Gayetri’s face to blacken it, David looks on shocked, Kumudini smirks, Gayetri cries, aaba says you have destroyed my respect which i earned in years, its true that girls shouldnt be allowed out of house, they should be locked in house, you will get punished for your deed.

Scene 2
Shashwat is driving jeep, Aradhya is sitting beside him, Aryan is sitting behind and still dizzy, Shashwat says you must be thinking that when village people will see you and Aryan together and will get to know that you both were together then they might gossip, dont worry daughter, i wont tell this to anyone ever, i am also a father of daughter, i know what respect means to daughter, this will be between you and me only, Aradhya thanks him, Aryan wakes up and asks Shashwat to stop car, Shashwat says i know you are angry with me but let me take you to hospital, you are not fine, Aryan tries to get down from car, shashwat stops car, Aryan gets down from car, Aryan says i told you before too and telling you again that whatever was between you and me ended the day when you made my mother cry and went to that Devdasi’s house to spend your night, aradhya listens this and says what rubbish you are saying? you are blaming your father, Aryan says i know him and his acts better than you, aradhya says no you dont know your father else you wouldnt have blamed him for such cheap act, i found him drunk on road, he couldnt even remember his address, he was blabbering that no one loves him and he has no family etc, now i understand what that meant, i took him to my house for humanity sake, i didnt know he is your father or Aaba’s son, he didnt come to my house but i took him, what kind of son are you? now i know how father feels when son blames him like this, you shouldnt have talked to him like this, Aryan feels bad.
David gives tissue to Gayetri and asks her to wipe her face, Markand says look at his guts, Kumudini points to David, David nods and says to Aaba that its not Gayetri’s fault, someone tries to trap her, i got chance to save her, i came here behind her, that man made us smell something and we both fell unconscious, we were unconscious whole night, when i woke up in morning, i saw door closed from outside, Gayetri was shivering because of fear, Kumuedini says now when all know about your cheap act, you are cooking up story? you think that you can fool people? are we mad? girl’s respect is like mirror, if its broken then it cant be repaired again, man gossips that Aaba’s fear is for everyone but his grand daughter is doing such acts, David says to Aaba that i have not broken your trust but if you still think that any problems will come in Gayetri’s marriage because of me then i am ready to marry Gayetri, Gayetri is shocked, David says i will hold her hand and i wont let her respect be maligned again, Aaba angrily leaves, Kumudini smirks.
Aryan says sorry to shashwat and says i was mistaken, i thought you went to their house but this sorry is for that only, dont think that i have forgotten everything, i still remember every tear of my mother, i cant forget that, he goes and sits in car, Shashwat is dazed.
David meets Kumudini and says our work went unanswered, even after so much drama, he didnt say yes for marriage, he is so stubborn and cheap too, he blackened his own grand daughter’s face, she is stuck without any fault, Kumudini says he must have blackened her face but you havent touched her till now, even after all this, that girl must have something for you in her mind, path can be of any form but we have to reach destination, we wanted to malign Aaba’s respect and we did it, David gets Banwari’s call, Banwari asks him to come to Panchayat, Aaba has called him, he ends call, David tells this to Kumudini, Kumudini says our chance has come, what we wanted to listen, Aaba will say it today.

PRECAP- Aaba says to Kumudini that i know very well you have trapped Davaish(david) and Gayetri, Kumudini says you should thank me, David has agreed to marry Gayetri because of me, Aaba says remember you have grand daughter of same age too, the day her respect will be maligned then you will remember this day, Aradhya listens all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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