Krishnadasi 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shashwat says to Aryan that i wish i was part of your family, you have made me stranger, he leaves. Pavitra comes to Aryan and says you started fighting with father? Aryan says how can i forget that he has given you so much pain, Pavitra says you have come so i am happy, Aryan says he gave you pain, those devdasies are gone but i will always hate them, Pavitra says forget past, Aryan says i cant forget my mother’s pain, i can sense your pain as i have grown up now, Pavitra hugs him and says you have really grown up, now go and meet Gayetri, Aryan leaves. Nakku comes to Pavitra and says this is good time, those Devdasies shadow have come again, tell him everything, Pavitra says he has comeback after year so i wont talk to him about secrets or anything, she leaves, Nakku says she

doesnt have brain.
Aryan comes to Gayetri and sits in her feet, he says bless me too so that i can come first in any exam, she says i bless you to top in exam, he says thank you, he says dont cry, i know you are upset, Aaba has not celebrated you achievements, Aryan says Aaba is old, he will not change, he has old thoughts but i am telling you one day whole family will be proud of you, i love you, Gayetri hugs him and says i love you too, she winces in pain, Aryan asks what happened? Gayetri says i had accident but a girl helped me, Aryan says God bless her, he teases Gayetri.
Aradhya is praying in Mandir of her house.
Gayetri is going to Mandir, Aryan asks where are you going? she says i am going to pray to Krishan so that Aaba allows me to study, Aryan says i will accompany you, Shivangi comes and makes Aryan eat sweets, Gayetri feels bad and leaves, Aryan says to servant that you told me that aaba called me right? Servant is confused but agrees to Aryan, Aryan leaves with him.
Aryan says to Servant that i am sorry, he says no, i will pray to Krishan for you, he leaves. Varun calls Aryan and says how are you now? i know you are in love, you would see Aradhya in village too. Aryan sees lanterns seller, he recalls how Aradhya lit it up with him, he ends call, he buys lantern and recalls how Aradhya said that they will remember each other, seller says people light it at night, Aryan says maybe she will see it in daylight, he lits lantern and leaves it in air.
Aradhya is in market, she sees lantern and smiles, she recalls Aryan, she smiles, she says what has happened to me? why i am smiling. Aryan thinks it feels like Aradhya have got it. Aradhya hold lantern and leave it in air again.
Aryan is following lantern in air, he sees Aradhya on road, he is about to get hit by car but Banwari saves him, he says car driver didnt know you are would be aaba sahib, Aryan says leave that, tell me when are you getting married? Banwari says i dont get girl whom i like, Aryan says there are only two bachelors that is Salman Khan and other is you, in Salman’s case, he doesnt listen to his father and in your case, girl’s father doesnt listen to you, Aryan leaves.
Aryan comes in market, Aradhya is infront of him but has back to him. Aradhya turns but Aryan turns otherside before she could see him. Aryan is using his mobile, a guy meets Aryan, Aryan starts talking to him, Aradhya leaves. Aradhya is going in mandir, Aryan sees her from back, he keep looking at her and smiles, friend asks whom you are looking at? friend says she is Devdasi’s daughter, Aryan says then she cant be Aradhya, why i am seeing her everywhere? Gayetri comes there, Aryan says you go in mandir, i am with my friend Bappi, Gayetri leaves.
Aradhya comes in Mandir, she prays to Krishan that Kumudini has prayed to you all life then how can you take life from her? make her fine soon. Gayetri comes there too, she thinks that i thought aaba will be happy with my admission but he was not so i am keeping my admission form in your feet, make me succeed, they both ring bell, they see each other and are surprised, Gayetri says now i know why we wanted to ticket of same bus, i didnt see you here before, aradhya says we have shifted here now only, Gayetri says we are meeting second time so we should become friends, Aradhya says you are my first friend here, you father must be happy to see you clear exam, Gayetri says he is, he wanted to meet you earlier, Aradhya says i would love to meet him, when you talk about him, your face glow, daughters are pampered children of fathers? she says yes, she says i will make you meet my father tonight, we have arranged party for my brother, he is very pampered here, you have to come there, Aradhya says i will come for sure, where do you live? Gayetri says in haveli, Aradhya says i will come, Gayetri leaves.
Aradhya comes in house and asks Goda where is everyone? Goda says Tulsi has gone to market and Kumudini went to meet Tamre. Aradhya calls Shivani, shivani says Aryan was talking about you to Varun, Aradhya says its good that you didnt tell him that i am here else he would have sent many fruits here too, tonight i am going to party, i will talk to you later. Aryan calls Varun and says i am mesmerized with Aradhya, i am seeing here everywhere, Varun says i told you, aryan says i have to get ready for party, he ends call. Pavitra brings suit for him and says aaba have sent it for you, Aryan says i will wear T-shirt, she says no wear it, he nods. Nakku bai thinks that Pavitra doesnt understand this is not time to get dressed but to play game.
Aryan gets ready for party. Aradhya gets ready for party too, she says Kumudini will be happy to know that i have made friends here too, she says to Goda that i am going to party and will come later, she is my friend Gayetri, she lives in Haveli, she leaves, Goda thinks whose party it is?

Scene 2
Party starts, Raghu asks servants to not let anyone come in party without permission.
Aaba comes to Aryan and says you are looking very nice, he says you seem not happy? Aryan thinks that i am feeling incomplete without Aradhya but how to tell it to aaba.
Aradhya comes in party and says to servants that i am Gayetri’s friend, they let her go in.
Aaba says to Aryan that you should not be tensed about guests, we will have fun.
Aradhya comes in party and thinks that Gayetri seems from influential family. Aradhya passes by Aryan but both dont see each other. Aradhya says how will i find Gayetri in this big party? she asks servant about Gayetri, servant says she is inside, aaba comes there in party, servant takes Aradhya from there.
Markand comes in party and thinks that i will have stature of aaba soon too, Banwari comes to him and says you have no respect, arent you tied of standing beside Aaba? Markand says i dont need your suggestion. Sarpanch comes to aaba, Aaba greets them.
Shivangi comes to Aryan and says you are looking very nice, no one should cast eveil eye on you, Aryan says you are looking hot more than anyone, he leaves. Shivangi says to Markand that if we get key of safe then we will become rich, keep eye on it.
Aradhya is finding Gayetri, she says its so difficult to find someone in such big house. Shivangi asks Gayetri to attend guests.
Pavitra is getting ready, Nakku throws jewelry away, she says you wanna show your son that you are happy? dont you want your son in your control? Pavitra says tell clearly, Nakku says dont forget that Devdasies brought storm in your life and they have comeback, you have to show to Aryan that you are having miserable life, do drama that you are afraid of them, they can snatch your husband from you, show it to your son, Pavitra thinks.
banwari comes in bar, he mixes wine in juice and drinks. He sees Aradhya in party and says if i am drunk? how can this be possible? he looks at Aradhya and says she is Kumudini’s grand daughter, what she is doing here? he gets happy, Aradhya leaves, he says where did she go? he comes in party and sees girl, he thinks its Aradhya, he says you are really beautiful like your mother, girl turns and its not Aradhya, she says where did you find my dead mother? he says i am sorry, he strikes with Aryan, Aryan says you were flirting? you look like Salman Khan so you can flirt, he leaves, Banwari says i was intoxicated.

Scene 3
Tulsi comes back, she calls out to Aradhya and Kumudini, she comes to Goda and asks about Aradhya, Goda says Aradhya made some friend and she went to party, she was saying that girl’s name is Gayetri, Kaka comes there and asks if she said that she is going to Haveli? God says something like that, Kaka says what? party is at Aaba’s house as his grand son as come, Aradhya has gone there, Tulsi says Goda you shouldnt have allowed her to go, Goda says i didnt know she was going there, Tulsi says my daughter is in lion’s mouth, how to save her now.
Aradhya finally sees Gayetri, she meets her, Aradhya says you are looking pretty, Gayetri says you too.
Markand comes to Aryan and says i have brought drink for you, drink it, Aryan drinks. Gayetri thanks Aradhya for coming, Aradhya says i had to come as you are my only friend here. Aryan sees Aradhya there, he is stunned.

PRECAP- Tulsi and Kaka sees Gayetri taking Aradhya to make her meet Aaba, Tulsi says we have to stop Aradhya, what to do? she gets idea. Tulsi comes in party and starts dancing, Aaba gets angry, Banwari says aaba have done great arrangement for party, shashwat is stunned to see her dancing, Tulsi comes to Aryan and says you are like my son so i will bless you, Aryan moves back and says i dont need blessing of lady like you, I have my mother to bless me, taking blessing from you is like insulting my mother.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Can somebody please clarify ,Gayathri and Aryan are siblings or cousins?and is Shaswat Aradhya’s father?then her relation with Aryan? I am not fluent in Hindi,have watched almost all episodes but I haven’t understood this..even from written updates didn’t get a clear idea.


      Gaytheri is aryan’s elder sis…………

      I feel pavitra is shashwat’s 2nd wife…….. shashwat’s 1st wife died bcoz of Tulsi……. even i m not sure…….. just guessing………

      1. Thanks yaar,had read this is the remake of a Tamil serial but don’t know the details.

  2. Today episode is Ok. Aryan and Aradhya are perfect for each other. Don’t know what this Pavithra and nukku bhai gonna fill Aryan ears against Tulsi family.
    CV’s please reveal the past and cause for the fight between those families.
    Latest spoiler was very bad. I can’t see if my lovely pair hate each other because of families revenge. They were not yet united.
    Shravan Reddy miru ante naku chala chala istam. Miru navvithe chala baguntaru. Mi serial pedda hit avvalani korrukuntunanu

  3. Are Aradhya and Aryan are half brother and sister??? ?

    1. Honest opinion

      I’m wondering the same thing. Somebody pls clarify!!!! Are aradhya & Aryan half siblings? Or 1st cousins? Who’s aradhya’s dad?!!! It’d be weird if the lead pair is biologically related… Just sayin

  4. Seriously same doubt, Shaswat is shown as Aradhya’s father indirectly,so if Aryan is Shaswat’s son,then?Aryan and Aradhya will become siblings..or is Aryan Shaswat’s brothers son??but Pavithra is his mom and Shaswat’s wife..utter confusion..if somebody understood ,pls do clarify.

  5. ya .. it is very very confusing..I am eagerly waiting for the past story..

  6. i think aroo is sashwat’s and pavitras daughter and aryan is tulsi and someone elses son sashwat must have xchanged them as babies because if abba had gotten one more grandaughter he would he would not have been happy


      can be to………

    2. That’s a good theory, because I felt ? thinking what if Aradhya and Aryan r biologically related hehe

  7. aryan and aryadha luk so nyz

  8. No. I think in past shashwat loves tulsi but may be aaba saheb create some misunderstanding between them nd also a death had shown in the past related to shashwat. Also aradhya’s father is someone else nd not shashwat.
    And now the same track will move as aryan loves aradhya and now in future every misunderstanding created by aaba saheb will clear nd many more drama etc. But it is sure that arya are not bro nd sis or cousins. So keep watching nd enjoy the show #krishnadasi


      No Tulsi and Shashwat are friends……. in one epi Kumundini said that he doesnt have humanity……… he didnt even bother about his friend who had given birth a day before only and he dragged her out of this village………….

  9. Pls upload today epi

  10. According to my understanding aryan is tulsi’s son and aradya is saswath’s daughter. And kumudini exchanged them. Bcoz she know one day aradhya will become devdasi then she can take revenge frm abha by saying that his granddaughter is that all time she is saying aradya is her mohra.and she brought her to village

    1. Today I felt like the same.I mean Aryan will regret talking to Tulsi like that.

    2. Wow what twist to the story hehe. Thanks for clearing it.

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