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Krishnadasi 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Goon is taking Aradhya, Aradhya hits him on head and starts to run, she recalls how Aryan said that he was mad to leave he alone, she says Aryan cameback for me then how can i leave him? how can i be so selfish? i have to go to Aryan, she goes back again.
Gayetri comes on street, she calls Devid and says i am scared, David says i am following you, you go to address where that man called you, i am following you, Gayetri turns to see David following her, she is scared but comes to house where man called her, she asks David is she should go in? David says dont worry, we will catch him, go inside. Gayetri goes in house, its all dark there, she looks around and sees its godown, she asks if there is anyone present? she says you called me here, i have come, she looks around but doesnt find

anyone, someone puts cloth on her mouth, she tries to free herself but faints due to chloroform on cloth, its David who has done it.
Shashwat calls Shivani’s father and says because of you my son and is friend is kidnapped, your daughter is fine, you dont know what we can do, he is aaba’s grand son.
Goons beat Aryan, goon gets calls from shivani’s father, he says you have kidnapped wrong guy, he is son of famous person, leave him there and run, goon ends call, Goon tells other goon, other goon says he has seen our faces, we will caught, goon says we will kill him then leave, he points gun at Aryan, Aryan grabs him and beats, goons overpower Aryan and beats him, Aryan falls down, they put him in cold storage and closes door form outside, goon says he will die of cold now, he says i will call goon who had Aradhya with him, he calls him and leaves. Aryan looks around in cold storage, he doesnt find any way to run.
Kumudini comes to David, she looks at Gayetri unconscious, she says girl is beautiful, she teases David, she says this is our prey, it will be fun to take revenge from Aaba, David agrees and says this innocent girl will be in trouble in our fight, whats her fault? Kumudini says her fault is that she is Aaba’s grand daughter, what was my fault? what was your sister in law’s fault? what was my daughter’s fault? her father dragged my daughter with hair and threw her out of village, i am bearing insult from 21 years, dont think about all this, you are going wrong, in Geeta its written that there is no loaylist in war, we have got on prey finally and we will use it, we have to bring justice to your sister in law, just se tomorrow’s morning will be darker than this night for aaba.
Aradhya is coming back to godown, she sees goons coming out. Goons find other goon unconscious, they say girl should not be saved, Aradhya sees this and says they must have got to know about us, what if they do anything to Aryan? i have to save Aryan, she goes in godown.
Aryan is feeling cold in cold storage. Goons see Aradhya going in godown, they go behind her. Aradhya comes in godown, she searches for Aryan but Aryan is unconscious in cold storage. Goons come to Aradhya and says seems like you have affair with boy, we will not spare you, Aradhya runs and goes in cold storage, Goon says its good she went inside, they will die there, goons leave. Aradhya finds Aryan lying unconscious in cold storage, she says nothing will happen to you, listen to me, i wont let anything happen to you, i will take you from here, she tries to open door but cant, she asks Aryan to keep breathing.
Tulsi gets up from sleep and says i saw such bad dream, she calls Aradhya but her phone is switched off. Tulsi comes in mandir and prays.

Scene 2
Aradhya comes to Aryan and says someone will surely come to save us, dont lose hope, open your eyes, she says your face is becoming pale, what if someone doesnt come, she rubs his hands.
Tulsi tries to light diya in mandir but Krishan’s flute falls down, she says how did it fall? is it some bad omen?
Aradhya asks Aryan to open his eyes. Tulsi prays for Aradhya’s safety. She looks around and doesnt find Kumudini in house.
Aradhya rubs Aryan’s hands, she says nothing will happen to you, are you listening to me? she fells cold too.
Kumudini comes to Aaba’s house, Aaba asks what she is doing here? raghu says she came here forcefully, Kumudini says you are Sarpanch and the problem is difficult and you can decide about it only, Aaba says finally you realized that its me who can take decision here, Kumudini says dont fly high, first listen the matter, you know a guy and a girl are inside godown near farms, its your godown, village people are talking ill about them as they are inside since yesterday night, Aaba says they can anyone, its non of my business, Kumudini says you never leave chance to insult devdasies but now you are Sarpanch and have to keep village clean, Aaba says dont teach me, Banwari comes there and says to aaba that people have gathered outside our godown, there is a girl and guy inside godown and making love, its shameful, lets go, Kumudini says now come, aaba looks on.
Aradhya says to Aryan that dont worry someone will come to save us.
shashwat, Shivani and Varun arrives at factory in which Aryan and Aradhya are kidnapped. Shashwat asys whole night got wasted, dont know where they must be, he asks them to g and search for them, they leave, shashwat gets Pavitra’s call, he says i havent found him, i will call you as soon as i find him, he ends call, Pavitra looks at Aryan’s picture and says dont know how he must be.
Aradhya tries to wake up Aryan, she cries. Shashwat, Varun and Shivani are finding Aryan and Aradhya. Aradhya says i have only one way.
Varun asks Shivani if she found them? she says no, they go to check otherside.
Aradhya lifts Aryan and hugs him, she cries and hugs him tightly.
Shashwat, Varun and Shivani are searching for them. Aradhya says to Aryan that nothing will happen to him, be powerful, she says someone has to come to save us, she says nothing will happen, just have faith, she hugs him.

PRECAP- Aryan says to Shashwat that whatever was between you and me ended the day when you made my mother cry and went to that Devdasi’s house to spend your night, aradhya listens this and says what rubbish you are saying? you are blaming your father, Aryan says i know him better than you, aradhya says no you dont know your father else you wouldnt have blamed him for such cheap act. Kumudini says to David that today Aaba will speak what we want to listen. Aaba says to Kumudini that your mind works only on how to hurt me and my family, Kumudini smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode……….

  2. Nice

  3. nyzz …. aryan and aryadha…. love it…

  4. felt really bad for Aryan.. bechara kitna maar khaya.. then locked in cold room… his face was pale as ghost and shaking and trembling.. and aaru face was red as tomato.. Shravan Wow acting as always. Really liked Sana’s acting too today….. AaRa is awesome together.
    ….. Poor Gayu.. starting to hate devesh or David or what ever.

  5. hope Aradhya explains the whole story to Aryan and Shashwat and clear the misunderstanding!!

    1. I also hope the same…

  6. very nice episode. Aryan and Aryadha rock. Superb acting.

  7. Episode was very nice.
    Aryan Ayadhya rocks

  8. really felt vry bad fr gayetri… hating kumudini nw…

    1. Agreed. I don’t like the fact that she’s ruining the life of an innocent woman for her revenge. After what happened to her and Tulsi I would think that she’d be gentler towards other women but I guess that’s what makes her character compelling. She’s not exactly a typical protagonist, is she? She’s complicated and treads the line between good and bad. I suppose Aradhya and Tulsi are the actual moral compasses of this show. I’m sure Aaro will be horrified if she finds out

  9. Oh god …Aaradhyan rockzz??

  10. Wow aryan n aroo u rocked yarrrr

  11. aradhyan rockzz

    i love aaryan..:-)

  12. Dewaanakar diya..

  13. Ufff..sharvan..mardal na ka plan hai kaya tumhara..bcz u r jst sooooooo hooooot

  14. I am really liking this show..I like the historic factor of krishnadasi..old and new beliefs system. And women a power and strength..I wish the show much success.
    I am fan of thapki pyaar ki but it’s getting too ridiculous. ..

    You have to admit the lead couple are very hot..together

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