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Scene 1
Aryan asks Nakku to give her blood sample,she says i am servant,my blood will not match with owner, Aryan says this is rubbish, he makes her give blood sample, aaba says Aryan that why you are doing this? nobody wants to give her blood, Aryan says we have to do this for humanity sake, if anything happens to her then we will be blamed. Pavitra whispers that Aryan is going near that devdasi again, i wont give her blood at any cost, Aryan asks Pavitra to give blood sample,she says no, tulsi will bring her aaji, my hemoglobin is less,i wont give blood, Aryan is disgusted, he asks Shashwat to give blood, shashwat sits. tulsi comes there with Chimaji,aaba thinks if Chimaji has gone mad? he is again with devdasi? Chimaji says to doctor that take my blood,doctor takes his blood sample and checks

it, Chimaji looks at Tulsi, aaba thinks that Chimaji has accepted her as his daughter? why he denied at time of DNA? what if.. doctor comes and says Chimaji’s blood group didnt match with Aradhya, Tulsi is shocked and says but.. Chimaji is stunned. Aryan asks doctor to check other members, nurse comes and says patient is deteriorating, all go to Aradhya. doctor says to Aryan that we have to give her blood asap,we cant take aaba’s blood as he is heart patient, only Shashwat is left, Shashwat goes to give blood.
Pavitra says to Nakku that i will never give blood to that devdasi, Nakku says her blood group didnt even match with Chimaji while Tulsi kept saying that he is her father,its good now she is will die, Pavitra says no, i told you many times that i dont want to kill that devdasi,i just want to throw her out of house.
Kumudini comes to Aaba’s house and says aaba is trying snatch Keshav’s property,i wont let him do it. Kumudini comes inside, Tulsi says where were you? Aradhya is very ill,she needs blood, doctor says she is her aaji,lets take her blood, Tulsi says no she has cancer, Doctor says who said so? she came to hospital, she doesnt have cancer, Kumudini thinks that he has opened my secret, Tulsi stares Kumudini.
Aryan is calling blood banks for blood but nurse comes and says Shashwat’s blood group matched with Aradhya. Aryan comes in hall and says to Shashwat that your blood group has matched with Aradhya, lets go, give her blood, Shashwat starts going but aaba says Shashwat wont give her blood, Aryan says aaba this is not time to do all this, aaba says he will not give her blood, Tulsi pleads Aryan and says please save my daughter’s life, Aryan says to aaba that this is about someone’s life, dont do this, aaba takes Shashwat from there. Aryan comes to aaba and says dont do this, aaba says how can you forget what she did with your family? Aryan says i cant let her die like this, baba speak, Shashwat tries to say something but Aaba says shut up, Aryan says i never denied anything you said, you asked me to marry Purva instead of Aradhya so i agreed, i wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to her, we dont have time, she is your daughter in law even if marriage happened in tense situation, dont do this, her life is at stake, dont do this, please say yes. Aaba says i will allow shashwat to give her blood on one condition that you will divorce her tomorrow only and will marry Purva, Aryan is shocked to hear this, Aaba asks if he still have feelings for her? Aryan says nothing like that, aaba says then dont you want to get free from the girl who blamed you and married you by cheating? Aryan is distraught.
Aryan comes to Aradhya and sees her unconscious,he recalls their college banters, their funny fights, kyun ke tum hi toh meri jaan plays, doctor asks Aryan to bring Shashwat fast, we dont have time,Aryan has tears in eyes,he looks at Aradhya and leaves, Tulsi sits beside Aradhya.
Aryan comes to aaba, all family members are there, Aryan fumbles but says to aaba that i accept your condition,i will divorce Aradhya and will marry Purva, Aaba says i hope you dont deny your words later, Purva smirks, Aaba asks Shashwat to give blood to devdasi, Aryan leaves with Shashwat. Nakku says to happy Pavitra that devdasi will leave from this house but we have to think how your husband’s blood is matching her? Pavitra gets tensed.
Shashwat lies on bed beside Aradhya and gives her blood. Tulsi prays for Aradhya, Aryan thinks that nothing will happen to you Aradhya. Kumudini sees all this and thinks what a moment, father is giving blood to his daughter? what moment to see, blood is meeting blood, Tulsi sees her and takes her from there, Nakku sees them going and follows them.
Tulsi brings Kumudini out of house and says you lied to us about cancer and brought us here, see what Aradhya in now, Kumudini says i did everything for our family, Tulsi says i feel now that you dont care about family, shankari’s death is related to child no. 317, dont know what secret you are hiding, why my and Chimaji’s blood group didnt match with Aradhya? nurse comes and says patient has become conscious, Tulsi says to Kumudini that you wont go to Aradhya, i dont know what she is for you but she my daughter for me, she leaves, Nakku is hiding there and listening all this, Kumudini says Tulsi is getting to know everything, i cant let truth come out like this, she leaves, Nakku smirks seeing all this.
Aradhya is conscious,Nurse asks Shashwat to have something, he must be feeling weak after giving blood, Shashwat says no, he leaves. Aradhya looks at Aryan, Aryan sees her sadly and leaves, Tulsi says to Aradhya that Aryan cares for you alot, he was doing everything to bring blood for you, but i wont let you stay here, once you become fine then i will take you from here, Aradhya says i will not go anywhere from here, i have done so much with them but still they stood by me, to be honest i have seen feelings in Aryan’s eyes for me, i want to starts a afresh in this house, aaji told me to fight for my rights but i have duties as daughter in law, bless me to start new life here, Tulsi blesses her and smiles.

Scene 2
Its Morning, Aradhya comes and sits on bed, Aryan comes and says why did you get up from bed? who asked you to move? Aradhya says i went to change clothes, Aryan pours water in glass and offers her, she takes glass, their hands touch but Aryan moves his hand away, Aradhya drinks water and looks at him, he gets up from there, Aradhya asks why you are so tensed? is it because i got saved? you are tensed that i was saved? i am joking.. Aryan looks on, Aryan asks if she needs anything? she says no, Aradhya gets up, Aryan comes to her and says atleast rest for today, where are you going? Aradhya says i want to thank you Shashwat uncle, Aryan says say it later, Aradhya tries to move but has pain, Aryan says call him and say it, Aradhya says you are really a zero IQ, who calls other person in one house? i will go and say thanks, Aryan pulls her and makes her sit on bed, he says you dont listen to anyone, stay here and don try to move, he tries to leave but Aradhya holds his hand and says earlier you wanted to throw me out of this room and you are asking me not move from here? is is that you have started liking me? Aryan looks away and says you say anything as you do postmortem of everything, he leaves, Aradhya gets up and tries to move but is about to fall but Aryan comes in time and holds her in his arm, they share eyelock, tum hi ho jaan plays, Aryan says you are stubborn, i will take you to baba only, lets come, he holds her hand and takes her, Aradhya smiles at him.
Purva calls her mother and says lawyer has come, once Aryan signs paper then you come here for our marriage. She sees Aryan and Aradhya passingby from there, Aryan asks Aradhya to move slowly, there is no need to rush, he sees Purva there,Purva thinks that he is holding and supporting her as if he is not taking her to sign divorce papers but to enjoy with her. Aryan says to Purva that she wanted to go downstairs so i am providing,she is little weak, he takes Aradhya from there.
Aradhya comes in hall and says to aaba that Shashwat gave me blood and you allowed him to do so,i was wrong about you,you are really good person at heart, bless me to keep everyone happy in this house, she touches his feet. Aaba shows lawyer to Aradhya and says he is divorce lawyer,he says to lawyer that this girl has forcefully married Aryan and Aryan wants to divorce her. aaba shows divorce papers to Aradhya and says sign it,these are divorce papers, Aryan have already signed them, you sign it too, Aradhya is stunned and looks at Aryan,she says what is this Aryan? aaba says Aryan tell her that you decided to divorce her, Aryan comes forward, he doesnt look at Aradhya, he says Aaba is saying truth Aradhya, Aradhya says this is not right,Aryan says this is right for everyone, no one is happy with this marriage and from the time you have come in house,something or other is happening with you,its better if you go from here, we will be happy, Aaba says dont give explanation so much, ask her to sign, Aryan looks down and says Aradhya sign papers please, he is distraught too,Aradhya stands there in tears. Purva and Kaveri are hiding behind window, Purva says to Kaveri that hypnotize Aradhya,use your all power and make Aradhya sign papers. Kaveri starts moving ball to hypnotize Aradhya. Aradhya takes pen from Aryan,she looks at paper with anger. Purva murmurs witch sign papers.

PRECAP- Raj says to Purva that you went to kill her again? have you gone mad? Purva says this Kaveri is useless, Raj asks her to get lost, Kaveri says i dont know what is happening, earlier my words would reach her mind and she would act according to my commands but now she is not following any commands, how is it possible? Aradhya comes in her and Aryan’s room and locks door,she looks at locket which Kaveri had made her wear to hypnotize her, she angrily looks at it and recalls how Kaveri gave it to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Waiting for tomorrow’s epi…yippiieeeee

    1. I knew dat Aaroo is actin
      She will teach dat bit** purva a lesson
      I want to see purva’s reaction

  2. Yes! Araoo knows!!!! What an emotional episode!

  3. I like this serial very much…..plzzzz make that purva out from aryan’s life….

  4. I don’t understand the precap!!!does Aru know everything be4.?????moreover,why don’t they take Aru at hospital????I think the cvs don’t get time 2 arrange a hospital scene!?

    Aara scence is good?

    1. I was thinking the same. If she was losing blood to be unconscious she needed surgical repair to stop the bleeding.

  5. I am eagerly waiting for that episode when pavitra will know Aru is her biological daughter I think naku will tell pavitra about the truth KD is full of twist don’t know what is going to happen and why colors is not telecasting its show on time

  6. What’s wrong with sahil. He shud leave swasan to be together

  7. But aaradhya came to know truth dat she was hypnotized, in d precap its shown but poor soul she alone wil know it as no one in that house wil believe including low IQ aryan, hes EQ is very high although any abba,dabba,chabba can easily blackmail him and get his work done,idiot kahin ka,Kumudini ka toh koi gun nahi hai is ladke main,deva re deva

    1. It’s aradhaya’s fight back time..

  8. Aaba very bad

  9. she sign divorce paper or not confusion hi confusion hai….but nice and sad episode

  10. I think that in all serials heroines will sacrifice their love for the happiness of others but in kd hero is sacrificing his love..wat a special writer..

  11. ??????Who else in here is happy that today is only Wednesday and we get to see what will happen on the next episode as soon as tomorrow??????? … *wooptidooo* this calls for a joy dance…

    1. No its not dream..but ardaya refused to sign the divorce paper…

  12. so…..did she sign the papers?

    1. She didn’t sign…. And I don’t think she every will…. Maybe in purva’s dreams ???

  13. Guys I’ve seen latest spoiler and aradhya along with Michael find someone against purva and raj (is that his name can’t rmeber ) and she will record that person saying they are bad blah blah so she has evidence against them so she will expose them two idiot. But I’m guessing as aradhya found out about hipnotysing there must have been a scenario where by she never signed the divorce found out about hypnotising and then wants to expose them before signing paper as it would be so stupid of writers make them divorce and Marry again… Xxx

  14. Guys I’ve seen latest spoiler and aradhya along with Michael find someone against purva and raj (is that his name can’t rmeber ) and she will record that person saying they are bad blah blah so she has evidence against them so she will expose them two idiot. But I’m guessing as aradhya found out about hipnotysing there must have been a scenario where by she never signed the divorce found out about hypnotising and then wants to expose them before signing paper as it would be so stupid of writers make them divorce and Marry again… Xxx

  15. Sujee

    Poor aara .fingers crossed fo tomorrow episode ..will aradya sign those divorce papers???

  16. Wow.. nyc episode.. feeling sad for Aaryn..Oohhh..this aabhaa saahib z so irritating.. & the purva..
    no more ideas about next episode..

  17. I knew that she will find it out. Ooo finally aru is going to blast that b****y witch. When I read the Precap I jumped on my bed. Loved arr scenes.. eagerly waiting for the countdown of purva. “Purva you will be gone now”

  18. I think she didn’t sign divorce papers. That’s y Kaveri was asking herself in pre cap why her hypnotism didn’t work. In the spoiler( old one) it was told ki Aru will refuse to sign it first then later she’ll. I wish it not to come true. Nobody wants AaRa’s divorce. When Pavitra gets to know Aru is her daughter and Aryan is Tulsi’s what will she do ? Will she say , ” I want that devdasi’s son out of my daughter’s life ” ?. Or will she tell anyone. Bcs Aaba wanted a grandson nd Pavitra is still in that house bcs everybody thought she gave birth to a son , ie Aryan. So , revealing true identity of AaRa may risks Pavitra’s living in that house. Aradhya is alright now.
    Now , episode: Loved Aryan. His emotions…His helplessness….His love….His care. Nakku will somehow find out Kumudini’s truth. Though I hate Purva , that character , I like her acting I mean Priyanka. She’s doing a good job. Waiting for next episode.

  19. i think aaradhya is the daughter of pavitra and shashwat…aryan is the daughter of tulsi and chimaji…i think it has been done deliberately by kumudini….so that pavitra and shashwat daughter is called devadasi

  20. i think aaradhya is the daughter of pavitra and shashwat…aryan is the daughter of tulsi and chimaji…i think it has been done deliberately by kumudini….so that pavitra and shashwat daughter is called devadasi…..its just my guess

  21. Sruthi

    aradhya knows the truth that purva nd raj is doing dis, so she acting accordingly..and raj is havng an eye on kesav’s property ,he may be thinking if no one is ther so he can sell too to solve his business problems…..its only my thought… u aara, catch purva nd her brother red handed.

  22. Ooooooh Aryan is such a lovely and caring husband he sacrifice his love to save the life of her wife really its amazing and aara scene is lovely in today episode..

  23. Aryan is such a lovely husband and truly loves aru and he sacrifice his love for aru’s life tooooooooo gud aryan…

  24. love that moment when Aradhya and Aryan is closed,…
    Waiting for next episode..

  25. What should be next..?
    How kumudhini get stabbed in hospital..?i dont undrstand..
    Anywayzz..Aarryn u r a real hero..Actually shravan ur acting z amaizing..Sana u too…
    Aarraadhya z now coming against purva in the track..Hope’ng that she would defeat the evil power..
    But what about the todayz epi i did’nt think that she sign..
    Anywayz Kd..?? keep going..Neva boar us..?

  26. superb show….. love the cast n whole…..amazing leads…

  27. Awesome serial but i wanted it to be telecasted in its right time

  28. I don’t think that Raj is purva’s bro… I think he has some kind of relation with rajaji…

  29. hey guys, even I wud like to like to join this group yar

    1. Yeah sure leher

    2. Most welcom leher dear?

  30. of course leher……u most wel come in kd family

  31. i like to join this group,pls join me,

    1. Ruby

      sure neha. welcome to kd family

      1. WOW!its ALLU ARJUN!

  32. I wud like to join the group. pls add me too

  33. nice pic ruby

  34. hey frnds i’m inactive frm last 2 weeks bcoz we were shifting frm our house,sokindly can anyone please brief me the story of KD after gayatri says yes to th 2nd marraige.pleeeeease!
    hey RUBY! can u please help me out.
    and where is tanu?

  35. I too would like to join this group. I love watching KD. Just love Aaradhya n Aryan together.

  36. hy maleesha i update my dp on grvtr account but can u plz tll me wt is the main prps of grvtr acnt i heard it first rime from u can u plz tell me about gravatar account in detail….?

  37. wow! dc z awesome

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