Krishnadasi 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kumudini says to Kaka(his name is vishvas) that dont call us devdasi but Krishnadasi, dont ever break my trust, i think i can trust you but your tongue is speaking something different, Vishvas says you can count on me, you asked me to be silent and dont tell anyone that you lied about your cancer so i didnt tell anything to anyone but i am with this family so i cant see wrong happening with you people, why are you doing this with Aradhya? why are you destroying her life? she is innocent, Kumudini laughs and says there nothing wrong or right in love and war, this is my fight against aaba, i have to win it, Aradhya coming here is part of my war, she will become my weapon with which i will win against aaba, Kaka says but Aradhya can be hurt in all this, Kumudini says many get hurt in

war, they even die in war but it doesnt matter, this is really old war which wounded our souls but now this is our fight and i will win it, Kaka says but why Aradhya for all this? Kumudini says its not necessary that Aradhya will be in trouble, i will protect her in this war, now this talk is done, i have to make laddoes for Aradhya, i am going to market, Kaka says nobody will sell you anything, Kumudini says they will as we performed yesterday, kaka leaves.
Shashwat is driving car with Gayetri, he says to Gayetri that i didnt tell anything to Pavitra about your accident, she will be happy to listen that you have cleared exam, Gayetri says i wanted to surprise you but accident happened, Shashwat says i knew that you will pass with distinction, Gayetri says we will surprise Pavitra too.
Aaba’s house is getting decorated, he says to servants that my grand son is coming so everything should be decorated, he says i want everything of this village to welcome my grand son.
Kumudini is preparing for Aradhya’s welcome, she says to Goda that you are still same, you cant do work fast, Tulsi brings Rangoli color, Kumudini says you make Rangoli for Aradhya and dont worry, if you think good then good will happen, Tulsi is tensed.
Pavitra comes to Nakku and says did you make everything in lunch? she says yes, Pavitra says i will make one dish too. She comes to Shivangi and says you are making good rangoli, Shivangi says my nephew is coming afterall, Pavitra leaves, Shivangi asks servant to complete Rangoli.
Aradhya comes to Kumudini’s house, she likes Rangoli, she says why you guys are welcoming me so grandly? Kumudini says you have given me happiness by coming here, you have made our family complete, you are star of your family, she goes to cook something, Aradhya says to Tulsi that now smile, if you dont talk to me then i will think that you are still upset with me, Tulsi says i know you are stubborn like Kumudini and now you are using her illness, Aradhya says we will serve her then she will become fine, she is so happy to see me here, Tulsi says i am not your or her enemy, nothing matters to me more than your both happiness, she hugs Aradhya.
aaba comes to one shopkeeper, shopkeeper is happy, aaba says pack every sweet of your shop, my grand son is coming and he likes your shop’s sweets, shopkeeper says i will pack whole sweets of your shop, one kid says i want sweets, shopkeeper says we cant give anything today, we have to send it to Aaba’s house, aaba gives sweets to kid and says pray for my grand son, he is about to leave but Kumudini comes there and asks shopkeeper to pack sweets, he says i cant give it as aaba have taken all sweets, Kumudini says my grand daughter has come so i need it, aaba says give her some, she is begging for it, he says to Kumudini that why dont you tell your grand daughter about her father? she must be of wedding age so she needs her father, we didnt know you have grand daughter, Kumudini says you dont have to worry about my grand daughter’s marriage, whole village is with me, your ego will break soon, Aaba says you have nothing to say, he leaves. Shopkeeper says to Kumudini that i have one box packed, shashwat asked for it but he didnt take it, you can take it, Kumudini takes it and thanks him.
Shashwat messages Pavitra about Gayetri coming, Gayetri says i hope she has made sheera(sweet dish) for me, shashwat says i dont think she has read the message, Gayetri says i just wan sheera, Shashwat says i will bring it for you.
Gayetri and shashwat reaches home, they are surprised to see house fully decorated, Gayetri says i cant believe Pavitra has done so much for me? shashwat thinks that i cant believe they have done so much as Gayetri as cleared her exams, they come in hall, everyone is standing there, Aaba comes and passesby shashwat and Gayetri, he comes to Aryan, Aryan smiles to him and hugs him, Aaba is happy, Gayetri is sad and looks at Pavitra, Pavitra comes to Gayetri and asks how did you get wound? go and change your dress. Aaba says to Aryan that you are welcome here, Aaba says see my grand son, my pride has come, future of Krishnavati has come, junior aaba sahib has come, he asks Pavitra to do his aarti. Pavitra does Aryans’ tilak and aarti, Aryan touches his feet, Pavitra says become fat and make aaba’s name glorious, Aryan gets serious, he touches shashwat’s feet, shashwat hugs him, Aaba says Aryan must be hungry, he says first make him have sweets, Aryan says you can have it, Aaba says i will eat ti today and you cant say anything to me.

Scene 2
Aradhya eats sweets and says to Kumudini that i used to miss you and Tulsi at hostel, i used to miss eating food with you, i will help you in kitchen today, Kumudini says no i will do everything today for you, Aradhya says but you are ill, Kumudini sys i am not ill.. i mean do i look ill? i am enjoying Krishnavati’s air, what should i make for you? Aradhya says kheer, Aradhya takes sweets and ask if she will become fat? Kumudini says no, Aradhya leaves, Kumudini says i raised storm Aradhya to use it against Aaba and i am celebrating this today.
Shashwat comes to Aryan and says i listened that you left study, why? aaba says he doesnt need to study, whole Krishnavati will follow him, he asks Aryan what degree you want? i will bring all degrees for you, Aryan says Aaba says thats not matter, Aaba says call me aaba again, Aryan says it, aaba gets happy and says you know you first said aaba when you started talking, nobody dares to call me Aaba here but only you, Aryan says i will get degree on my own, i have just taken vacation from college, Aaba says you can do whatever you want. Gayetri says to shashwat that aaba is happy today, talk to him about my further studies, Pavitra says if you talk to him about your result then he will erupt like volcano, Aaba says to Nakku that make great dishes for Aryan, Pavitra and Nakku leaves, Shivangi says i will help them too, she leaves. Shashwat says Gayetri has passed entrance exam of agriculture management, she was first, Aryan says she is always first in every exam, he congratulate her, aaba says eat any sweet, he says to shashwat that you know i dont like daughters studying, she doesnt need to study or work for anyone, she will get married to some god family, i will not leave any stone turned to get good groom for her, he ask them to leave now, they leave.
Aradhya comes to Tulsi and says i will help you, Kumudini is not making do anything, Tulsi gives her watermelon, Aradhya recalls how Aryan gave her watermelon and said its good for health, she says what about i break it on your head? Tulsi says what are you saying? Aradhya says i meant to say its good for health, Tulsi says you were talking as if this watermelon is human, Aradhya says it is.. i mean plants are living beings too, i am so happy that i come here so i am blabbering anything, Kumudini is so happy that i am here, Tulsi says you dont think about my happiness, Aradhya says i know you want me to do something in life, i have left college but not studies, i want to spend time with Kumudini, i can extend her lifeline, she says i want to go to Mandir to pray for Kumudini, you have old relation with that mandir, Tulsi says you cant go to that mandir, Aradhya says why?
Aryan is going to Gayetri’s room, Shashwat says let her be alone, all are celebrating that you are here but not her success, she will come to your party, Aryan asks are you happy that i am here? shashwat says i am happy that you denied fake degree, you have some values of me, Aryan taunts him that even i know difference between right and wrong and i dont forget it for some stranger.
Tulsi says to Aradhya that you are daughter of devdasi and tried to stop that custom, they are against you, Aradhya says but all know that i am your daughter, i want to fight, this is my village too, i want to pray for Kumudini, let me go to Mandir, Tulsi says okay, go to mandir, dont talk to anyone, just pray and comeback, Aradhya leaves

PRECAP- Gayetri meets Aradhya at Mandir. Gayetri says to Aradhya that we have thrown a party as my younger brother(Aryan) has returned, you have to come there too. At night, Aradhya comes in Aaba’s party, Aaba is there too, Aradhya is with Gayetri. Kumudini says to herself that this is what i wanted, i wanted Aradhya to cross Aaba’s house boundary which she did. Tulsi thinks that my daughter has entered lion’s den, she comes to Aaba’s party in veil and sees Aradhya there, she is tensed. Pavitri tells Aryan that they have returned to destroy my life again, Aryan says what they are back?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG!! Aryan is the grandson….now aradhya and aryan will clash and BOOM bomb will explode…nice twist

  2. Its strange enuf that aryan didnt get happy to knw abt his sister’s results even it seemd he didnt even knw that he n his sister wr in same city….how illogical is that n even if he doesnt hav good relatn wid shashwat he is nt havng good relatn wid his siblings…i find him selfish…

  3. Didnt see this coming!! aryan is abba’s grandson!?! now its going to get interesting!!

  4. Show is going good. I think Aryan is the son of Tulsi and Aardhaya is the daughter of Shashawat.
    May be Kumidini swapped the babies to take revenge from aba by making his granddaughter into devadasi.

  5. Nice idea, divya

  6. yahhh… divya ur idea is good…



    Those know hindi pls give the written update…… if possible the tellyupdates theme can do it……….. its just only a request………. THIS PART 1 THIS IS PART 2 THIS IS PART 3


      12th Feb:

      The episode starts with Aradhya bringing water for Gayetri. Doctor comes there and tells that THEIR FATHER wanted to shift her to special ward. Aradhya ask our father? Gayethri tells that we are not sisters. The doctor says sorry and leaves. Gayethri thanks Aradhya.


        Aradhya tells about the cab and the share with a family so she needs leave immediately. Gayethri asks her to wait for a minute and meet her father and go. Aradhya says that she needs to go and will meet him some other day. She leaves. As soon as she leaves Shashwat coms there. Gayethri tells that he could have come one minute earlier. She tells to him about Aradhya. He says that she could have stopped her na……….

        Remaining whenever i get time i will post…. since i m in class ten i busy……..

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