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Krishnadasi 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Purva enters Haveli, she slips but Aryan holds her in time, she looks at him and smiles, all are happy to see them, Purva says Aryan? he says hi Purva, come sit, she sits.
Aradhya is brought to Chimaji, she is shocked to see him and says i never thought you will do something like this, you have kidnapped a girl, how can you stoop so low? his loyalist that you insulted great personality, you will be punished, Aradhya says great people dont give punishments, because of fake people like you, we have no trust on pious people, Chimaji says you still have no shame, devdasies should not remain in village, you will be punished for sure, he orders his men to put her in cave for somedays, they take Aradhya from there.
Purva touches everyone’s feet and greets them while giving parsad,

all are impressed, Purva beds near Aryan, Aryan says dont touch my feet, Purva says i was taking flower which was near your feet, why will i touch your feet now? Pavitra says Purva didnt change a bit, Aaba says its good to joke sometimes, our Aryan is not less, he will give a good comeback, Aaba asks Aryan to take Purva on sight seeing, Deshmukh says we are leaving tonight only, Aaba says you will go tomorrow only, its our order, Pavitra says Aryan and Purva will be able to spend time too, Aaba says Purva is city girl so she should see life of village as she has to live here after marriage, he asks Aryan to take Purva, Aryan and Purva leaves, Pavitra says they are looking so good together.
Men put Aradhya in cave and leaves from there, is all dark there, Aradhya shouts to let her go, she tries to open cave’s door but cant. She screams so save her, she asks for help but no one comes, she says Lord please save me from this cave, she sits down and cries, she listens rats noise and sees rats there, she is shocked and tries to go away from them but they are much in number, she gets tensed,
Pavitra is working in kitchen. Purva comes there, Pavitra asks what are you doing here? Purva says i saw you working here so i came here, Pavitra says you havent become my daughter in law and came to help me? Purva says i wanted to talk you something, Pavitra thinks if she is going to say no for marriage? Pavitra says you can talk to me but dont take haste decision, did Aryan say something to you? Purva says no, i just wanted to tell you that i cant cook, i can just make coffee, Pavitra laughs and says you are going to be Rao’s family daughter in law so you dont need to cook, you will just order servants, i will make yo learn few dishes which Aryan likes thats all, she asks Purva to take coffee for Aryan, Purva takes it and leaves, Pavitra says this relation will be done soon.
its Morning, Aradhya is still in cave, she says i am hungry too. Servant says to Chimaji that she is in cave from yesterday night, should we leave her? Chimaji says let her stay there for one or two days then she will be taught lesson. Aaba and Banwari is there too, Banwari says what if rats bite her too much, if she dies then people will make it issue, aaba says these devdasies dont die easily and even if she dies then we will call is accident. Aradhya is screaming for help from cave, aaba listens it and smirks. Aradhya sees rats in cave again, she gets tensed and screams. Aryan is sleeping in his room, he gets up with start and feels something, he says i saw such a bad dream, i just hope Aradhya is not in any problem, Purva comes and says who is Aradhya? that is coming in your dreams? she gives him coffee and says Aradhya must be special, is she your girlfriend? Aryan says she cant be my gf, she is so irritating, you see i woke up screaming when i saw her in dreams. Purva says your room is nice and neat, it doesnt seem like boy’s room, Aryan says actually Aradhya.. i mean my mom is cleanliness freak, she has done it, Purva says sorry to check out your room but we are getting married so we should know about each other, she sees his photo in frame and says its nice picture. She sees Aradhya’s dinosaur sketch on his punching bag and says is she same girl who irritates you in dreams? Aryan says actually.. servant comes and says Pavitra has called you downstairs, Aryan says to Purva that i will go and get ready, he leaves, Purva sees Aradhya’s dinosaur sketch and leaves. Aryan comes back in his room and stares Aradhya’s sketch.
Aradhya is running away from rats, she says dont come near me, she pushes them away, she says what will i do now? no one will help me, what should i do? she says i lit fire here then these rats will go away, she take stones and rubs them to lit fire.
Chimaji comes to Aaba’s haveli garden, all family members meet him. Aryan comes there and thinks i saw Aradhya’s bad dream, i just hope she is fine, its good that she didnt come today, why i am thinking about her? i have to focus here.
Aradhya lits fire in cave, she says no rats will not come near me, i am so hungry, what should i do?
Aaba asks Aryan to come, he comes and greets Chimaji, Aaba says Chimaji have come to bless you, Chimaji blesses him while he touches his feet. Chimaji says their kundlis are compatible, this is nice relation, all are happy listening this, Aaba says you have cleared our doubts, all congratulate each other, Aryan and Purva touches Chimaji’s feet, Chimaji says to Aryan that till Purva is with you, no evil eye will be cast on you, you both are compatible, be happy, Chimaji says i will leave, Aaba says have some refreshment, Chimaji says its time for prayers, i will eat after that, he leaves. Pavitra says i feel like keeping Purva here, Aryan tries to leave, Aaba says where are you going? Aryan says i have to go to factory, Aaba says you keep thinking about work, leave it, take Purva and make her see our factories, make her see beautiful sights of Krishnavati, Pavitra says first we will have lunch then they will go, all leave, Aryan thinks Aradhya is not leaving my mind and here my family is making my relation with Purva.
Gayetri is market, she listens Chimaji’s loyalists talking, they say Aradhya insulted great Chimaji so she had to get punished, she is in cave now, her family will come and will keep searching for her. Gayetri is shocked to listen this and says Aradhya is kidnapped, i should inform Tulsi and Kumudini, she calls them but their phone is switched off, she says who can help Aradhya? she says only Aryan can help her, he can go against Chimaji, i will talk to him, dont know how Aradhya must be.
Aradhya is in cave, she imagines Aryan there, Aryan says what are you cooking Aradhya? i am hungry, Aradhya is cooking something, Aryan eats egg, she says let me cook it first, Aryan eats roti cooked by Aradhya.. this all turns out to be Aradhya’s dream, Aradhya says i imagined Aryan and smiled even in this situation, Lord do something, whenever i am in problem, Aryan comes to save me but this time he wont be able to come, its useless to think about him, he must be busy with that girl(Purva).
Aryan makes Purva sit in jeep, he gets call but Pavitra takes his phone and cuts Gayetri’s call, Pavitra says i am taking your phone else you wont give time to Purva, from today you will take care of Purva, ask her anything, remember your aayi likes Purva, now leave, Aryan leaves after giving his phone to Pavitra. Deshmukh says to Aaba that i am surprised that you have modern thoughts, you have let Purva go with Aryan, Aaba says we have to walk beside our new generation, i can do anything for Aryan, he is my favorite.
Gayetri says Aryan is not picking my call, i will go in Haveli and talk to him. Gayetri comes to Haveli, Aaba asks where are you going? Gayetri says i want to meet Aryan, Aaba says he has gone out of house, Deshmukh asks who is this girl? Aaba says she is poor girl from village, Aryan believes in charity, Aaba asks her to leave Gayetri thinks where Aryan must have gone? how i will help Aradhya now?
Aryan comes to factory with Purva, he says this is our new factory, its under construction, Purva says aaba is making it for you? he says yes, Purva sees this button and says its lose, someone has not stitched it nicely, it will fall down, Aryan recalls Aradhya stitching it and says i will not fall down as Aradhya have tucked it nicely, he gets conscious and says i will show you Krishnawati, they leave.
Gayetri comes back to Kumudini’s house, she sees Tulsi back in house, she tells Tulsi that Aradhya is punished, she is at some place, i could find Aryan too, Tulsi says tell me where is Aradhya, who punished her? Gayetri says i dont know full thing but i listened two people talking, she insulted Chimahji thats why she is punished, they were saying that Aradhya is hungry and thirsty since yesterday, we have to help her else dont know what will happen to her, Tulsi says i wont let anything happen to her, Chimaji have given challenge to me by torturing my daughter, Chimaji you act like pious person but you are cruel, now you will have to answer my every question Chimaji infront of whole world, i wont spare you.

PRECAP- Kumudini comes to Aaba house and says where is my grand daughter? aaba is stunned. Aradhya is in cave and says i am missing Aryan every single minute. Aryan is in jeep with Purva, she asks what kind of girl you like? Aryan imagines Aradhya in jeep and says i like stupid and mad kind of girl, the one who opens door and throws water on person without seeing their face, i like that type of girl, Aradhya says you like so much about me so have you started to like me? Aryan says dont even think that i like you.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Aloki

    Intentionally skipped those purva and chimaji’s scenes .. It was too irritating to watch them .. AaRa unite soon .. Anyways the precap is interesting!

  2. Sneha

    feeling lyk punching dis purva chudail….she doesnt even look nice to me…if aryan marries her i will quit watching dis show….really felt bad for aaru….may tulsi save her in time….!!!!! 🙁

  3. jk

    feeling sad about Aaru….
    day to day it is very very interesting….
    super… good going
    there is no dragging….
    No boring…
    Cute pair….
    Amazing,.. 🙂

      • Sanjana

        Di u used to comment in Skr page right
        Hi Di I am Sanjana
        I guess u know only WW Di
        I wish u would visit the page sometimes
        And who’s in ur dp and I have a doubt ww used to mention about jiju to u or I am mistaken
        I used to love reading ur comments in Skr page

  4. Hannah

    Love them. Gutted that they didn’t have any real scenes today except imagination which was okay. But can’t wait for aryan to rescue his Aradya this will be a good hug scene ?? will have to wait till Monday now yaar! Wish it came on everyday love it so much! Btw in India does it come on at 1030pm!?? In the uk it comes on at 930pm! Xxxx

  5. aru’s dream sequence was so cute. … they were playing ghar ghar in cave … ary machchar maraing and aru roti making and ary eating like bhukkad. lol …. and precap is nice.

  6. Aloki

    No no not tulsi … I wish our dashing hero Aryan saves Aaru in time in true heroic manner … Ahh! cannot wait more for that scene to happen!! Hope krishnadasi aired on the weekends also

  7. Renu

    Aryan should be Chimaji and Tulsi’s son whom somebody must have exchanged with Pavitra and Shaswats second daughter ie Aradhya.

  8. Alyaa

    I really love Aryan and Aaradhya together.Aryan and Aradhya are in love with each other but they are not realizing it.The Precap is very interesting .I think/hope that Aryan will save Aaradhya.Can’t wait till Monday to watch the upcoming episode

  9. hey! in SBS it is shown that Aryan saves aradhya and shouts on her why she came when she said that she is here from yesterday night he get more angry .keep watching it’s going to interesting.

  10. Swetha

    wow..precap is very rocking nd intersting
    I cant wait till monday..
    Hope more drama will be threr net week..
    How Aryan will save her..waiting..

  11. i dont know why but i am addicted wid this serial after ipkknd season 1 for me this serial is best by the way any1 know abt the trp of krishndasi

  12. Aloki
    Hey guys i read here that aryan will save aradhya from chimaji’s clutches and will eventually come to know about chimaji and aaba’s evil plan .. He will then call off his marriage with purva going against aaba and confess his love for aradhya … Isn’t it great!! .. P.S.- i donot know how much true this spoiler is but then this is what we are willing to see … Hope it happens!!

    • jk

      thnku for this good news…..
      keep update good news like this….
      there is no telecasting on sat and sun I miss this serial so much…
      waiting for Monday……

  13. A

    Trp of kd is 1.6 and also another spoiler is that tulsi expose mahantji and tell that aradhya is daughter of mahantji

  14. Cutex

    We hope all this happen like that and Aryan know the truth and confess his love( aradaya) and save aradaya from cave and i wish that the purva trap end soon

  15. neha

    Hey guyzz!! I showed tht aryan is taking revnge and shows fake love for aardhya for gaythris insult…

  16. neethu

    if he is fake loving her then aryan will break her heart when he tells her tht he was fake loving her to take revenge for his sister gayatris insult. soo sad:(

  17. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

    Pls neha give us spoiler link for aryan taking revenge by fake loving her pls pls pls pls pls dear

  18. lIfNa

    Aryan (Shravan Reddy) is showing fake love drama to insult Aradhya (SanaSheikh) The upcomingepisode will show that Aradhya has started liking Aryan and is upset with hismarriage with Purva.Aryan also pretends to like Aradhya and shares some romantic moments together.Aryan helps Aradhya in every difficulty and rescues her asa true friend.Aryan will soon confess his love for Aradhya and will propose to marry her.Aryan truth revealed Aryan is doingall this under a revenge plan and Aradhya is unaware about it.Aradhya truly loves Aryan but Aryan will soon ditch Aradhya and will break her heart.Aryan was doing all this to take revenge from Aradhya for her sister Gayetri’s insult.

  19. neha

    Bad about aaru …willl aryan do the same way like david …how he insulted gayethri can anyone say…

  20. Swetha

    what fake love…no but Aryan might do this for Aaba only…
    He may struggle to confess his feelings bcoz of Aaba..
    anyway interesting …Finally AARU will be united..
    So chill nd enjoy the current track

    • Aloki

      i read somewhere that purva’s character will gradually turn negative when aryan will continue focussing on aradhya

  21. Cutex

    Hope it’s not true but guys if it true and Aryan ply game with ardya and Aryan fake loving than durring fake living Aryan truly love aradaya same like (shlok) is payar ko kya nam dun season 2

  22. listen guys that site is total bakwas site.
    they write spoiler according to the episode, segments and prediction. they mislead people. i am saying from experience. don’t believe that spoiler .. its not spoiler at all… previously after the publish of sana’s pic in bridal wear.. they gave a stupid spoiler that david going to marry aradhya by blackmailing. it turned out to be wrong.. so saying.. don’t believe that page..i think neither aryan will propose her nor will betray her. 🙂

    • Yup u r right tanu,it’s total bakwas dat aryan will take revenge of gayatri coz gayatri is the reason somehow of dre unity,aryan nd aaradhya both know dat kumudini n david did that, nd y david wanna take revenge, so dey only get united to end this animosity,nd aryan hv also seen dat kumudini wanna make aaradhya devdasi,so it’s bullshit dat her only saviour is also fake, i dun believe this

  23. Cutex

    I hope tanu u quite right and aryan not playing game with aradaya ( fake love game) and if Aryan playing game than why he miss aradya every movement and why he save aradaya every time

  24. asjafshasjljsgajbskagsyhagsha
    fsdx gahsfdzxcva;/sl’z/

  25. Yup u r right tanu,it’s total bakwas dat aryan will take revenge of gayatri coz gayatri is the reason somehow of dre unity,aryan nd aaradhya both know dat kumudini n david did that, nd y david wanna take revenge, so dey only get united to end this animosity,nd aryan hv also seen dat kumudini wanna make aaradhya devdasi,so it’s bullshit dat her only saviour is also fake, i dun believe this

  26. fernadz

    Ya guyzz …it may right..if its wrng why aryn everytime imagines aaru … i dont thnk so it will be fake …

  27. neethu

    guys another interesting news. aradhya is going to be hospitalised and aryan is going to be seen taking care of her.

  28. Waise bhi is bechari ladki se kon kon aur kitna revenge lenge sab,pehle aabha ne devdasi bnane ki koshish ki,fir neelami,fir aaji ne mandir main nachwane ki,fir mahant ne torture kiya,kuch aur bacha hai kya ab jo aryan karega

    • Aloki

      In the precap it was shown that when purva asked aryan what kind of a girl he likes he described one imagining aradhya … If his love is fake then why will he do this when she is nowhere around … Just for the shake of bringing twists the writers cannot be so illogical :@

  29. neethu

    guys there is a new spoiler (aradhya shattered to know aryans truth). i mean if he is cheating on her by faking his love to take revenge on his sisters insult. then kumu shud tell truth to aru tht she is really aaba saiibs grand daugher and not aryan. aru can use this against the entire rao family and destroy them. and insult aryan too. buy i think if aryan and poorvas marriage happens then the serial shud take a 5 or 6 year leap. and aru shud be somewhere durint these 6 years and then she shud re-enter in krishnavati and start her revenge. its going to be interesting to see.

    • Hey neethu, i don’t think these gossip is true. Because it is showed in the serial tht aryan is also hallucinations abt aradhya and also cares for her. So how cud he cheat on her

  30. aaru

    I think its a fake news he could he marry in spoiler he reject her no ….wht is happping ..aru is good grl she wouldnt take rvng like this…and although why aryan saved her neelami (krishnadasi) it would be a big rvng for her sisters insult …am i right ..what about your opninons…

  31. uff this latestgossip site increasing our blood pressure. may be its true still i will not believe it until TOI spoiler comes out.

  32. still now i was saying the news of latest gossip is fake now i think it may be right.. Telly dhamal also posted same spoiler…. No… it so bad … my heart will break … by the way why TOI is not giving the spoiler

  33. Shraddha

    WOW! 91 Comments GREAT!
    and guys whats the latest gossip?if he says no i’m not gonna watch the serial

  34. Ruhani

    But I seriously don’t want Aaryan and Purva to get married even if he is taking revenge from Aradhya

  35. Wats dis yar, dey dun let us enjoy cave anf hospital scenes. Dey shud leak spoliers after that,dis is ridiculous, nd illogical too,if dey show dat aryan said no to save aaradhya only den it wil be ok nd not illogical but showing him caring for her n.protect her at every step n.afterwards he say ot was fake it’s really absurd, u guys say

    • Aloki

      with such a stupid twist that excitement like ‘what will happen next’ somewhere dies … Now no matter how much romance they show we will be like ‘fake hi toh hain sab kuch’ … Complete crap it is

  36. Guys leave this bakwas spoiler.. which got no valid logic…

    here is the actual spoiler of the week from TOI

    Episode – 6110:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 18 April

    Tulsi questions Mahant about Aradhya’s disappearance. However, he doesn’t reply as he is meditating. To get him talking, Tulsi starts dancing like an apsara.

    Episode – 6210:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 19 April

    Aryan rushes Aradhya to the hospital. Alongside, Tulsi tells Mahant that Aradhya is his daughter and later accepts this in front of the panchayat.

    Episode – 6310:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 20 Apr 

    Pradyumn tells Tulsi that a DNA test will be conducted to prove that Mahant is Aradhya’s father. Alongside, Aradhya is pained to see her mother being subjected to such behaviour from Pradyumn.

    Episode – 6410:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 21 Apr 

    Tulsi tells Aradhya how Mahant had abandoned them for a more lucrative life, following which Aradhya states she is happy she never knew the man who ruined their lives.

    Episode – 6510:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 22 Apr

    Kumudini rushes to the hospital and locks Shankari in a room so that a secret related to Aryan and Aradhya’s childhood is not revealed.

    • Aloki

      Thanks Tanu for this great piece of news … Somewhat feeling relieved … i think even if Aryan rejects Aradhya there’s more to the story … Like someone blackmailing him to do so and stuffs

    • Means dey r going to reveal child swapping????? Dat kumudini has sum big game plan in her mind,she wanted to make either aradhya krishnadasi or get her married to aryan, den also she wil be in krishnadasi kul n cumin generations also…. Only after succeeding in this plan she wil reveal the secret

    • Yup u r right tanu,it’s total bakwas dat aryan will take revenge of gayatri coz gayatri is the reason somehow of dre unity,aryan nd aaradhya both know dat kumudini n david did that, nd y david wanna take revenge, so dey only get united to end this animosity,nd aryan hv also seen dat kumudini wanna make aaradhya devdasi,so it’s bullshit dat her only saviour is also fake, i dun believe this

    • Yup u r right tanu,it’s total bakwas dat aryan will take revenge of gayatri coz gayatri is the reason somehow of dre unity,aryan nd aaradhya both know dat kumudini n david did that, nd y david wanna take revenge, so dey only get united to end this animosity,nd aryan hv also seen dat kumudini wanna make aaradhya devdasi,so it’s bullshit dat her only saviour is also fake, i dun believe this,itx highly illogical, hes dreaming about her nd his eyes speak wen she’s not around dn showing dat its all fake is sumthing beyond imagination.

  37. Aru

    How can aryan do lyk tis to aru?bcoz it is seen that he also have feelings for her..that imagination scenes n all…

  38. Cutex

    Guys fake loving spoilers is fake if aryan fake love araadaya than why he think aradaya when she not present here and writter not do this because it gona illogic sooo chill guys if it happen than i stop watching because it hurts topuch

    • Sneha

      hey guys,just now i saw the spoilers……hope its not true…really heartbreaking to see all this.

  39. Cutex

    Guys new climax is that aradaya DNA not match with mahant because she is not tulsi daughter and may b abaaa insulted tulsi in front of whole krishanwati let seee what happen

  40. neethu

    guys u knaw wat i think is tht kumu will make the dna positive which will look like tht aaru is mahants daughter.

  41. I think aryan will be forced by his mom. Vo uski ma tho usko always muchbuur kartha hai. So becoz of his mom i think he rejects aradhya

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