Krishnadasi 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Krishnadasi 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pav Bhamini with Shravani discussing abt mangalsutra… Shravani thinks she needs aru s mangalsutra oly… Ary looks through the window he wanted to speak to Pav but seeing Shravani he leaves…
Shravani says kumu has already chosen her mangalsutra n u ppl choose for gayu n leaves saying she needs to talk to aru… Bhamini thinks Wat she need to talk to aru… Aru in her room with the mangalsutra given by ary n thinking abt their marriage vows…
Shravani comes to aru s room n says she wants to talk… She s lying about her lyf with ary n her child…

Shravani outright asks aru her mangalsutra… Aru denies… Shravani asks why u r my sister then y r u denying… Shravani emotionally blackmailing saying I m carrying ary s child n

u r having ary s mangalsutra… Aru convinces that this mangalsutra is apshagun (unlucky) n it did not fulfill the relation…
Shravani says if it’s apshagun then throw it out of the window n den y she is having it with her… Shravani does drama n leaves… Aru s crying…

Jairaj escapes from the ropes n goes to jump out of the window but he sees marwari carrying a blanket to catch him… Jairaj facepalm s… Girghit asks their help to escape him… Marwari playing with him… Pvr comes n beats up girghit… Girghit s hurt n unconscious… Marwari comes… Pvr asks them to tie him up again…

Shravani cries crocodile tears to Kumu saying aru denied in giving her mangalsutra… ary comes n hears this… Kumu n Shravani blames aru being in love with ary n not leaving him…Ary leaves… Kumu says she ll make ary n Shravani s marriage n thinks oof playing aru..

Aru s staring at her mangalsutra thinking about ary n Shravani s request n crying… Ary s looking at her through the door without her knowing… Bg s playing… Ary comes to her n asks her Wat happened n y is she crying??

Aru tries to leave but he stops her… Asks y is she crying she’s not be able to give back the mangalsutra n she still loves him.. Aru says nothing like that that she didn’t want to give it to her sister since this mangalsutra didn’t fulfill the relationship n wants her sister s lyf to be happy… Ary asks her to look into her eyes n say but she doesn’t… Ary asking whom are u fooling but aru s being stubborn n he asks her to throw it away… Aru still doesn’t opens her eyes… Ary holds her face… Uday comes n interrupt s asking wat’s happening???

Uday asks did I come at wrong time… Ary tries to say about their past to Uday but aru stops him n asks him to leave…
Aru question s him Wat s he doing n y is he behaving as if they are going to marry for real… She wants ary to marry shravani n be with his kid… Uday says he knows but asks her wat’s in her heart…

Bhamini cleaning the mandir n prays saying sorry that she’s doing grabbing from one poti to n giving it to the other… Kumu comes n taunts her telling Wat aru did… She denied giving Shravani mangalsutra… She asks her to think abt Shravani n taunts about pvr also… Bhamini gets enough n asks her to stop… Kumu says Wat happened to her so much of love to her husband.. Bhamini asks Wat does she wants… Kumu asks her to stop aru n her husband n think about Shravani…
Go to hell both the aaji s..

Uday says he gets enough of the drama with devtri… Uday says he never thought of getting in between mangalsutra drama… N says he ll do as per aru… David says he s not aru s friend n he his friend… Gayu says u have to make ary jealous by behaving like a obsessed lover. Devtri then leaves saying about booking caterer…

Bhamini cuts her finger while cutting vegetables.. Sashwat comes n sees n asks Wat happened… She says she’s confused between aru n Shravani.. N one side his father… She says aru n other changed him… But he doesn’t love Shravani… Sashwat says aru changed pvr … He says being Shravani s father he’s also helpless… Sashwat asks her to speak to pvr… Bhamini thinks about it…

Marwari revives jairaj… Pvr says he ll not allowed him to sleep until he says the truth.. Jairaj says he has seen all this… Bhamini on route to pvr s room to discuss aru… Here jairaj warns them if anything happens to him they ll also get caught… Bhamini thinks she ll be able to convince him since Shravani s carrying ary s baby…

Pvr back to his old threatening ways… Jairaj laughs him off… Markhand brings kerosene n pvr says he ll make him drink kerosene n burn him up…

Pvr threatens jairaj… Jairaj starts telling the truth saying he came to krishnavati to get his property… He asks about Shravani… Bhamini comes n listens all this… He is saying she s the number one kamini… N asks about her husband n says there s no one.. Pvr says I was right about her.. Bhamini gets shocked…

Precap – like ystday.. Aru says she ll do anything… Shravani asks her to marry Uday then n there… Uday, aara shocked

Update Credit to: Tharunisa

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  1. Please do not write in shortcut way of the names..its really BAKWAS, wish who was posting regulary that person maintains the quality of writing.I have never seen , only read the I request please write properly.

    1. Agreed.. its quite confusing… need to really read twice…


    hare aye CVs? ko kya hogaya hai patha nahi…❗❗
    kuchi din bacha hai abb bhi AARA ko ek nahi kiya hai..?

    hamhari indian serial mai na sabi heroine ki problem ayeki LEAGUE MATCH LOSS,FINAL MATCH WIN,

    CVs ke paass dragging ke alava aur kuch aye hi nahi hum bhi tho kya karsakthe hai…❓AARA unite ko aakri din mai dekhna padega humko..????

    1. Maleesha

      bt I must say, even after being a sri lankan , I never watch sri lankan serials. bcoz indian serials (especially kd ) are 1000 times better than them. so plz writers leave atleast 2 weeks for aara to romance. omg i’m dying see their cute family.

      1. Ur Sri Lankan? Even am Sri Lankan

      2. And I completely agree with you Sri Lankan dramas sucks

  3. Maleesha

    aradhya : was so emotional.she almost made me cry.
    Aryan : was not second to aru . & Aryan ,shave your beard man. It doesn’t suit you.
    Shravani. : wanna burn her alive.
    Uday. : idiot. he interuppted arra. stupid. no need to be soo possesive towards aru.
    AAba : hero fo the epi. THank you aaba. only you can unite arra now.
    Bhamini. : dumb woman. even I’m moore intelligent than her.
    Jairaj : finaaly he started to reveal truth. Thank can’t belive him.
    Kumudini. : b****y whitch

    & if they gonna end kd, i wanna see arra cute family with thei children as per aryan ‘s wish. Pls writers

  4. Episode was good aaba u r superb ardhaya should understand aryans love please stop the drama show aara together

  5. Tharunisa , thanks yaar . I hope Bhamini aaji won’t call police. Aabaaaa , love you. CVs hate you to the core . Diya , you are a fine actor that’s why we hate Frog a lot . Just burn in hell Kumu aaji & Shravani. AaRaaa πŸ™ πŸ™

  6. Maleesha , if you are here nd if you don’t mind can you please tell me what’s the latest news ? I couldn’t watch it due to weak network..:-( please

    1. Maleesha

      Meenakshi, I saw a post in insta which showed aba & bhamini face an accident while aaba driving car & bhamini calls shravani, bt she doesn’t pick it up. then she calls aru & aru comes in a jiffy with a first aid box when she gets the call .
      2nd news : shravani is gonna be exposed soon by aaba. I’ve given the youtube link in above cooment.

  7. To the telly updates followers :
    This is actually a live update given by myself in a different fan site so there ll be some personal comments n opinions….. N I m not the official updater of telly updates, they just copied my lu s…..

    To telly updates :
    This s especially to the person who uploaded my lu here…. Dude why do you have a grudge against me???? U were gracious enough to put together my updates together n give credit it to me n why don’t you add a note saying that this is a fan update n not a official one…..

  8. Tharunisa i agree with u yaar. They have to add it’s a fan update . At which site u wil give d live update. Nd thanx for d update.

  9. abaa ur brain only working right nw nd all other brain’s r sleeping . Wat can we do aara r d pawns of cv’s na . Cv’s already wasted our nxt week also coz nxt week jail drama nd chudail mariage.

  10. Alfiya Sulthana

    plz.. atiba di come here to update kd this update was full of short cut.. plz di consider my request

  11. Thank you Maleesha πŸ™‚ Our new hero Aaba will expose frog….but….It will be late na . Whatever , only relief is that they will unite AaRa in last epi πŸ˜› idiot writers . I sometimes feel they did it on purpose , to end KD. They could have changed the time slot ! KD will be the only show where lead pairs spend less screen space together , in a positive or happy way . AaRa were always apart !! How dull !!

  12. Please unite arra.Serial is going to end.Before that pls do it .Aaba well done..That jaiaj pls tell the truth

  13. it is ths worst serial i have ever seen

    1. Maleesha

      plz don’t say that. this bst of the bst serial in the world

    2. 3veni

      dnt say dattt…it is d best serial…nd aara’s acting is awesomee…nd ya ofcourse now a days it’s a bit slow…bt it is the best serial anytimeee…

    3. Nitha

      Hey plzz dea don’t say lik tat, it hurts a lot,, alrdy brkn by its endg news??.it’s the best ever dailysoap.. Kd rockzz ?

  14. It’s not good at all Tharunisa. I want Atiba back.

  15. Maleesha

    guys support kd in insta/twitter & in every way you can.plz.. plz….

  16. Heyy guys.. why u people blaming tharunisa for written updates… she gives lus on other site.. someone is posting her updates in this site.. n we people enjoy live update at IF… stop blaming.. keep calm
    Already we lost my show.. only few days left… u people better watch the live telecast of kd.. so that we can maintain trp till end of the show.

  17. Very nice serial. No 1 is there in this world who dont luv arra romance. Plz writers end up this drama soon.
    and that kumidini????
    I hate her very very………….much
    Mostly that frog

  18. waiting for shravani to be exposed SOON and aaru/aryans reunion..dragging sp aaru doing too much to unite S/A..not required..should understand S is only after her aryan..thou kumudni is acting good but cant stand her n shrav negativity now..aabha rocks..

  19. loved markhand and banwari’s part and happy aaba knows the truth now i love aara but aru’s mahanta has reached the height of stupidity

  20. wow finally aru knows abt sravani truth in jail . Bt we have to bare to see dat chudail face for one more week.

  21. If they don’t to bring our back together soon then better goes offair crapp show banadiya . it hurts when watching them suffering I feel very bad … can’t watch

  22. Nitha

    Yeahh!!? Finally shravani truth got exposd.aru torture tat frog don’t forgive her if she does drama n front u..she as to pay fr hr deeds vry badly.I’m happy but CVS giv more aara scens frm next week plzz..not in last epi can’t wait ?

  23. Guys , today in SBB they showed a scene from KD.

  24. @ smita … please try not to be so rude and ungrateful to the person who is writing the update! It might be a bit confusing, but try to figure it out. The person is under no obligation to do the write-up; you should therefore be very grateful that she’s doing it!

    Thank you tharunisa for taking your precious time to give us a write-up!

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