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Krishnadasi 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shashwat comes to Pavitra and says Aryan is in trouble, where is he? i dont know what happened to him, Pavitra says he went to farm-house, bring him here, she cries, Shashwat says i am going there, till i dont comeback, dont tell anything to anyone, specially Aaba, he leaves.
Gayetri gets message from unknown number, message reads “I love you, i cant tell you how much i love you, i cant live without you, i will wait for you in house near farms, i will tell you my heart thing”, Gayetri gets worried reading message, she says who can be this person? nobody should know it, she says i cant tell this to Pavitra, i should tell shashwat but no.. i cant tell him too, i should call Aryan, she calls Aryan but phone is switched off, she cries and says whom i can tell this? David

comes there and asks what happened? you seem tensed, she says nothing.
Aradhya is falling unconscious, Aryan tries to open his ropes, he throws away cloth from his mouth, he asks Aradhya if she is fine? he says we will leave from together, just give me time. Goon calls his boss and says i have kidnapped them, he says i have kidnapped Shivani and her lover, you give me money, i will finish boy, you take your daughter from here, Aryan listens all this and thinks these are Shivani’s father’s goon.
David says to Gayetri that we are friends so you can share things with me, Gayetri shows him message, David says i wont spare him, he calls him but its switched off, he asks if you know this person? she says no, i dont know who he is, he has called me to meet him, i dont know what to do, she cries, David says message him that you will meet him, you want to see how genuine he is, we will meet and see who he is, Gayetri says i wont go to meet him, i wont message him, David says we need to know who he is, you are not alone, i am with you, we will teach him lesson, message him that you will come to meet him, this is only way to teach lesson to him, Gayetri messages person that she will come to meet him, David smirks.
Aryan says to Aradhya that they think we are Shivani and Varun, we have to tell them that we are not them, they have brought wrong people, dont worry, everything will be fine, he sees wound on her foot, he puts cloth in his mouth and wipes her foot with it, she says leave it, he says no its bleeding, Aryan wipes her wound, Aradhya winces in pain, Aryan asks Aradhya to listen to him, Aradhya falls unconscious, Aryan tries to wake her up, he gets tired and says she is already ill and now this wound, i hope nothing happens to her, God please not let anything happen to her, i will take her from here.
Shashwat comes to farm-house, Varun says this happened because of us, shashwat says we have to find Aryan and his friend aaro, Shivani says my dad sent those goons to kidnap Varun but goons Aryan and Aradhya mistakenly, Shashwat says give me your father’s number, Shivani gives it to him.
Aryan sees bottle in godown, he breaks with foot and takes a glass piece, he tries to cut ropes from his hand with it, his hand gets wounded by it.
Goons are enjoying outside godown, goon asks other goon to go and see girl. Aryan listens goon coming, he puts cloth in his mouth and sits near Aradhya, goon comes there and sees Aradhya unconscious, goon says if anything happens to her then we wont get any penny, lets call doctor, other goon says her father will come soon, dont worry, they leave from there.
Aryan again starts to cut his ropes, he frees his hands finally, aryan ties cloth on his wound, Aradhya wakes up, Aryan opens back door of godown. Goon says to other goon that father has said to kill boy and free girl, Aryan listens this and thinks that my life is in danger, they wont kill Aradhya, Aradhya wakes up and looks at Aryan, Aryan leaves from there, he tries to runaway from godown, he thinks how can i be so selfish? if they get to know that she is not Shivani but Aradhya then they will kill Aradhya, Aradhya was right, i am selfish, he thinks and goes back to godown.

Scene 2
Goons are joking and laughing. Aryan comes back to godown, he comes to Aradhya and asks her to wake up, he says we have to run from here, he asks her to wake up, he sees her unconscious, he frees her hands and says i wont let anything to you, we will run from here, he asks her to wake up, he rubs her hand, Aryan thinks that i dont have other choice, i have to give her mouth to mouth breathing, he comes closer to her to give her mouth to mouth breathing, Aradhya wakes up, aryan says i am sorry, you were unconscious so i had to, nothing else, Aradhya says you went then why did you comeback? it was your chance to take revenge from me, Aryan says i am mad to leave you alone in this condition, Aradhya says this condition? aryan says you have cancer right? your maid told me and she has medicine in her hands, i met her, Aradhya says those medicines were not for me, Aryan says you are not ill? i thought you are ill, Aradhya says i am fine, nothing happened to me, Aryan says i thought you have cancer thats why from many days i was.. lets leave from here, i cant leave you alone, they will kill you if they know that you are not Shivani, goons come there and sees them running away, Goons try to beat Aryan, Aryan fights with them, goon points gun at Aradhya, Aryan comes infront of her and protects her, he says put gun down, he holds Aradhya’s hand, he says you goons know that you cant kill her, her father wont you give you money then, Goon says but we can kill you boy, get on knees, Aryan sits down, goon says to other goon to take girl from there, goon drags Aradhya, Aryan tries to move but goon points gun at him, goon says he is taking you to your father, Aryan says to Aradhya that yes Shivani go and also bring help for me, goon says cant you understand that her father has given us orders to capture you, she wont bring help for you, Aryan points Aradhya to go, he says go from here, dont resist, Aradhya doesnt want to go, goon drags her, Aradhya looks at Aryan emotionally, she resists, goon says done with your eye-talk, he takes Aradhya from there, goon says once i get my money then i will kill him(Aryan).

PRECAP- Aryan tries to fight with goons, goons beat him and puts him cold storage, Aryan falls unconscious. Aradhya comes there, she tries to wake up Aryan, she rubs his hand. Kumudini and Aaba comes to one house, she says dont waste time, bring them out of house, goon breaks door, David and Gayetri comes out of house, Aaba is stunned, Kumudini says she went with will with this guy(David) and spent whole night with him in this room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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