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Krishnadasi 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aaba comes to Saras’s ward and says pack your bags, Saras asks if he has forgiven them? aaba says dont be mistaken, Bhamini wants you both to comeback home, Banwari says Bhamini’s ghost has come in house and she wants you to come in house otherwise aaba would never come to you, aaba says i have talked to doctor, he will do your treatment in house, come house soon, he leaves.
Saras and Micheal comes to home. Aradhya hugs Saras and says dont worry now, she acts like Bhamini and asks Pavitra to bring aarti plate, Pavitra does. aaba starts leaving but stops, Aradhya does Saras and Micheal’s tilak and aarti, all are happy. Aradhya asks Purva to serve breakfast, she asks Saras to come in.Saras says to Micheal that this looks weird but i feel happy to comeback home. Purva

is in kitchen and asks Nakku kto take food else Aradhya will shout. Nakku leaves, Kaveri says its opposite now, donkey(Aradhya) is ordering its owner(Purva) now, they have made you servant instead of their daughter in law, Purva says Nakku is enjoying all this, this is all happening because of ghost drama.
Aradhya sits at dining table with family, Banwari says to Markand that ghost is changing history in this house. Markand says why did this other son in law Micheal have come home. Aryan sees Shashwat there, he asks him to come and have breakfast, Shashwat and Aryan looks at Aradhya and Saras, Aryan says i thought Aradhya is my badluck but it was she who broke ice between you and me, today she brought Saras back home, her way of bringing them must be different but she did really good work, Shashwat agrees, Purva listens this and gets angry.
Tulsi looks at Aradhya’s picture and says what happened to my smiling daughter? she cries.
Aryan is in his room, he looks at Aradhya and his pictures in laptop, he recalls his time spent with Aradhya,how she kissed his cheeks when he asked her, how they talked about childern, he recalls Aradhya behaving like Bhamini. Aryan thinks that the was she wastaking care of Saras, it seemed like she is sam my Aradhya,whats wrong with her then?
Tulsi says dont know how they are behaving with her, dont know how she is, i have to meet her.
Purva says till Aradhya is in this house, i cant become Aryan’s wife, i wont let dreams break like this. Purva comes to Aradhya’s room who is lying on bed, Purva strangles Aradhya and says i will finish this Bhamini/Aradhya drama, Aradhya says what kind of girl Aryan liked? she frees herself from Purva’s clutches. Tulsi comes to Aaba’s house and says i have to stealthily go in house. Purva strangles Aradhya again, Raj comes there, Purva says the work which Kaveri couldnt do it, i will do it now, they wont throw her out of house as she is Bhamini, owner of house now, i will kill her, Raj says we will go to jail,i wont get Gayetri too, Purva strangles Aradhya. Raj tries to control Purva, he pulls Purva away from Aradhya, Aradhya gets free from her clutches and falls towards window, window glass breaks and hurts Aradhya, Aradhya is injured, she hangs half inside and half outside window, Tulsi sees Aradhya hanging to window, Purva hides seeing Tulsi, Purva says i think Tulsi saw us, Raj says no she wont be able to see us from such height. they leave from there.
Tulsi knocks door, Aryan is in hall and opens door, Tulsi says Aradhya is hanging to window. Aryan runs. Purva and Raj hides seeing them.
Aryan comes to room and sees Aradhya hanging to window, he brings her to bed and calls Shashwat there. Pavitra and Nakku comes to Purva and asks what happened? did Aradhya do anything? Purva says dont know,they go to check it. Aradhya’s hands are injured, Aryan asks to call doctor, he asks for first aid box. Aaba asks what this new drama, Tulsi says i saw someone pushed her, there was someone pushing her, aaba says yes blame me, that i pushed her, you people keep blaming us, Tulsi says she is injured, i am not lying,someone was in room. Pavitra says to Nakku that you did it with Aradhya? Nakku says why will i do it? i am afraid of her, whoever did it, he did good, she should have died. Aryan wipes Aradhya’s wounds, he asks Tulsi if she saw face of person who tried to push her? Purva says i did it, all are shocked, Aryan says you pushed her? Purva says yes,Tulsi says so it was you,why you want to kill my daughter? what you want? Aryan grabs Purva’s arm and asks why did you push her? Purva says i didnt do it deliberately, i came to her room and saw her shivering in sleep, i tried to cover with blanket but she woke up and tried to strangle me, she said that i dont deserve to be daughter in law of this house, she strangled me, she shows marks on her neck which she got when Aradhya tried to free herself, Purva says she is ghost so she had power, she tried to throw me out of window but instead she fell on it as i pushed her, i saw Tulsi and got afraid, Tulsi says why you didnt say it earlier? Purva says she had hit me on head, i was dizzy, she shows wound on head, she says Aradhya is dangerous,we did everything, we did pooja for her but she stopped that too, she says to aaba that do something, call Chimaji but stop all this, she says to Aryan that this all happened because of me but i care for Aradhya too,if you feelthat i am wrong then send me to police but please treat Aradhya, she cries, Aryan hugs her and says calm down, Raj takes her from there.
Raj says to Purva what was the need to open your mouth? Purva says what if Tulsi had told my name? i didnt know that she had now seen my face,Raj says i am sorry but be thankful that you are saved this time otherwise we would have got caught, he holds her face and says even if you come in my way then i wont hesitate to remove you from my way,i just want money,Purva says i never trusted you, we are in same boat, i saved myself and gained sympathy too, Raj says women are fools, Aradhya should become conscious, Purva says even if she becomes conscious, she would not remember anything, nobody would believe her, i just want that she die of her wounds.
Kumudini says to Kaka that i feel like lawyer was lying to me and this David is doing all this to take revenge from me, Kaka says we cant trust anyone in this world but David doesnt seem like that. they see some man lying on road, Kumudini says to kaka that seems like someone had accident,go and check,Kaka goes and check, man gets up and grabs Kaka, other man comes to Kumudini and shows her knife, Kumudini says he was right, we cant trust anyone in this world, goon asks Kumudini to give raja’s will, Kumudini says who raja? no raja exists in this world, goon finds will in car and leaves with it, Kaka says we should call police, they took Keshav’s will.

Scene 2
Doctor checks Aradhya and says lots of blood is lost, we have to give her blood, Tulsi says i am her mother, take my blood, Doctor says but first we have to check if you have same blood group. Purva says to Kaveri that do something, hypnotize Tulsi too, Kaveri says i cant do anything now. Doctor checks Tulsi’s blood group and says it didnt match with your daughter Aradhya. Tulsi says i will go and find donor, she leaves. Aryan says to doctor that check my family’s blood group, someone must have same blood group, you take my blood but.. my and Tulsi’s blood group is same. Purva says she should die today.
Tulsi comes to Chimaji and says Aradhya’s life in danger, her blood group is not matching with me, only you can save her, your daughter’s life is in danger, dont think about society, Chimaji says i didnt say no to you, lets go, its important to save our daughter, Tulsi asks if he is not afraid of society? Chimaji says i am not afraid of anyone, Tulsi is surprised.
Kumudini calls lawyer and says i know you are involved with person who took my will but let me tell you that goons took duplicate will, real will of Keshav is with me, now tell your boss that i have informed police and dont try to act smart, lawyer says what are you saying, i didnt inform anyone, Kumudini says i know everything, she ends call, Kaka says you should have told me that they took duplicate will, Kumudini says i keep my trump card hidden from everyone and use it on right time, i am thinking how those goons had such luxury car, Kaka says yes thats confusing, Kumudini thinks that i couldnt see number plate on car but car’s picture is in my mind now, i have seen this car earlier too, i have to find out who tried to attack me.

PRECAP- Aryan says to Shashwat that your blood group has matched with Aradhya, lets go, give her blood, Shashwat starts going but aaba says Shashwat wont give her blood, Aryan says aaba this is not time to do all this, Tulsi pleads Aryan and says please save my daughter’s life, aaba takes Shashwat from there. Aryan comes to aaba and says dont do this, i wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to her. Aaba says i will allow shashwat to give her blood on one condition that you will divorce her tomorrow only and will marry Purva, Aryan is shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This week spoilers are soooo scary ….
    Why does aryan gives divorce to aaradhya
    …plz ANYONE…….cant even expect wats going to happen…….suffering from hypertension??

  2. Ruby

    I don’t like today’s episode.

  3. i am so happy that bhoot track is ending and my fast pace KD is back.. well almost back..and seeing kumu’s tra k today i felt as if my old KD is back..
    really hope indiraji is not going here… considering kumu will get stab in upcoming episode.. hope she doesn’t die.. but so looking forward to know how pavitra will react when she will get to know aru is her child… this week its gonna be blast
    and again Aryan is being blackmail… blood or divorce!!! to burn in hell aba.. you don’t deserve aryan at all.. its good he is not yours.. hell you don’t deserve anyone…
    and purva chipkali will always be chipkali.. but kudos to Priyanka.. today for the first time she showed such dimension in her acting in her acting career and it was not bad..

    1. Hii tanu,i feel kumudini can’t die,it neither happened in novel nor in tamil version, she has created this masterpiece chess and she can’t die before final results which she is waiting for last 22 odd years,
      Only thing m afraid of that indira ji shudnt go anywhere leaving dis show,shes soul of kd,can’t imagine kd without kri kumudini aka indira krishnan, so hope for some gud positive happenings
      But yu never know wat cvs hav in their minds as stabbing kumu is sumthing beyond imagination coz shes way too smart to be get trapped so fingers crossed

  4. Er! Someone should push purVA poor aaro, she is Suffering so much.

    Precap is interesting.

  5. yaar…plzzzz.. first i didnt want to watch their hatred scenes…bt its getting worse…divorce…noooo…that shouldnt happen…plzz kuch b karo….bt not divorce.. i kept watching this serial coz it was diff from others…some logical pt….bt this z also going on same way…marriage under spcl circumstances…divorce…again marriage….

    and thank god this old bat kumudini has got some other work than to interfere in lives of aaba n aryan….

    sometyms i feel that at least aaba z better than this kumudini in many ways….

    1. I disagree with u revti dear at one point u said that aaba is better than kumu dear aaba is damn worst person i have ever seen atleast kumu doesn’t hurt those people with whom she love the most (mean to say aryan nd tulsi) she is bad for others but not her loved ones ..but aaba he always hurt aryan let me remind u the fake drama of aaba at that time he hurt him the most dont u see the way aryan cried? nd now again he hurt him telling him to divorce the women she loves …this is not love if u love somone u should atleast respect their decision rather than hurting them ? or playing with their emotions . Aryan is helpless nd aaba is taking advantage of his condition (qasam sy taras atta hy mujhy aryan py ) …nd kumu is clever nd bad too at the same time but atleast she is less worse than aaba …that was my point of view m just sharing it dear dont take it seriously …hope u wont mind?

      1. I agree with u … Ayshaa..
        frm the side f kumudhini.. she z not so wrong.. after swapping also,she care’s for Aaryn..She ♡ her daughter tulsi also very well..
        She is anger against prathyumna..
        she z fighting against him..
        Hopefully waiting.. where the drama shuld be ended..✌?

  6. Episode was nice …feeling bad for aru but she will recover soon ?…coming to the main point shashwat u just what kind of a man u r han seriously u dont have tongue u dont have enough confidence to tell ur father that i will save my daughter in law han? Chimaji is more better than u atleast he is not the puppit of aaba ..i love the way chimaji said that i didnt say no …seriously he dosnt even care about socity nd shashwat ughhhhh coward ? m happy that aryan have got such parents m happy that he is not the son of coward person ? but is the son of brave man like chimaji ? coming to the kumu ..she is soo clever m big fan of indira mam seriously she acted so well….nd i saw in desi video feed that aradhya was talking to stranger nd he said that poorva nd jairaj are fraud they r poor they lost evrything nd aru recorded everything ? curious to know what will happen next i think aru will stop aryan and poorva’s marraige nd shows that video to all of them?

  7. oooo… soo much confusion…

  8. Plzz do something to the makers … i dnt watch any other serial except this because this is something tht is different from the others there is no rpetation of same old family drama this is something different aradhya is already suffering but now divorce thts not right n yes can u please add something like aryan comes to know about jayraj n purvas truth or atleast abt the hopnotism tht aru is going through or something tht makes it more intresting to watch something should atleast go right with the poor aru …… to create trp for the show its always the lead acrtess tht has to suffer thts not right ….:( plzz do something tht makes situation for aryan n aru a bit better n tht wont even spoil the trp n still creates the fire still on the tv ….

  9. very stupid and ugly episode and i can see ugly future of kd but still kd is my most favourite

  10.…that long nose with black minded prathyumnaa z taken his low level game again with Aarra..Poor aarradhya she had got a coward father..Mr.shashwath, what happn to u mann..Ooo…
    Actually i considr Raao family as Hell..
    Pavthra n prathymna.. they whispering for evrytym..they care Aaryn n Gaayu..
    By emotional blackmailing they r caring..
    Anyways Tulsi n Chimaaji had handin for their daughtr in law..
    Aaryn z a kind handsome,For him his aabaa z great,so he would ask her for divorce.. Defenitly..
    Oohh.. the track intresting.. Kumudhini would back now..
    Anywayzz story z intresting..Keep going..???

  11. Woow kumu ua acting skills.. i jus love ua acting… so clever.. everyone loves ua acting in my family.. fan of indira maaaaam.. love aryan nd sanas acting.. aryans love twrds aru is so strong…

  12. I miss the scene..?
    but anyways.. Thankzz ATIBHA?
    For updating the show.. i feel by reading.. am seeing it.. Really..
    Ua updat’ing styl had something real..?
    Ooo… The track was going with a major base..Poor raao family.when ever they got truth f “baby swapping”..They would regret for their all nonescense play..They would shame themselves for their poor thought about Dhevdhaassi..
    Am awaiting for that scene.. So LoL??
    This story had a Greatfull Moral:
    No one blame any intivitual by with or without reason.. Consider everyone z equal,Everyone had happiness n sadness..Everyone do wrong thing..Be kind with them..Avoid selfishness..
    Give respect & Take respect?☺?
    Wow..congratzz..KD?? entire cast n writerz for giving a good story..Keep it up..?
    Waiting for the next episode..

    1. And when Purva knows that she can’t get anything by marrying Aryan.. That’s gonna be the best part!

      1. Yaah.. i also agree with u both..

      2. Yaah.. i also agree with u both..Suha n Anjanaa..✋

  13. No not divorce please..We want aara together forever…..Love KD always

  14. Are duniya me BLOOD BANK namki bhi koi chiz hoti hai aur same blood group ke bhi kaaaaaiiiii… log mil jate hain, hospital me hi
    Then hr serial me blood donation ko lekar itna drama kyun hota hai ?
    Are they stupid or consider us fools? ????

    1. haha..u are right..hamesha har serial mein bhi iss drama chaltha hai.

    2. Lol..!!that is a right question..
      And accordingly.. this all serialz r lyk granny’s story.. When we r child, our elders will make us fun n happy by saying some fake story.. after a y’l, we ask any doubtz or anything..they would say..
      “There z no questions in stories..”????
      When i see ua comment i feel lyk that..?

  15. No no no. Atleast not the divorce ..It’s very bad . Don’t know why I feel very dissapointed for the very first time with KD . I couldn’t control my tears after reading the Precap. Plz I plead writers, don’t divorce them…

    This purva. Day by day my hatred towards her is growing badly. Dunno how, I just hate even priyanka now.can’t bear her anymore

    ♥♥♥♥♥LOVE ARRA TOGETHER♥♥♥♥♥

  16. anyone know what will happen after divorce.plsss plsss

  17. Ohkayz. First : Thank you Tanu for spoilers yesterday.
    Second : episode: best part was Kumudini maayi. She’s a one tough woman huh! Purva Purva….what else you got in your bag to get married to Aryan? Huh ? It’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham in KD. When Aryan is forgetting his 4 days hatred for Aradhya Aaba Sahib is blackmailing him to divorce Aru & marry Purva. You are a cruel man Aaba , could simply destroy anyone’s life for your so called status. So Pavitra will know Aru is her daughter , Aaji gets stabbed , Aryan gets a divorce from Aru…..then ? Mmmmm by the way , will he really divorce her nd marry Purva ? I think divorce may happen but no luck for Purva. Or both won’t happen:-P It broke my heart :'( the spoiler :'(

    1. yes meenakshi same situation here too…

  18. Spoilers hv really broken my heart,more den divorce m sad at kumus stabbing, first tym in indian television villainous is getting so much love, v lov to see her nd want her to stsy dre always

  19. SnehaMjwinslet06

    no comments………..wy doesnt dis purva chudail die…..????

    1. haha i agree with u i too want her to die… chudail kahika….

    2. haha seriously that flat face evil purva

    3. Yaahh.. i also hate her charactr.. greedy flat face girl…
      but she will learn something after knwing about the child swapp???

  20. wot…?? kumu gets stabbed…??
    wer is the spoiler… i didn’t found any spoiler updates…??

    1. i posted the weekly spoiler in previous episode ….see it there.

  21. am not worried abt aryan- aaaradya divorce or something… nor abt evil purva.. I just want the child swapping truth to come out….

  22. whats about child swapping? Whats the truth

  23. Really Aryan thinking about her in laptop was so cute..k Aryan giving divorce to save Aru ..Let us see what is for us

  24. No idea what gonna happen next. Yaar this show is unpredictable! Uff! I don’t want Aryan & Aradhya’s divorce….Please writers…Please. If the divorce happens , then you guys will take ages to unite them

  25. will aryan marry purva? no no no this cant happen. i have feeling tht pavitra will tell aryan the truth abt poorva was the mastermind behind arus condition. i cant wait for the moment when pavitra will knaw tht aru is her child.

  26. krishndhasi was full of twist n confussion..
    I think that something is gonaa would be some miracle.. which we had’nt imagine..So..
    Poorva n Jairaj are the big fools for now adayzz..??
    Aaryn ❤Aarradhya..thatz the truth..n itz not gonnaa stop..
    Waiting for todayz episode..
    plzzz..ATIBA update the episode fast..plzz…plzz… dear??

  27. Guys I am back. Did u forgot me? Because of ramzan I can’t see krishnadasi. So I am reading written update. Happy to see new guys .I am also from kerala. Calicut.

    1. Ramadan mubarak. I have been reading the updates as well, but yesterday and last friday’s epi i had to watch for the AARA scene hehe.

  28. Yeah!!!!!!!kumudinis back we love u ….

  29. I mean we cn c hr nw love her dlgs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. hy rifa i also stop waching kd due to ramadan but as im addicted to this show i daily read the episode……coz kd rokz

  31. hy maleesha i update my dp on gvtr account but plz can u tell me what is the main purpose of this account i heard about it first time from u……plz tell me gravatar account details

  32. Wow!!interesting but i jst hope the usual stupid drama of divorce and remarriage doesnt take place….i m tired of such things….can someone tell me what hpnd in the novel and tamil serial?

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