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Krishnadasi 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pavitra says Aryan is getting married to girl from Mumbai, they are respected people, i wont let my son marry some girl from cheap family, Chimaji have cleaned him too, Kumudini says i have listened what mother wants but what does son wants? did you find it? what if your son like girl of some other family? go and find out, did he agree for marriage? Pavitra says he doesnt say no to me, he is so happy to marry his friend of childhood, we will be doing marriage soon thats why i have come here to book your dance, we will pay you enough but do come to dance in his marriage, she gives shagun to Kumudini and says this is invitation for marriage, she comes to Aradhya and says you liked to work in our house right? now you will do all work in this marriage, she says to Kumudini that we will meet

soon, she greets her and leaves, Kumudini smirks, Aradhya is distraught and leaves from there.
Aradhya comes in kitchen, she breakdowns in tears and recalls how Pavitra that she wont marry her son in low standard family, she recalls her moments with Aryan, how he made her touch his cheeks, she cries. Tulsi comes in kitchen, Aradhya acts like working in kitchen, Aradhya says i am hungry, i am cooking food, Tulsi looks at her and says why your eyes are filled with tears? Aradhya says because i am cutting onion, Tulsi asks are you hiding something from me? Kumudini comes there and says Aryan have not said yes for marriage, that Pavitra was firing arrows in air blindly, she was afraid that her son maybe liking someone else, Ardhya says dont irritate me, Kumudini says i am not doing it but Aaba’s family is doing it, i know everything, i know whats happening in your heart, she looks at Tulsi and says few people think that i dont care about you, PRECAP,, Kumudini says okay leave that thing, why are you crying? Aradhya says she insulted us and you want me to act normal? she leaves, Kumudini says i know she is lying, Tulsi says i beg you, dont create problems for her, what you are saying, i can see that too, dont use her in your game, i will do what is best for her, she leaves, Kumudini says i know what is right for her.
Aryan says to Aaba that you have called girl for my marriage? Aaba says am i doing something wrong? do you love someone else? Aryan recalls Aradhya, he gets tensed and recalls how Aradhya touched him, Aryan says nothing like that but why marriage so soon? i havent completed my studies, marriage is not a joke, Aaba says you think i am joking? Aryan says why you are tying me in this? aaba says all boys think that marriage is tie but see your mother, its her dream to see you getting married, she is so ill because of Gayetri, she faints every hour, she is broken, dont you think there should be someone to be with her? fate is that Chimaji came here and told me about Deshmukh, his daughter used to study with you in school, you will recognize her when you will see her, just say yes for your mother’s sake, you say that you care about your mother so for her sake say yes for marriage, Aryan is tensed and says okay, i dont want to hurt my mother, you can do what you feel is right, Aaba gifts his kurta and says wear it when girl’s family come here, i knew you would not disappoint me, go and wear this kurta, Aryan leaves.
Aryan comes in his room, he recalls his talks with Aradhya, how she hugged him, how she beat him in her house, bas haq hai ek mera plays, he recalls how Aaba asked if he loves some other girl? he looks at Aradhya’s sketch in his room and imagines Aradhya there, he says shut up Aryan, he punches boxing bag and is tensed, he says why i am recalling Aaba’s question? whats happening with me? what is this weird feeling? why i am imagining Aradhya only? i will meet her rightnow but what will i say to her? why i am going to meet her? he sees Kurta and thinks idea.
Kumudini says to Tulsi that you are going to do pooja for Aradhya? Tulsi says i am leaving city for pooja, i had to comeback after half way because of you, now i will go again and will pray to save my aaro from evil eye, Kumudini says you think i am evil eye for her? Tulsi says i want you to pray for her too thats why i am taking you with me too, Kumudini says you didnt even ask me, Tulsi says i dont want you to stay here with Aradhya alone when i am not here, dont know what must be cooking in your mind, Kumudini says you are right, you know me well, maybe i will put Aradhya in fire, maybe i will kill her right? i have raised your daughter till now but thats all forgotten and now you are blaming me, Tulsi says enough, lets leave for pooja, dont question me much, dont you want to pray to Lord? come with me, she leaves, Kumudini says i am going to pray for Aradhya, Aradhya has started to feel for Aryan, i just want Aryan to come here and take his wife Aradhya from here.

Scene 2
Door knocks, Aradhya opens it and finds man hiding behind umbrella, she says i dont want to buy umbrella, leave from here, Aryan comes from behind umbrella, they look at each other, she says why did you come with umbrella? Aryan says you can throw water anytime like last time thats why umbrella for safety, Aradhya says why you are so dressed up? is there any good news? Aryan says you are sharp, how did you know that its my new clothes? Aradhya says there is price tag hanging with your clothes, Aryan takes price tag off, Aradhya asks whats the good news? or you have some work from your friend? Aryan says i came to meet Gayetri, i was trying new clothes, i will wear these clothes tomorrow, i have habit of taking her opinion when i wear new clothes, Aradhya says Gayetri has gone to Pune for university work, Aryan oh then you tell me how i am looking? Aradhya recalls how Pavitra said about Aryan’s marriage, Aradhya says whats the occasion? Aryan says i know a girl, she is family friend, Aaba asked me to wear these clothes, i am just confused, i mean what should i do? Aradhya says whats the confusion? that you should wear new clothes or not? or you should marry or not? Aryan looks at her and says in heart what you think Aradhya? Aradhya says my opinion is that your clothes are nice but you are looking bad in it, you are looking like monkey, girl will reject you and will runaway, Aryan says you want girl to runaway? Aradhya looks at him and says i dont care if girl marries you or not, she runs away or not, my opinion doesnt matter, Aryan says leave it, he starts to leave, Aradhya mistakenly strikes with him, her bracelet gets stuck in Aryan’s jacket, they look at each other, Dil kyun ye mera plays, Aradhya jerks her hand away, Aryan’s jacket’s button tears, Aryan says you have animosity with buttons? first time you took my jacket’s button and this time you broke it, you hate them or love them? gift me button box next time, Aradhya says i am not your fan to keep your button with me always, give me your button, i will stitch it, come in home, Aryan says you are asking me to come in home? Aradhya says i didnt know that your button will break else i would have brought needle and thread outside house only, will you have to do Shuddi karan again? will you call chimaji again? people dont have water to drink and you are taking bath with milk.
Aradhya is stitching Aryan’s jacket’s button, he keeps staring her, she looks at him staring her and looks down, Aryan smiles, Aradhya screams, Aryan thinks her finger got hurt by needle, Aryan takes her hand and licks her finger, she is stunned seeing his concern for her, he says i knew you dont know how to stitch, Aradhya says its you who has got hurt by needle idiot, Aryan sees needle pricking his chest, Aryan says i knew you would mess it up, Aradhya says what else you know about me? i have stitched your button, now go and marry girl of your choice, Aryan starts leaving from there, Aradhya turns away from him, he is leaving, Aradhya turns to see him, he turns to look at her but she looks away and tears roll down her eyes, Aryan leaves, Aradhya runs to see him, she sees him gone, she closes door and breakdowns, she says what is happening with me? why i feel like stopping Aryan? new background song Kyunke tumho zindagi plays, Aradhya says he can do anything he wants, i dont care.
Aryan comes in house. he listens Pavitra telling Nakku that girl’s family will be coming here anytime soon, we should prepare for all functions, Nakku says i will dance in his Sakhar pora, Aryan thinks that i should tell Pavitra that i dont want to marry rightnow, i will not take Aradhya’s name but will say that i dont want to marry rightnow, he listens Pavitra saying to Nakku that i was thinking to make Aradhya my daughter in law, i was doing mistake of making devdasi my daughter in law, her father’s identity is not known too, she would have understood till now that there is no match between us and them, she is still trying to trap Aryan, its good that Aryan did Shuddi Karan, if Aryan doesnt leave Aradhya then i will do suicide like my mother in law, Aryan is shocked listening this, Pavitra says i cant see her as my daughter in law, i just want Aryan to like Purva then we will be freed from Aradhya, Nakku says dont worry, just think about Purva, Pavitra says Gayetri have ashamed me but i have hopes from Aryan, i just want him to not fall in any trap, Aryan listens all this and thinks that i cant talk to Pavitra rightnow as then she will think that i am being in Aradhya’s trap, even i am not clear about my thoughts, Aradhya cant enter this house then why i am thinking about her? there is nothing more precious than Pavitra’s life so i should stay silent, Pavitra sees him standing and asks him to come in, he does, Pavtra says you are looking very handsome in new dress, i have listened that Purva is very pretty, you met her in childhood, she must have grown up, why are you silent Aryan? are you ready to meet Purva? Aryan says i will meet Purva, i will go and get ready, he leaves.
Aryan comes down in hall, he recalls his meeting with Aradhya, otherside Aradhya recalls Aryan meeting her in day. Aryan is tensed and keep thinking about Aradhya. Aradhya is missing Aryan, door knocks, she says it must be Aryan, she goes to open door but thinks why will Aryan come? she opens door, some people come in house.
Deshmukh family comes to Aaba’s house, Deshmukh says it was so good to come to Krishnavati, aaba jokes with them and ask them to come in house.
Men says to Aradhya that come with us, Chimaji has called you, Aradhya says i cant come rightnow, there is no one in house, men drags Aradhya from there.
Deshmukh says to aaba that you know Purva is my only daughter, i have decided that i will expand my business with my son in law, Deshmukh’s wife asks where is Aryan? Pavitra says where is Purva? Deshmukh says she saw mandir and stopped car, she said that she will come after praying there, aaba says she has such good upbringing. Purva comes there, all look at her, she is holding aarti plate, Aryan comes there too, Purva slips, Aryan holds her, she looks at him and smiles while looks with straight face.

PRECAP- Aradhya is brought to Chimaji, Chimaji orders his men to lock her in cave for somedays. Aradhya is thrown in cave, she is afraid and says what you people are doing? she listens noise of rats.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oo today episode seems so good I’m from uk cos I’m so eager I look on here as Indian 5 and half hours forward. Love Aryan he’s so hot omg xx

  2. sweta mallick

    The episode was so emotional and painful . . Really felt bad for ArRa . . But the silver lining in the cloud is that they are slowly realising their love for each other . . I am eagerly waiting for their CONFESSION . . Really ArRa you are awsome!!!

  3. my dad was watching tv so I couldn’t watch properly and they always cut some scenes when they repeat the sad of me πŸ™

    1. yah me 2 sme Prblm….. rUbi….

    2. same..pinch.i too couldn’t watch properly.the retelecast showing next day isn’t complete….some good scenes got cut

      1. Same yaar here also

  4. will aryan realise his love for aradhaya before its two late or marry purva

  5. I really don’t like thi Cheema peema track..
    He is such a……Well,the serial is not going too well right now..worried about the TRPs.
    Anyways,thnku Atiba fr updates and plz try to make it bit faster??

    1. last day trp came out for last week. it got it highest still now. 1.6 ..
      well ofcourse yes 1.6 is nothing in comparison to other trp shows… but in this late night slot its doing very good and slot leader. its the highest trp the slot saw in almost more that 5 years… previously it was pratigya which was doing well in this slot….. none bigboss series also in this slot (10:30_pm) could gather this much trp. …. so i am not actually worrying about trp as this is a finite series it will eventually end in a good note after few months. πŸ™‚

      1. sweta mallick

        Hi Tanu..krishnadasi is indeed going great but as long as i can remember the highest trp of this 10:30pm slot was of punarvivaah seoson 1..saying so coz just like aryan(shravan) and aradhya(sana) i was also very fond of yash(gurmeet) and arti’s(kratika) jodi!

    2. ooo… i didn’t see punar viva seasons.. actually i see very less tv.. my didi used to see pratigya so remember about it a little.. . sorry.. still KD doing really well.
      . hope it will cross 2 trp soon.

  6. Love my baby aryan ??

  7. Sooo sweet shravan ? he rocked as neil in manmarziyan he resemble virat kohli no doubt with that ?? πŸ™‚

  8. AaRabr soo sweet cutiesss

  9. I Love The Show….vry interesting Track…thanks for the update

  10. Ohh god…superb episode..except purvi scene,…songs were awesome…Aryan in aaro’s house scenes awesome.. he will come to save her..yo..

  11. Again aradaya in danger how Aryan save her any one clear

    1. I love that show awesom couple

  12. Did anyone just find it attractive in ysday episode how aryan said let me know how many thanks so I can say

    Your welcome fine ect omg his English was so argghhh no words. Hahah and omg what a twist if imagine a priest comes to sort Aryans wedding and he says no he is already married and they say to who and point at Aradya cos of when he put blood on head ahha xxx

  13. Ohh god he loves her but will not confess due to that pavitra, wen aryan will rescue aaradhya, ohh god poorva should not be with him,his eyes speak, so dashing hunk nd aaradhya is also cute like baby,dre chemistry is like aaru is so innocent baby nd aryan is taking care of her,so sweet

  14. today’s epi was very intense. I kinda felt for both aro and aryan πŸ™

  15. Wth what kind of priest is that. Sooo irritating hope aryan and aradhya unite ???

  16. Purva ka slip hona ye scene dikhana jaroori tha kya?
    i hate that scene

    1. exactly…didnt lyk dat particular scene

    2. exactly..main to bol rahi thi shravan hatha de hath uss ladki ki hath se :p

    3. me too…. hate that scene

      1. hehe….lol…dat girl shud hve fell flat on her face…

  17. Shravan was looking so cute. Aru Aryan scenes were superb. Hate the last scene

  18. it is going good….. some twists are needed… so don’t worry friends…

  19. Very eager to watch the next episode.
    Excellent! such a fast moving serial.
    Many twist and turns. Amazing!

  20. Guys, well i think that aryan and aradhya will stay as a husband & wife; simultaneously aryan wil marry purva for his mother’s sake and aradhya as his dasi, kinda repeating d same old story of aaba’s sister, but dat raja had only loved kumudni, the same way aryan loves aradhya..!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Oo No plz..thiz iz so cheap..plz alltime history r nt ripets..ho saqta hai poorva ka cast jst a turningpoint..aradhyan will live a couple..

      1. Dude, cn u just shut up, it jzt made me thought, voz d purva’s entry ws shown in dat way, she fells & d wayaryan holds her & d eyelock btwn dem.; Dis is d reason behind my thought..!

    2. subh subh bolo zain! . . Aryan is only aradhya’s .. He cannot marry that poorva.. No NEVER

      1. Yea aloki i too want aradhyan to lead a couple life, bt to think from kumudni’s level of perception, her ultimate revenge will b cmpltd wen aryan z gettng married 2 purva, & aradhya will be his dasi, coz in dat case aaba’s sis ws wyf go d king & kumudni ws dasi, since aradhya is nt her grand daughter, aryan is his grandson & aradhya is a grand daughter for aaba, mny yrx ago d same thng hppnd to kumudni, that sh wd dasi fo king, but nw in d same plac aradhya wil b

      2. Bcoz in such a way nly kumudni’s revenge will b successfully completed, wen aradhya is turned out to b a prfct krishnadasi & as evry1 knws shows name itslf is krishnadasi..

    3. May be you are right but in last day’s episode kumudini said that she will pray to god so that aryan takes away aradhya from there as his wife . . This kumudini is very confusing i must say . . Let’s wait and watch what happens next . . We can only hope for something good!

    4. i more thing .. From where did u know that aryan is kumudini’s grandson and aradhya is aaba’s grand daughter?

      1. does any1 know if aryan married someone else than aradhya in the tamil serial…????

    5. Might be this wont happen
      serials are generallycreated with such subject to make people understand what was the superstition and dont follow such superstition and all
      so its a like revolution to be brought in the village by Aryan and Aradhya so i dont think they will show this track
      because otherwise indirectly the new generation is also following it instead of Protest
      so i dont think this kind of story is going to be part of serial

      1. I completely agree vith i mrunali..

      2. Haha #mrunali i too hope d same thing, Bt u knw wt, ur xpctation ms r mor frm colors channel & production, bdw haven’t u wtchd sasural simar ka; nagin etc.., hw dey r shwng superstitious acts & track in d show? & bdw i am a south indian (tamilian) so i kinda knw bit abt d show thru my fmly members as i ws too little wen it had aired on sun tv..!

  21. I hate that Pavitra. Who’s this chimaji , is he Aaba’s son ? Bcs his thoughts nd doings are exactly like Aaba!!! After IPKKND 1 krishnadasi is the only seriel I watch everyday. Swaragini was there too but lost interest, nothing interesting in it. But krishnadasi , OMG ….it’s a story never told nd actors especially Shravan Reddy nd Sana’s chemistry too good. Yeh shravan resembles Virat kohli a bit. Waiting for more Aradhyan moments..

    1. me too meenakshi…reading your comment is like I am reading my own comment. my one and only favorite was IPKKND 1.also I watched swaragini’s few episode then lost interest in it.

      1. Well i may sound weird but dont know why i find shravan’s smile quite similar to barun sobti’s smile … Infact in the initial days i googled about shravan to see if he has any family connection with barun!

  22. Omgggggg….love lve lve sharvaan..jst hoooootttttttttttest hunk in evr evr..or mere favourite mp3 diya”chhaht”/”tere jism pe tere ruh oe haq ek mere hai” frm bloodmoney jst awesome..atfirst sharaan attract me most ab this song mke me more mre mre u sweetheart..also thnks atiba 4 update..u r updates r soo clear to understand.. like u also..

    1. yeah salini he is sooo handsome. .I like his dimples πŸ™‚

  23. episode was tooo nice and also somewhat emotional coversation of aryan and aradhya was too nice and their scene was fantaztic
    egerly waiting for next episode can’t wait
    fantastic job aryan and aru

  24. I think this chimagi is aradhaya’s father. N he doesn’t know the fact.

  25. Plz mere sharvaan ka sana ke sath yeani aradhyan momnts dekhaoo..or ho saqta hai to porva ko exit koro..dusru taraf mein soch rahi thi ke ho bhi saqta hai ke aryan uski maa ki wajase na bol pay ke mujhe shaadi nahi karne..our shadi ka j rasareewaz hai wo ho..or aru uske home pe jb kam kar rahi ho to mistakely sb rasam aru ke hi sath pure ho..our shadi ma mat be some turningpoit will cme..any i jst lve sharvaan..

  26. nyz vry intrsting…

  27. i hope aryan will realize his feelings for aradhya in the last minute before the marriage starts. and as kumudini want maybe aryan will come and accept aradhya as his wife and bring her home.

  28. Is the chimaji dont knw tht ardhya is her child

  29. Hope this poorva track ends soon . . I didn’t like the way aryan held her. . Should have let her fall so that she would have sprained her leg and not move around with him . . Cannot see AaRa in pain

  30. As we don’t know who is Aru’s father, after seeing Aru’s mom’s expressions I’m thinking that the Chimaji’s character can give us a clue. Or a link. In any way Mihir Mishra is not going to do a small insignificant role.

  31. Krishnadasi: Mahant and his goons kidnapped Aardhya (SanaAmin Sheikh) in a dangerous caveThe upcomingepisode of Krishnadasi will show that Mahant is angry assuming Aaradhya insulted him.Mahant makes Aaradhya kidnapped and his goons captured her in a dangerous cave.Aardhya wakes up and is shocked seeing herselfin cave.She tries to escape but is failed to comeout from there ans getspanice seeing insects are coming closer to her.Aradhya get burns by fire Ask for someone to helpAardhya burns fire keeping them away and waits for someone to help her
    .Aryan (Shravan Reddy) makesheroic entry there and saves Aaradhya from that cave
    .Apart from this, Aaradhya
    and Aryan blooming lovestory face a storm when a new girl enter in Aryan’s life getting married with him

  32. Mahant’s evil intentions behind kidnapping Aradhya (SanaSheikh), Aryan(Shravan Reddy) tensedThe upcomingepisode will show that Aryan and Aradhya’s life is full of problems.Aryan and Aradhya likes each other but are unable to confess their feelings.Aradhya is upset knowingabout Aryan and Purva’s marriage alliance.Aryan is also upset and don’t want to marry Purva but is under family pressure.Aryan finally decides to break his relation with Purva as he loves Aradhya.Mahant’s evil intentions While MahantJi has other intentions and wants to punish Aradhya for insulting him.Mahant gets Aradhya kidnapped and locks her in isolation.Aradhya is tensed and prays to god, Mahant Ji has evil intentionsbehind kidnapping Aradhya.

  33. Awesome scene aradaya and aryan

  34. Guys can u pls help me to find out the song that played when aryan leave from aradhya’s house …”kyun ki thum hi tho ho meri zindagi ” is that a movie song or theme song of krishnadasi… N where can I download it… It’s a beautiful song I luv it…

    1. I am not sure but I think it is theme song of krishnadasi

    2. Tnx ruby…

  35. Nice going…
    Shravan Sana rocking..
    I want more intense scenes bw Aryan nd aradhya
    BG music nd songs r perfect..but worrying abt TRP

  36. This Aryan is fab.his acting is awesome. All his emotions are shown by his eyes…shravan u r rockingggg

  37. Oh no…… arru…. kidnapped… omg aryan will save her but when how he will came To know that she is kidnapped….. well waiting for next episodes…..

  38. Love the funny clever come back response between aradhya and aryan..they are too cute

  39. I jst love this serial yaar…So cute :):):):)

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