Krishnadasi 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nakku says it means Banwari was right, it was Raj here, he was living here and we didnt know it, Aryan says it was because someone from family is with him, he asks Shravani if she is behind all this? who helped my aayi’s murderer to live here? Kumudini says Aryan.. Aryan stops her and grabs Shravani, he asks what relation she has with Raj? Shravani says how can you think like that? i dont even know this person, i listened his name here only, Kumudini says maybe someone else is behind it, Aryan says who it can be? Shravani says maybe Aaba planned all this to destroy our wedding, Kumudini says she is right, Shravani says he is grand father but he didnt accept me, he just want you to get married with Aradhya and you are doubting me? she cries and runaway.
Flashback shows people

putting chloroform on Raj and policeman’s mouth and taking Raj from there. fb ends. It was Banwari and Markand who had made Raj faint and took him away. door knocks, Aaba comes there, Aaba sees Raj and says you both will get reward, Markand says Kumudini made us like dogs, we are happy to be back with you, aaba ask them to tie Raj to chair. They make Raj tie to chair tightly, he is still unconscious. Banwari says what if anyone gets to know he is here? Aaba says till he doesnt tell truth, nobody should know about him. aaba puts water on his face, he wakes up and sees that he is tied and aaba there, he is stunned, and says you oldie, why did you bring me here? aaba says to ask truth, now tell me nicely what is truth of Shravani, what is your relation with her?
Shravani says Kumudini aaji, i dont even know that person, he killed your daughter, how can i hide him here? you gave me place here but.. Kumudini says you know how Aryan is, its like someone has done magic on him, Nakku says you are right, with mangalstura you can control your man, Aradhya gave everything back but not mangalsutra, Kumudini says you are right, she gave everything back but not mangalsutra, she says to Shravani that you call her sister then go to her and asks for mangalsutra who Aryan gave to her.
Banwari asks Raj to speak, Raj thinks that it means he knows something about me and Shravani, i am not stupid, just wait for sometime till i get Aryan’s property from Shravani’s hand then i will teach her lesson too, Markand asks him to speak, Raj says i wont tell, Banwari says give to police, they will beat him then he will speak, Aaba says if i give him to police then Shravani will be alert, we have to do it thats why i brought him here, he grabs Raj’s face and says tell me truth because i wont allow you poison Aradhya’s life, speak now, Raj says no use, Shravani is getting married to Aryan anyway, i feel pity for you, you cant do anything for Aradhya, you are like handicapped, i like you as a person, he laughs, Aaba slaps him harshly.
Shashwat says to Pavitra that divide jewelry between sisters, Pavitra says we have to order for mangalsutra, Shashwat asks where is Aaba? she says he went with Markand, Shashwat says Markand and Banwari are not good influence, i have to talk to Aaba.
Gayetri says to Aradhya that choose mangalsutra design, Aradhya says its not needed, i said yes for marrying with Uday just to show off to Aryan so he agrees to marry Shravani, Gayetri says it means you still love Aryan? Aradhya says there is nothing between us, he is father of Shravani’s baby, i want them to get married asap, select mangalsutra design for Shravani, she leaves. Pavitra says she is hiding her pain, i know how much she is suffering, she leave, Bhamini listens all this and is tensed.

Scene 2
Aryan is doing aarti in mandir with Chimaji. Uday comes there and takes Aarti before Aryan could take it, Aryan angrily stares him, Chimaji looks on. Uday chants for lord, he says sorry Aryan i took aarti first, i have listened that if you take aarti first, your wish gets fulfilled, Aryan asks what you wished for? Uday says i want to keep Aradhya happy, Aryan says you think you can keep her happy? Uday offers him aarti and smiles, Aryan takes it, Uday says i will keep my heart on her path, i will understand he heart thing, i will try to bring stars for her, i will sacrifice my life for her happiness, i will keep her like princess because i love her a lot a alot. Aryan is tensed listening it and says anyone can Aradhya because she is really nice but question whom she loves, i read somewhere that we should marry person who loves you not the one whom you love, Uday says i dont understand all this, i just know that if my love has strength then one day Aradhya will love me for sure, i should go, i have to prepare for wedding, he leaves. Chimaji comes and sees Aryan’s hand burnt from aarti, he says by burning hand, you cant lessen heart pain, he applies ointment on burnt area and says Aradhya has agreed to marry uday but she has worn your name’s mangalsutra, it has a lot of power, it makes relation for lives, its upto you if you want to silently let her go or make Aradhya understand that like earth and sky are incomplete without each other, you both are incomplete without each other, wake your love in her heart, Aryan says you still think that something can happen between us? Chimaji says why not? i lost my love because of my mistake but i dont want my son to do same mistake, go Aryan, he leaves, Aryan thinks.

Scene 3
Bhamini recalls Aradhya’s words that marriage with Uday is fake. she says whatever is happening is not right, Aryan is marrying Shravani because of baby, Aradhya should think about her life otherwise this pain wont let her live, only Aaba can make her understand.
Banwari gets call from Aaba, he asks Banwari to bring some file, Banwari says Raj is unconscious now, i will bring file, he ends call, takes file and leaves, Raj wakes up and sees Banwari gone, he tries to free himself from chair. He takes tape off from his mouth and says this oldie has whole army with him, he moves his chair and breaks vase which was on table beside him. Bhamini thinks that Aradhya’s pain will keep making me guilty, i just hope, she listens to aaba and agree to marry Uday. Bhamini is coming to Aaba’s room where Raj is. Raj grabs one glass piece of vase in his hands and tries to cut ropes. Bhamini is about to go inside room but Shravani comes there and says i came to talk to Aradhya, what are you doing outside Aaba’s room? Inside Raj cuts his hand with glass piece but tries not to scream. Shravani asks if she is going to tell him that i am not widow, she says no, i wanted to talk about Aradhya, she doesnt say anything but i cant see her pain, Shravani says you cant see my pain? you are thinking about reuniting Aryan and Aradhya? she says no, nothing like that, Shravani says i feel like my aaji has changed, seems like i have to fight alone and that Raj is freely roaming, he can do anything with me, she turns to leave and thinks that my aaji can destroy my plans, she leaves. Bhamini thinks that if i become weak talking to Aaba and couldnt tell Shravani’s truth? its better if i stay silent. She stops Shravani and says come with me, i am not with Aaru, i am with you, you are not alone, takes her from there.
Aradhya calls her friend Nisha and says if i come to Pune then your dad can give me job? i dont have any relation here, my marriage broke, someone knocks on her door, she ends call and opens door to see Aryan there, he smiles at her and says hi, i hope i didnt disturb you, actually i came to give you wedding gift, you keep giving me gifts so i thought i should give you something too. Aradhya sees fruit basket in his hands and recalls how she broke watermelon on his head, Aryan says you seem stressed these days so they will help you, i will tell you their qualities, apple decreases hypertension, Popeye makes digestive system strong, and your favorite watermelon has vitamin A, B6 and C. I am giving you all these so that you take right decision with help of these because these days you dont listen to anyone, you just do what you want so.. he puts basket on table and starts leaving.. he says i forgot to give important thing.
David asks Udya how Aradhya reacted seeing Aryan? Gayetri says i feel Aryan is trying to make Aradhya’s realize that she loves him and accept him, Uday says he even burnt his hand, Gayetri says what? uday says he did it in mandir with aarti, their relation is strong.
Aryan shows Mangalsutra to Aradhya and says you gave it after breaking but i sewed it in new thread so there is no knots in it, i am not asking you to wear it but i have listened protection of man lies in woman wearing it and if woman doesnt wear it then her husband can be in danger, i am not believing in superstition but i respect emotions. He gives mangalsutra in her hand, Aradhya closes her eyes and is emotional, Aryan says i just wanna say that if you care about that person, if you ever loved that person for whom you wore this mangalsutra then never keep this mangalsutra away from you, thats all. Aradhya sees Aryan’s burnt hand and stares him, Aryan says take care, he turns to leave and starts walking away, Aradhya sees him go away, Tu safar mera plays. Aradhya looks at Mangalsutra in her hand and clutches it in her hands, she says i can give my life for your safety Aryan, she closes her room’s door and tightly holds mangalsutra, she cries.

PRECAP- Aradhya says to Shravani that i give you guarentee that i will never return in Aryan’s life, he is your would be husband you are my sister, i will do anything you ask me, Shravani says then there is only one option, Aradhya says you just say it, Shravani says rightnow, right here marry Uday, Aryan and Uday looks on shocked, Kumudini smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. silent reader

    thankssssss atiba
    was eagerly waiting for update
    uff KD has become boring
    once upon a time i was mad for araaa when they were in college and shivani marriage
    iwas seriously mad for them but now 🙁 im very sad
    ANY GOOD NEWS OF ARAA???????????????????????????//

    1. Sm here also……… Nw am also bored wid d cncept of kd srsly its too much.. Nw

  2. Update it as soon as possible please because I am always dying to know what happened in todays episode.

  3. This shravni is no evil. If I get chance then surely I will kill her, I will beat her mercilessly.
    This Aryan is also idiot who does not know how to bring out truth. Kumudini and bhamini are gone cases.

  4. Only Abba rockss. Even though he is an old man he is trying to work out alone everything for Aradhya.

  5. Ahh typos mistake i wanted to write. “This shravani is so evil or pure evil”

  6. ???? m crying crying nd just crying why this always happend with the show i addicted the most y y y y y y ?? Kd is ending nd my heart is broken in many pieces ??? i was not able to enjoy Aara scene though it was emotional but i was not enjoying just bcz of thinking that KD is ending on 14th oct ….Aryan was too good the way he talked with her ? aru if u can die for him then y r u killing him every second??
    Precap looks yakhh …sharavini is manhoos b*t*h chorail bastard kameeni zallel kahin ki how can she do that to her own sis?

  7. No one can force anyone to marry.

  8. U serial nakers are such a big idiots…
    Jzt get jairaj died nd reveal shravani’s truth in a secretive manner
    Or else show tht aryan and aradhya secretly join hands nd reveal shravani’s tip to top truth on d wedding day with a surprise for viewers..

  9. Sad news in today’s Bombay Times its written Krishnadasi serial will end on October 15th.
    Hope Aradhya and Aryan are happily married before the serial ends. Please get Aradhya and Aryan married.

  10. Nitha

    Oops!!wtr CVS planning?? Eveydy my head s turng round n round seeng spoilrs n olvs??.plzz som1 bhamini ? gud faa nothng… Shravani u plzz go n jump n d ?well of krishnavati n let Liv evry1 in peace. Unite aara soon writers nly few epi left don’t want any drama now..plzz don’t end kd chng it’s time slot. V know every start as end but not so soon plzz??litraly beggng..

  11. It is too bad I just wanna says f word to makers coz I saw diya makhijas intagram pic with mangalsutra and sindoor ????? what the hell is that yaar kuch bhi

  12. Guys make your heart strong enough to handle aryan and aru wedding with two different people of the show ….. …. ..our ? broken ….. ? but i like uday so I look krishnadasi only for uday …. not for dumb aryan .beach frog. Mahan aru ..kumudini gayi tel lene

    1. Maleesha

      Aryan is not a dumb. take that in your mind

      1. Sorry it’s hurt na..!!but he is kind of like that ….? the way he not doing anything to prove himself innocent …. come on aryan be a man …… women ke bichme pisske rahegaya marathi chora

  13. If it’s ending….stop marriage no. Why are you making it sad ? This is not fair…. I think they want to decrease trp to 0.0 !! AaRaaaa I miss you 🙁 nd I’ll miss you

  14. Aru if u killed dat CV’S instead of jairaj na it wil be damn good yaar. I’m really pity for aara coz they r wasteing ur hardwork. Cv’s don’t want to get trp to our shw dat’s why they r ruineing dis shw like dat . If u want to shw chudail to d end of shw na den u can shut d shw.

  15. off the tv at the middle of this episode , because it very very boring now..
    nothing is good now..
    it was a super show in the beginning, without any dragging and any other complications. but now the things are changed a lot , now it became a emotional drama, they make the viewers cry..

  16. Maleesha

    i will cut this shravani in to pieces. go to hell colorstv. giving importance such dumb shows like bigg boss

  17. Maleesha

    My day used to begin withh arra . dunno how to survive without you .. my love arra

  18. I think the climax of serial will be their reunion. We waited for a long time no.But these writers did wrong to us .That frog is so irritating????

  19. wat’s d use of proving chudail wrong after mariage.

  20. Manya


  21. When I think about current situation of KD na I feel to cry . I feel why I chose KD 🙁 all bcs of you Sana & Shravan……ohh…… idiot Jairaj & Shravani….. heartless writers

  22. happy onam dear friends..

  23. i’m proud of aaba and what the hell why don’t they have a proper doctor aryan knows he didn’t do anything he should atleast get a good doctor and aaru is really going to regrwt very bad

  24. Nitha

    Seriously CVS wts wrong wit u ppl r u out of ur senses kd is towrds it’s end v fans r alrdy ??evn now u wt to show us ths crap.I’m done wit it.I was watchg all nonsense nly faa aara n shravu.. Ill cm back nly wn frog s truth s out.still thn I’ll jus watch aara scene n insta. Go CVS die somwhr ??..sad ??for shrana..

  25. ??????wat should i say now my heart is broken?? plzz unite aara nd wrap up kd nd plzz throw shravani out as soon as possible im not even able to see her.i m seeing all the scrap as upcomingstories not able to bare all those I’ll miss u ??????aaraa.t he most lovely kd isnow going to end as ………icant say it

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