Krishnadasi 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

No Krishnadasi episode tonight

due to Maha Episode of Kasam.

Next episode of Krishnadasi will come on Monday now..

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  1. Oh god …. I just can’t wait anymore. I’m losing my patience. Plz update it fast….

  2. Yeah. You can call me di Gopika

  3. Hey guys….Am back after 2 days?…Am a 10th Std student and iam 15…

  4. hi cutex, i couldn’t comment because i was at my relative’s house. Now I am back…

  5. Episode – 80
    Kumudini forces Aradhya to believe that Aryan was hand in glove with Pradyumn breaking her alliance with Aryan. Alongside, Aryan is heartbroken.
    Episode – 81
    Kumudini drugs Aradhya. When Aryan tries to reason things with Aradhya, she fights with him in an inebriated state. Later, under Kumudini’s influence, she believes Aryan attempted to rape her.
    Episode – 82
    Taking action on Aradhya’s complaint, the cops arrest Aryan and Shashwat. Pavitra wants to get them released, but Kumudini says that will only be possible if Aryan marries Aradhya.
    Episode – 83
    Aryan and Aradhya reach his house after their wedding. However, no one accepts Aradhya. While Pavitra treats her like a maid, Aryan refuses to share his room with her.
    Episode – 84
    Tulsi reaches Aryan’s house to ensure Aradhya is being treated well. Aradhya lies to her mother. Later, Tulsi enlists Damini’s help to clear the mystery that clouds Aryan and Aradhya’s birth.

    1. Oh god Tanu, such a dreadful twist. Now I just hate kumu too .I hope everything will be fine soon. I just hate all the villains of arra love story

    2. Hello everyome i am back havent seen serial for so many days so gotshocked to know all this
      Plz can anybody tell me that is it worth to watch previous episodes or these are dreadful

  6. Uffffffff hate story onoooooooo….
    But we hope that everything will be fine soooon….and again hate turn into love….

  7. Actually mrunali when aara wedding ceremony start these episode are very interesting loving scene of aara..28 april 29 April 2may 3 may 6 may episode are very nice and full of fun….but in previous days everthing will be change aara love turn into hate….thats very sad mrunali i think u watched above mention episode…..

  8. Now i will tell u whole story synopsis…
    Villagers started throwing stone on aradaya and at the right time Aryan came and save aradaya and stand in front of village and become injurd than kumudni come and saw the the video in which ( ardaya’s mang fill by the blood of aryan) and kumudni irritate aryan and due to this aryan agree to marry aradaya…ardaya become shocked and now she feel that no one happy due to their marriage….

    1. Than aradaya went into the village and talk with Krishna and than Aryan come and asked what happen to u i saw u r sad since morning aradaya says why u r ready to marry with me no one happy in your family he says baba is happy ardaya says i don’t need anyone sympathy she went aryan follow her and said that have your emotional part low everthing is needed to tell in life i love u aradaya become shocked….and after romantic loving scene she ran away… Aryan came back home and sashwat help him how to propose…than aryan propose her in romantic way and they were very happy..
      On the other side when aryan said to abba he will leave the house if anyone have problem and i will get marry only with aradaya…abba become silent and seceretly planned and said purva parents that only purva and aryan get married but thats for we do some darama ata the time of last moment of barat abba play darama of heart attack and blackmail aryan to marry with purva aryan agree and aradaya shocked to hear it now kumudni brainwash aradaya and said aryan play only darama of love he broke ur heart i will broke his marriage…..
      Now twist of hate story read 2 day previous comments…

      1. Uff i wrote too much..i hope u understand and sory for mistake….

      2. Thank u so mich Cutex actually i stopped to watch it from 5th ,ay
        and what about that rape drama

      3. Kumudni mix intoxicated something in aradaya milk and and after drink she became maid and Aryan came her room with window and try to understand her why he will agree ti marry purva but ardayn slape him beat him and behave like maid girl thy become fight and than aradaya blouse tore and ardaya push arayan and throw from room….then she laying on bed next day she remember nothing and kumu said to aradaya that Aryan rape u and she will agree and thy cmmplain against aryan and when arayn get marry with purva kumu and aru come with police and police arrest aryan and due due to misunderstanding thy hate each other….

      4. Mrulani previous episode are very funy and full of their love and and u must watched because i told u conclusion and skip aara loving scene so u watched previous episode and u really enjoy….

      5. Have u understand what will happen in your absence…and i watched previous episode again again and enjoy every time i downloaded aara love scene episode….

  9. mrunali you need to watch those episodes which you missed they were lovely episode with full of Aara.

    1. Ya i will watch it it will take some time

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