Krishnadasi 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya asks Aryan what you did, why did you do it? with which relation? you lifted me on coals,walked on them, burned your feet,why? Aryan says for humanity, Aradhya says for humanity sake? right. Purva sees all this.She says to Kaveri that they are talking nicely to each other,will you do something or should we throw you out? will we will wait till their marriage night? Kaveri says i have an option.
Aradhya moves her feet in tub, Aryan says its hurting me, dont move, Aradhya i moved to give you place in ice tub. Kaveri sees them from window,she hypnotizes Aradhya and says words, Aradhya repeats, Aradhya says to Aryan that enough of your love with this devdasi, just divorce her, for your aaji’s sake, throw this girl out of house, Aryan says Aradhya calm down, Aradhya says i

am your aaji,call me aaji, Aryan says you behave like this thats why people think that you are possessed by soul. Aradhya says to Aryan that you have to divorce Aradhya, Aradhya brings divorce papers, Purva thinks that Kaveri have controlled this ARadhya well, now she will divorce Aryan and my work will be done. Aradhya forces Aryan to sign divorce papers, Aryan jerks her and says you really want me to sign papers? he jerks her, Aradhya comes to senses and says what i did? did i do something? she feels pain in feet, Aryan supports her and makes her lie on bed, he is tensed. Purva says to Kaveri that what happened? Kaveri says Aryan jerked so forcefully that she came out of my control. Aradhya asks Aryan what i did? he says nothing, you shouted on me like you always do, you sleep now, Aradhya you sleep too, she closes her eyes, Aryan is tensed.
Purva comes to her room and says this girl is limit, she is not leaving Aryan, do something Kaveri and throws this rubbish out of house, Kaveri says tomorrow is pooja for her, let me think how to use this opportunity, Purva says dont make Aryan go close to Aradhya more.
Kumudini sees David in market and stops him, he says you made me do wrong things, i want to be away from you, Kumudini says we did good together, i got to listen that Gayetri fooled you and divorced you, David says you think about Aradhya, Kumudini asks where are you going? David says i have got job with lawyer, i have to fight kfor Raja Keshav Parsad’s property case, he leaves, Kumudini says only Tulsi is Keshav’s heir, who is trying to become his heir? i have to find out.
Chimaji comes to aaba’s house for pooja. he asks about Aryan, aaba says we has gone for meeting,he thinks that i had to force Aryan to go for meeting forcefully, Chimaji asks Banwari to bring kalash from store room. Nakku says to Pavitra that i will never play this ghost game again in my life.
Banwari comes in store room,he is afraid of Aradhya, he sees someone standing there and has veil on his face,he thinks is Bhamini’s ghost, man asks Banwari to give him all money else he will tell woman, Banwari gives money and asks which woman? man takes off veil,its Markand, they fight for money.
Kumudini comes home and recalls how Keshav’s named his property for Tulsi’s child, Kumudini says i dont need all this,Keshav says i dont know how my relatives will be with you after i am gone so i want to secure my child and her child, flashback ends. Kumudini says i never told anyone about this will not even Tulsi, who is trying to play this game? did same person attacked Tulsi for this property?
chimaji says to aaba that we should start pooja, poor Aradhya should get out this mess. Chimaji starts pooja and asks Aaba to pour water in havan, Aradhya comes there and says stop it, vidyadhar first clean your character, bring your daughter and her husband to home, Purva asks Kaveri what was the need to make her say all this? Kaveri says i didnt do anything. Aradhya says to Aaba that i will show your real face infront everyone, aaba says Bhamini never talked to me like this, i will never bring Saras and Micheal here, Aradhya says then you will have to bear my anger, Banwari says Markand that after dying, Bhamini has become stronger, Chimaji says we should start pooja, she will calm down, they leave from there.
Purva says to Kaveri that why she was talking about uniting family? Kaveri says sometimes when we hypnotize person then they tend to go deep inside character and tend to act like character fully, girl is going out of my hands, Purva says i dont know anything, i want results.
Family comes home, they sees pooja things destroyed by Aradhya, Purva says to aaba that we should send her to her house, aaba says i will bring out ghost, he comes to Aradhya and says i will see how This pooja will not happen, he gets angry on her, Aryan comes there and says she is not in senses, Aaba says we have to bring her in senses, ARadhya says bring my saras and Micheal to home, Chimaji asks aaba to calm down, Aryan grips Aradhya and takes her from there. aaba asks Purva to clean this mess of pooja, Nakku asks Purva to do it, aaba is angry, Purva says you are servant not me, Nakku says i will tell aaba, Aaba turns at Purva and shouts didnt you listen what i said? clean this mess, Aryan comes there and says i will clean it, Aaba says why you are doing this?Aryan says my wife messed it up so i should clean it, Aaba says you are heir of this house, from when did you starting taking her as wife? Aryan says till she is ill,i will take care of her like my wife then we will decide what we have to do with her and this my house so i dont mind cleaning it, he starts cleaning mess, Nakku asks Purva to fake her sympathy, help Aryan, Purva angrily leaves from there.

Scene 2
Kumudini meets lawyer and says who is trying to get Keshav’s property? you know i have his real will with me and if someone is trying to show his right on Keshav’s property then tell me, lawyer says i will tell you, Kumudini leaves. Lawyer calls mysterious man and says Kumudini came to me with real will,if she files case then we will gone, we have to do something fast, man says okay and ends call.
Aradhya comes to Pavitra and Nakku. Nakku moves back seeing her, Aradhya sits infront of Pavitra and says dont you have manners? why you are sitting when i am sitting? Pavitra gets up, Aradhya says daughter in laws are going out of control these days, she sees Purva there and says she is Aryan’s would be wife right? she is Pavitra’s would be daughter in law right? Nakku nods, Aradhya says bring her here, i want to test her too, let me see how good she is,Nakku goes to bring Purva,Purva thinks that Kaveri told me Aradhya is fully in Bhamini’s character so its better to stay silent infront of her. Purva comes to Aradhya, Aradhya looks at her and asks if she knows how to cook Aryan’s favorite dishes? Nakku says yes she knows, Aradhya says you shut up Nakku,she asks Purva to go and cook,let me see if you can cook good or not,go, she asks Pavitra if she is deaf? Pavitra asks her to go, Aradhya gives her menu to make and asks her to make everything at home, not use anything bought from market, Purva leaves. Kaveri comes there, Aradhya asks Nakku if she brought jnew servant from her village? Pavitra says yes Kaveri is servant, Aradhya asks Kaveri to go and help Purva, Nakku says to Kaveri that first ghost threw me away then she made you servant,seems like its time for you to leave house,they go from there, Aradhya asks Pavitra to go and sees Purva, my Saras is coming so make good food for her, Pavitra leaves. aaba says to Chimaji that look at her,i dont know if she is acting to torture us or is it real? Chimaji says you need to forget past and bring Saras and Micheal to home, maybe this way Bhamini’s soul will get peace, this pooja will never be completed till Bhamini’s soul doesnt get peace so please bring them, Aaba is irritated.

PRECAP- Saras and Micheal comes to aaba’s house, Aradhya gets happy seeing them and says my Saras has come, she hugs Saras and acts like Bhamini, she asks Purva to serve food to them. They all sit to have lunch together, Aradhya talks with Saras, Saras and Micheal smiles. Aryan sees and thinks that Aradhya brought Saras home after so many years, her way might be weird but Aradhya is only reason for my family’s reunion, he smiles looking at Aradhya. Purva gets angry seeing all this and thinks that i will not spare this Aradhya now. Later Aradhya is sleeping in her rooom. Purva comes there and strangles Aradhya’s neck, she says i will end this Bhamini/Aradhya’s drama,i will kill her, she tries to kill Aradhya, Jairaj comes there and tries to control Purva,he pulls Purva away from Aradhya, Aradhya gets free from her clutches and falls towards window, she hangs half inside and half outside window.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ara

    Is she really possessed or she its a new plan to bring d 2 families together? ?
    But happy
    Love araa scenes..:*:*

  2. Meenakshi

    Huhuuu I loved it. Epi was fantastic. Writers thanks for a nice noo noo super nice 100th epi. Aryan baba doesn’t want Aru away from his life. He doesn’t want to divorce her. Finally he admitted she’s his wife. Awww that was soo good to hear from him. What’s actually happening with Aru that I don’t know . But whatever it is happening for good. Didn’t spare Kaveri & Purva too. Ohk next comes , rajaji’s another heir!! Could be that person who tried to kill Tulsi. But who is he ? Guys , is there any new entry ? I think this is how AaRa’s real identity gonna reveal. Anyways , Rajaji did something good. Precap: Again thank you Purva. Though you are a heartless woman , whatever you do comes in favour of AaRa fans 😛 I hope Aryan will take a good care of Aru.
    And and and , dear silent reader fans of KD , please comment nd feel free to comment.

  3. sunaina

    To be frank i have been waiting since 2days for the episode to get telecasted…….love u aara???i want this serial to get telecasted everyday………atleast make it on the correct time..colors??making kasam to peep into the time of our serial… words for aryan and sana since the serial’s first episode…they r awesome…

  4. Meenakshi

    I thought they are telecasting Kasam for 45 mins . But today I found stupid Swaragini at 10:20 or 10:30 !! What’s actually happening ? This special consideration is only for Swaragini or they give it to other shows as well except our KD ? Can anyone tell me please

    • NaZriYa

      I give more importantz to KD..?
      according to me.. all other r just worst show..I hate both swaragini n more story.. just dragging the track..So irritating.. fooling the viewerz..

      • NaZriYa

        For u Swaragini z not stupid show.. i accept it.. ?But on what stand u say that am stupid..?
        if my wordz heart u .. thn u can clear it but Neva Underestimate the power f a common girl?Dear??

  5. Aqua

    Awwww Aryan sees Aroo as his wife now ???

    Purva is the real rubbish! ????

    Thanks for the quick update ?

    Precap sounds interesting. ?

  6. Twinkle

    Omg so scared for aaru after wat that god help purva did jiss simply a dam disgusting irritating character she has I wish she swallows something n dies or eats her family or anything but writers kill her plzzzzzz I will give u as much money u want (not really)?????????

  7. Anu

    Colors giving more importance to Kasam ,,, doesnt make sense to me,, theres always time limit,, what do they want.???

  8. Sujee


    |Registered Member

    Wow.aryan said aradhya as his wife and he doesn’t want to get divorce …..i think ara is acting to bring saras back to home.and more over who is that mysterious man??? Wat a character is that purva???? I want to kill that idiot 🙁 🙁 🙁

  9. Aisha cute

    Episode was nice …poorva as always b*t*h nd the most important part is raja sahib’s new heir i dont know who he is but he looks like jairaj may be i m wrong but its only my guess but how he can be raja sahib’s heir …? …nd KD writers plzz end this ghost track m seriously bore now …nd kumudini how many secrets r there which u have not revealed yet? Hmm….?

    • Maleesha

      Hey mahru. I saw in previous comments you were asking about changin your dp. If you haven’t get any solution, create a gravatar account first

  10. Simran


    |Registered Member

    Yess this epi is bomb af. I’m so excited for the upcoming episodes. It seems that aradhya is not really possessed. Maybe she found out about blo*dy purvas plan, and is just going along with it in her own way. Whatever, I can’t wait for aradhya and aryan’s scenes, there the best part of this show.

  11. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Actually I saw first few episodes of Krishnadasi I liked it but then a show in star plus dehleez came so started watching that as most of my cousins love to watch star plus and I also liked dehleez a lot, due to which I didn’t watch Krishnadasi much , but I somehow saw Krishnadasi some days n loved it my friends love to watch this show they everytime tell me watch Krishnadasi then i saw n understood why they love this show so much better than other colors show, well I watch repeats of Krishnadasi

  12. Genita


    |Registered Member

    Guyzz i think purva ‘s plan backfired.. Now aaru is really possesd by bhamini.. Now aaru will teach that stupid purva a lesson…

  13. shahana

    hey…. me too from Kerala, kochi
    I wer among the silent readers…. I just love krshndasi.. very much.. these days I couldn’t watch kd cz of Ramadan… am only reading the written updates… I miss watching my kd so much… I just love the whole cast of kd.. its one of the best after ipkknd…. kumuduni’s expressions even though its little over I just luv watching her…. luving the pair of sana and shravan….they are amazing actors…. I wish if sana would match her heights with shravan…which is impossible…anywys it’s not a big deal…. I love kd & its the best now on TV, not only in colours in my view…. yeah…. n I too guess the one who attacked tulsi is jayaraj.. cz purva n jayaraj does not match even their names… rajaji n jayaraj…Iam feeling some…connects… don’t u guys.????..

  14. Maleesha

    Oh ho Aryan, till when you will continue your drama , being such emotional just for humanity? Loved arra scenes as always. Come on Purva granny, Keep creating such romance btwn arra. Thanx for that..
    Oooooo Aryan is taking all responbilty . How caring husband he is… I must say this serial is going on in such practical nd natural way. I mean the scenes.. awsome.very imprssed. Thank you writers..
    Now coming to the rest of the story,
    Just cofused about the strange man. That’s why he wanted to kill tulsi, so that he can get all the property without any hurdle. Bt who is him ? How does he know about baby swapping? If I’m not mistaken, keshav hadn’t any child except tulsi.right guys ?
    It’s good that purva is being totured by aru . &I loved the way aba was shouting at her. Oh I felt so relieved seeeing her totured. Wow the witch has started to get irritating by all four corners. .

    & Precap: I didn’t like it much. Bt it will bring arra more clser. Just happy for that.

  15. Meena

    very cute aara scenes…like it shravan’s ep are very excellent..precap nice..good going..this s the 100 epi..

  16. Meenakshi

    Yeh ! Mr anonymous’s hairstyle was like Jayraj’s ! I think when he gets to know about Rajaji’s will nd Aru is the heir ( nobody except Kumu, writers nd us knows na real heir is Aryan:-P ) he may try to impress her , I mean will try to be changed and improved person to get properties from Aru. Aaba sahib was Raja Keshav’s brother in law. Perhaps , what Aaba saying his & Aryan’s was of Rajaji. When Rajaji & his wife ie, Aaba’s sis died Aaba started to take care them. And nobody knows about the will. Sooooo the real heir of half of Krishnavati is Aru. So when Jayraj tries to snatch it from her Kumu might tell her grandchild is not Aradhya but Aryan!!!
    Hahaha:-D ahh pardon me guys. It happened to be a very complicated nd stupid assumption

    • Aisha cute

      But meenakshi the person who is trying to kill tulsi he already knows that real heir is aryan he knows about child swapping then y he is trying to impress ardhya when he already know that aru is not real heir ..he should impress aryan intead of ardhya?…..but intresting twist rajaji?

  17. Reba

    Wow.. Aarryn ur the hero forever..i think Aaryu understood the poor purva’s game..Anyway she stune the epi?

  18. Reba

    What is the new secret of kumudhini..
    She z miracle..She z clever aajii..?
    She will manage her situation..
    Hopefully waiting for the next epi..When Aryn find the truth about evil purava n jairaj..?
    Where z our Gaayu..?

  19. Reba

    What is the new secret of kumudhini..
    She z miracle..She z clever aajii..?
    She will manage her situation..Very well?
    Hopefully waiting for the next epi..When Aryn find the truth about evil purava n jairaj..?
    Where z our Gaayu..?

  20. neethu

    i want to see aabas face when he comes to knaw abt the will. actually i want to see the whole rao parivars face when they comes to knaw tht aru is heir of rajijis property. especially poorva and jairaj.

  21. neethu

    it showed tht kumu taking out some file and the voice benind says tht kumu is going to help aru. so tht means kumu is going expose tht truth to aaba saib tht aru is the real heir of rajijis prperty

  22. swati

    In repeat telecast why they are cutting scenes they just cut all kumudini scenes and in night also they telecast kasam in kd time slot and kd at 11pm why not the they just change kd time slot to 11pm

  23. Meena

    Just hate this channel… KD’s makers should have choosed star plus or any other channel rather than this stupid, senseless, insufficient and most rubbish channel… That don’t even go through the schedule… Whenever they want they telecast SwaRagini for 45 min and whenever they want they keep mahaepisodes and cancel other serial… Third class channel… But love KD. Beautiful epi this drama should not end so soon so that Aryan could recognize his love for aaru again…

  24. Meenakshi

    It was just an assumption Aisha. Still have no idea does the killer know about AaRa. But whatever happens in KD is simply good except Purva.

  25. Tanu

    See in the will its written the property for tulsi …. And guess why kumudini didn’t showed it to tulsi even after they were thrown out of their house.. Even when they had nothing.. Because of aradhya.. Kumudini knew aradhya was not her heiress and if tulsi come to know about this will she would give it all to aru to secure her future and kumudini could not let that happen so she hidden it even from Tulsi…its just my point of view… by the way liking the property track … it has huge potential to bring out more dynamic tracks.

    • Aisha cute

      Yup i thought the same ..nd kumu did ri8 to hide this truth she wants to secure tulsi nd aryan’s future …if heir is aryan then its his right to have that property not aradhya’s right …nd yup tulsi is emotional fool thats y kumu hide this truth …i agree with u tanu?

  26. khadra hassan

    wwww this is really fantastic but purva is very stupid she is kind of shit!!!!!!
    by the way i like this drama thanks updates

  27. Tanu

    Episode – 101

    Poorva attempts to kill Aradhya. However, Tulsi sees her daughter in danger and rushes to save her. Later, Poorva claims it was an act of self-defence.

    Episode – 102

    Mathadeesh agrees to donate blood to Aradhya, but his blood group doesn’t match hers. Kumudini refuses to donate blood, claiming she has cancer.

    Episode – 103

    Aryan forces Aradhya to sign the divorce papers but she refuses. She confronts Poorva, leading to an argument between them.

    Episode – 104

    Pavitra learns that Aradhya her biological daughter. Later, Kumudini is stabbed in the hospital and Aryan makes Aradhya sign the divorce papers.

  28. rani

    Hi I’m new here. I really like the serial. Everyone plays their part well. Hope these precaps about future episodes are not true.

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