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Scene 1
Kumudini says to Banwari that tell whole village that this haveli’s owner is Aryan, there will be food distribution after pooja, she gives him money and asks him to provide bill, he nods and thinks that aaba used to give money countless and i used to cheat with money but how will i survive now? Kumudini looks at Tulsi’s picture and says i know how many times aaba have insulted you in this village, i am doing this pooja for your soul, i know you wouldnt have allowed me to do this but i am not going to stop, we have to become villain to fight villain. Markand comes to Kumudini and touches her feet, he says i did mistake by going to aaba, i will serve you whole life, Kumudini says your father in law threw you out? he says yes, now i will just chant Kumudini’s name, dont ask

me to go, Kumudini says i have many dogs in house so one more wouldnt hurt.
Aradhya and Gayetri comes to Pavitra, Pavitra shows them Ganpati’s idol in mandir and says now Ganpati will make everything fine, ARadhya touches her feet and says i am going for job interview, Gayetri says you will get it. Shashwat comes there and says i got manager’s job in one office, Gayetri says great, Aradhya will get job too and i already have in hospital, Shashwat says you both dont have to do job, i will work and will give you all happiness, ARadhya says dont worry, we will work together and will make lives easy, Shashwat says see Pavitra my daughters are no less then son, they want to distribute burden, he hugs them, Pavitra goes to bring yogurt for Aradhya. Aradhya comes to Aaba and says we are going to start new life, bless us to make you proud, she touches his feet, he puts hand on her head and has tears in his eyes, Aradhya is confused, Pavitra brings yogurt for Aradhya, aaba leaves. Pavitra makes Gayetri, Shashwat and Aradhya eat it, she says i pray that you all get success, they leave, Pavitra smiles.
Nakku comes to Kumudini, Kumudini asks you didnt bring things for pooja? who will bring it? Nakku says first listen news, i thought to tell you first, Rao family is in bad state, Tamry’s daughter brought food for them, Gayetri is already working and now ARadhya is searching for job, Kumudini says what days have come for your old owner, do you feel bad? Nakku says yes as much as you feel bad, they laugh, Markand was telling me that Pavitra was cleaning house like servant, here she used to just order me but now have become servant, Kumudini says Pavitra used to show me attitude, just see what i will do with her now, she will remember to not mess with me.
Pavitra is in market, she says its expansive. She sees there is less money, she buys stale veggies which are cheap. She starts leaving market when she sees Shashwat picking up heavy bags, he is working as low wage worker, Pavitra is stunned to see this. One girl greets Shashwat, owner says he is not any king anymore, he is worker, Shashwat picks heavy bags as its his work. Pavitra runs from there but strikes with Nakku, Nakku asks why you are crying? Pavitra starts leaving.
Pavitra comes in mandir and says you kept me alive for this day? she cries, Nakku comes there and says i know you are miffed with me, i didnt come with you thats why you are sad but think if i had come with you then you would have provide food to me too thats why i stayed there and works for Kumudini, i saw Shashwat working, i didnt like it, Pavitra says he lied to me that he got manager’s job and here he is.. Nakku says why dont you think to lessen his burden? you can do some work, i will fetch work for you, Pavitra says i will do anything to lessen his burden, i know my both daughters are qualified but i know Shashwat feels bad that his daughters have to work to run house, i didnt do work in my life but i will do anything, just tell me, Nakku says i feel bad to tell you but its servant’s job, you have to do something to get food, you cant keep your family hungry, its better to work, if you work in Kumudini’s house then you will be able to see Aryan too, Pavitra thinks and says she wont allow me in that house, Nakku says i will do that, i am head servant there, i wont let her know that you are working there, i am with you, she wipes her tears, Pavitra thinks about it.
Interviewer says to Aradhya that you are perfect for this job, how much salary you want? Aradhya says you can give as per your wish, interviewer says i will get your appointment letter. Aryan comes there, Aradhya is stunned to see him, he stares her. Interviewer says Aryan she is joining us as assistant manager, she is very talented, Aryan says she is multi talented, she has talent of cheating, making fool and can use people, he asks interviewer if he wants to work with him? interviewer says yes we want to work with you, Aryan says then make this girl leave from here otherwise i will not invest in your company, he leaves. Interviewer says i dont know what animosity you have with Aryan but he is our investor so please, ARadhya says i understand, she leaves.
Nakku brings Pavitra in Kumudini’s house, Pavitra has veil on her face so that Kumudini cant see her face, Kumudini asks who is she? Nakku says she is very poor woman, she needs work, Kumudini says i dont have place for beggars here, there are many servants here already, Nakku says i have one place remaining for servant, let her work here, Kumudini says you have veil on your face, how will you clean, sweep or wash clothes? Nakku says she can do it, Kumudini says i am hiring her, she asks Pavitra to clean whole house before pooja. Nakku asks Pavitra to go in kitchen, she leaves. Kumudini smirks and stops Nakku, she says you have done work to get reward, you have made me happy. Nakku says she didnt doubt me that i did all this for you, she got ready for work, Kumudini says i will make Aaba’s daughter in law the servant of this house and will provide peace to my daughter, just see what i do next.
Aradhya comes to Aryan and says i need to talk to you, she holds his hand but he stares her, she leaves his hand, he says what will you say? that i snatched your job? that i dont have values or anything? i dont care about your job, Aradhya says i dont want to talk about job, Aryan says so you want my help? how much money you want? why should i help you? you are nothing to me, ARadhya says you think that i will think like that? i got to know that Kumudini is arranging pooja, what is that? Aryan says this pooja is for my aayi’s peace but she will not get peace till your aaba wont go in jail, he leaves from there, Aradhya is hurt.

Scene 2
People come in Kumudini’s house. Chimaji is there too. Kumudini says where is Aryan? Markand says he is coming, Kumudini says dont call him Aryan, he is owner of this house, Markand says i will call him Aryan Sir, she leaves. Banwari says to Markand that you like to show your loyalty, Markand says what about your value here? Banwari says atleast i am not thrown out of house. Banwari says that according to ritual husband and wife sits in pooja, Kumudini says i will follow pooja and will sit in pooja with my husband, all are stunned. Kumudini brings Krishan’s idol and says Krishnadasi means i am his wife so Krishanji will sit in pooja with me, She sits in pooja with Krishan’s idol beside her, she asks Banwari to donate 20rs, Banwari does so, Kumudini asks him to think good, she asks Chimaji to start pooja, he does. Kumudini does pooja for Tulsi. Aryan comes there, Kumudini asks where were you? Aryan recalls how Aradhya said that what is this pooja? Kumudini asks him to change clothes and come in pooja, he nods and leaves.
Aryan comes and sits in pooja with Kumudini. Banwari has made video of Nakku and Pavitra talking about working as servant in Kumudini’s house, he sends that to Aradhya.
Aradhya sits outside mandir sadly and recalls how she got job and lost is because of Aryan, she thinks that whole family has hopes from me, i cant break their hopes. She gets video message and plays it, Pavitra agrees to work as servant in Kumudini’s house in video, Aradhya says i cant let it happen, she goes from there.
Pooja is completed, Kumudini asks Nakku to bring new servant and distribute Parsad. Banwari thinks that ARadhya didnt come till now? Markand asks whom you have invited? Pavitra comes there in veil, Nakku asks her to give parsad to everyone, Pavitra starts distributing it, Kumudini scolds her. Aryan says what is this way to talk to servant aaji? he asks servant to distribute calmly. Nakku says to Kumudini that he doesnt know she is his ex-aayi but still he is helping her, Kumudini says after all he is Tulsi’s son. One servant brings food plate, Kumudini throws it away and says what is this? get lost from here, he leaves. Kumudini asks Pavitra to come and clean my feet, Pavitra brings clothes and cleans Kumudini’s feet, Kumudini asks her to clean my feet, are you blind? Kumudini thinks that this is right time to start drama, Aaba’s daughter in law is working as servant here, she takes off Pavitra’s veil but its Aradhya instead of Pavitra there, all are shocked, Banwari thinks that how did this happen? Kumudini eyes Nakku. Aradhya says what are you eying Nakku? Kumudini says what drama is this? ARadhya says you wanted to insult my aayi by bringing her here and make her work like servant but your plan is failed Nakku, Nakku says what i did? i was just arranging pooja, i dont have time, Aradhya says i have video recording where you were trapping my aayi to become servant, should i show you?

PRECAP- Kumudini says to Nakku that your gold chain is lost right? Nakku says yes. Aradhya says you wanna search me? call police? what you want? Aryan says i have had enough of you Aradhya, till i dont throw you out of house, you wont get your brain back. He throws her out of house and says our divorce is finalized, Aradhya holds him close and says i have written your name on my heart, on my soul and you cannot wipe whats written on heart.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SnehaMjwinslet06

    Fitting reply…well done aru 🙂

  2. ???????????????????? i want the lovely couple back

  3. Pls put some scene that aryan start to get jalan of aradhiya that she met a handsome old friend from her colleage or school and she having fun time with him but aryan sees that getting jealous pls pls pls don’t make always aradhiya suffering ……….

    1. i was thinking that the other day when he divorced her. a new guy should enter in her life and he should be a bad person with a secret and Aryan should expose him because he loves Aradhya like Lakshya did in swaragini against Karthik. or she should get engaged to Jairaj to save her family and Aryan should stop her marriage.

    2. I am with you
      I also want this jealousy factor

  4. hypocrisy ka height ?

    1. Snehamjwinslet06

      matlab 🙂 ????

      1. matlab… Aradhya reprimanding kumudini for trying to humiliate her blood mother. i am very happy that she did that. Kumudini deserve it.. but Tulsi was force in jail, beat to hell by Aba saheb still she is going gaga over him and never confronted about that incident ever… this hypocrisy making me think KD CV are deliberately trying to proove blood is thicker than water.

  5. Aradhya, rockss in precap 😀

  6. i hope diz kumudini dies.. i jst hate her to d core..,??

  7. I’m bored of this !! Sometimes our writers do something like Ekta Kapoor shows !! After my research on various Ekta Kapoor shows , I found out that the ultimate base of a story is union of leads. I mean , story focuses on main leads falling in love , misunderstanding , separation , leap , again meeting , polishing old love , again separation when about to unite !! One to two years will be focused on same track !! Same is going on in KD now !! Anyways , I do keep watching KD. Aaba Sahib please keep changing. Aryan open your brain…Nakku you are a viper. Pavitra felt sad for you. Shashwat is always a sweetheart.

  8. I m also with u tejaswani there should be like this

  9. Wow…Gud episode…
    Aaryn z controling his anger..Hmm..common aryn..b cool..??Aarru had done a perfect timing?LoL..But plzz…After 10:30,just eagerly waiting for our Aarra scene..So plzz..entertain us by adding some funny shotz??

  10. Uff..Finally..Banwari n Jamaayiraaja together????

  11. Uff..Kumudhini z over reactingg…itz lill irritating..but also her dailogues r just?

  12. Wow…precape z awsm….I hope dz crictisism will b close in dz week itself..Bcoz i don’t knw..?Just hoping.✌That baffoon sibblings r just creating the kd as Hell..Yesterday epi was nyc bcoz that 2 idiotz r absent??feeling pity for Pavthra,Gayu&Shashwath..Wow…Aabba remembr all his behaviour similar to hell..Itz quite sweet.?

  13. Nice epi as always . .nd aaru dialouges was rocking. . .

  14. Nice epi as always . .nd aaru dialouges was rocking. . .

  15. i too want the romance back in there lives.its too much of suspense,planning and all now

  16. KD.. There is lot of suspens how aaro slove purwa and her brother drama .. Aryan not hard aaro..

  17. Hell boring track these days aryan knows very well that how to fight how to humiliate other how to show power on others how to creat drama? nd aradhya knows very well k how to give bakwas bhashan how to be mahan how to protect that aaba nd how to be silent like abla naari ? srtiously cv’s hell boring track we want arra we dont want this boring drama of kumu nd nakku …feeling bad for pavitra but she deserves dis but shashwat ohhhh ? aryan u r doing soooo wrong with ur parents u will repend soo badly after knowing the truth …..nd that naku nd kumu uffff these two womens r soo damn evil? but i like the change of aaba hope it will remain same? nd precap uffff so intresting? aru is gonna express her love but that pagal aryan is not gonna listen her? aru always have to suffer? y y y y cv’s …but shravan looks soooo handsome yesterday? though he always looks good but yesterday ? he is getting handsome nd handsome day by day? but ur behaviour?

  18. Wow…Nyc episode..?

  19. Precape z amaizinggh..

  20. Ooohh..what happn to Aaryn…??What was going on his mind?Plzz…Wakeup Maann..Aaruu..keep going..Open ua mouth against evry cruelty dear…

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    tick-tick???Anywayzz Aarru speakz with her heart❤By listening it Aaryn heart ? z breaking????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  25. Wahhh!!!precap ka dialogue!!!!!but i dont get it aaba s family is soo rich….suddenly how did they bcm soo poor….only house has been snatched not money..

  26. Silent reader

    anyone here who write KD fan fictions????/

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