Krishnadasi 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aaba says to Aryan that you were our savior and we thought wrong about you but how did do all that? Aryan says i doubted Shravani when you all were poisoned and only Shravani was conscious. Flashback shows doctor saying to Aryan that miracle happened and poison didnt spread in anyone’s body, all are safe. Aryan says someone tried to poison them, i have to protect them, you just have to announce that Rao family died, Doctor says i cant lie, Aryan says please i have to save their lives, doctor says okay i will help you. Aryan asks where is Aaba? doctor says he is in different ward. Aryan comes to different ward and asks about aaba, doctor says Aaba died. Fb ends. Aryan says i pretended to be in love with Shravani so that i find her truth out. Kumudini says i destroyed my Aryan and

my Aradhya’s life, forgive me Aradhya, Aradhya says just call me laadoba once and i will forget everything, Kumudini says my laadoba, she hugs her and cries. Banwari and Markand are stunned to see sight. Shashwat says we should get Shravani arrested, Aryan says no use, Aradhya says she wouldnt confess her crimes to Damini, she wont, Aryan says we have started this and will end it, Aaba says who will make her spit truth and how? Kumudini says are you forgetting how much dramaqueen i am? she tried to make me insane, now see how i will make her crazy.
Shravani comes home and says dont know where that fake queen went, she says Kumudini put chili in my eyes but i tied her to bed then what she was doing there? i will not spare her today. Shravani comes to Kumudini’s room and sees her tied to bed, she says then whom i saw? Kumudini says see who is standing behind you, Shravani sees back and says no one is here, Kumudini says Yamraj has come to take you, Shravani says i will send you to yamraj, Kumudini says i will tell yamraj to cook you in oil, Shravani says i will kill you today, Kumudini says i can see your future, everything is snatched from you, your husband flies away with some bird, Shravani says what rubbish is this? Kumudini says go to his room and your husband having marriage night with someone, Shravani goes to check. Aaba comes and frees Kumudini, Kumudini says she has gone half mad, Aaba says now Krishnadasi Kumudini’s drama will start.
Shravani comes to Aryan’s room and sees Aryan and Aradhya hugging, Shravani says what is she doing in our room on our bed? you fake queen, get lost, Aradhya says i think we should tell truth to Shravani Aryan ji, Shravani asks what truth? you are Aradhya, i know that truth, Aradhya says i am tired of this name Aradhya, i feel like Aradhya comes in your dreams too. She cups Aryan’s face and says should i tell truth? Aryan says you have to so tell him, Aradhya says actually Aryan and me met in Pune two months back, he saw me and was mistaken that i was Aradhya so he fell in love with me and i fell in love with him too, Aryan says yes, he kisses her cheek, Shravani says i will eat you alive, Aryan says what are you doing Shravani? ARadhya says what kind of woman you married Aryan? Aryan says i did mistake, Shravani says get lost from my room, Aradhya says this room, this Haveli is mine now, i have bought it for my Aryan, i came here for Aryan only so that we can live here in this dreamy house, Aryan kisses her head, Aradhya says i had to do it, you know people become selfish in love, all is fair in love and war. Shravani says my head is spinning, you will snatch my husband from me? i will crush your face. Aryan says move back Shravani, i have forgotten Aradhya, queen is my life now, i love her a lot, he hugs her. Aaba comes there dressed as Deevan and says queen your doubt was true, he says how to tell infront of Shravani. Aradhya says say it, Shravani says what you want to tell? Aaba smirks and says queen Aruna, you are going to be mother, unmarried mother, Aradhya is happy and hugs Aryan. aaba shows report, Shravani snatches it and reads it, she is shocked and tears it, she says this cant be true, Aaba says truth wont change by tearing report. Shravani says this is drama of her to snatch my husband, i will see myself if she is really pregnant or doing drama, Aryan says dont come near her, its sin to doubt someone pregnancy, keep away from her, Aradhya says i am going to unmarried mother, i am queen, people will ask me whose baby it is then what will i say Aryan? tell me Aryan ji.. will you give our baby your name? its your baby only, Aryan says dont worry. Shravani says shut up cheater, get lost from my house, Aryan says this is queen’s house now and i wont be able to throw her out of this house. He says to Aradhya that i believe in justice, when Shravani was pregnant, i was ready to her baby my name and now you are mother of my baby so i promise to give him my name and i promise to marry you, Aradhya hugs him. Shravani says how can you marry her? Aryan says like i married you, i didnt expect this from you, i didnt even love you but i love queen, our heart is one so divorce me, i am going to marry her today only, Deevan says lets go and get ready for wedding, Shravani shouts no till i dont divorce you, you cant do it, Aryan stop, you cant do this with me.

Scene 3
Aryan and Aradhya comes to mandap dressed as bride and groom. Shravani comes there and says this wedding cant happen till i dont divorce Aryan, i will call police now. Bhamini comes there and stands infront of Shravani, she says i will call police, i wont let your marriage break. Shravani feels dizzy seeing her, she closes her eyes for a moment and Bhamini runs away from there, Shravani opens her eyes and sees her gone, she says i am not even drunk, why did i see Aaji? She says to Aryan that stop this wedding, you stole my husband, Aradhya says everyone knows that you stole someone’s husband too earlier, you must have listened qoute what you sow shall you reap. Nakku is recording everything on mobile. Shravani says i have never seen cheap woman like you, dont know which mother gave you birth. Pavitra comes there and says who remembered mother? Shravani is shocked to see her, Pavitra says i dont know about her mother but i am your mother, you snatched my daughter’s husband, i will kill you now, she shows her poison bottle and says i will make drink poison. Shashwat comes there and says no Pavitra. Shashwat brings poison bottle and says to Shravani that i will give you poison. Gayetri and David comes and says no we will make her drink poison, Aaba says i will kill her. Bhamini shows her poison bottle too. Shravani gets scared and screams what is happening? Bhamini says i am Bhamini’s ghost. Shravani shouts Aryan all dead people are back. Aryan is sitting in mandap and says what are you saying? who has comeback? our baby? Shravani says no, it never existed, it was all fake and lie. Aradhya smirks at her, she is sitting beside Aryan in mandap, Shravani says they want to kill me. Aryan says i am not seeing anyone, he asks Pundit to start wedding. Shravani says sees all Rao family is here. Kumudini says Haimlata you have gone mad, Shravani says you are mad, cant you see they are all standing here, Kumudini says there is no one here, why dont you eat medicine you make me eat for my treatment, Shravani says those medicines were not make you fine but to make you insane. Aryan says what? you tried to make my aaji insane? i will drag you to court now and will divorce you too. Aaba says no she will go to Yamlog with us, she will die now. Shravani screams and says they will kill me, Aryan says what you are talking about? who is there? i am not able to see anyone, he moves around Rao family and says i am not seeing anyone, who will take revenge from you? Shravani says my family, save me. Bhamini forcefully makes Shravani drink poison, Shravani shouts and says Aryan take me to doctor, they made me drink poison, Aryan says why would anyone give you poison? Shravani says to take revenge because i killed whole Roa family by giving them poison. They called me for pag phera ritual to their house, this Aaba tried to trick me so i gave them poison mixed with food, i killed them all and i am not any widow nor i was pregnant ever, all look on, Shravani says i fell in love with you and wanted to marry you and wanted all this wealth thats why i killed everyone, thats why they want to kill me now. Aryan says drama is over, you have accepted your crimes and we have recorded them, he takes phone from Nakku and shows Shravani the recording of her confession, Shravani says this cant happen, she tries to runaway but Damini comes there and says where will you? Markand says police always come on right time, Banwari says story’s end has come. Shravani says Pavitra forgive me, she says baba i dont want to go to jail, she asks Aaji to say them to not take her, forgive me, Bhamini says you should be punished only, Damini says enough of your drama, she drags her from there, Shravani screams for help but they take her away. Kumudini says sin has been removed from way, lets do pious work now, she asks Aradhya and Aryan to sit in Mandap, she calls real Pundit and ask him to chant mantras.
Pundit ask Aradhya to make Aryan wear Garland, Aradhya tries to jump and make him wear but cant because of his height, Aryan says i have to marry this 2foot girl then i have to bow down whole life, Aaba and Shashwat lifts Aradhya and she puts Garland around his neck, David says it should be equal, he lifts Aryan on his shoulders and Aryan makes Aradhya wear garland, all clap for them.
Aradhya and Aryan take pheras together. Pundit asks Aryan to fill Aradhya’s forehead with vermilion(sindoor), Aryan fills her maang with sindoor, Aradhya smiles at him. Bhamini says to Aaba that i have kept sindoor away from me for years because i was miffed with you but now i will proudly wear sindoor of your name, Aaba says i was not deserving of it earlier, he fills Bhamini’s forehead with sindoor and hugs her, all clap for them including Kumudini. David says Gayetri seems like all are forgetting us so we should get married by ourselves, he brings out sindoor bottle and fill Gayetri’s forehead with sindoor, all clap for them, they take Aaba and Bhamini’s blessings. Kumudini gives mangalsutra to Aryan, he makes her wear it. Pundit says wedding is completed, they are husband and wife from now on. Kumudini says will we stand like this? Vidyadhar Rao start now, he ask what? Kumudini starts dancing. Gayetri, Aradhya, Pavitra, all family members join her. They dance happily together, Kumudini hugs Aryan and Aradhya and dances with them. All clap after dance. Kumudini says with God’s blessing, everything happened nicely. She says to Aaba that i want to go back, i came to Krishnavati for revenge, but i am taking a lot from here, i have learned a lot from Aryan and Aradhya, i have got love, i am leaving hatred, revenge everything behind, Aradhya says where will you aaji? Kumudini says i will go back to Pune, i will open asylum for girls and women who suffered from Devdasi ritual, I Krishnadasi Kumudini in memory of my daughter Tulsi will serve my life to remove this devdasi ritual from society. She says to Pavitra that i should be leaving. Aaba says you.. dramaqueen.. jerk Kumudini.. we have become friends so we will do everything together, right bhamini? we elder people endorsed this ritual and we will now work to end it together, all clap for them. Aaba says we respected this ritual in mandir, in same mandir we will start to work for its end, lets shake hand, Kumudini laughs and shakes hand with him. Banwari says Aaba, we used to enjoy your fight with Kumudini, we used to get some money too. Kumudini says what you think that we are now friends, so we wont fight? we will fight daily for you, you will be entertained and from my side and Aaba’s side, you will be given 10rs, all laugh and have family reunion.

(P.S- I was so impressed when I started writing for this show, It had one of the best concept and cast and I will never forget episodes when child swapping truth came out. I will surely miss doing its updates. I hope you enjoyed my updates and accept my apologies for mistakes. Thank you all for reading and supporting, you are all great).


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nitha , ur experience was gud ma. Nd i dn’t abt mahabharat i never watched it . Abt KD also i dnt knw once when i am changing d chanel i just watched dat people r going to make a girl maried to a krishna idol nd aru came nd stop d mariage . Maried to krishna idol it looks difrnt forme nd i started watching it . Nd abt sravan i dn’t knw him. I jst watched his entry in dis serial only nd read dat he was telugu guy nd started watching his performance . Nd i never tried on voot yaar coz everyone was saying dat it downloads slowly nd tried on .

    1. Nitha

      Yess liba initially it ws too bad,but now uploads are improved on voot Dea..u try once epi are uploaded in hd all r der, but in tunepk I usd it but der all epi we won’t get it naa?so I strtd usn voot, u try…

  2. Nitha

    Everyday without kd n aara as becm too boring,I usd too wait evry mondy from toi spoilers to b out n for ny olv’s,iv’s I’m missing everything very badly plzzz producr confirm kd2 wit shrana,how long ull make us wait did same in kd1,u made aara toghtr in last epi u made us wait till end.. Now also doin same????????..ccan’t bear dis

  3. Nitha

    Heyyy guyss I read dat our hardworking, honest Shravan reddy has been nominated among 5 best actors in ita awards ???luv him,I want him to win but don’t believe in dis awards, he win r lose he’ll b best for us always ????….with loads of love, miss u..

  4. U r absolutely correct yaar. Whether he win or loss bt he always d bst for us. Nd as u r saying na i wil try voot. 2 more nw shws r cming on colors. Bt dis producer was nt conforming anything. I think aara both shift to other shws na may dis producer confirm d nws. Nd nitha , what r u studying nw.

    1. Nitha

      I don’t know yaar wat dis producer actually doing, he gav som tweets n disapprd suddnly God nly knows wat he’ll Do..???…Liba, I’m an UG medical student yaar.. Wat abt u??

  5. wow Doctor bsy life na. Nd i cmpleted by btech nd nw i’m doing MBA. Seriously God only knws abt dat producer. Useless producer

    1. Nitha

      At present not so much busy yaar,still student naa, but I hv got my universty exms in dec dats nly litle worried ??…MBA Dat means ur elder to me,rite, do u mind if l call u by name??..

  6. Wow…Congratz Liba & Nitha..i wish both u a long happness lyf??

    1. Nitha

      Thnkuu Rebba ??,even I wish same for u yaar.. A long happy healthy life?Wat abt u dea?? U won’t say us wat ur studying?? ??..

      1. ??thatz lol..?

  7. Rebba thanks ma nd wish u d same . Nd wat abt u

    1. Am Bcom student??✌

  8. Nitha , i never mind dat u called me with my name k. Nd same pinch for dat probably my sem exams wil be on dec.

    1. Nitha

      ??so sweet of u liba..tnq u?…

  9. Nitha

    And tmw itz one week without kd, aara n Shravan ???..Im missing it very much ??…1 week givs me feel of years witout kd, don’t knw hw long it taks fr me to get usd it..hopes of kd2??also now itz decrsng day by day..

  10. completed oneweek with out our KD. It seems like completed some ages.

  11. Rebba u r a bcom student bt i thought dat u r doing ur schooling.

    1. ??if u think lyk that..No prob..I lyk to b child..When our ages r moving on responsibilities r increasinggg??

  12. Exactly Rebba , nd what happens if d time freezes at our childhood only na. R u a telugu girl.

    1. Hmm…There z a point..? frm kerela..♻

  13. Dat means u r a malayalam kutti. Am i spelled corect or nt.Nd Nitha where r u nd wat happend to u ma.

    1. Yeah..u pronounced right.Are u intrested to watch malayalam film’s??

  14. Nitha

    Hiii liba, I’m here nly, low net,n my exm time table got announced so preparng for it yaar.. I’m from karnataka Dea?..

  15. k k prepare well without any tension ma.

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