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Krishnadasi 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aaba says i want to see Aryan and Purva getting married before i die, Aryan is stunned and thinks why God is taking my test, Aaba asks Aryan why is he silent? will you not fulfill my last wish? Aryan says first become fine then we will talk, aaba gets sad, Aryan gets tensed and says i will fulfill your wish, i will not marry Aradhya, i will marry Purva. Aradhya listens all this standing on door, aaba asks Aryan if he is saying this from heart? Aryan says yes, aaba gets happy, Aradhya stands there in tears and looks at Aryan and Purva holding hands, she is shocked, Purva sees her standing on door. She goes to Aradhya and takes from there. Pavitra says will you kill Aaba? didnt you listen that Aryan will marry Purva and not you,. Tulsi and Kumudiini listens this too, Aradhya says i just want

to meet Aaba, he will understand my and Aryan’s love. Pavitra says stop seeing dreams, Aryan will not marry you, Aradhya gets hurt, Aryan comes there too. Kumudini thinks that everything is going in a mess, i cant let my plan fail at this stage. Aryan comes to Pavitra and asks her to go inside, she says i will not leave, Pavitra says talk to her infront of me, Aryan says i am asking you to leave, Pavitra says dont do any mistake, you have my and Aaba’s swear, she looks at Aradhya angrily and leaves. Aradhya says i want to meet Aaba once, i listened what you said. Aryan says please go from here, Tulsi says to Kumudini that we should leave from here, let them talk alone, they leave. Aryan says its request Aradhya go from here, Aradhya says i want to talk to Aaba, i pray to God that he becomes fine, i want to talk to him about our lives, i am not in hurry to marry but i need to talk to him, Aryan says no need to meet anyone, leave from here, its a request, Aradhya says why you are talking like this? Aryan says dont ask me anything, Aradhya says whom i will ask if not you? i have relation with you, Aryan gets angry and says i dont want to get married to you, our relation is finished, Aradhya says this is not time to joke, Aryan says this is truth, please go from here before i say anything else, i am pleading you to leave, ARadhya says i know you are disturbed but why you are breaking relation? we love each other. Aradhya says to Aryan that please speak, we will serve aaba, he will become fine, we will make him fine, i am not in hurry to marry but dont say that you are breaking marriage, i love you. Aryan says i cant do anything which will hurt Aaba, just go from here, Aradhya says look in my eyes and say you dont love me, she grabs his face and asks him to speak up, Aryan looks in her eyes and says aaba is fighting with life and you are talking about love and future? i dont want to talk to you, just get out from here, just get out, he looks away from Aradhya. Aradhya cries, Aryan is pained too, Aradhya looks at Aryan who is looking away, she tries to put hand on his shoulder but doesnt, she starts leaving, Kho gaya gum hogya son plays, she cries as she moves away from him, Aryan cries too and thinks that i love you alot Aradhya and i will keep loving you, i will never forget you, i hope you understand that i am helpless, i cant take risk with Aaba’s life, he cries.
Aaba is happily eating fruits in his room, Purva and Deshmukh comes there and are surprised to see him fine, Aaba says to Purva that i know Aryan loves me alot but i cant force him, we have to make him forget Aradhya with love thats why i did acting of heart attack on right time, Deshmukh says what an acting, even actor Nana would be insecure of you, Aaba says i promised you that Purva will be my daughter in law, Deshmukh says but he hasnt married her, Aaba says doctor is on our side, when he will tell Aryan that i am dying then Aryan will get married to her, he blesses Purva, Deshmukh says we should not wait much as Aryan can change his mind or that doctor can open his mouth, aaba says you think that i didnt think about it? i have done all homework, i have some precious element of doctor with me, he will not open his mouth till i have that. Aaba says that Kumudini did so much drama but now she will know who is winner here.
Aradhya is sadly sitting in temple, she recalls how Aryan confessed his love to her, then how he agreed to marry Purva, she is sad and recalls how Aryan said to get lost. Tulsi comes to Aradhya and says dont lose hope, everything will be fine, Aradhya says nothing will become fine, everything has ended, Tulsi says dont say like this, this world never ends, the end is starting of new journey, we cant lose, we have to get up and move again, maybe this is test of your and Aryan’s love, Aradhya says dont give me false hopes, Aryan is going to become of someone else, infact he has become someone else. tulsi says dont say like this, think about Aryan, he saw his Aaba in ill state and did what he thought was right, i will talk to him, i will make him understand and he will listen to me for sure.
Kumudini says why Krishanji why Krishanji? everything was going as per plan, this is what your dasi wanted then why it didnt happen? she shouts. Kaka comes there and says what happened to you? you always say that ending of one chapter is beginning of new chapter, Kumudini says dont give me lecture, i gave you work to find out about Aaba’s case and his illness. Kaka says i investigated and this is all his plan, he is not ill. Kaka says he used to pawns to execute his plan and that pawn is none other than doctor of hospital, Aaba kidnapped doctor’s son and made him part of his plan, Kumudini says i know Vidyadhar, only he can do this much drama but he doesnt know me, i will do another drama and this time it will give him real heart attack as Krishnadasi Kumudini is going to storm in his life.
Kumudini comes to aaba’s ward room and says what a drama Rao, Pavitra says how did she come here? Kumudini says shut up. She says to aaba that i know you are drama, you are doing all this to do drama and make this marriage no happen, i know you have kidnapped doctor’s son so that he takes your side, Aryan says lower your voice, its too much of drama, Kumudini says call doctor and ask truth, Aryan says you can anything but lower your tone. Doctor comes there, Kumudini says to doctor that i know your son is kidnapped by aaba, tell truth to everyone, Aaba stares doctor, doctor says what are you saying? my son has gone on vacations, Kumudini says he is lying, i will bring his truth out, she asks aaba to get up, she creates scene there. Aryan and Shashwat pushes her out of room. Aryan says to Kumudini that i have bear you alot but this is enough, if anything happens to aaba because of you then i will not spare you, Kumudini says i will see everyone, she leaves, Shashwat says get lost. Aryan comes in Aaba’s room, doctor is checking Aaba, he says i am sorry security staff did mistake, it wont happen, because of that women aaba’s health is deteriotering more, we should do things which will make Aaba happy and give him peace, he leaves. Aryan asks aaba if he is fine? he nods, Aryan says no one will come to torture you, i will be with you, Aaba says you are getting tensed because of me, Aryan says i can give life for you, just order me, aaba says thats why i call you my pride, i just want to live peacefully before dying, can you do one things for me? when you and Purva were kids, i had seen dream of you both getting married, i just want to see you both getting married before i die, Aryan says we will go home then we will talk all this, aaba says i am feeling like that i wont return to home ever, before taking my last breath, i want to see my grand son in marriage relation with Purva, will you do this for me? Aryan says just give me sometime, i just want to talk to Purva alone, Aaba asks him to go. Deshkmukh asks Purva to go, they leave.
Aryan and Purva come to other room. Aryan says i am sorry, is awkward, you came here to get married to me and afte you came here i realized i am in love, i didnt know it before, Purva says really? you didnt tell me that you love me, Aryan says you are getting met wrong, i am trying to say that because of you, i realized that i love Aradhya, Purva gets stunned, Aryan says i want to clear one thing that i will get married only for Aaba’s sake, i love him alot, i know this is injustice to you, maybe there will be no love from my side for you, being honest it will be difficult for me to forget Aradhya, this is your choice, i dont want to force anything on you, friendship is one thing and marriage is other, its your decision. Purva says when i got to know that you love Aradhya then i moved away from you, i stayed here to attend your marriage with her but seeing your love for Aaba, i feel like that if i have to sacrifice my life for my family then i am ready for it, she holds his hand and says we can live together, we will give life to Aaba, i will try my best to make our friendship rule our marriage, we will be friends, for aaba’s sake i accept this relation, i am sure i will win your heart one days, she hugs him and says everything will be fine, Aryan is sad. Kumudini sees all this and says Aryan is getting emotional, he is my grand son but he has gone on Tulsi fully. aaba can do drama but you will see Aaba that only Aradhya will get married to Aryan and will go to Aaba’s house with my grand son Aryan, this is Krishnadasi Kumudini’s promise.

Scene 2
Tulsi asks Aradhya to drink water, Aradhya doesnt being broken heart. Kumudini comes there and sits beside her, he hugs Aradhya and says dont cry, this is time to shake your inner strength, be ready to fight, this is time to ask for your right, Tulsi says try and understand sometime, is this time to talk about revenge? Kumudini says this is not time to cry, i know you think that i keep thinking about revenge but i am not that bad women, i cant see my kids crying, you want me to silently see you both crying? it hurts me, what can i do? you know what i saw? Aaba is doing drama, he is not ill, he is pretending to be ill, Tulsi says what are you saying? Kumudini says i am saying truth, he hasnt got any heart attack, he is totally fine, Tulsi dont you realize how much big drama queen he is? we are fighting with him, whoever tries to grow infront of him, he behead them, dont cry Aradhya, i am with you Aradhya in this fight. Tulsi says Aayi you have my swear, you wont do anything, me and Aradhya are just pawns for you in this fight, i know that but see my daughter is broken, dont grow doubt seed in her heart, dont use her, Kumudini says so should i silently see Aaba doing drama? Tulsi says i will do everything for her, Kumudini says what you will do? will you question God like in films? Tulsi says i know what has to be done, she says to Aradhya that i will talk to Aryan, he will understand me, dont cry, she asks Kumudini to stay away from all this, she leaves, Kumudini thinks that she is mad girl, we can fight with drama queen Aaba by creating bigger drama than him, i have to think of some drama before everything goes out of hand.

PRECAP- Kumudini says to Aradhya that still game is on, drama hasnt ended till now. Aryan and Purva didnt get married till now. I will break their marriage like Aryan broke your heart, will you be with your aaji in this fight? i am doing this for you, just tell me you will me with me answer me, Aradhya looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Poor Aru?I feel bad 4 her ?plz don’t plead with someone like this who doesnt deserve this?kumu. says r8…aaba is a drama queen.the blade aaba?I want 2 kill him?the chipkali poorva? can she marry with such a man who doesnt love her??how shrewd the kumu is!?4 her revenge she doesn’t spare her own grandson ?moreover,she brainwashed Aru ?

  2. Hey remove dis poorva character i cant see aryan & aradhya ka halthh….pls plseeeeeeeeeeeee remove it…

  3. epi ws so painful fr me i ws really crying fr aru…pls make a good scene in krishndasi..

  4. Sad episode.

  5. the episode was very emotional today.. now coming to acting .. beautiful acting by each and everyone.. and that’s include priyanka as well (the more we hate the negative better the actor is). udayji good acting. .. but digesting aba’s drama was quite painful. .. indiraji.. wow.. awesome you are jewel .. kumu my Darling you are wonderful (i guess kumudini is one of those negative character we cant help but love).. Tulsi still hopeful.. and my Aara.. these two literally manage to bring my tears.. but i didn’t let it slip lol… their scene with that judai bgm was so painful… really Kumu said it right aryan resembles tulsi . both of them are emotional fools. … like kumudini says crying in front of god like cinema talkies will not help. god help those who help themselves.. so go aradhya.. fight your right back .. sam dam dand bhed.. ladai mein sab jayes hein….
    … but no doubt its will be traumatic for aryan to know the girl he save multiple time and in love actually filed rape report against him.. i pity him..but you deserve it for being emotional fool.

    1. Quite agree with u tanu…..

    2. Aryan and shashwat both are low IQ,dey know aabha well dat upto which extent he cn go,he cn plan neelami of aaru and lied to aryan, still hes not able to think anything, chlo kumu did gud by saying it,kbhi na kbhi toh ye raaz khulega,aryan is so rude today,so aradhya did right slapping him,no episode tomorrow due to kasam special episode,next week full of drama,ye hai nafratein now wil happen, kumu ne toh humare mann ki baat cheen li,real heart attack for aabha,blooper here jo baat vishwas pta kr sakta hai, w aryan pata ni lagwa sakta if kumu hinted himo

  6. Today episode is soooo sad feeling very bad for Aara….i think the name of krishandasi serial should be “revenge” rather than krishandasi am just joking guys….ufffff heart broken episode…..

  7. Daily I saw this like this I have rising my BP and convert in to heart attack….
    I saw Aryan and aru conversation, then aru painfully cried scenes was heartbroken to me…I had full of tears in my eyes just see that two scenes….
    Aaba and kum are playing feelings of aru and Aryan…but now l stay in kum side,bcz l also want to aru and Aryan marriage in any of way.,…
    Today I hate shameless purva,aaba,pavitra…
    That shameless purva hug Aryan,when I wanted to a hard slapped to that plate girl…how dare u do like that….she just irritated to me….
    When will marriage do…I can’t wait for that…today epi also a another worsted epi…

    1. I watched only krishandasi and no other serial yet…..

  8. Aryan and shashwat both are low IQ,dey know aabha well dat upto which extent he cn go,he cn plan neelami of aaru and lied to aryan, still hes not able to think anything, chlo kumu did gud by saying it,kbhi na kbhi toh ye raaz khulega,aryan is so rude today,so aradhya did right slapping him,no episode tomorrow due to kasam special episode,next week full of drama,ye hai nafratein now wil happen, kumu ne toh humare mann ki baat cheen li,real heart attack for aabha,blooper here jo baat vishwas pta kr sakta hai, w aryan pata ni lagwa sakta if kumu hinted himo

    1. Oooooooh shit no episode due to kasam…..i don’t like kasam serial

      1. Sorry guys if there is any kasam’s fan…..actually i just give my view related to serial….

      2. Me too…l also don’t like kasam serial… At time I see ek duje me vaaste serial from Sony TV….

    2. sahi boli ekdum tum……yahan toh lead roles se zyaada villians smart hote hain

  9. Nah that is so saddddddddd

  10. If anyone have link of Aara marriage in jail than send please…..

  11. chi chi……worst episode no. 2…….its better to read the fan fictions than watch the episodes

  12. Today episode was sad???? aaba sahib if u love someone( here m talking about aryan ) then u should respect their feeling towards the people they love …rather than hurting them? or playing with their emotions ….nd kumu what kind of a lady u r?? seriously yar grandmother cant even think about hurting her grandson ..but m glad atleast her dirty plan will work nd aara will get married?….aryan was too rude but its not his fault …nd aradhya ahhh my poor girl ?..dont lose hope better days r waiting fou u both …nd aradhya if u taking revenge by blaming aryan .then its not good baby change ur mind …ur aaji is trying to provoke u…come to poorva …she is beautiful but she is a vamp ..nd she just want one chance to close aryan
    ??? stay away ..atta majhi satak li

    1. I agree with u Aisha cute

  13. Poor Aru and Aryan.

    Outside the hospital room, their scene was brilliant. Shellshocked Aru’s slow walk away was heartbreaking but Aryan silent but desperate cry was the best in the episode.

    I hate abba and pavitra.

    Emotional blackmail of the worst kind. poor a is a slime ball ago greeting to trap a man like that. Abba sahib seems to have chosen another pavitra for his potha. So his sons life is one with a loveless marriage and now his pit has will be too.

    Abba sahib so act in the hospital was quite comical. Feigning to be unwell if Aryan said the wrong thing. Couldn’t Aryan see that.

    Why are all people who are in respectable jobs, like doctors, police, judges etc always portrayed as being easily bribed/manipulated.

    Can’t wait for Aryan to find out about this. Then of course we have the child swap thing also to come out. Poor Aru and Aryan and tulsi and shashwant are in for a bumpy ride!

    1. Poorva is slime all agreeing to trap…

  14. I don’t think aradhya will say yes to kumudini because in SBS it looks like aradhya don’t know their is something in her milk.

    anyone tell me if today will no episode in precap time what have written tommorow or Monday
    I have not seen episode

    1. Actually aradaya agreed to do anything which aaji says from revenge of Aryan but she never knows the aaji rape plane……i think therefore she tore the aryan’s complaint Paper and thrown in fire durring marriage…….

      1. Maybe ur assumption is correct cutex

      2. Hmmmmm… everything depend upon time let see what will happened….

  15. after reading written updates I think Aryan will hate aradhya but why aradhya will hate she know na Aryan said this emotionally bcoz of aaba drama

    1. Mahe aradaya hate Aryan because kumudni manipulate her and told her aryan and purva relation and brainwash her and says that aryan betray you and broke your heart…..

  16. I just read written update and feel very bad….i can’t see Aara in painful situation so i decided to read written update only before aara marriage…..uffffffffffff revenge revenge revenge………i just hope hate of Aara will end soon…..

    1. no.. cutex don’t do it.. contribute to TRP… actors are working really hard.

      1. Okay tanu for increasing trp i watched it….

      2. Yaah tanu u r right actors do work very hard and we are krishandasi fan and we should increase its trp so i decided to watch it not read it….
        Guys we should not lose hope every hate story there is hidden love story….

  17. Today kasam special episode……..
    isliye kd serial nahi athi he……..
    I think arra shadhi ke badh purav bhi villain banega…………..

    1. purva is already in negative role madhu

      1. Hy Ruby…yesterday you asked me from where i am…Am fRm Kerala…yeaterday I replied I think u didn’t noticed it..and Also HY cited..

      2. sana dr I saw your comment on yesterday epi and I replied too..please check it 🙂

      3. Ok dearand sporty that I didn’t noticed d reply from u.. and cutex and others from?All r North Indians?Ruby What r you doing?(studying?)

      4. Again mistakes” dear and sorry for”…Dis was what I meant and because of mobile dictionary…it became a mistakes

  18. Juz felt sad For Aara…judaai bgm maked me cry …when I think of this I will feel like crying…Why is that shameless Purva still there…Aryan also told her that he will not be able to give love for her…still she?…Abha says he loves Aaryan…Will any1 play with their loved ones emotions …Wot a mom Is Pavithra?She doesn’t want her Son to be happy…And OlWays the both Abha And Pavithra says to Aaryan that they love him…Tulsi is the mom who can understand her daughter’s feelings and will not play with the feeling..Kumu is going to Join Aara…hpy 4 dat…bt doesn’t want to see Aryan blamed for rape accusation…and doesn’t want Aara to hate each other…Aaryan’s Cry..Kasam 1 hr!will miss KD If it is not telecasted today…like Kasam wishes KD 2 b telecasted 1 hr..Any1 Lv u both Aara..

  19. Guyzz…do u think gaytheri will turn into negative

    1. I don’t think sooo gaythri turn into negtive……

  20. guys plz tell me wat is the difference btwen nadin and pothy

    1. nati means daughter’s child.pota means son’s son.

  21. wat is the meaning of atta machi satakkali

    1. Arya adarsh m not so sure but it means that i m going mad now (giving a warning msg to a rival)? its a famous dialouge of singham movie …

  22. Sry ..I meant hy cutex…not cited…editing mistake

    1. Hy sana…..

  23. Kumudini please do something.. only you can break all aaba’s plan,

  24. sana u from Kerala than u know Malayalam or Tamil languages……????

    1. Hy Madhu..yeah am frm Kerala and I know Malayalam well cuz it’s Malayalam here..Tamil nadu is near Kerala (state)…my cousins are there n in used 2 see Tamil movies…so I know a little Tamil too…

  25. I like language which sounds typical Marathi colors pl do a serial of rural Karnataka which has Avery strong folk &mind touch ing stories

    1. hey smita r u frm karnataka

  26. cutex, you asked me about gravatar account.

    go to the above link and make an account. use your real email id.

  27. Guys anyone tell me please Aara get marriage in same situation in the Tamil novel or there is difference is their marriage situation…..

    1. Hey cutex.. I would like to know how aara gets married in the tamil version

    2. not exactly same but had similar touch, cutex.

    3. I also want to know abt their marriage in tamil version.but in the novel story ends with their marriage.hope aaru and aryan get married soon without any dragging

  28. guys………. any one tell me what happened in Tamil version krishnadasi…….
    I don’t see Tamil serial , its same story……

  29. just now I have seen in SBS it is shown that purva and Aryan are about to marry when kumudini aradhya come with police and arrest Aryan in rape case.

  30. I’m confused.

    Why does everyone think Aryan will hate Aru? What happens?

    I don’t think Aru will help kumudini as she isn’t like that. She will not stop Aryan from marrying stupid purva. I think she loves him enough to let him go and she has enough self respect that she wouldn’t run voter Aryan in the same way purva has.

  31. #sana…I am finding job dear.are you a student?

    1. After two months my study will b complete and than i shall rest some months and than find job..may be my heart agree for further studies or may be not….

    2. Ruby dear tell me how to use smileys in comments….


      1. I know only few like happy,sad..etc

  32. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

    Hi guys iam tanishaa my friends call me tanya and can I join your kd family and if you guys are there in instagram means pls msg me in my insta account so that we can make a discussion grp in whatsapp my insta id is iamtanishaasharma

  33. I juz don get it, How aaba & kumu can stoop so low??? I mean; Seriously??? Juz to fulfill their revenge…!! If d latest spoilers turn to be true, God…!!! 🙁 i wil hate d track, if dey show aara’s love turning into hatred after their marriage in jail… No…..KD producers please don’t do that.. plz don’t want that hatred track again 🙁 🙁

    1. The difference with Abba and Kumudini, is Abba hats devdasi’s and does what he can to avoid Aryan marrying Aru for that reason.

      Kumudini on the other hand is hell bent on revenge and is using Aryan and Aru to do this.

      I don’t think abba would do anything to Aradhya if a rayan was t interested in her, that is why she is on his radar,

      In my opinion they’re as bad as each other but if I had to choose one I would have to say kumudini is the more evil of the two. Her revenge has been ongoing for 21 years and she seems more desperate than abba.

      In this epi she actually showed empathy towards Aru but I think that’s more to do with the fact that her plans did pan out.

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