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Scene 1
Aaba feels pain chest and falls down unconscious on floor, all get stunned, Aryan asks aaba to open eyes,. Gayetri and David are there too, Pavitra ask to call doctor, Aryan says we have to take him to hospital. They lift Aaba and put him in car. Aryan drives car away. Markand says to Banwari that Aryan was to go for marriage in this car but now he is going to hospital, banwari says he destroyed marriage, lets see whats in Aradhya’s fate.
Aaba is brought to hospital, Aryan asks doctor to save him, doctor says he got massive heart attack, we might do his surgery, we will try our best, aaba is taken to operation theatre. Pavitra sees Gayetri there and says what are you doing here? today whatever happened with aaba is because of you, if David had not come there today then it wouldnt

have happened, you left house for David and now aaba got heart attack because of David, how much pain will you give us? Aryan says Pavitra that leave it, he takes Pavitra away from Gayetri.
Aradhya is brought in mandir dressed as bride. Kumudini and Tulsi are alongwith her. Aradhya greets Krishanji. They do the pooja. The woman there says you look so good. Kumudni says whose grand daughter is she. She says I called kamla bai. She wanted to so so much on your wedding. I said her no because there was a draught in mahrashtra. I asked her to help people. Aaru says its better to help people. Kumudni says very good. She says to kaka, you are still here? Go bring stuff from the car. Don’t leave anything behind. Lets see other arrangements. The girls say you look so good. Aryan would faint. Kumudni checks the arrangements. She says tulsi make aaru sit here.

Aryan is sadly sitting in hospital, Shashwat says nothing will happen to him, he is very strong, Pavitra says he is right, nothing will happen to aaba. Banwari says to Markand that Aradhya must be waiting in mandir, she doesnt know if her devdasi fate will be changed or not. Markand says i must go there and tell her that Aryan is busy in aaba’s serving and wont come.
Tulsi is arranging things in mandir, she asks Aradhya what happened? Aradhya says i am just nervous. Women says girls to get tensed in marriage, Tulsi says no evil eye should cast on her. One friend ask her if she will forget them after going to big house? Aradhya says i can never forget you all. Kumudini comes and says we will do grand welcome of inlaws. Tulsi asks Aradhya to thank Krishanji for giving her life partner like Aryan, pray that yous have married life filled with love, Aradhya prays that our marriage should end all animosity and there will be love only.
David says to Saras that thank you, you are fine, Micheal says Damini’s mother donated her kidney before dying and saved Saras’s life. David says it all happened because of Gayetri, she wanted to kill Saras. Gayetri comes there and slaps David, she says i thought that you are nice man, i am not like you to plan and plot so much to take revenge from someone, aaba is in hospital because of David. She says to Saras that you wanted to know who is my husband who left me after marriage, he is none other than David, he married me to take revenge from Aaba, i am not responsible for Saras’s illness but David is responsible for aaba’s condition, she holds his collar and says if anything happens to Aaba then i will not spare you, i did so much to save our marriage, i left my house, everything for you but what you did? you wanted to get free from me right? i am ending this now, from today we have no relation, she breaks her Mangalsutra, David is shocked.
Kumudini and guests are waiting for aaba’s family, she says dont know where are they. Tulsi says they must be taking time in dancing and celebrations, they will come for sure.
Kumudini comes to Aradhya and says they must be celebrating before coming here as they have only one boy to get married, Kumudini thinks that its me who is enjoying my heir’s marriage, its aaba’s grand daughter’s wedding with Devdasi’s Kumudini’s grand son. Aradhya thinks that Aryan will go crazy seeing me in bridal dress, i am sure he must be looking handsome as groom. Kumudini comes outside Mandir, Kaka says no one is seen till now. Markand comes there alone, Kumudini and all are stunned, she says whats this? i know Aaba must have sent him to check if all arrangements are done nicely. Tulsi asks Markand when will groom’s family come, Markand says they will not come, Kumudini says what? Aradhya comes there too, Markand says aaba has got heart-attack, Family has taken him to hospital, he leaves, Kumudini is stunned too, Aradhya stands there tensed.
doctor comes out of operation theatre, doctor says to Aryan that we have done surgery, we will shift him in room but he should not be given any shock and should be taken care off else he will get another heart-attack which will be dangerous for his life, he leaves, Banwari thinks that if old man dies then one more problem will arise. Family comes in Aaba’s room, aaba is lying on hospital bed and is ill, Aryan sits beside him, Aaba says you are everything for me, i can do anything for you but it feels like that my time has ended, Aryan says nothing will happen to you, Shashwat says nothing will happen to you, doctor has said that you will be fine, we will take you home. Aaba says what will i do by going home? i thought that my grand son and grand daughter are my pride but what happened? my grand daughter got married to guy of other religion and grand son is getting married to girl of other caste, a daughter of devdasi but what can i do? we have to bow down infront of kid’s happiness, Pavitra says i know you said yes for marriage for Aryan’s sake but you were never happy, i know how bad you would feel thinking that he is getting married to Devdasi’s daughter, Aaba says Aryan is my pride, i do everything for him and his happiness is most important to me. Doctor says he killed his desires for Aryan’s sake thats why he got heart attack, Aaba says i can do this much sacrifice for my grand son, i will die soon but will be happy to know that my grand son is happy, Aryan feels bad, doctor ask them to not give stress to Aaba. Gayetri comes there and says this all happened because of me, i have given you so much pain but not anymore, i have broken all ties with David, i will do what you say, please forgive me, i will do anything you say. Aaba says atleast my one pain is less now before dying. He says to Aryan that i wont break your heart, if you want to marry daughter of Devdasi then i wont stop you but i wont be able to see all this may thats why God called me in hospital before wedding, Aryan says dont take tension, aaba says you dont worry about me, i will die soon. Markand whispers to Banwari that if he remains alive then he can become good dialogue writer. Aaba says to Aryan that i tried to accept all this but i couldnt, something was breaking inside me maybe thats why i got this heart attack, you do what makes you happy. Pavitra says to Aryan that what are you thinking? aaba’s life doesnt matter to you? that girl is important to you than Aaba and your family? aaba says dont stress him, if he wants to live with her then let him live, its just that i will die with this baggage of pain with me, i dont know even if i will get peace after dying, my soul will rest in peace or not, Aryan gets emotional and goes out of room.
Aryan stand outside room and recalls time spent with Aradhya, how he said that he will get married to dinosaur only, how Aradhya said to him that bring doli for marriage, Pavitra comes there and says what are you thinking? save Aaba’s life, dont marry that devdasi’s daughter, Aryan is in tears. Pavitra says you are thinking about that girl when aaba is dying? from childhood aaba has fulfilled your wishes, he used to be awake whole night when you used to be ill, people bow down to him but he bowed down infront of you, he danced in sangeet for you but you have forgotten everything, you have forgotten your blood relation for that girl? dont forget aaba’s sister died because of Kumudini and you want to marry her grand daughter? if anything happens to aaba then you wont be able to forgive yourself, nurse says aaba is calling Aryan, he is in bad state, Aryan and Pavitra goes in.
Aradhya, Tulsi and Kumudini comes in hospital, they try to go in ward but Nakku stops them, aradhya says try and understand, i should be with Aryan in this time, let me go in, Nakku says i wont allow you to go inside, i wont move from your way, Kumudini says aaba is in this state because of Aradhya, Kumudini says you know she is Aryan’s would be wife, let her go in, Nakku laughs. Purva comes there, Nakku asks her to go in, she goes in to see aaba. Kumudini says to Nakku that we are relatives and you let that purva go inside? Aradhya says please try and understand, let me go in, Tulsi says we wont go in but let Aradhya go in, Nakku thinks.
Aaba’s health is deteriorating, Pavitra says to Aryan that with your one no, aaba’s life would be saved but you are silent? doctor is ready to give CPR to Aaba as he is not able to breath. Aryan comes to aaba and says i will do what you say aaba. doctor says Aaba seems little stable, he goes to bring medicines. Aaba asks Aryan what did you say? are you saying truth? Aryan says no one is more important than you to me, Aaba says you are my diamond, are you saying this with heart or in pressure of someone? Aryan says i am not under pressure, i am saying truth. Aaba says you have taken my burden now. Purva and Deshmukh comes there, aaba is happy to see her. She stands beside Aryan, Aaba says to Aryan that give me your hand, he gives his hand, Aaba gives Purva’s hand in Aryan’s hand, Aryan is shocked, Pavitra is happy. Aaba says Aryan that my last wish is to see you getting married to Purva, Aryan gets tensed.

PRECAP- aaba asks Aryan why he is silent? will he not fulfill his wish? Aryan says i will fulfill your wish, i will not marry Aradhya, i will marry Purva, he holds Purva’s hand, she smiles. Aradhya sees all this standing outside room, she is hurt seeing Aryan say all that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. There was a promo in the epi a couple of days ago, showing Aryan and Aru handcuffed walking around a fire and the words were something like they did it due to deception.

    I understood that to mean thT Aryan finds out about Abba’s attempt to stop the wedding to Aru by faking his heartattack and the. Aru and Aryan getting married by themselves.

    It was only a few seconds long, the promo, but that’s what I hit from it.

    Did anyone else see it?

    1. Thats what I got from it.

    2. If this news is true than it is very great news nimisha……i hope aryan find out abba fake darama

    3. S nimisha,I also see the promo…
      But I understand from this promo that,aru file a rape case against aryan that’s why Aryan will arrest and then aru will marry Aryan in the jail….
      One more point, they will not for happily marry only for take revenge…

    4. yep Nimi r u? I didn’t talk to u for long

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  3. i think most fans of KD is teenagers.

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