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Krishnadasi 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya says to Aryan that i pray that you remain happy and keep everyone happy, Aryan says you are saying like you wont return, Aradhya is stunned, she says dont think i will leave you so soon, you did so much for me so i can do this for you. Aradhya and Aryan tries to lit lantern, Aradhya’s hand gets burned, Aryan takes her finger and cools it by blowing air, Khamoshiyan plays, they share eyelock, Aradhya takes her hand back, Aryan looks at her shy and says should lit it? she says yes, Aryan lits candle, both looks at each other, Aradhya makes wish, they both leave lantern together in air, Aryan says this is really cool, i never did before and now whenever i will see it, i will remember you, will you remember me too? Aradhya says yes, infact we can remember each other being

at different places, it would be nice, Aryan says it would be fantastic. Aradhya thanks him and says i should leave now, she starts leaving and thinks dont know if we will meet again or not, she leaves while Aryan smiles at her.
Its morning, Aradhya reaches bus stand, she listens dancers talking that we will get money for dancing in Krishan mandir, Aradhya listens it.
Shashwat comes to sweet seller and buy sweets. Shashwat calls Gayetri who is standing behind Aradhya, she takes his call and says i will call you later, Aradhya buys ticket and leaves. Gayetri asks seller to give her ticket, he says we sold last ticket to that girl(Aradhya), Gayetri says i need to go today, i dont want give news to baba on phone.
Tulsi prays to Krishan and says we wont be able to be part of Rath yatra, i wasn Kumudini to be calm, Kumudini comes and says Rath yatra is not aaba’s personal wedding ceremony, its my Krishan’s function and i will go there, Tulsi says but everyone is afraid of aaba, nobody sent kids for dance, Kumudini says i am not afraid of aaba, Rath yatra cant be completed without Krishnadasi and i have solution to bring kids for dance, come with me, Kaka asks who will she do it? Kumudini says you dont think much, just take music player and come with me, she leaves, Kaka says to Tulsi that aaba has called dancers from city too, Kumudini is not accepting anything.
Gayetri comes to Aradhya and says can you give me your ticket? i have to reach home urgently, its important day for me, i am taking new step, Aradhya says i need to go back home too, i have taken new decision too, Gayetri says my baba took risk of sending me here, i want to see happiness on his face when he knows about my success, i dont want to tell him this news on phone, Aradhya says i dont have father but i can feel how good it is to see your father smiling, you take my ticket, Gayetri says how will you go then? Aradhya says dont worry about me, Gayetri says i am Gayetri, Aradhya says i am Aradhya, Gayetri sits in bus and leaves. Aradhya says i cant go back to hostel, dont know what to do.
Kumudini brings Tulsi in chowk, she says to Tulsi that you remember in childhood you used to dance with your friends here, if you dance here today like 8year old then your friends’ fear will go away too, kids will come too, Tulsi says no one will come, Kumudini says you know the power of these ghungroos, they will come for sure, you just start. Tulsi starts dancing in chowk, Kumudini asks Tulsi to keep doing her work and do not stop. People see Tulsi dancing in chowk, they smile, kids starts following her dance steps too, Kumudini says to one women that your friend is dancing, you used to dance in childhood with her, why are you tying your daughter now? let her enjoy this too.
Aradhya stops cab and says how much fare will you take if i share cab with anyone else? he says 500rs, she finds a family there and asks if they will share cab with her till Krishnavati? they agree, they hire cab.
Raghu sees Tulsi dancing in chowk, he says they will never stop doing stuff, i have to tell aaba, Banwari says no need but Raghu goes to tell him, Banwari nobody let me enjoy dance and make money.
Aryan says i sent Aradhya fruits, vegetable and dry fruits, now i will send her moghere ka phool,, Varun comes and says whom you will give it to? Aradhya is not going to comeback, Aryan says but she said she will comeback, Varun says you are not her girlfriend that she will tell you everything, Aryan says she left from here because of that stupid Mayank? Varun nods, Aryan says i cant let destroy her studies, i have to stop her.
Aradhya is in cab, she sees bus having accident on road, she says Gayetri was in same bus. Aradhya scolds people who were making video there. Aradhya comes in bus and looks at people injured, she calls out for ambulance.
Tulsi gather few kids at chowk and starts teaching them dance. Raghu informd Aaba.
ambulance arrives at accident site, Aradhya sees Gayetri unconscious, she tries to wake her up, she asks sister to take her, nurse takes her out.
Kumudini and Tulsi are dancing in chowk. aaba comes there, Tulsi gets tensed but Kumudini keep dancing, everyone moves back seeing aaba there, Kumudini looks at Aaba and wipes her sweat, Raghu asks Aaba to just give order and i will fracture her legs with which she is dancing, aaba says if crow thinks that she is peacock then let her dance, Kumudini says you are calling me crow, what about your black habits? Aaba shouts at her, Banwari says dont insult him, Kumduni says lions dont have jackals like you with him, Aaba says you can be blown away by single storm, Kumudini says the person who has Krishan with him, cant be blown away from your storms, Aaba says you have ego tha you are Krishna loyalist so see how we will celebrate Rath yatrea without you both, we will have such festival that your ghungroos will go silent, we will not need anyone like you, if you have guts then come in Mandir and see jashn, Kumudini says Karishan see your dasies are getting insulted here.
A women call banwari and says we have accident. Banwari tells Aaba that the dancers you called had accident, you called them here for Rath yatra but they are in hospital now. Kumudini listens this and says it had to happen but make those dancers fine soon, i dont want their ill words in my cart, she says see aaba only Krishnadasies will do this yatra.

Scene 2
Aryan comes to warden and says Aradhya have left hostel because of that cheap guy, we have to stop her so give us her address, he says its against rules, Aryan says but what if tomorrow you are on Tv and people ask you if you helped women against cheap guys then what will you say? give me her address, warden agrees.
Aradhya brings Gayetri in hospital, nurse asks Aradhya if she is her family? Aradhya says no i just met her, nurse asks her to call her family, Aradhya takes Gayetri’s phone, Gayetri is taken to operation theatre, she says to women that i was going to be in her place but i gave my ticket to her, women says accident was in her fate so it happened, call her family.
Banwari says to Aaba that we dont ave dancers so we can allow these Krishnadasies to dance, let them have fun in one night, Aaba says should i make you dance? Banwari says my ancestors worked for your family. Shashwat comes there and says to Aaba that i have prepared Krishan’s clothes, he gets Gayetri’s call. Shashwat comes in corner and takes call, he asks Gayetri where are you? i am worried for you, Aradhya says its not Gayetri, Gayetri was travelling in bus but it had accident, Shashwat says what? aaba stares him, Aradhya tells him about hospital, Shashwat says i will come there, he ends call and leaves.
Aryan comes to Aradhya’s house and sees her house locked, he asks neighbors where did they go? neighbor says they left for village, i dont know which village, Aryan looks on.
Shashwat comes in hospital and is tensed for Gayetri. Aradhya is with Gayetri, Gayetri becomes conscious and sees Aradhya there, she sys you here? why my head is aching? Aradhya says your bus had accident, i was behind your bus. Gayetri says you called my baba too? Aradhya says yes, he must be coming, she says i will bring medicine and water for you, she leaves.
Shashwat is finding Gayetri, he doesnt see Aradhya leaving from ward, he comes in ward and is sad to see Gayetri there, Gayetri says i am sorry, i wanted to surprise you, i got admission, i topped my exams, Shashwat gets happy and says you are best my daughter, doctor says to shashwat that she is fine but she will have to stay here till tomorrow, shashwat says okay, i know this hospital’s chairman so i want to request that my daughter should be given special ward, doctor asks him to pay at counter, he says okay and goes to counter.
Varun says to Aryan that you should eat something, we are not going find Aradhya soon. Aryan sees some girl going and thinks its Aradhya, he puts hand on her shoulder, girl turns and says how dare you, Aryan says i thought it was my Aradhya, girl says i know your type of girls, Varun says sorry sister, his heart is broken, girl leaves. Varun says you would have get us beaten up, you have become devdas for Aradhya, Aryan says this is just friendship, i just want to help her, Aryan thinks that i met Aradhya just now but why i am going crazy behind her?

PRECAP- Kumudini says to Tulsi that why she is not ready for Rath Yatra? Tulsi says nobody is going to allow us to dance there. Aaba says to this workers that there is no need to call those devdasies in Rath yatra. Kumudini says not one but even if ten aaba comes in our way even then we will go in Rath Yatra thats my faith.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Good plot..

  2. Aryan/Shravan Reddy reminds me of Virat Kohli,some resemblance, some where,fan of both..

    1. I agree with u shelha…

  3. aryan aradhya scenes are good….

  4. Hello guys….

    I wanna join with u…. Because i m a very big fan of shravan since splitsvilla and manmarziyan….

    I like him very much….. I was shocked abt his recent accident… But now i m happy ???????????to see him on scréen at the same time 10:30…. Definitely he s going take so many awards for his role.. ????

    By the way, i think that… its remake of Tamil serial krishnadasi… It was nice one??

    Anyways happy to see shravan???????

  5. I too agree with Shehla & marres.he looks like Veeru….His acting is so cute&funny.I think he falls in love with Aaradhya but he thinks it’s just friendship….eagerly waiting for their romance.?

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  10. Aradhya’s /sanas acting is amazing.
    Tulsis look in the serial is awesome

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