Krishnadasi 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kumudini says to Krishan that Aradhya will become Aryan’s wife and will be daughter in law of Aaba’e house. Aradhya enters Shashwat’s house, rice falls down from carton, she walks above rice like doing Garh Pervesh, she is about to fall but Aryan comes there and holds her in time, Nakku sees this and thinks that they are entering house like newly wed couple, Aryan asks Aradhya if she is fine? she nods, he leaves her hand, Shashwat comes there, Aradhya greets him, he greets her and leaves. Aryan sees Nakku and says to Aradhya that cant you walk nicely? you threw all rice, Aradhya is confused, Aryan leaves, Aradhya says to Nakku that Pavitra has called me, Nakku says go in, Nakku says to servant that throw these rice, Devdasi’s feet touched them so they are useless

now, throw them, Aradhya is stunned listening it.
Tulsi comes to Mandir and prays for Aradhya’s life and her happiness. Shastri comes there and says mandir should be clean, Shri Yashwant is coming, he doesnt go to any house so he will do pooja here, aaba has called him, Tulsi is stunned listening his name and leaves from there.
Pavitra says to Aradhya that dont call me aunty, i am owner of this house, are you in living in misunderstanding that your forehead got filled with sindoor by Aryan by mistake so you have relation with him? Aradhya says nothing like that, Nakku says she is trying to trap Aryan, Aradhya says why will i do it? Pavitra says because your aaji and Aayi had done same in past, its your work to trap rich people, remember you are servant in this house and outside this house you are just a toy to please men, Aryan listens all this, Aaba comes there and says what are you saying Pavitra? she is not like that, she is nice girl, she works here that doesnt mean you can insult her, he asks Aradhya and Aryan to come with him, they leave, Nakku says to Pavitra that she has done magic on aaba too, Pavitra says you wont understand trick behind Aaba’s sweet words, Aaba can never forget that she is kumudini’s grand daughter, now you see how Aaba traps her.
Shastri comes to Kumudini’s house, Shastri says Yashwant is coming after many years, if Krishnadasies dont show dance then it will be his insult, Kumudini says we cant insult anyone, we dont break our rituals, for Yashwant’s arrival I and Tulsi will dance infront of him, Tulsi listens this and thinks i wont dance infront of Yashwant at any cost. Shastri says Aaba has called Yashwant for pooja, Kumudini says no pooja can be complated without us, thanks for invitation, we will come for sure, Shastri leaves. Kumudini says to Tulsi that i told, our respect will comeback, great Yashwant is coming and Shastri came here to invite us to welcome him, Tulsi is tensed.
Aaba says to Aradhya that i am sad for whatever happened with you, he says to Aryan that i know you dont believe me but its not your fault, i will punish Banwari for sure but i cant throw Markand from this house, he is my Shivangi’s husband, i am sorry on Markand’s behalf, i am responsible for all this, i shouldnt have taken Aradhya there, Aradhya says dont say sorry Aaba, it was not your fault, Aaba says after all this, if you dont want to work here then i wont mind, i will accept your decision, Pavitra listens all this, Nakku says Aaba is bowing to her way too much. Aradhya says to Aaba that i will go from this house after rectifying mistakes only, Aaba says i am happy to listen your thoughts. Aaba says to Aradhya that now i am going to give a big responsibility, Great Yashwant is coming in Krishnawati, he might come to our house too, he will do pooja in mandir, i want you to take responsibility of welcoming and doing all arrangements, Aradhya says i will fulfill my duty, Aryan looks on, Pavitra is shocked listening all this, she faints, Aradhya and Aryan runs to see her, Aaba thinks what was the need to faint? she should understand that i am doing all this to win Aryan’s trust, she is a fool. Aryan takes Pavitra to her room.
Tulsi says to Kumudini that i wont dance in mandir, Kumudini says how can you say this? Yashwant is such a great personality, its our honor to dance ifnront of him, Tulsi says atleast listen to me sometimes, i wont dance, Kumudini says why now? Tulsi says i am going on Yatra, whatever happened with Aradhya after that i will pray for Aradhya there, she leaves, Kumudini says what happened to her? why she is not ready to dance?
Aryan brings Pavitra in room and puts water on her face, she is unconscious, Aradhya says let me see her, she checks her pulse, Aaba comes there too, Aryan says i will doctor, Aradhya says had done first aid course, let me see her, she says Pavitra’s sugar level is low, i will make some sweet dish for her, she goes to make it.
Aradhya comes in kitchen to make sweet dish. Nakku says what is happening here? first Aryan applied sindoor to her then her Grah pervesh was done and now she is making sweet dish, Shashwat comes there so nakku leaves, Shashwat sees Aradhya cooking in kitchen.
Aradhya comes to Pavitra with sweet dish, Pavitra is conscious, Shashwat thinks that Aradhya is taking care of her so much, she is perfect for Aryan and for this house, Aradhya tries to feed Pavitra but she turns away, Aradhya asks Aryan to make her eat, Aryan takes bowl and asks Pavitra to eat, Pavitra says first ask this girl(Aradhya) to leave, Aradhya leaves, Aryan says eat now, she is gone, Pavitra eats.
Kumudini says why Tulsi is making it issue? why she is not ready to dance? if she will not dance then Aradhya will dance as Aradhya is Krishnadasi Aradhya now, she will dance with me infront of all, she laughs and says to Lord that you are great. she looks at her Ghungroos and says Aradhya will dance wearing these ghungroos infront of her in-laws, she is daughter in law of Aaba’s house afterall.
Aradhya is cleaning curtain by standing on stool, Nakku sees her and says Aradhya doesnt know that this pooja is happening because of her. Aradhya is trying to clean, stool is moving alot, Aryan comes there and says your hand wont reach there, let me do it, Aradhya says this is my work, aaba wants me to clean whole house for pooja, i know you have come here to disturb me, Aryan says stool is not balanced, come down, Aradhya says i am not heavy that this stool will break, Aradhya loses balance and falls in Aryan’s arms, they share eyelock, Nakku comes there and sees it, Aryan puts Aradhya down, he looks around, Aryan says i told you this stool is not fine, you would have fallen down, Aradhya says i can handle myself, Aryan says you are special dinosaur, its my mistake that i talked to you, Aradhya says even i am not in mood to talk to you, Aryan says i came to thank you for taking care of Pavitra, you fell down two times infront of me, you want me to save you everytime? Aradhya says as if you are superman, Aryan says just look at my body, Aradhya says you are mad, Nakku says they are fighting like husband and wife.
Nakku comes to Pavitra and says Aradhya is fulfilling rituals of newly wedded wife, she is trapping your son, Pavitra says i wont allow them to come closer till i am alive, Nakku says do something fast, Pavitra says this can be stopped by only one thing that is to make Aryan get married, Yashwant is coming, i will ask Aaba to talk to him that he should find nice girl for Aryan, this Aradhya is preparing to welcome Yashwant but she doesnt know that Aryan will be snatched from her.
Aradhya is working in house for pooja, Aryan sees her and thinks that she doesnt even know for what this pooja is happening and she is working so hard for it, how can i tell her that this pooja is happening for my cleanliness because i stopped her devdasi marriage and touched her, Aradhya comes to him and asks him to come in pooja, Aryan says you dont need to do this, you go home, Aradhya says we both decided to rectify everything, Aaba have given me responsibility so i will arrange everything for this pooja, Aryan says you dont need to do this, leave from here, Aradhya says i am from Krishnadasi’s family so you are not allowing me to do this work? is this the case? no right? then let me do it, she leaves.
Yashwant arrives in Krishnawati, all welcome him. Shastri says to Aaba that he is great personality, he is so humble and always believe in lord, Yashwant comes in mandir and prays to Krishan.
Aradhya says to servant that Yashwant has arrived in mandir, tell Aryan to go to mandir. Nakku says to servant that Aradhya doesnt know that this pooja is done to clean Aryan as he had tried to stop devdasi marriage and touched this devdasi Aradhya, now we has to get cleaned thats why this pooja is done, Aradhya listens this, Nakku says atleast leave Aryan for today else he will have to get clean everyday, Aradhya is hurt listening all this.

PRECAP- Aradhya strikes with Aryan, Aradhya says to Aryan dont touch me else you will be uncleaned, Aryan asks her to listen, Aradhya says leave me, i am Krishnadasi’s daughter and afterall you are Vidyadhar’s grand son, you will follow all these poojas, thanks for insulting me and my Krishnadasi family, be happy, she leaves, Aryan is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. uska matlab yeh hua ki aaradhya krishnadasi banchuki hai!

  2. is this a 30 min serial?

    1. ya

  3. Oh..god..please make aryan n aradhya together soon..
    n yashwat is aaryans dad..oh..

  4. Wow !! Nice epi..
    2 precaps ?????
    Nywy tqsm Atiba di !!

    1. there is only one precape.that’s last one.first precape is actually from episode

  5. Oh love triangle too…?

    1. Love triangle????????

    2. how luv triangle?

    3. how love triangle with whom

  6. loved the episode. starting was awesome. :*

  7. wow so fast. thanx Atiba.. uff everyone playing with aryan and aradhya except tulsi and shaswat.

    1. Aaradhya is the main target, everyone is still lenient with aryan,but dat poor aaradhya, she will again get insulted by dat brahamchari so called mahant,brahamchari hunnnn dats y he didnt accept tulsi,nd also dat evil kumudini is adamant to do bad with aaradhya, wats wrong with her,aryan i think dun hv guts to accept his love fir aaradhya, hw he was looking around today was really funny,poor aaru

  8. Nice episode as always…Thnku so very much Atiba fr fast updates..Plz keep it up??

  9. Oh dear Aradhyan I feel sorry for u guyz coz all r opp against ur luv except kumudini . Is thT pavitra and chuglikhor nakku mad??

    1. I hate nakku.she is provoking pavithra

  10. nyz… by dy by intrsting…
    nd 2 pracap!!!! nyzzz na!!!!!

  11. hey guys i just found out,,….now there wud b a new entry of a girl named poorvi who is aryan’s childhood friend and is attracted to him….as xpected she wud create turmoil in aradhyan’s life….its really sad to know….luv story shuru hui ki nahin villian aa gayi…. 🙁

    1. that’s why Abhi said love triangle. I really hate love triangles

      1. me too really hate these luv triangles………this way they ruin a good show always….:(

  12. Atiba, please correct the mistake. you wrote two precapes.actual precape is last one.

  13. I think Aradhya misunderstood Aryan

  14. Actually d 2 precaps r written by mistake nd d 2nd 1 s d real precape.
    D other 1 i mean 2 say d 1st precape s nt a precape it s actually n episode nt a precape.
    So guyz plz corct ths confusion.

  15. Aaradhya is the main target, everyone is still lenient with aryan,but dat poor aaradhya, she will again get insulted by dat brahamchari so called mahant,brahamchari hunnnn dats y he didnt accept tulsi,nd also dat evil kumudini is adamant to do bad with aaradhya, wats wrong with her,aryan i think dun hv guts to accept his love fir aaradhya, hw he was looking around today was really funny,poor aaru

  16. Dat mahant is also negative, i hv read in spoilers dat he wil insult aaradhya and den his men wil kidnap aaru nd will hide her in a cave near pune,tulsi wil confront dat mahant about kidnapped aaradhya, he will not speak up as hes meditating, nd den tulsi wil dance like apsara to break his meditation, my god aaru again in danger

  17. its actually 45 minutes episode with only one break everyday

  18. so kinda treat watching it loved this show it should be 1 hour everyday

  19. where did u guys heard abt the new girls entry?

  20. Wow!!! Day by day show is going to b interesting!!!!! Its very unique bt what about that love triangle….

  21. pls writers dont bring in any love triangles pls dont

  22. I don’t see any development in gayu and David story

  23. Nakshatra Bedi

    loved this episode toooooo much …..
    as Aru get in arms of aryan 2 times
    Aryan and Aradhya jodi is too superb luv u both

  24. Nakshatra Bedi

    POORVI new girl entry NOOOO!!!!!!
    sad to know!!!!

  25. now i think that this love triangle is important for aardhyan to realize their love and feelings for each other. they brought a girl for aryan and now i think that they shud bring a boy for aradhya as well maybe as her close friend. and then it will be interesting to see the jealousy track between aradhyan. wat do u guys think abt it?

  26. pls. change the timing to prime timing.. such a nice serial must be between 9.30 to 10.00, and also must be shown on weekends in the afternoon, so that those who missed the episode can watch on a sat or sunday. After long time, getting to see such a nice serial and superb acting by all cast, without much overdo. Swaragini is a big nonsense with that girl swara not able to act and given such a fat role.

  27. Love lve lve lve lve lve lve lve lve sharvaan..i love u lotzZ…love u..

  28. It’s a awsom show wit dif concept if telecast tm wil change then it wil becm a one of da top serial shravan n Sana dng a tremendous prfrmnc 2gthr just love their chemistry n actin.

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