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Krishnadasi 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya says to Shravani that this oldie Kumudini will not get food and water for four days, Shravani is confused but calls Nakku, she asks Nakku to take aaji to room else she will attack queen, Kumudini says to Aradhya only i will win this battle, me and my Aaru will win this and will finish queen in a blink, Nakku takes her away, Aradhya is tensed, Shravani says please queen sit down, you did good, people like them should be punished, they shouldnt be shown pity, Aradhya says yes i did mistake. Shravani says you are such a great queen but you are so giving, i mean you were playing chess with my aaji, i mean you and Aaji doesnt have same standard, Aradhya says i know how to respect elders but i dont like when they cross limits, i am from royal family, i have royal blood. Shravani says

you never told about your family, your father Vikramjeet was great man and your younger brother used to short tempered, Aradhya says i dont have any brother, are you stalking me? why you are asking me about my brother and father? Shravani says i just read it somewhere, Aradhya says if you try to find about royal family on internet then you will be mislead because royal family’s secrets are not revealed and next time if you try to spy on me or my family then i will punish you in such a way that you will never forget, understood? Shravani nods, Aradhya says now go and see oldie shouldnt get anything to eat, she has to starve for four days, Shravani says okay.
Aradhya comes to her room and recalls how she misbehaved with Kumudini and how she ordered to not give her food for four days. Nakku brings food for her, Aradhya says keep on table, Nakku does, Aradhya gives her bangle and says i like you as servant so keep it, Nakku says i locked Kumudini in room thats why you are giving it? Aradhya says dont ask any question when you are given reward, if someone does mistake then i punish them brutally but if someone does work nicely then they are being rewarded by me, Nakku leaves. Aradhya opens her laptop and looks at her family photos, her pictures with Aryan. Nakku comes and starts cleaning her room, she says keep me as your servant, i will serve you nicely, Aradhya says i will think about it, Nakku says Shravani has gone mad, she was using laptop, i asked what she is doing? she said she is searching about sanghapur. Aradhya says you can leave. Aradhya thinks about it. Aryan comes there and says what you think you are? you stopped food supply of innocent and old woman? where did your respect go? Aradhya says i do as i wish, i didnt do anything wrong. Aryan says i didnt know you are so cruel, Aradhya says i did mistake by allowing you stay here, Aryan says i will leave with my aaji, Aradhya says i am giving you one more chance to not do mistake again, Aryan says i will do preparation for leaving but till then my aaji should not be tortured or else i will not spare you, he leaves.
Shravani says to Kumudini, now you will see, queen stopped food supply for you, i thought she was Aradhya but Aradhya cant do it, i feel like slapping you, she slaps Kumudini, Kumudini says you haimlata, Shravani is about to slap her again but Aryan comes there, Kumudini says she is beating me, Aryan says no one will beat you or tie you, Shravani says queen ordered, Aryan says only my order will be followed here, Shravani says you dont know what aaji did today, she tries to kill queen, if this goes on then she will cancel deal and take away money then we will beg outside Mandir, Aryan says you dont need to worry about it, remember my aaji should not be bothered, go from here, Shravani says but i am your wife, Aryan shouts her to leave, she leaves. Aryan asks Kumudini if she is fine?
Shravani says because of oldie, Aryan threw me out of house, i wont spare her. Aradhya comes and asks if you tied oldie? Shravani says i was tying but Aryan scolded me, Aradhya says and you call yourself wife? Shravani says i couldnt do anything, Aradhya says men like order around women, he is very rude man, he tried to misbehave with me too, when he doesnt have standard then he shouldnt show attitude too, make him understand otherwise i will throw you all out of Haveli, i am owner of this place, Shravani says no dont do it, i will make Aryan understand. Aradhya says i dont think you can make him listen but if you want then i can set him right in one day, Shravani asks how? Aradhya says i am from royal family, i will crush his attitude in one go but i have one condition, you have to give your husband to me for 24hours. Aaba listens all this hiding behind pillar, he says what Aradhya wants? she must have some plan. Aradhya asks Shravani to decide, i will make Aryan respect women and then he will bow head to you Shravani, Shravani thinks and agrees, she says from now on till 24hours, my husband Aryan is yours, Aaba prays to God to help her. Aradhya smirks and leaves. Shravani says queen wants Aryan for one day? its good as Aryan is not in my hands anyways.
Aryan says to Shravani how can you think that? didnt you see how she behaved with my aaji? you want me to become her slave? you know meaning of all this? you have no shame to accept it, its about my self respect and honor, Shravani says talk in low tone, queen can throw us out of house. Aradhya comes there and says Aryan your wife is clever, Aryan says you.. aaba says dont you dare misbehave with queen, Aryan says i dont give a damn if she is queen, what she will do? she will throw me out of house? then be it, i will live on roads, Aradhya says your wife has agreed to my condition, dont forget i have full right on you for 24hours, if you and your aaji is in this Haveli then its because of me, Aryan says you are egoistic about your wealth but you cant buy me, i am not for selling that you can rent me for one day, Aradhya says if you cant agree to my condition then i dont have any option, she says lets go Deevan. They start leaving, Shravani runs behind her and ask her stop. Aradhya comes to Kumudini’s room, aaba locks door, Kumudini says i knew my Aaru will come. Aradhya says your daughter in law did agreement but she went back on it, i am not here to listen no of any person. Kumudini looks at Aradhya’s picture, Aradhya gets emotional seeing her. Aradhya comes out of Kumudini’s room and asks Aaba to lock room, he does and gives key of lock to Aradhya. Aradhya says lets leave, Shravani says i beg you, we did mistake. Aryan says how dare you lock my Aaji in room, give me key, Aaba says be in your limits, Aradhya says if you try to touch me then you will be in jail, till you dont agree to my condition, your aaji will stay in that room without food or water, Aryan says i can break door, i dont need key of lock, Aradhya says this is my house now, if you damage any property then i will send you to jail. Shravani says Aryan its about 24hours only, i cant live on roads, please accept her condition, Aryan says i cant accept to be her slave for 24seconds, i challenge you that i will my Aaji from her and nobody will be able to stop me, he leaves, Shravani says queen my husband did mistake, i will go and pacify him, she leaves.

Scene 2
Aradhya comes to Kumudini’s room with food. She sees Kumudini sadly sitting on bed, she says i have brought food for you, i am not that cruel to keep old woman starving, Kumudini says i dont need your food, my Aaru wouldnt have done like this, i did so much bad for her but she kept calling me aaji, you are evil, leave. Aradhya says i am not your Aradhya but i dont have anything against you, if your grand son had agreed to me then i wouldnt have behaved like this with you, she keeps food down and says eat it. Kumudini stares her, Aradhya starts leaving, she sees Kumudini looking at Aradhya’s photo and thinks forgive me aaji, i am helpless.
Aradhya comes to her room, Aryan comes there and says queen.. Aradhya says you denied to follow my order then why did you come here? Aryan says forgive me, i forgot my standard, man’s attitude can destroy him, forgive me, i am ready to do anything you say not even for 24hours, but 24days, months.. just order me. Aradhya thinks that Aryan has stooped so low that he is ready to become servant for Shravani. Aradhya says no need to say sorry, take off my sandals, Aryan sits in her feet and takes off her sandals. he keeps it in rack and brings slippers for her. Aryan says anything else i can do for you? Aradhya says order pizza and cold coffee for me, iron my clothes, Aryan says okay and leaves. Aradhya says this is not Aryan i knew, my Aryan cant stoop this low for money infront of anyone.
Aryan brings Aradhya’s coffee, Aradhya says this pizza is not nice, Aryan says i have ordered what Aradhya likes, Aradhya says i am not Aradhya but Aruna, Aryan says i will order again, he takes out his and Aradhya’s photo. Aradhya says she is not even your wife now, why keep her picture? she takes picture from him and tears it, Aryan joins picture again and says i ordered pizza and cold coffee as i know you like it, i know you have allergy from mushroom, you can try that you are some Aruna Devi but stealthily trying to make Aaji eat food, its only my Aradhya who can do it. Flashback shows Aryan seeing Aradhya trying to make Kumudini eat food, he thinks that i have seen your tears and your truth, you are my Aradhya, fb ends. Aryan says i dont know why you are denying that you are Aradhya, you can tear photos but how will you remove memories of us? because they are in my heart, i doubted that you might not be Aradhya when you locked Aaji in room but now i am sure that you are not queen but my Aradhya. Aradhya says if you call me Aradhya again then i will throw you and your family out of this house, now you and iron my clothes, she leaves. Shravani has seen all that and says this queen stealthily went to give food aaji? this means she is Aradhya only, what to do God? Aryan cant be mistaken in recognizing Aradhya, how to prove that she Aradhya? i have one way, the family which i killed by giving poison, Aradhya used to love them a lot, now i will use that family name and will try to find out truth from this queen/Aradhya.

PRECAP- Aradhya tries to attack Aryan with dagger, she has veil on her face, Aryan falls down, he says to Aradhya that you cant kill me because you still love me, he takes off her veil, Aradhya is about to attack him but Pavitra scream Aaru, Aradhya sees Gayetri, Shashwat, Pavitra and bhamini all there alive, she is stunned and elated.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Episode – 18610:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 10 OctSet AlertShravani confronts Aruna Devi and asks her why there is no information about her online. Later, Aryan sees Aruna Devi givingfood to Kumudini and realises that she is Aradhya.
    Episode – 18710:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 11 OctSet AlertAradhya, in the guise of Aruna Devi, sets out to nab Aryan. Shravani decides to follow her. Kumudini tells Pradyumn about Shravani’s true intentions and they decide to chase her.
    Episode – 18810:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 12 OctSet AlertThe entire Rao family dresses up as ghosts and scares Shravani, who blurts out the truth. Damini arrests her, following which Aryan and Aradhya get married.

    1. where d u get these plz

      1. Nitha

        Itz frm toi spoilers dey release evry week fa all shows..

    2. When will d show end is it Wednesday or Friday

      1. Nitha

        Actually thy hd told on 14 Oct.but itz endg on wednsdy nly ?

    3. Wow…That means Comming episode’s r so chweet as candyyy???????????Thankz Jk for dz spoiler..


    Show is going toooooooooooooooo much slow…. but i happy to see rao family alive..

  3. Nitha

    Arghh!!writrs dis ws ly left faa aara fans ary becmg slave of dumboo maharani ?but I lovd ary’s stubbornss to prove dat shez aru ly..but dis maharani ??..not needd all dis dey cud hv givn us light memrble aara scene?..guyzz acc toi spoi kd ends on wedndy y dis hs to hppn ly wit me??I litrly cnt accept dis.. Wat vll I do aftr wednsdy, ?? aara, kd, shrana n no shravn updtes, commentz nuthn?..

  4. Krishnadasi Is
    to s*xy for my kids

    1. Really..???

    2. Really..???what about u..??

    3. Maleesha

      wht happened to the people in this world?

  5. It’s good show don’t ended please

  6. Kd always have d same precap for 2 days
    Itz so annoying. Now d show is gonnna end but now also d writers r dragging d scenes. Never d production made use of d talented lead actors nd made a interesting serial into a boring one. Itz gonna end nd I miss shravan a lot.

  7. Our KD was going to end on wednesday only dat means only today nd tommrow we can see aara. If u guys r going to give a seson 2 of kd plz keep aara as a lead role otherwise don’t make kd season 2 coz without aara there wil be no KD.

    1. Maleesha

      agree with you

  8. Am excited about the precape..
    What eva else,Kd’z count down z started..??Gona miss everythinggg..Really,Sana z supprrcute & Shravan tooo….???

  9. Yes but how can it end tommorow still so much story is there …….very bad that it is ending ………..I loved kd and arra scenes ……..I love u shravan and sana ……….

  10. thanks jk for the spoilers

  11. Maleesha

    I don’t believe this. wht’ll happen to us after kd’s end? & the epi was fab n emotional. don wanna say gd bye to arra as I’m looking forward to see them together again. N must say , this is the bst romantic love story I’ve ever watched.
    Thank you all the crew & cast who took a great effort to give us such a fab show. hope to see you all again. Special thanks to my shravan & Sana.Pls make your come backs with kd 2…

    1. Nitha

      I completely agree to ur each n evry words dea dey r so true?I too donno wat vll I do aftr kd ends I was addicted to aara n Shravan?? so much I miss dem badly.

    2. Agree with u..

  12. Maleesha

    I loved the scene Aryan talking about aru’s fav pizza & the way he reacted for Aru’s decisions. Bt didn’t like the way aru treated Aryan (sandle taking off scene). it’s too much. Bt eagerly waiting for the upcoming epi

  13. Maleesha hi yaar , nd i also dnt like dat sandle part.

  14. Going to miss KD.??? Its become a part of my daily routine. Now it is going to create a void in my daily routine coz this was the only serial which I watched. Hopefully kd 2nd season starts soon ✌✌and sana and shravan be in the lead role

  15. I want krishnadasi season 2 to come tomorrow I do not care

  16. I want krishnadasi season 2

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