Krishnadasi 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kumdni comes in and says I have brought haldi. Tusli comes in. Kumudni says still want to spy? Your daughter is getting married. Smile now. Go bring aaru. I have brought haldi. Play the music.
Kumudni stops Aryan and says who are you? Aryan says in woman’s voice I brought flowers.

Tusli says Aaru you have started making me guess like your aaji. Aaru says you will know.Now apply haldi. Tulsi does. Tulsi gets a call, she says yes damini? did you reach there? She says no we stopped. Ai wasn’t well. We brought her to hospital. She is repeating your name, please come. She wants to tell you something. Tulsi says but aaru’s haldi is going on. Damini says please come. Tulsi says okay I am comoing to meet shankri. Kumdni says where are you going? Lets dance. You always

wanted to dance on aaru’s marriage. Everyone is dancing. Tulsi and kumudni hug aaru.
Shankri is not well. Doctor says she is not stable. Fill this form. She says I am coming.Doctor says her condition is critical. they take her to emergency room. Kumudni comes to hospital. Aaba comes too and asks about saraswati. He says on call, saraswati can help us. I will tell her how gayatri was trapped my david. She will hit and their relation will break. Don’t tell anyone.
Kumudni says I should give her tranquilizer. She injects tranquilzer in her drip. Aaba sees her. She says what is kumudni giving to shankri?

Aaru says I will see myself when I am ready. Then I will imagine what will be aryan’s reaction. The girl says he will be so happy to see you. Aaru says I look good. Aryan calls her. The girl says talk to him. Aaru says this number is not reachable. He says I can flirt with you operator? Wanna see how I look? Should I send you selfie. Aaru says you are getting married and sending me selfie? Your wife will kill you. He says who will tell her. He sends her selfie and says enjoy. Aary sees it and smile. She says wow. You look so good. Your wife is lucky. He says yes she is. A handsome guy is getting married to her. She is a 2 fit dinosaur. She says I can tell her. he says ask her to send me her picture. She says no thats wrong. He says okay ask her to send something that would give me a clue of house she looks. Aary sends pictures of her hand. and half face. He says what is this. Send whole picture. She says I will see you at mandap. Be patient. he says I can’t be. I imagine how you looking. See this is how you look. He sends her a picture of a dinosaur. She says I will answer this when I come to your house. He says come and make me alive. She says bye.

Kumudni says this will keep her asleep till tomorrow. Before tulsi comes I have to leave. She leaves. Aaba comes in. He says what cooking in her head? No. I will reverse it. He takes her drip off. Damini is coming with doctor. He hides.
He says now if I talk to saraswati I will get caught.
Shankri is screaming with pain. Gayatri comes in and says these nurses are so stupid. Doctor says gayatri what are you doing. She says no one was here.He says you are not trained. You wasted this medicine. No med went in her body. He checks her. How careless you. David comes in and says what she did? He says you could have called nurse.She disconnected IV. I can suspend you. He asks nurse to bring injection. David says what you did to my sister. she says it out. He says you took out that needle.What has she done to you? Gayatri says why would I do this? David says you wanna seek revenge from me why you did this to her? She says I can’t stoop that low. He says your whole family can. If you wanted to help you could call doctor. Now see what I do to you.
Tulsi cokmes in looking for shankri.
She asks damini how she shankri? She says ai is calling you.
Tusli comes to shankri. She says I am here. you wanted to talk to me? Shankri says yes. She says kumudni.. Tulsi says she is mom. Shankri says children. Tulsi says I have just one child.. My daughter. Are you talking about my daughter? she says 317.. doctor says who called her in? Doctor says her condition is critical. Damani says she wanted to meet tusli. Shankri dies. Doctor says she is no more. Tulsi and Damini are in shock. Damini starts crying. Tulsi says in heart child no. 317? Meaning?

Shasvit says she ran.. Aryna says who aradhya? He says no the one who was taking you from this house to arru’s house. He says horse. Aryan says what. Shashvit starts laughing. Aryan laughs too. Aryan says I will get married no matter who runs today. Shasvit says thats my son. Remember when I used to be your horse in childhood? I will become it again today.Come sit on my back.
Tulsi says baraat will come and you will go away from me aradhya. She says I am not going far away. I don’t need anything to come to meet you. Tulsi says I know but life changes after marriage. You are ardhya aryan rao. Aradhya says I won’t change my name from yours. I will always be Aradhya tulsi. Aryan doens’t care about it. Tulsi says I am glad that you are marrying him. You will live a respected life.She hugs aradhya. Tulsi says in heart there will be another thing in marriage today.
Aryan says no one in baraat? Aaba says villagers will come with time. Aaba says you look good. Do his arrti. Pavitra does aryan’s arti. She says God protect my son.
David shoves in gayatri. Aryan picks her up. Aryan says how dare you? David says she tried to kill my sister today. She is like you aaba sahib. She is like her family. Gayatri says please don’t do this here. My brother is getting married today. Its our personal matter. David says I will go to police station and file a case. Listen aaba sahib. I break all relationships with this family. He breaks her mangalsutra. He says if something happens to my sister i will kill you. Aryan shoves him and says don’t touch her. Aaba says you will blame my daughter? I will.. He holds his heart and falls down. Everyone runs to him. Aaba has fainted.

Precap-Aradhya says aryan will be so happy to see me as a bride. Aaba is in hospital. He says I think my time is over. Aryan says don’t say that. Aaba says you wanna marry that devdasi, I can’t tolerate that. Kumudni says barat is not here. He holds purwa’s hand and says I want to see you married before dying.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • Ruby

      nop dr.Aryan will marry Aradhya only. makers know how to make viewers curious. it is just part of it.chill guyz.

  1. Ye ho kya raha hai, seriously aaru wil accuse aryan???? Nd i think swap truth wil not cum out,if kumu wanna reveal it dn y she killed shankari???? And wat about tulsi,she knows well dat kumu is hiding something which shankari knows,nd after shankaris death, wil tulsi be quiet???? And tulsi knows kumudini better den anyone else,wil she allow aradhya to be part of her game,pehle i thought dat kumu is using aaru for revenge but dis rape accusation,oh manhh tulsi said it right,her revenge is bigger den anything else for her,and y to forgot she get her own daughter insulted den wats value of aara for her,kr krle kumudini aabha ko koi farak nahi padega ki uski poti krishnadasi bane ya na bane,ladkiyo ki waise. Bhi koi izzat nahi uske ghar main,aaru ko he will never accept his granddaughter, but heart attack toh is baat se aayega ki aryan is not his grandson, kumu ka badla toh kab ka pura ho chuka hai,pta nahi aur kya chahiye isko

      • Ruby

        yeah mani they are making so much twist.I am only watching this for I really got mad on that doctor. how can a doctor behave like that?writers don’t have a brain.

    • well said..!! i agree with u.. Cheapsters aaji & aaba r both.. hating dem 2 de core, God..!! dis aaba z spoiling aara’s marriage, Eeerrwwgghhh 🙁 i don’t lyk dis seriously.. 🙁

  2. Meenakshi

    Somebody please tell me what is happening in KD ?? Will Aryan marry that Purva?? This is ridiculous!! What does the new promo mean?

  3. Ruby

    Aryan was looking handsome today.aara’s convo was nice. because of kumudini shankari died, Sara’s health got worsened and David misunderstood gayatri. she is such an evil. she don’t care even about tulsi and Aryan

  4. Can someone explains gaayu and David part its not understood. What did Abbas do. Kumudini didn’t want to kill shakari ri8

    • Ruby

      when abha went to check on shankari, doctor and dhamini came there so he hide behind curtain. saras was also admit in same ward of shankari. mistakenly abha’s stick touched sara’s glucose drip’s wire (I don’t know the exact word) and he went from there. then gayu came to shankari but she hears Sara’s moaning.she went to saras and saw the wire is removed. she tried to make it okey but doctor came and scolds her.David comes there and he misunderstood gayu for trying to kill saras

  5. Ruby

    guyz in new promo Aradhya tears a paper.I think that paper is kumudini’s complaint against Aryan

  6. Alyaa

    Today’s episode was awesome??Aryan was looking very handsome?and Aaradhya was looking very gorgeous?I think that Aaba saheb was acting (heart attack) so that AaRa’s marriage break??But I am sure that AaRa’s marriage will happen,I hope so???☺

  7. Alyaa

    I really hope that Aryan doesn’t get married to this Purva!!By the way guys what does this new promo mean??

  8. Hayeee ya Allah mia that aaba sahib i wish i can kill that buddha nd that buddhi kumudini they both r just villains in aara love story …let me predict gyz …now aara marraige will happen (not in a good way ) obviously ..but after marraige aradhya will hate aryan for kumudini drama u all know very well …nd their nok jhok will start …after sometime aradhya will realize somehow that she was wrong ? for not trusting aryan …nd then kumudini nd aba sahib will die ?nd arra will live happyily ever after …my prophecy is wrong i know ?..they both cant die so soon …hamy maar k hi maren gen ?

  9. Rufina

    Epi was nice…i missed the epi…Guys I want the translation of the promo in aryan n aradhya get married with handcuffs…..i think aryan will find out that aaba is acting…..

  10. sneha

    Guyzz can anyone tell me what’s the new promo??? N what r u all talking about rape accusations????

  11. Wot an man is he…Aabha…Aryan is so beautiful…Aaru is olways gorgeous…will Aara marry…why is dat shameless Purva still staying there by hearing Abbhaas words…I hop that Aara will only marry…Lv u Aara..

  12. gopika

    wow ! nice episode… Aryan was looking so handsome!!!! I am soo excited to watch next episode!! I just hope Aara get married soon……..
    Krishnadasi rockzZzz………
    Aara rockzZzzz….

  13. neethu

    kk so u guys r saying tht aru will hate aryan after marriage but aryan will still love her right. i hope aryan finds out abt aabas fake heart attack drama. but i dont think he will find out this soon dont u guys thinks tht. i mean maybe for a month will have hatred for aru but then he will fall in love again with her.

  14. Cutex

    Today episode is nice aara conversation is very sweet abba is such a mean person…but the good thing is that aara get married whatever the situation….with the passage of time aradaya realize that aryan was not wrong and he was not betray her……

  15. krishnai aka wellwisher

    no….. i cant see n read this… cant bear purwa n aryan pair……. no way……

    • Cutex

      Actually rubby now we are old friends and i miss alot tanu ,mrunali,you,manikarnika when their comments are not shown……sory friends all of u r friends but they are my most chatting friends…..and am happy today u r free and commented….

    • Cutex

      Am also confused and i tought that ardaya should trust on Aryan how she can forget anything which aryan do for her.

  16. Nc episode. Guyz aara will get married but there is a twist thts aryan will blamed in aradyas rape case. Anyway aara will get married. Love u aara and hate kumu and aaba.

  17. Debashis

    agar Aryan or purva ki shaadi huyi na, to mai ye show hi nahi dekhunga.. Kumudini is better than aaba. because at least she loves both Aradhya & Aryan.. today’s aara scene was best….

  18. guys who ever want a details of promo, week spoiler from TOI and spoiler according segment please go through the comments of previous day aka 9 may. i posted all.

  19. ishveer

    Epi was good…. I was not saw but only read it….I think aru and Aryan scene was nice..I miss itttttt sooooo muchhh.yesterday I m our area had lot of rain,that’s why no power in my home….
    Come to the point , aaba will die or otherwise I will kill him for aru Aryan ..
    I was just joking ,its serial only….

  20. Nimisha

    Good episode but I did t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I think knowing they wouldn’t get married and that abba was plotting spoilt it a bit for me.

    Aryan in the sari was hilarious
    His convo on the phone with Aru was very cute
    And shashwant laughing making Aryan laugh was lovely.

    Just saw another promo in between this episode showing Aru and Aryan in handcuffs walking around a fire like they were getting married in secret.

    Why does the show build up a will they won’t they plot but then in the ad breaks for that episode, they give something away which kills the suspense. The same thing happened on yesterday’s Kasam. Honestly, (Palm face emoticon) talk aboit spooling the surprise!

  21. sana

    wt is that rape track ???????just can’t understand it plzzzzźzzzzzzzzzz can any one give its details ye kaisa track h ……. here plzzzzzz someone help

  22. neethu

    guys have u read tbe trp spoiler in tht it says tht kumus big secret will be out . omg sooo excited

  23. ipsa

    Abba is doing drama

    Kumudini ab aaru k kan varegi fir aradhya police station Mein aryan k khilab rape ka mamla kar degi

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