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Krishnadasi 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan is watching match in lounge, Varun comes there and says i will watch it too, they both sit to watch match, Aradhya comes to Shivani and says these boys are like this, they forget girlfriends, studies everything for match, Shivani says lets cut cable wire. Aryan and Varun are enjoying match, suddenly Tv turns off, aryan tries to see it, Varun says match will be missed, Aradhya comes there with Shivani, Shivani asks who won match? Varun says Tv is switched off, now lets spend time with you, Aryan says yes go, you found girl so forgetting your friend, Varun says dont be jealous, Shivani says i am not in mood to go to room, she says to Aradhya that lets watch movie, she says there are horror movies only, Aradhya says i love it, Aryan says you both are on honeymoon, go and enjoy, Aradhya

says you can enjoy later, Varun says to Shivani lets go in room, Aradhya says no way, i have set some rules, you have to follow them, Varun asks what rules? Aradhya says you both are married but boys will stay in one room and girls will stay in other room, till parents dont accept this marriage, its not completed, Shivani says i agree with her, Aryan says i agree with Aradhya too, Shambo kaka goes out of home, aradhya puts on some horror on Tv, she put lights off, Aradhya watches it with interest, Aryan looks around, he is scared, Aradhya looks at him and says those who are scared can leave room, Aryan says i am not scared of anyone, he says i am tired, i drove you all here so i am sleepy now, i am switching off Tv, aradhya says you can sleep but dont switch off Tv, Aryan says okay then i will go and sleep in room, he leaves, Varun is scared too, Shivani laughs on him, Varun says i am just acting, now scared.
Gayetri brings towel for David, she says what was the need to do it? you think you are superman? what if you something had happened to you? what if there was poison in juice? what would have i answered to Saras? she keep scolding while he is lost and mesmerized by her, she asks why are you staring me like this? she holds his arm and asks if she saying anything wrong? David looks at her hand, she gets conscious and removes her hand, she says i am sorry, i spoke alot, David says you are concerned thats why but i liked it, can i go now? Aaba must be waiting, she smiles, he leaves after giving towel back to her, Gayetri blushes.
Aryan comes in room, he starts searching bag for his clothes, Shambo sees him in room and says my doubt was right, aryan will sleep in this room with that girl, she is his girlfriend, i should inform Aaba, its about girls, he calls aaba. Pavitra sees Aaba’s phone ringing, she asks servant about aaba, he says aaba has gone out, Pavitra takes call, shambo tells Pavitra that Aryan has come here with 2girls and a boy, Pavitra asks if one girl’s name is aaro? he says yes, Pavitra thinks that aaba should not know it, she says take care of them and Aaba is busy these days so dont call him, did you set their rooms? Shambo says i have set separate rooms for girls and boys as Aradhya said, Pavitra says take care of them, she ends call and says kids do have fun, if Aaba got to know it then he wouldnt have liked Aaro but for me its enough that Aryan likes her, Aaro seems cultured girl.
Aryan and Varun are in one room, Varun is sleeping, Aryan says how can you sleep? i cant sleep after watching that horror movie, Varun says lets me sleep, lights go off, Aryan gets scared, he tries to wake up Varun but he doesnt, Aryan sees someone coming in their room, he gets afraid and asks who? he sees a ghost coming there, he shouts and ghost, Varun gets up and sees ghost too, they get afraid, Aryan says i said there is no ghosts so she has come to prove me wrong, he prays for life and covers his face with blanket, lights comeback, they listen someone laughing, Aryan sees Shivani there with ghost, Aradhya takes off her mask of ghost, she smirks at Aryan, Shivani says you both were acting so strong now what? Aryan says i was acting, you both were acting so i started acting too, Varun says even me, Shivani says someone is behind you, Aryan and Varun screams, Shivani and Aradhya laughs and click their pictures, they leaves, Aryan smiles, Varun says you are not angry on her for making you scared? Aryan says if she has smile on her face by playing prank on me then i dont have problem, matter is that she should smile, Varun says it must be Aradhya’s idea, whaty if she uploads picture on friendsbook of we being scared? Aryan says okay i will play prank and will click her picture too, they sleep.

Scene 2
Aaba asks Shashwat what he is doing these days? Shashwat says i am busy with factory stuff, Aaba says Aryan hasnt come home for two days, we are finding him, do you know about your son? dont look at Pavitra, you are his father, Pavitra says Aryan has gone out with friends, i have talked to him, he will return soon, she thinks that dont know how Aaba will react if he knows that Aaro is with Aryan, i should stay silent, Aaba asks Markand to come with him to factory instead of hiding behind his wife, Shivangi asks Markand to go and dont do anything stupid.
Aradhya says Varun and Shivani has gone on shopping, i am getting bored. She sees a book ‘sun sign” and starts reading it, she sees a silhouette but ignores it, fan turns on, she gets afraid, she says this is because of watching horror movies but i love horror movies, she sees someone standing behind her, she turns and sees someone in veil, she screams being afraid, man says you remember you came here last time, we used to love each other but you finished our love, Aradhya says you are mistaken, man says dont lie, my revenge will complete after killing you only, he grabs her by hair and says my thirst for revenge will end after killing you, you dont believe in ghosts? Aradhya says i believe them, dont kill me, i didnt do anything, man shows her knife and stabs her with it, Aradhya screams and starts crying, man turns out to be Aryan, he takes off veil and says i am Aryan, i was just joking, this is fake knife, he asks to look at him nothing happened, you are not injured, Aradhy cries, he says i am sorry, i was just joking, i will not do it again, dont cry please, Aradhya says what kind of joke is this? knife maybe fake but i would have died because of fear, Aryan stops her and says nothing will happen to you, he puts hand on her lips, he hugs her tightly and says nothing will happen to you, he wipes her tears while she feels peace in his arms, music plays.

PRECAP- Aradhya is about to light stove, Aryan sees gas cylinder leaking, he pushes her away before fire breaks out in kitchen, they come out of house, some guys put cloth on their faces.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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