Krishnadasi 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kaveri starts mantras, Aradhya says go from this house, get out.Kaveri says you dont know what i can do,your game is finished. Aradhya acts like possessed by ghost, she says i will kill her. Kaveri says i will beat you so much today that you will plead for death. Pavitra listens noise from room, Nakku says someone is beating inside.Kaveri comes out of room,she is injured, Kaveri says she tried to kill me too, she is dangerous, i thought that she just wants to throw devdasi out of house but now i think that she can harm anyone, she is angry that devdasi has become daughter in law of this house, Pavitra says this means she can kill anyone? Purva calls servants and ask them to tie Aradhya with chains,she can kill anyone, servants take Aradhya from there, ARadhya is unconscious. Purva says

Aryanj is in danger most, he always remain with her, what if she kills him? Aaba is shocked.
Aryan comes home and says to Purva that why did you tie aradhya with chains? i told you that no one will behave like animals with her. Pavitra says she tried to kill Kaveri too, Purva says i think we should send to mental hospital, Aryan says she will not go anywhere, Aaba says she is dangerous, Aryan says i and Chimaji went to meet doctor, her treatment will start soon, Aaba says she is not our own that we have to do this much for her,why are you caring for her? you dont want her to leave this house? Aryan says i want but not like this, she is my responsibility and i will take care of her, he leaves. Chimaji says Aryan is right, we should help person in danger, our religion says it too.
Aryan comes in room and sees Aradhya lying on floor and tied with chains, he frees Aradhya, Aradhya says Aryan i have become mental, Kaveri, Pavitra told me that i am mad now, Aryan says nothing has happened to you, Aradhya says they told me that i tried to kill my aayi, i have become mental, you send me to mental asylum, Aryan says dont worry, there is nothing like ghosts,dont cry, i am with you, he hugs her, he says take rest for me, you will become fine, nothing has happened to you, Aradhya says only you understand my pain,nobody else understands what is happening with me,she hugs him tightly. Aryan says lets go on bed.He makes her lie on bed and says now dont think about anything, i am keeping phone with you, if you have any problem then call me,now close eyes and sleep,Aradhya sleeps, Aryan looks at her bruised hands, he is sad, he starts leaving, Aradhya looks at him and calls him,she says Aryan dont go please,Aryan comes to her, she sits in her feet, he keeps her feet in his lap and asks her to close eyes, Aryan massages her feet, kyunki tum hi toh meri jaan plays.
Purva says to Kaveri that why did Aradhya beat you?Kaveri says we have made her like Bhamini but now she is out of control,she has started to think that she is Bhamini in real,Raj says do something and kill her,Purva says you should have killed her in room only, Kaveri says you dont know how powerful she has become, let me think, she says i have an idea,lets make ARadhya walk on burning coals, Purva says this idea is good, Aradhya will runaway from this house after walking on coals, then this house’s wealth will be mine.
Aaba says i just hope Chimaji’s pooja gets successful. Purva says we cant sit quietly, we have to do something,Kaveri says if we make Aradhya walk on burning coals then spirit will leave her body,aaba says Aryan will never agree, Purva says but she is dangerous,she will not get hurt as soul is possessing her, dont worry, we need to protect ourselves, Pavitra says Aryan will never agree, Raj says i will take him for business meeting.
Aryan gives medicine to Aradhya, ARadhya says i should say sorry to everyone, Aryan says you will not go anywhere, all are afraid of you, Aradhya says exactly and i am totally fine now, i should talk to them,Raj comes there and says we have to go for bank meeting,Aryan says i am forgetting everything these days, he says to Aradhya says i will comeback soon, you dont come out of room,Aradhya is scared seeing Raj, Aryan leaves with Raj.

Scene 2
Kaveri has arranged coal path in house,Purva says do arrangement nicely, Aradhya’s feet should get burned and she should runaway from this house.Nakku comes to Pavitra and says i think ghost can attack us.Kaveri says dont worry, call Aradhya.
Nakku comes to Aradhya’s room, Aradhya says come, sit Nakku Bai,Nakku says no, she stands near door away from Aradhya and asks her to come down,Aradhya says i am fine, just talk to me,sit with me, Nakku says no, you come down, she runs away, Aradhya says i wont hurt anyone.
Aradhya comes in hall and says to aaba and Pavitra that i am sorry, i didnt do anything in senses. She sees coals, Pavitra says if you want to ask forgiveness then.. Purva says if you want us to not be scared of you and want us to believe you then you have to walk on burning coals so that spirit leave your body, Aradhya says but.. Kaveri says but you have to do it for Aryan, you have to do this to prove that you want to become fine and you are really sorry. Pavitra says Aradhya you tried to kill your mother, you tried to kill Kaveri, you can kill Aryan too so cant you do this for Aryan? he takes care of you so much, if i was asked to lie on burning coals for Aryan then i would have happily lied on them, cant you do this for Aryan? Purva says you call yourself as Aryan’s wife so cant you do this much for his safety? Aradhya comes forward and recalls Pavitra’s words that she tried to kill her mother, she can kill Aryan. Aradhya puts feet on coals,she screams and starts walking. Aryan comes there and says on call that i forgot papers at home. He is shocked to see Aradhya walking on coals, he says Aradhya have you gone mad? servants try to stop Aryan,Aryan says Aaba when i will get this much pain then you will know, he throws away servants and stands on burning coals,all are shocked.Aryan lifts Aradhya, they look at each other,Aryan walks on burning coals while Aradhya is in his arms, tum hi toh meri zindagi. Aryan comes off coals after finishing path. Pavitra gets worried for him Aradhya is in shock seeing all this, Aryan says to PAvitra that now you will think thousand times before punishing her? Aradhya says why did you take my punishment Aryan? Aryan says to make you understand that this punishment is not a payback for anything,did ghost come out of your body?what did you get? you got pain only, now you understand? Aradhya says i just walked four steps but you walked whole path, Aryan says nothing has happened to me, Chimaji sees all this and leaves. Purva says it seems like Aryan still loves Aradhya, Kaveri you have last chance now, throw this girl out of Aryan’s life alive or dead.
Tulsi comes to Chimaji and says they made Aradhya walk on burning coals and you stood there silently? i will go there, Chimaji says stop, when i went there, till then Aryan had handled the situation, pain has made them closer more, Aryan couldnt see her in pain and lifted her up, he walked on coals instead of her, they still love each other, Tulsi says i know that, i just hope they understand it soon.
Aradhya is sleeping on bed while Aryan lies on couch. Aradhya’s feet is bandaged. Aryan looks at her. Aradhya winces in pain in sleep, Aryan looks that she is having pain in feet. Aryan comes to Aradhya with cream. he tries to touch her foot,she screams. Aryan looks at her and recalls their good times together, how they were before marriage. Aryan does icing on her feet, Aradhya wakes up and stops Aryan, she holds his feet and says i will do what you did,you must be feeling pain too, Aradhya does icing on his feet, she says dont put feet down, wounds will not heal then,Aryan says your feet have wounds too. Aryan brings ice tub, they put feet in ice tub, Aradhya says you lifted me on burning coals, you saved me, you walked with me on burning coals, your feet got injured, why you did all that? with which relation you did that? Aryan gets tensed.

PRECAP- Kaveri and Purva looks at Aryan and Aradhya from window. Kaveri moves her ball to hypnotize Aradhya. Aradhya says to Aryan that have cared for this devdasi enough, leave this devdasi now, give divorce to this devdasi rightnow, she talks in Bhamini’s accent, Aryan is shocked to see her changed behavior.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Fatty

    plzzzzz guyss!!! plzzz don’t ruin such a beautiful story…. why do our Indian serials come with no logic at all??? hypnosis does not work like this.. do the writers think that the audience is soo illiterate and ignorant that they wont b able to understand what is right and what is wrong???
    enough of my frustration.. thankyou for updating this episode!!!!! I’m really happy after Aryan’s loving behavior for Aru!!!

  2. Liz

    Love Aryan and Aradhya 🙂
    I am glad there is something positive out of the evil schemes plotted by the antagonists 🙂

  3. SaBa

    tell me that aradhiya is doing this all drama or not did she knew’s poorvas plan??? plzz tell mE

  4. deepika

    Wow super !!!??????
    No word to describe about the show! Aryan u killing me???
    N arathya u super ???. this is best show in color?
    Honestly I hate this supernatural ghostly story’s
    Purva u BL***y w***h ??? .pls try to reveal her real face writer pls anyway l love this show so much??????

  5. Maleesha

    Love you Aryan. You’re the best tv lover I’ve ever met. Oh god …I just can’t write in words how I felt seeing their concern for each other. Nd that purva. ..Is she really a human being or an alien? Disgusting witch.

    Ooof.. I’m yearning to see the faces of all the villains of Arra love story, when the baby swapping truth comes out. Poor purva.. then she will lose both Aryan & her dream of money . But Still the trump card of the game is with kumudini..

    Plz writers.. return arra’s love & happiness in their lives.They’ve tolerated this nonsense enough for whole life.create sm more closeness btwn them. Missing their smiles soo much…

  6. bebo

    As of now the bestest ever episode of krishnadasi 🙂 Awesome, Aara scenes, #was#Flattered# Loved Aryan today.. 😉 🙂 KD Rocksss..!!! 🙂

  7. Maleesha

    Burning coals made them realise their caring. I’m sure these hard time will make them realise that their love can never fade. Even if they want to.

    I think it’s true that ” hard times make life more bright & beautyful…”·♡♡♥

  8. Cutex

    Today episode is toooooooooo good and mind blowing its sad but full of aara love…..i wish they get closed soon precape is worst

  9. Tanu

    it was damn beautiful episode..
    so romantic and emotional.???? it was maddening episode all over???
    now coming to the current track ..
    . its more psychology logical than supernatural.. cv are doing good job in justifying each and every act…

    well this type of act is not uncommon in village area.. heard so many stories of dayans being stoned to death or brunt alive..
    dayan are basically given name to a person by the society which they get rid off…
    .. convincing of spirituality is also common for earthly greed and lust…
    .. so am not minding this track as it got justification….
    and people really need to see it before judging it and naming kd as baby of ssk..
    yes of course some of the thing is unreal .. but we need to overlook it as its just an entertainment show.

  10. manikarnika

    Ye aryan ke pair main black thread jaisa kya bandha tha and i was laughing seeing it,yar cvs aryan bhi toh do pairo se chla tha fir ice main single pair lol and first tym ever in history of KD i have seen little glimpses of aaradhya caring for aryan otherwise always aryan took care of he. ,cvs cn show dis track in future dat aaru got sum chance to care for aryan, it wil b gud to watch

  11. manikarnika

    Astonished at mahants wordings, he said dharam kehta hai ki durbal pe atyachar, and he himself locked her in cave lol mahant is changing i think, presence of tulsi created impact on him,dey wre discussing love lol,

  12. manikarnika

    But seriously aryan is so so caring,and missing kumudini in the episodes, it’s better to watch chaalbaziyan of kumudini den to watch kapuraj and pakkuba,ughhhh, kumu is missing badly,deva re deva krishnadeva, tu ahes hai re deva tu ahes hai re

    • Tanu

      i am missing kumudini.. and my kupra so much… and i hope indira ji retain in the show and not leave it due to lessened screen space like Chavvi mittal did

      • Aqua

        Kumudini is the best villain. Most soap villains annoys you like that yucky purva. When she is on screen my skin crawls lol. But kumu is so funny and cleaver. She even justifies her evil doings even though it isn’t on the but viewers get to understand it from her point of view as she and her daughter suffered so much abuse by the Rao family. Of course her way is wrong. I hope she doesn’t leave the show.

    • manikarnika

      No I dun think so that she wil quit, she enjoyed her character completely and got dada saheb phalke award for it,she got maximum space til yet, shes v cn day globe of this serial and story moves due to her and around her,so m pretty sure she wil not leave, may be she is talking about sum other serial,she must hv bagged sum other role too

  13. Aqua

    What an emotional episode. I think it’s the first time I saw the husband massaging wife’s feet on Indian serial. Our Aara is coming together!??

    I hate that purva. She should be madeasy to stand on the coal bed when she gets exposed for burnig our Aara’s feet. ??

    • Tanu

      i saw it before to… in Manmarziyan… Neil aka our very own shravan gave a foot massage to samaira … but they were not married then.. but there also he was a caring husband.. used to make tea and foods for them…

      hell.. why is shravan so charming.

      • Aqua

        Oh.. i did not watch that show before. thanks for sharing. Honestly Aara scenes are so loving it melts my heart hehehehe… Shravan is a ideal affectionate soulmate 😛

    • manikarnika

      Yooo shravan reddy damn damn charming before him i liked gurmeet chaudhary along with drashti dhami but shravan reddy is more charming den gurmeet, actually dis couple aara is damn cute,innocent

  14. mahru

    ooooo today episode was oooover lucker i just love ara scenes ara rocks ….but that poorva kaveri are sooooo me??
    an and selfish im just feeling to kill them i wish to kick both of them from the house these chudails s**ks?

  15. aara

    when raj came i thought that aryan will be jealous n all………….but here the story is on someother track only……

  16. NaZriYa

    Aarra scene was Awsm n Lovable..
    Aaryan u r the Hero..Ur wordz Shockd Rao family n Dheshmukh family??
    But it makes caring for Aaru?
    Pavithra n Nakku stoppd the play..?Poorva n kaverii?
    Precape was just touching?
    This was the best show n colourz..Keep going???

  17. Sara

    OK I hope this is like what they say ” difficult roads often leads beautiful destinations”

  18. Meenakshi

    Lovely lovely episode. I said lovely bcs of AaRa scenes. Thank you Purva , Raj & Kaveri for you blo*dy humble work! I hope someday Aru will pay back. Why don’t Aryan just admit that he loves Aru? Why can’t he ? Walking on coal is not at all a humanitarian work. When will Raos know reality of Purva & Jayraj ? Anybody has spoilers plz share. Precap , ahhh…will he give divorce? Perhaps to save her he might !

  19. mahe

    omg nooooo
    I think Aryan will think that after divorce aradhya will alright and that’s why he will give her divorce.
    no I don’t want that.

  20. Hgggh

    Heyyy guys I am new here can anybody help me ……???i wanna watch previous episodes on YouTube…but I can’t…anyone can help me with this??

  21. Hgggh

    Please I don’t understand many story line …kindly help me to find that where can I watch previous episodes

  22. Vanessa

    Hello guys I am new to this group….
    I just live the acting if shravan and sana they are superb…. i don’t like ghost track at all..but it’s bringing them closer that’s enough for me …. Aryan caring for aaradhya is very emotional and he is thinking about flash back… I thought he will bring aaradhya down the coal platform but he too walked on it that brought tears in my eyes….. but they both are in denial of being in love…I hope they clear their misunderstandings…. and know the truth abt aaba and kumudini …. I just hate that purva and Kaveri… I know Aryan won’t divorce her as he thinks that she has got psychological problem… he will pacify her…for sure. .hope he sees that chain around aru’s neck and takes it out….. yeah right rarely we see husbands massaging their wives legs….??

    • Asmitha

      Welcome i have a spoiler Aryan will not give divor lce and rather calm her down ti bring her to her senses. The next day Poorva will get fed up and argur with Aradhya then Poorva will push Aradhya doen the stairs she will be severly injured and Aryan will slap and push Poorva out of the house.

      • Reba

        Thankz for ua information dear!!
        Actulla some anothr had already posted this spoiler.. but anywayss hoping that this will come true..?

  23. Swati

    Awesome episode just love in but precap is worst hope this ghost track will end soon and that brother sister Jodi should exposed soon

  24. Reba

    Cute epi.. but the precape z just ?
    I hope Aaryn would find the truth..
    i got a spoiler that aaryn slapping tantric .. i dont no whether it was real.. but i had seen it..

      • Reba

        itz okie.. Tannu!!
        for the above matter am also not sure.. it may be a gossipp also.. but i had read it in somewhere..
        Thatz y’l i had posted it..?

  25. bebo

    Watching this episode over & over again, #coz#of#Aara#Scenes… 😉 I am loving this track, Thanx 2 d makers dat dey r heading d story track towards psychological than irritating bhoot wala (supr natural) Track.. It’s gud to see that Kd z nt gonna b another “SSK” as dey had given d vibes of (ssk) in d previous episodes, to its viewers 🙂 & Feeling sad for aaradhya as hr own mother (pavitra) is planning & plotting against her, Though without her knowledge, Bt it z sch a bad to even think about..! At d same time i feel aru z luck to get a mother in law lyk tulsi who raised her, & der z no doubt dat tulsi’s lover for aru wil nevr change evn aftr truth z revealed, & v knw pavitra cant match tulsi in lovng & carng aru, bt atleast she vil stop her gibberish act in seperating #Aara… 🙂

  26. Meenakshi

    Have no idea where to find previous episodes sorry!! I think Colours channel is very lazy to upload their programmes in YouTube.

  27. Meena


  28. Cutex

    Hy guys serial is going to be interesting day by day in up coming episodes porva pushed aru from stairs and aru get injured and aryan save aru….

  29. Reba

    Yup… only we can found location videos in youtube.. so i just stop searching in youtube for episode..i think you can search “krishndhasi instagram”.. there i found lotz f intense scenez f Aarra ..❤
    i think, it would help u..☺

  30. Maleesha

    Oh god…. plz don’t let arra devorsed.
    Wish I could tell Aryan what’s going on…
    Precap is so bad. Didn’t expect this type of seperation..:-O:-O:-O:-O:-O:-O:-O:-O:-O
    Love arra♥♥

  31. Meena


  32. Alyaa

    The episode was awesome with AaRa cute scenes??This New track is really amazing ??I am loving it??I am sure that Poorva and Jayraj will not be able to harm Aru as Aryan is with her??The precap is a bit sad as Aru is hypnotized by Kaveri and she is telling Aryan to give her divorce but I know that Aryan won’t give divorce to Aru instead they will come closer as they still love each other???

  33. Lovely❤

    Krishndhaasi z the best serial in colours.. All other r just boaring..
    I like dz serial n all co-starzz..
    For me before dz serial.. the best serial z Iss pyaar-season 1 from starplus.. i miss it alot..
    but nw am happy bcoz KD rockzz..
    After barun sobthi, SHRAVAN REDDY z the best actor.. n SANA AMIN z the best actress.. The cute couplz also..the whole cast z also mind blowing..the Background music z also amazing…but if there added some more lyricz it might b awsm..
    Keep goingg..

    • Maleesha

      Exactly. …Lovely, Agree with you. I too like very much the bg song.. actually, I LOVE IT. And of course, It will be very nice if they add some lyrics. .. oh it’ll best bg song ever…..

  34. Maleesha

    Oh ho .. this is not done writers..our Aryan always take care of aru. I think Aru should be given that chance too.Aryan must be very tired . Poor boy♡

  35. Maleesha

    Wow… 78 comments# now I think it’s confirmed to everyone that KRISHNADASI is the best tv serial ever. & I ‘m happy, it’s getting wht it deserves.

  36. swati

    Aru should do something for Aryan she not even said I love you to Aryan poor Aryan plz writer do something write something in faber of Aryan like aru is caring for him etc etc

  37. Suha

    Yaah…Aarru didn’t reply to aaryn as she also lovez him too.. KD writers plzz give a chance to Aarru that she still love aarryn..
    Anywayz there z Time too.. so hopefully waiting..
    The coming episode will be incrediable..Kumudhini if u were in the stage.. it would be so intresting too.. Her way f dialogues r just..?

    • Meena

      yes..after long tym..
      before mrg track we use to have above 100 comments even reached 200 but now why all laid back…Anyway happy for today

    • Aqua

      I have been following this show from the beginning and I always thought y the trp so low even though the show has such a fresh story and great cast. Finally I feel like this show is getting the popularity it deserves.

    • Maleesha

      No.this track will end soon. & by the way, it brings arra more closer & creates so interesting & romantic arra scenes. So plz don’t stop watching. Keep watching it

    • Maleesha

      Exactly dr.. but she has helped for enough I think. It will be better if she returns or we’ll say she should be thrown out of arra’s lives forever. Wht say?

  38. 3veni

    i reallyy likee the BGM…ta ra ra raaa….kyunki tum hito ho meri zindagi….nd shravan u r awesome….nd krishnadasi iss awesomeee…..

  39. sunaina

    I am becoming a die hard fan of shravan and sana….they are awesome……kd rockzzzzzz
    I fear tat i am becoming addicted to the serial…..watching the episodes ober and over?????

  40. sunaina

    Kyun ki tum hi ho to medi zindagi…….where can i get this song ….may i know the name of the movie to which the song belongs……anyone…..

    • Reba

      Nop.. itz not a film song.. itz Aarra background music itself…that song z
      not from any film..i think so..☺
      Am i right guyzz??

  41. Maleesha

    Oh god!!!!!! Wht am I seeing? Can’t believe my own eyes.. 78 has become 97 in such a small time. Wow… thank you & love you kd writers for creating such a romantic serial for us. Pls guys keep commenting!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

  42. Reba

    Actually.. there r lotz f Fanz for KD n my village..but they r not able to post commentz n dz type of public area..?

  43. Ritu


    |Registered Member

    The most incredible scene was when Aryaan took Aradhya’s feet in his lap and caresses . The pure emotion of love was depicted there. Awesome acting by Shravan and Sana both. I am actually not liking the psycho track . But hope it will end soon.

  44. maris minna

    i jst loved this episode….i loved the way he lifted aaru while walking on coal path…..<3

  45. Request?

    Atiba dear…
    plzz.. As much as possible fastly update the episode..bcoz i can see the episode live.. plzz dear..???

  46. anu

    All aara fans start trending on twitter at #100 episodes of krishnadasi Let’s show that biased channel our aara love ..Let’s celebrate 100 episode of our fav show.

  47. mahru

    wooooooow love u asmitha thanks for update?? i love kd and ara soooooo much and today episode was over lucker

  48. Meenakshi

    Good lord!! More than 100 comments. Let’s celebrate 100th epi of our KD guys. Hope today’s episode will give us something or many things to celebrate.

  49. mahru

    hey guyz im new someone plz tell me how i must change my display pic…tnu can u plz tell me how you change ur dp

  50. Rhimjhim

    ok i gonna make the no of comments from 129 to 130 hahaha… love u Kd and love all the aara fans…

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