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Krishnadasi 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya leaves after slapping guy. Banwari sees this and says if i extend this scene then i will have fun and my business will flourish.
Kumudini is singing with Tulsi. Tulsi says i am thinking to make kids dance on this Bhajan, she says kids have not come till now, she asks Kaka to go and see what happened.
Raghu tells Aaba that nobody has sent kids to learn dance. minister says we are doing what you are saying but.. aaba asks if he has soft corner for those devdasies like Tamre? if this is the case then tell me, i will set you right, minister sits in his feet and says i cant do this mistake.
Kaka comes to Kumudini and says aaba threatened in laws of Tamre’s daughter and made her go back to Tamre’s house, he punished Tamre for helping us, he has ordered

village people to not send any kid here.
Aaba says i have taken care of customs all these years, i will do it even now, i have called dancers and trainers from city, we and our village dont need those Devdasies.
Kumudini says i have faith in my Krishan, i will not leave soon.
A lady and man comes in Aaba’s house, she cries, aaba asks Shivangi why she is crying? Shivangi says i cant live in house where you are insulted, my in laws insulted me that i have brought so less dowry, aaba says your in laws were insulting and Markand was listening to all this? Markand says we told them that we will not live in house where aaba sabib is insulted, Shivangi says we dont have anyone other than you, Markand says if you have problem then we will go somewhere else, Aaba says you both will live here and i will see your in laws too, he asks servant to take them to guest room, he leaves. Markand asks Shivangi to not do more acting, he has left, Shivangi says i have learned from you and you have learned all this from me.
Aradhya comes in her room and sees a guy who misbehaved with her earlier, she says you didnt get sense even after slap? guy says i know you were not comfortable infront of all but you are alone here with me, Aradhya pushes him away and calls out for help, girls come there, warden comes there and says what are you doing in girls hostel? guy says aradhya called me here, Aradhya says why will i call him here? he tries to misbehave with me, guy says why you are lying Aradhya? you are taking advantage of being girl, you called me here, she wanted money, i gave her but she wanted more, Aradhya says you should be ashamed of saying all this, guy says i will call guard, Aradhya has given him money so that he could allow me to come in here, truth is that she is Devdasi’s daughter and doing all this is her profession, he says Aradhya dont destroy my life, girls doubt Aradhya and gossips about her, Aradhya says dont believe him, he is lying, she asks warden to trust her, warden calls guard, she asks did you take money from Aradhya? he says i am sorry, i took money from Aradhya, guys smirks at him, Aradhya says they both are lying, warden says shut up, i told you boys are not allowed her, earlier a boy came here too, i will complain to principal about you, you are not safe for other girls here, she asks guy to leave, he thanks her for saving his life and leaves, all leave, Aradhya cries.
aaba asks Shashwat did you meet Shivangi? he says no, aaba says i will not leave her in laws, how can they behave like this with my daughter Shivangi? i wont leave them, Shashwat says when we do bad with others, bad happen to us too, you did same with Tamre’s daughter and this is happeing with your daughter too, aaba says i feel like you are dancer, i am proud today that she is my daughter, she left the house where i was getting insulted and one more thing, there is different between Tamre’s daughter and my daughter, you will her in laws will come crying to me, he leaves.
Banwari gives money to guy who misbehaved with Aradhya, he says forget about me, guy says i wanted to take revenge from her for slapping me and you paid me for it, he call his friends and ask for party, he leaves. Banwari says now Aradhya will have to leave hostel and will have to come to Krishnavati.
Shivangi and Markand are eating food in Aaba’s house, they order Nakku bai to bring more food for them. Shashwat comes there, he meets them, he says Aaba told me everything, if you need anything, tell me, Shivangi says this is my house too, i will take it, Shashwat says your in laws house is yours too, we can avoid small things, Shivangi says i cant bear Aaba’s insult, Markand says Aaba is like my father, i wont let anyone point finger at him even if its family, Shivangi says if you want then i will live in servant quarter, Markand says i will work in factory too, Shashwat says i dont mean it, you both can live here as much as you want, he leaves, Markand says seems like he didnt like we living here, Shivangi says it doesnt matter, we have to keep aaba happy, they drink jiuce.
Guy is enjoying party in hostel, Varun comes there, Varun asks Guy from where did you get money for all this? Guy says that Aradhya thinks she is oversmart, i flirted with her so she slapped me, he went to her room and insulted her.
Varun comes to Aryan and says dont know what Mayank(guy) did with Aradhya, Aryan says Aradhya will have to leave her hostel, i will not leave Mayank.

Scene 2
Kumudini is making clothes for Krishan, she says i will make him wear it on Rath Yatra, Tulsi says i will help you in making it, Kumudini asks what are you thinking? Tulsi says will we be able to make Krishan wear it? aaba has made whole village against us, Kumudini says Mandir is not his but ours too, he tried but couldnt stop us from going in Mandir, what he thinks that he can make everyone afraid? Tulsi says he stopped us from making kids learn dance, even Shashtri is not here so who will be on our side? Kumudini says Rath yatra is not completed without Krishnadasi and i trust God.
Aryan and Varun comes to Mayank’s room. Aryan comes to Mayank, Mayank hugs him and says its good to see you, Aryan says you are doing party alone? he gives him bear, Aryan drinks bear, he makes Mayank drink it, Mayank gets drunk, Aryan takes him from there.
Aryan brings Mayank to girls hostel, Mayank says Aradhya is very hot, i just want her one time, Aryan asks him to tell everything, Mayank asks why? you wanna enjoy with her too? Aryan asks him to tell everything, Mayank says she was talking big in debate competition so i thought to check her out, i flirted with her so she slapped me then i went to her room, she started shouting and didnt let me touch her, then everyone came there, i changed my colors then, i blamed her and warden agreed that Aradhya called me here, that guard Shinde was on my side too, he took my side and blamed Aradhya, she must be regretting that she slapped me. Aryan slaps him, Mayank sees all girls, warden and principal there, Aryan says i asked Varun to call everyone here so that your truth comes out to everyone, he says now everyone knows Aradhya is not at fault, Principal says we are ashamed to have students like you, he asks him to leave, Mayank leaves, Warden says sorry to Aradhya for misunderstanding her, she says you can live her, all leave. Aradhya is in tears, she looks at Aryan and leaves, Shivani says she will be fine, she is brave girl.
Aradhya recalls how she got insulted because of being Devdasi’s daughter, she looks at her, Tulsi and Kumudini’s picture. She recalls how Tulsi said that i didnt want you to know all this, i didnt want you break down. Aradhya starts packing her things, Shivani comes there and asks what are you doing? Aradhya says i am going to my Ayyi and aaji, Shivani says why? all know truth now, why are you running away now? Aradhya says i am nto running away, i have strength to bear everything but i realized today that how my ayyi and aaji must have lived with all these taunts all these years, i wont be able to see them get tortured more, you must have questions in mind too? Shivani says no, i am your friend, i know how good and nice you are, i will be always on your side, Aradhya says thanks for understanding but i want to be with my ayi and aaji, i wanna know how they are dealing with all this, Shivani says this means you are going forever? Aradhya says yes, Shivani says what about your education? Aradhya says i will complete my education but right now, i have to understand this custom and for that i have to go to place where this custom still exists, wish me luck, Shivani says my wishes are always with you, Shivani loves you, Aradhya hugs her and says Aradhya loves you too, i will leave in morning, Shivani gets Varun’s message and goes to meet him. Aradhya packs her bag, she leaves from room.
Aradhya comes to guard and gives him key of letterbox, she says i am leaving hostel tomorrow, she goes to take medicine as she has headache.
Aryan meets Aradhya on way, he says i listened you telling guard that you are leaving? Aradhya says i am missing Ayyi and aaji so going back, she thinks that if i tell him that i am going forever then he will think that i got afraid of that incident, she thanks him for his support, she says you saved me two times, thank you, she extends her hand, he shakes hand with her and says there is no need of thank you in friendship, she says i am lucky to get you as friend, i gotta go, she starts to leave, Aryan asks when you will return? Aradhya says soon, she buys Kandeel from stall, Aryan pays for it, Aradhya says you know quality of this Kandeel? Aradhya says if you light it up and leave in air then your wishes get true, Aryan asks whats her wish? she says i want you to be happy always and keep spreading happiness, Aryan says you are talking like you wont return again, Aradhya looks on shocked.

PRECAP- Aradhya is at bus-stand, Gayetri is there too. Gayetri tries to get ticket of bus but seller says that we sold last ticket to girl(Aradhya). Gayetri comes to Aradhya and says i need to go back to home urgently, can you give me your ticket? Aaba says to Kumudini that you have too much ego and thinks that without you this rath yatra cant be completed? but see the lightening, see the festival, music, dance everything is going to happen and your ego will be crushed, Kumudini looks on. Bus has accident, Aradhy comes in bus and sees Gayetri unconscious in bus, she is stunned. Aryan and Varun are finding Aradhya at bus-stand, Aryan sees a girl and thinks its Aradhya he goes behind her and calls out to her, she turns, Aryan looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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