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Krishnadasi 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shashwat gets call from someone, he asks his family to open news channel, they open news channel to reporter saying that tempo has been caught which had drugs hidden in saree boxes, it was sent from some center of Krishnavati to Mumbai, driver is not anywhere seen, police is searching for culprit. Kumudini is shocked to see news.
Raj calls his client and says i dont know how drugs got caught, i had been doing this business, dotn worry we will not get caught, those saree workers will be caught, he ends call and slaps driver who was driving tempo, driver says police had check post so i had to leave tempo, Raj asks him to leave. Goons come to Raj and says we burned Aryan, we should get reward, Raj asks if they brought proofs? do you have his ashes? come with proof, get lost, they leave,

Raj thinks that i just hope Pavitra gets caught in all this and i dont get involved.
Damini comes to Aradhya’s house, Aradhya asks if she got to know Aryan? Damini says we have come to take Pavitra. Damini says we have come to arrest Pavitra, NGO manager has given statement that whole consignment was readied here only, Paivtra says but we just packed sarees in carton, Pavitra says exporter must have put it in there, Damini says we are trying to reach them but Pavitra you have to come to police station with us, all are shocked, aaba says what are you saying? Aradhya says she is innocent and you know Aryan was driving tempo, Damini says i know thats why i have to investigate, Aradhya says we have to find Aryan then we can find culprit, Shashwat says why would Pavitra do it? Kumudini comes there and says she wants money and she can do anything to earn it, she ahs new business of drug dealing, she says to Aradhya that you wanted to trap Aryan in all this, Aradhya says we are all worried for him too, Kumudini says Damini she wont accept, we have to bring truth out, i suggest that put whole Rao family in jail, i am worried about Aryan, they will blurt out truth when police beat him, Aradhya you witch, did you give drugs to Aryan? she pushes Aradhya away but aaba pushes her back and says Damini is hurting my grand daughter, i will throw her out, Kumudini says to Damini that why you are silent? are you taking their side? ask about my grand son, Damini contemplates, she allegation is strong, i have to arrest her, Aradhya says but.. Damini says its serious allegation so she cant get bail too, Kumudini looks on with attitude, Damini takes Pavitra from there. Aradhya says dont worry aayi, i will find real culprit, Kumudini says i wont spare you, she says to aaba that you will rot in jail, she stares him and leaves shashwat angrily looks at her. Aradhya says to aaba that i will find Aryan, once he is found then problem will be solved, she leaves.
Goons come to site and says where is deadbody? we burned man but there are stones in bag. A kid laughs on them, he says i saw how that cart man changed your bag, you are fool, goons say this means boy is still alive, where will we find his bag now? boss will kill us, we have to find him.
Aradhya comes in mandir and says to Krishanji that why you are punishing me? aayi is arrested and Aryan is not found, aaji is right this is all happening because of me, Aryan tried to help me but he is stuck, police is saying that driver ranaway, i cant believe that Aryan would runaway, did drug dealers do something with him? i dont know what to do, did Aryan know there was danger? God please protect him, please help me, she cries. Shravani comes in mandir, Aradhya turns to see her, Shravani says Aradhya i am bad omen for Aryan, from the time i have come in his life, bad is happening, i came here to pray for Aryan, i wont go from here till Aryan is not found, Aradhya looks on, Shravani keeps burning diya on her palm of hand, Aradhya is shocked, Shravani says i wont remove his diya from hand till Aryan is not found, Aradhya takes diya from her hand and says this is all happening because of me, dont feel guilty, just pray that Aryan comes back soon, dont do this again, Shravani says you are right, we should pray for him, you have big heart, i will pray for him, Aradhya says i wont sit quiet, i will find him, she leaves. Shravani smirks and i will pray that Aryan throws Aradhya from his heart.
Aradhya meets Gayetri. Some man comes there and drags Aradhya from there, he has veil on his face, Gayetri runs behind them, Aradhya screams for help.
Aaba looks at his wife’s picture and says i am missing you today, he cries.
Man takes off his veil and is David, Aradhya says what are you doing here? Gayetri comes there too, and asks why did you call him? ARadhya says he brought me here not me, David says i know where Aryan is, Aradhya asks if he is fine? David says Raj have kidnapped him, David tells them everything how Raj wanted to kidnap Aradhya and he informed Aryan so Aryan took the risk and saved Aradhya, Aradhya says this means he put his life in danger for me, Gayetri says what about drugs? David says Raj must be behind it, he is alot for black business, i just know Aryan’s life is in danger, i dont know much, Raj’s men have taken him, i have come here after much difficulty, i have to leave, i cant help you fully for some reason, try to save Aryan, he leaves. Gayetri says if you think David was telling truth? Aradhya says he has put his life in danger to tell us this, we have to do something, they leave.

Scene 2
Aaba looks at his wife’s picture and says you were my wife but i never gave you position of wife because of my ego, i used t think that i can get anything with my power. Flashback shows Aaba’s wife saying to Aaba that i always remained silent but today i want to tell you that people bow down to you because they fear you, you have hurt my soul, one day you will payback for your sins, one day your ego will crush down, you will lose this power and everything, aaba slaps her, fb ends, aaba feels sad recalling it.
Markand brings grain bags to site, manager asks him to keep bags in kitchen.
Aaba says Bhamini you were right, i lost everything because of my ego, i was mad to not know that wife is blessing for house and if she isnt there then there is no peace in house, he cries and says now i understand everything but you are away from me, today police took Pavitra away and this Vidyadhar Rao couldnt do anything, saying truth if you were here today, i would have sit in your feet and ask for forgiveness, i would tell you that you were right and i was wrong, wish you were here.
Site manager says to woman that keep grain bags in kitchen. Woman turns and its none other than aaba’s wife Bhamini. She is working as servant at the center. Manager asks Markand to help her, Markand says i am stuck with this work. Markand and Bhamini lifts one bag and puts it in kitchen. One bag has Aryan inside it. They puts all bag from cart to kitchen. Markand says to manager that work is done, manager gives 100rs to Markand, Markand says after so much hard work is get 100rs? He looks at Bhamini and thinks something, manager asks him to leave, Markand starts leaving, he tries to look at Bhamini but she has back towards him, Markand has doubt but leaves anyway. One worder says to Bhamini that you work so much in this age too, i will help you, Bhamini smiles and leaves. Manager says to worker that she is akka, she is dumb, she cant speak, she works for orphan kids and doesnt let anyone help her, she likes to serve kids, she cooks food for them, worker says its great, he leaves.
Gayetri says to Aradhya that Raj is behind all this, we should inform police, Aradhya says Damini will ask for proofs, Gayetri says but its our duty to inform truth to police even if they dont believe us.

Scene 3
Pavitra is sadly sitting jail, Aradhya comes there, Pavitra asks if everyone is fine? did you find Aryan? Aradhya says dont worry, we will free you from here, dont worry, she sees her food plate and says please eat something, Pavitra says dont worry about me, find Aryan.
Gayetri says to policeman that i want to talk to Damini, i have found something related drug case, policeman says you are faster than police, who else is involved with your mother? Gayetri says why dont you understand that Aryan’s life is in danger. Aradhya says to Pavitra that trust us, we will bring Aryan back, Pavitra asks her to take care. ARadhya leaves, Pavitra prays for Aryan’s safety.
Policeman says to Gayetri that Damini has gone to head office, tell me about info. ARadhya comes and says to Gayetri that no use to talk to them. She bring Gayetri out, Gayetri says why didnt you tell him about Raj? ARadhya says we dont know who is involved with Raj, we have to find Aryan first.
Bhamini is cooking food for kids in kitchen, some kids try to steal food, she glares them but gives them food in end, they ask what will they get in food on independence day? she hints for rice dish, they get happy, she hints that they will dance too, kids says yes and leaves.
Aradhya says to Gayetri that we have to find Aryan, Gayetri says how will we do this alone? ARadhya says even ant can hurt elephant, Gayetri says what we have to do?
Bhamini is opening bag of grain, she opens one bag and finds Aryan inside, she moves back and is shocked, she gasp and looks around for help.
Aradhya says to Gayetri that you are journalist, just arrange a spy camera and laptop, Gayetri says i wont get permission from office, Aradhya says bring it, we have to capture proofs, Gayetri says what are you planning? Aradhya says just arrange it, she leaves, Gayetri leaves too, (it seems like someone is spying on them.)
Shashwat calls some lawyer and asks for help to free Pavitra but lawyer ends call, Shashwat says i used to call them friends but their reality is shown now. Aradhya comes there, Shashwat asks why she is in hurry? Aradhya says they wont allow me if i tell them truth, she says aayi has asked for God’s idol, i will take it. Aradhya comes to her room and says if i get ready here then everyone will doubt me, Aradhya says packs some clothes in her bag, she is about to leave but turns to see God’s idol, she prays to it, take it with her. She comes in hall, aaba says why such big bag for small idol? Shashwat asks what she is hiding? Aradhya looks at her bag and says it has aayi’s clothes, she need it, i will free aayi soon, will find Aryan too, Shashwat blesses her, Aradhya leaves. Aaba thinks, Shashwat thinks too, they look at each other.
Aradhya meets Gayetri, she asks if she brought things? Gayeti says yes, they sit in Aryan’s car, ARadhya says i will tell you. Gayetri says where are we going? Gayetri says to Raj’s godown, they drive from there. Aradhya is driving, Kumudini is following them in her room and recalls flashback how she spied on Aradhya and Gayetri talking about Raj kidnapping Aryan and how they are going to free him. Aradhya sees car following her, she says Gayu someone is following us, Gayu looks back and says God. Aradhya speeds up and takes sharp turn. Kumudini’s car loses Aradhya’s car, Kumudini says where did witch go? Aradhya says to Gayetri that i have to do work now, she stops and leaves car with her bag. Kumudini says she thinks that she will go to Raj’s godown and will fool me, i wont spare her. Aradhya comes to room, she changes her clothes and wears pants and boots. She comes out, Gayetri is shocked to see her new avatar(Aradhya’s avatar is not shown), Gayetri says no one is following us now, will our plan work? Aradhya says always be positive, she takes spy camera from her which is pen and hangs it around her pocket.
Kumudini calls Nakku and says find driver of tempo, he will know about Raj’s godown, Aradhyahas gone there only, she ends call. Shravani calls Nakku and says i have prayed for Aryan, will you massage my feet? Nakku says you keep sitting here, but Aradhya is ahead of you, she has gone to free Aryan, she got to know that Raj has kidnapped Aryan, you keep sitting here while Aradhya will free Aryan, you will have no position against her, Shravani says i will be number one for Aryan, i will free Aryan first then i will have massage, she leaves, Nakku says but she doesnt know about Raj’s godown, i have to go to bar to find driver.
Gayetri and Aradhya stops near Raj’s godown, Aradhya says to Gayetri that keep laptop on, i will give view of inside from my hidden camera, she starts leaving, Gayetri wishes her luck.
Kumudini says Raj doesnt know me, i can find his godown easily.
Raj is scolding his goons about drugs being caught, goon says police can come here anytime, Raj says no drugs should be found here, even if police comes here, shift all stuff to other godown. They hear gunshot, Aradhya comes there with gun and dressed as Sardar wearing three piece suit, she smirks at Raj.

PRECAP- Raj says to Aradhya that you drink lassi then we will make deal, he smiles, Shravani is there too but her face is in veil, Aradhya drinks lassi, her fake mustache starts falling out, Raj sees it and catches her, he removes her mustache. Gayetri sees this on her laptop and gets tensed, Saras and Micheal are with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Happy birthday Sana..:-)

  2. precap was really funny when aru’s mustache falling out .kumu u r witch not aru. Kumu surely when time comes u also have to pay for ur deeds nd nw pvr is paying after dat it will be ur turn.

  3. nd nw it is confirmed dat sravani iz Raj’s wife

  4. I miss the episode…But anyways written update z only needed..Due to no Aara scene?But precape z lill confussion..Is shravani z from Jairaj??

    1. Manya

      Plzzzz rebba watch kd and aara scene will come when aru will find aryan and i think shravani is jairaj’s wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I watch the epi dear..On repeat telecast @ 10:30pm..Itz nyc..Waiting for todays episode..?precape z realy confussioning..???

  5. Many More Happy Returnz f d Day Sana mam….May الله bless u with Almighty & Peace…Love u alot..<3????

  6. Episode was theek thak …no arra scene?? aru plz find aryan as soon as possible ? michal nd saras with gayu? confusion?what shravini was doing there ? aru was so funny? waiting for next episode?

    1. Manya

      Aisha how can they show aara scenes if they are not together but…………..when aru will find aryan’s there will an awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee aara scenes so just wait and plzz don’t miss!!!!!

    2. Shravani is Raj’s wife and it was his idea to send her to Aryan’s house and act there like her husband was accidentally killed by Aryan loool I just dont know where the body went after the accident, cos its just not possible as Aryan’s car was in perfect condition after the ‘ accident ‘ lmaooo

  7. Happy birthday Sana may god bless u and fulfill all ur dreams .???

  8. Manya

    Today’s epi was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!i was feeling very pity for aaba when he was crying and aru was looking too cute in a sardar’s getup and i guess shravani is jairaj’s wife bcoz how did she came to know his place ???????????and OMG!!!!!!!what will that jairaj do to aru?? i guess david will help her escape from there .whatever happens eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi and aryan too be found bcoz then aara scenes will come so don’t miss!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy h appy birthday day sana.. many many happy returns of the day & May god bless you..!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡

  10. Still confused about bhamini. . Aru is a super High IQ. & thank god David used his brain & informed aru. I just hope she finds her charming prince soon. Now me too think shravani is raj’s wife. Bt if that’s so, then why is she getting attracted to Aryan. .does she want more than one husband in life. Idiot lady..
    & today abba’s sad mood was soo emotional. Guys any news aby the pic of aru white Saree ??

  11. aara scenes will be on friday………btw is shravani raj’s wife???bt at the time when raj speaks to barkha bai he was asking that why she came to krishnavati…she is already in krishnavati r8???something fishy………

  12. Crazy..Sheeba


    1. Manya


    2. Sheeba , how can I see trp rates ?

      1. Crazy..Sheeba

        I also dont know Maleesha…got info frm other forum and twitter…Ok I will check if any link is there….We hav to do i dnt knw what…bt ths colors making us crazy…

    3. i hope tody epi should b nyc..

  13. Crazy..Sheeba


  14. Intense – nice episode.

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