Krishna+ Saiyyam = KRIYYAM chap 8

Hello everyone…hope u enjoy new year eve a lot…

Saiyyam was talikg to men at a dark place…

Saiyyam:- I hope u understand what u have to do…

The men leaves and saiyyam thinks :- who attacks tiger n hurt Krishna will be in front of me soon….

Saiyyam enters the birla house…

Suhani:- ur father have done all this

Saiyyam:- oh god…listen say whatever u want to…now I m thinking that may b u did this…I mean u may hire some one n

Suhani:- I can’t even think to hurt Krishna

Saiyyam:- wht a joke…

Bhavna:- once listen to her

Saiyyam:- why…she even try to listen me…never…so y shoulder I…jayiye jakar yuvaan ko sunayiye….

Saiyyam goes to his room…while suhani looks on

Kunjuma bring juice for Krishna n saiyyam enters

Saiy:- what is she doing here

Krishna:- she bring juice for me…

Saiyyam:- amm…we don’t need ur help…so don’t u worry about us…u may leave

Krishna takes the juice n kunjumm leaves

Krishna:- sister will u plzz give Mr n saiyyam 2 mins I wanna talk to him….

Sister too leave

Krishna:- y u r angry?

Saiyyam:- ur suhani aunty…..huh she is saying that my dad has done this….I mean its too much..he is dead n….

Krishna: ur dad is no more so how can he?
I think due to tnsn she is saying this n that….

Saiyyam:- whatever I don’t care

Krishna:- u cares….agar care nhi hoti to ye gussa nhi hota….we get angry on them only whom we care n we love

Saiyyam: bakwaas

Krishna :- sach

Kunjuma hear all this n leave

Yuvaan brings soup for Krishna

Yuvaan:- Krishna…I bring soup…take it.

Krishna:- now only I drink juice…n now this…

Yuvaan; shutupp….open ur mouth

Yuvaan apne haayho se soup pila RHA he…..n saiyyam is jealous…. Krishna notice saiyyam n ask yuvaan to leave

Yuvaan goes

Saiyyam:- ask him not to come in our room…without knocking….

Krishna:- don’t be jealous

Saiyyam:- jealous… Who I….no never….

Krishna laughs….

Sambhav :- so suhani u r doubting me…..but Saiyyam will doubt u …wait n watch…

Krishna got a message from suhani to came on terrace n don’t tell Saiyyam

Saiyyam:- where r u going …?

Krishna:- vo…I have some work

Saiyyam:- what …in this condition no….

Krishna: I m not asking….no need to come with me….else u will fight with suhani aunty….

Krishna locks saiyyam inside the room….

On terrace
A woman is standing only her back is shown …..she seems to be suhani….same hair suit ..etc

Krishna:- aunty y u call mW here….

Saiyyam:- hahaha…this girl leave the window open…..stupid

He came out of the room n went to terrace

Krishna go close n suddenly the woman push her n ran from there

Saiyyam n all hear krishna’s scream

Saiyyam reach at terrace n look Krishna holding the wall of terrace …he give his hand n pull her…..

Everony reach

Suhani’- what happen beta

Krishna gets up n jerks suhani:- so smart aunty…first u push me n now asking what happen?

Everyone get stunned….

Yuvani:- what r u saying…Krishna

Krishna hugs saiyyam n cry

Saiyyam stare at suhani



  1. kriyam fan

    awesome very nice please mystery daily likha karo kriyam ke baare main bhaut acha likhti ho kal maine bhaut miss kiya

  2. Radha

    First happy new year dear.episode was very nice.but i am waiting to see sambhavs truth coming infront of kriyyam.kriyyam bonding is very lovely.their part was superb.pls post nxt epi asap.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.