How Krishna and Saiyyam became Kriyam part 18


Krishna came to her room:
She remembers how Yuvan was touching, she felt disgusted. She went to the washroom and washed her face.

Krishna:”i have to tell Saiyyam about Yuvan.”
She came put of the washroom when Saiyyam came in with a man.
Saiyyam:”there is the door…. (To Krishna) he is here to repair the door.”
Krishna didn’t want to speak in front of a stranger so left from there silently.

Saiyyam, thinks:”what happened to her? Something must be wrong. I must talk to her.”
But the man stopped Saiyyam from leaving.

Krishna came in the garden. Yuvan followed her till there.
Krishna stood there confused about what to do when suddenly Yuvan hugged her from behind. Krishna startled and pushed him away.

Krishna:”what’s wrong with you? Don’t you dare touch me?”
Yuvan:”why? I love you, there is nothing wrong.”
Krishna:”Listen Yuvan. If you don’t stop, i will tell everyone what you are doing”
Yuvan:”Krishna, you can’t threaten me. If you had to tell you would have already told Saiyyam now”

Krishna:”stop all this.”
Yuvan pulled her to him. Krishna tried to escape his grip but couldn’t as he was more powerful than her.

Krishna:”Yuvan, leave me.”
Yuvan:”listen to me… you are only mine. No one has the right on you.”

Krishna, confidently:”i was never yours and i will never be yours.”

Yuvan:”that we will see. I will make you mine whatever happened.”
He released her and went away. Krishna hold her hand where he hurt her.
She had tears in her eyes.

Krishna searched Saiyyam in the house.
Bhavna:”Krishna, where are you going like this? What happened?”

Krishna:”mausi, did you see Saiyyam?”
Bhavna:”yeah, he went out. He was also searching for you to tell you… he will come at night. He told me to tell you.”

Krishna, sadly:”ok, mausi.”
Bhavna:”what happened, Krishna?”
Krishna nodded nothing and went.

Krishna, while walking back to her room, thinks:”I will tell Saiyyam once he returns. Should i tell aunty in the meanwhile?”

Krishna stopped in front if Suhani’s room.
She hesitated to go in but finally went.

Suhani:”Krishna, come in.”
Krishna:”aunty, i wanted to talk to you.”
Suhani:”Yes, i know.”
Krishna looked at her.

Krishna:”you know?”
Suhani:”yes, Yuvan told me everything.”
Krishna was surprised.
Suhani:”Yuvan told me how much you felt bad. I am sorry that i told all this about Saiyyam. It’s just that sometimes i think he will turn into that monster too.”

Krishna:”aunty, Saiyyam will never be that.”
She left from there.

Krishna:”Aunty is already worried. How can i tell him that what she is suspecting Saiyyam to do, actually Yuvan is doing that to me?”

At night:
Krishna waited for Saiyyam to come. All the others were already asleep.
Krishna walked here and there, sat on the sofa. She felt asleep there itself.

After sometimes:
Krishna woke up as she felt someone touched her cheeks.
Krishna, still in sleep:”Saiyyam, why are so late?”
Voice:”Saiyyam, Saiyyam, Saiyyam… you only know Saiyyam now”
She couldn’t see him in the dark.

Krishna recognized it to be Yuvan’s voice.
Krishna:”what are you doing here? Get out from here.”

Yuvan:”i told you i will make you mine whatever it will take.”
He pulled Krishna to him. She pushed him away and turned on the lights. Yuvan’s face was covered with a scarf.

Krishna was about to shout but Yuvan put his hand on her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

He hold Krishna tight, she tried her best to move away but couldn’t.
She found a vase and took it to hit him. But Yuvan hold her hand and threw the vase.

He slapped her and Krishna fell down. Her mouth was slightly hurt and blood came out.

Yuvan, realizing what he has done, he went to Krishna.
Yuvan:”sorry Krishna… i didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t want to slap you. It’s all your fault. I told you that i love you. If you had agree then i would have done all this.”

Krishna cried.
Yuvan make her stand up. Krishna jerked his hand away and run to the door but Yuvan caught her. And threw her on the bed.

Krishna once again try to hit him with whatever she got. Yuvan being frustrated tied her hands and her mouth. And once again threw her on the bed. He came over her. Krishna still struggled to free herself.

And Saiyyam opened the door and saw what was happening.
Yuvan, with his scarf still on, and Krishna looked at him.

He run to them and pushed Yuvan away from Krishna.
Saiyyam slapped him. Yuvan also try to fight back.
They hit each other. Saiyyam tried to remove the scarf but Yuvan pushed him and run away from the window. Saiyyam wanted to go after him but he was mostly concerned about Krishna.

He came to her and opened her mouth. And untied her hands. Krishna was crying. Once Saiyyam opened her hands, she hugged him and cried.

Saiyyam hugged her back. Krishna continued to cry for sometimes and he let her cry out.

Saiyyam:”i am with you, Krishna. Nothing will happen to you until i am here.”
Krishna looked at him. Saiyyam felt bad seeing her in this state. He cleaned up her wound with the first aid.

And make her lay down.

Krishna hold Saiyyam’s hand tight. She didn’t want to leave.
Krishna:”plz, don’t go. He will come back again. Don’t leave me alone.” She felt unconscious.

Saiyyam, thinks:”who was that person? Does Krishna know him? I have to ask her when she is awake.”

Saiyyam lay down next to her as Krishna held his hand.

During the night:
In her sleep, Krishna remembers what Yuvan did to her and woke up nervously and screamed a bit. Saiyyam also woke up.

Saiyyam hugged her.
Saiyyam:”Krishna, you are fine. It’s me. Calm down.”
Krishna calmed down.
Saiyyam:”i am with you, ok?”
Krishna nodded yes.
Krishna:”plz, tell him not to touch me. I don’t like him touching me.”
Saiyyam:”who, Krishna?”
Saiyyam:”Yuvan? But why will he touch you?”

Krishna told him everything about Yuvan, how he told that he love her and all.

Saiyyam clenched his fist.
Saiyyam:”is this his love? If he really loved you, he wouldn’t have hurt you like this. I am not going to spare him.”
He was about to leave but Krishna hugged him.
Krishna, scared:”don’t leave me alone.”
Saiyyam, realized how much scared she is.

Saiyyam, thinks:”I should stay with her. She is afraid, i will see Yuvan in the morning.”

Yuvan’s room:
Baby was doing Yuvan’s aid.
Baby:”why did you do this stupid act? Now forget about Krishna, even your parents won’t want you. And you think Saiyyam will stay quiet.”

Yuvan:”don’t worry, baby. My next plan is ready. Krishna will be only mine.”

Baby:”what will you do?”
Yuvan smirked.

All night, Kriyam didn’t sleep. Saiyyam cared for her. Krishna was still hugging him and he lovingly caressed her hair.

Saiyyam talked with her to distract her.

Saiyyam:”you know…. my employees want to meet you again. They became your fan. They were all praising you, more than me. This is bad.”
Krishna:”why is it bad?”
Saiyyam:”i should be more praised. I am their boss.”
Krishna:”but i am your wife… so obviously i will also get praised. And they will love me more.”

Saiyyam smiled as Krishna was now normal.

Saiyyam, lost in her:”they can’t stop loving you neither i can stop admiring you.”
Krishna looked at him lovingly.

Krishna:”but i didn’t do anything.”
Saiyyam:”for me, you did a lot. You were with me when no one was. That’s more than everything to me.”

Krishna smiled at him.

Precap: next day, Yuvan and Saiyyam fight. what’s Yuvan’s plan to separate kriyam.

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