Krishna Chali London 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe shares the truth with Saajan

Krishna Chali London 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua reading Krishna’s message on the mirror. She gets shocked and says she has run away. She goes to Dubey and cries, saying Krishna has run away. Dubey asks her not to cry in front of everyone. Shukla asks the matter. Bua says its nothing. Dubey goes away. He gets short of breath and says she has run away, she didn’t think of my respect. Bua asks her sons to find Krishna from anywhere. They run. Krishna tries to hire an auto. Pyaare and Dulaare see Radhe and ask him does he know that Krishna has run. He makes a sad face. They run to find Krishna. Krishna takes help and goes. Bua does Radhe’s aarti. Shukla asks the kids to go and have icecream. Krishna drives the scooty. Pyaare calls his dad and says we got to know where Krishna has run away. His dad asks him to inform

him when he finds her out. Shukla enters the venue with family. Krishna reaches the train station. Dubey says I have made all the arrangements as you said. The singers entertain everyone. Radhe sits on the special chair.

Pyaare calls his dad and says I forgot to tell something imp, groom knows everything, Krishna has run in front of him. His dad gets shocked and smiles seeing Radhe. Radhe smiles. Bua says its all done by Prashant. Dubey asks her to stop crying. He says groom’s family shouldn’t know that Krishna has run away. Bua’s husband says groom knows it already. They get shocked. Pyaare and Dulaare reach the train station and look for her. Dubey says Radhe, please don’t say this to your family, I promise to find Krishna and get her here. Shukla’s wife says maybe they are trying to control my son. She asks Dubey to get the bride. She asks Radhe why is he worried, say the truth. Radhe sees Dubey. He poses for the camera and smiles. Krishna waits for the train.

She sits there. Saajan finds Radhe tensed. Radhe signs that he is going to washroom. He asks Saajan to come. They go. Shukla says your son is a coward. His wife says he looked worried. Saajan asks the matter. Radhe cries and hugs him. Saajan asks what happened, why are you crying, is your stomach aching. Radhe says Krishna has run away, my heart is aching, its a disaster, what shall I do, I don’t understand. Saajan says I never imagined this will happen, how did this happen, stop crying. Radhe says Dubey requested me not to tell dad. Saajan says marriage is not a joke, who told this to you. Radhe says I informed everyone, I was standing there holding trousers when she ran away, she told me to give five years time, I didn’t understand. Saajan asks what should we do, she has run away.

Radhe says Dubey requested me too. Saajan says everyone is requesting you and fooling you, of Shukla knows you knew this and didn’t tell him, he will beat you a lot. The train arrives. Krishna goes to board the train. Pyaare and Dulaare catch her and ask her to come home silently. She says I don’t want to marry, that’s why I have run away. They ask her to just come. She asks TT to help, they are kidnapping her. Pyaare says she is our sister, we are taking her to mandap, its her marriage today. The people beat up Pyaare. Dulaare makes Krishna talk to Dubey on video call. Dubey threatens to commit suicide and asks her to come back. Krishna gets shocked. Dubey says just come back, I will burn myself, I m saying the truth. Bua asks her to come back for her dad’s sake. She cries. She stops the people and says leave him, he is my brother. She goes home with them.

Shukla says we are taking the baraat back, we have no respect here. Radhe says I want to talk to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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