Krishna Chali London 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla gets Krishna kidnapped

Krishna Chali London 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla getting angry recalling Krishna’s words. Krishna asks the men to get the treadmill inside. Everyone stares. Bela asks what’s this. Krishna says its called treadmill, person can be at same place and walk as much as he wants. She asks Shuklain to walk on treadmill and stay healthy. Radhe says what if mum falls down, will you take guarantee. Shuklain says I will fall down if I walk on it wearing saree. Krishna says no, you won’t fall if you wear shoes and track suit. Shuklain asks will I wear track pant in this age. Krishna says we will wear the same, see I got this track suit for you, if you have a problem, you can wear salwar suit. Shuklain says we don’t wear it. Krishna asks why, stomach is seen in saree, you will be completely covered in salwar suit.

Shuklain asks Shukla why did he get Krishna back. Matuk comes and says I heard something came here. He sees treadmill. Shuklain asks Shukla to refuse. Krishna says you can’t be stubborn, we women will exercise tomorrow morning. Shuklain refuses. Krishna says I have to talk to Shukla. He goes to her. She asks him to explain mummy, else he knows what can happen.

He says you are taking revenge. She says no, exercise is necessary for good health, men and women have equal rights, I m asking for your help. He says fine, I will help. He asks Shuklain to listen to Krishna, everyone will exercise in morning. He asks Krishna is she happy. She nods, Shuklain says no, I won’t jump on it. She falls down.

Krishna asks Saajan to help her. He asks what help. She says I want to win Radhe’s trust again, there is nothing between Prashant and me. He says sorry, I won’t get in this matter, because I don’t know the truth. She says I swear, this is not true. He says sorry. Guddan says I always believe you when you come from those bad lanes, why aren’t you believing her, since she is a girl, she has to give Agnipariksha. Saajan says sorry, tell me what to do. Krishna smiles.

Shukla gives money and asks men to do, there shouldn’t be any harm. The men agree. Shukla says she is going to buy a shoe, do this work in evening. The men leave. Shukla says she is blackmailing me. Krishna is in market. She thinks someone is following and turns to see. The men use chloroform and faint her. They put her in the car. The man says Shukla is so mean, does anyone do this with own bahu. The car leaves. Krishna is thrown on the road. She wakes up and looks around. She sees the mud marks on her hands and clothes. She stands shocked. She comes home. Lali sees her and asks where were you since morning, what is this state, I was trying to call you, your number was off. Krishna says don’t know what happened with me. She runs to her room and washes her face. She worries and cries. She says what happened with me, they kidnapped me and then left me without harming, there is no wound, but what happened, is anyone trying to scare me, I will call Radhe. She looks for her phone. Shukla comes there smiling and says my lovely bahu, Krishna, are you finding this phone.

He crushes the phone and says now there is no proof, your blackmailing is also over, I never went to school, see how I ended your game, its night, go and sleep, leave from here in the morning. She angrily cries. He asks what happened, you have become a statue. He turns to go. She stops him and gives him a glass of water. She says you maybe tired. He says no, but I will have it, are you in shock. She says yes, you worked hard to destroy a video. He says yes. She says you said you didn’t go to school, how did you forget that I have gone to school, how did you think that I m such a big fool to keep video just in my phone. She gets pendrive and says this is called pendrive, this also had video copy. He asks pen. She says pendrive, I have such ten copies, I m your bahu, I also play well.

Radhe hears Krishna talking and follows her. He goes to Prashant’s room and hears Krishna’s laugh. He gets angry and says I won’t leave Prashant today. He takes a knife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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