Krishna Chali London 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla gets a nightmare

Krishna Chali London 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna coming to room and unpacking bags. Radhe stands in front of the cupboard. She asks him to move. He throws her clothes out. She keeps it back again. He says I won’t let you keep clothes, its my bed and my cupboard, you can go anywhere you want. She says fine, I will explain you in legal language, I have equal right on all these things. I m married to you, I m legally your wife, you can stand here if you want to go against law. He holds her and says you are right, our relation won’t end if I do Shraddh, we are husband and wife, I m yours, you are mine, is there any third person.

She says I gave you answer before, there is no one between us. He says then I want husband’s rights. She says get away, its hurting me, you are doing wrong. He gets close.

She says get away. He kisses her and says I also took my right of being a husband. She cries. She asks why did you stop, you prove me wrong again, I used to think you have a devil in you, you proved me wrong before, show me that you have a devil in you, who wants to get wife this way, fulfill your wish. She goes to change. He says fine, I will not sleep outside, its my bed, my room. She comes back. He sleeps on bed. She pulls the blanket and goes to sleep.

He says sorry and turns to sleep. Bela gets headache and says Shukla used to hate Krishna, how did she come back. Triloki does her hair massage. Radhe wakes up and sees Krishna. She says if I tell you about your dad’s deeds, you will be shocked. He asks what. She shows him the actor’s confession. Radhe goes to Shukla. Shukla asks what happened. Radhe and Gajanan say you have done much wrong. Shukla asks them to leave the house along with their wives. Gajanan says I m leaving with my wife, I will support my brother. Shuklain asks what are you saying. Krishna says I told you this, your family will be broken when your truth comes out, your respect will be ruined. Shukla gets shocked seeing them leave. He wakes up from sleep.

Its morning, krishna says I have made poha for Shukla, he will have it. Bela comes and asks did Shukla call you, what’s the matter. Krishna says nothing, Shukla has sung Aaja Krishna in aarti, so I have come, respect is by heart, not by keeping this ghunghat for show. Radhe comes to have tea. Bela asks him to control his wife. Krishna says I will get tea. Lali asks what happened to your hand. Krishna sees Radhe. She taunts on Radhe. He goes to room and gets angry on her words. He scolds himself. He says she is calling me a wolf, she would see a lion in her boyfriend Prashant, I gave her freedom, why did she come back. Krishna takes tea for Shukla. He asks where is Shuklain. She says she is doing puja. He spits tea and says there is no sugar and milk in it. She says you have sugar, everyone will have tea without sugar, ghee and oil will be used less, everyone will eat simple food. He scolds her. She smiles and says now everything will run as I want, I have your misdeeds in my hands. She shows her phone.

She asks him to drink sugarless tea and remember what she told him last night. He gets angry. Shuklain falls down and cries. Everyone runs to her. Shuklain pushes Krishna. Shukla asks them to call doctor. Krishna calls doctor. Shukla sees her phone. Doctor checks Shuklain and asks her to do exercise or walk. She says I have much work to do. Krishna says you have to take care of health. Doctor gives medicines and goes. Krishna comes to Radhe and asks are you listening. She takes money. He asks why are you taking money. She says I want money, I m your wife, you earned money for my dad, I have equal right on your things. She takes money and goes. He says I m husband, I m a devil, if she wants money, its law, amazing, she always wants to win.

Shukla asks the men to do his work at night. Krishna walks on the road. She gets kidnapped. She is thrown on the road.

Update Credit to: Amena

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