Krishna Chali London 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe fails to stop the marriage

Krishna Chali London 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe reading his letter for Shukla. He tells about the problem. He says I got to know that Krishna doesn’t … Shukla says she will end the stain of our illiteracy, you have got her. He tells his problems. He says now our fate got better, you are my lucky charm. He hugs Radhe. Radhe gets emotional. Shukla says I have organized a grand marriage, everyone thinks I m illiterate, after I die… Radhe says don’t say this. Shukla says Gajanan has a right to do my final rites, by agreeing to marry Krishna, you have discharged the duties of a son, I m giving you the right to perform my last rites, you are my Radhe. Radhe cries. Shukla says you have made me proud, you wanted something. Radhe says I wanted to say thanks. Shukla kisses him and says ask for anything you

want. He falls asleep. Radhe says I can’t break dad’s heart. He tears the letter and cries.

Krishna asks Sonal not to cry, she is smart and sensible. She explains her that education is their weapon and esteem, so never quit studies. She makes Sonal smile. Bua and Dubey check arrangements. Bua asks Krishna to see her house well, as she is leaving now. Shukla’s family women get ready and show off their gold. Dubey welcomes the guests. Bua meets her husband and worries as he has travelled a long distance. Saajan asks Radhe to stay happy.

Radhe asks what shall I do, how shall I check Krishna. Saajan says I asked you if you want this girl, you are going to get married, what are you thinking, what’s going on, tell me, you die if you want to. Radhe says I tried to talk to dad and couldn’t talk. Krishna asks Shikha to help, she will marry after 5 years, don’t know Radhe spoke at his home or not. Saajan says I won’t help, you don’t want to help yourself, you made this a joke, your marriage is destined to happen, just forget the promise. Krishna calls him. Saajan takes his phone.

Krishna says his phone got switched off now. Saajan says be a man, she is your would be wife, look at your brother and dad. Bua asks Krishna to get ready. Bua’s husband says she didn’t get happy seeing me. Krishna says no, I m happy. Uncle says I got a good gift for you. Shukla’s wife does the rituals and makes Radhe wear sehra. She asks him to give her a promise. He says I give the entire Kanpur city to you. She says I don’t want that, promise you won’t become a henpecked husband. Shukla says he won’t become. Radhe promises. Shikha gets Saajan’s number and asks Krishna to think again. Krishna says I think this is right.

Krishna packs bags and runs away. Radhe and Saajan dance in the baraat. Krishna writes an apology to her dad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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