Krishna Chali London 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe turns depressed

Krishna Chali London 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna recalling Radhe’s mum’s words. She asks Dubey why didn’t he save a penny and spent everything on wedding. She says I feel so ashamed, I couldn’t do anything for mum, I couldn’t assure you that I can take care of my life. Dubey cries and goes to Shukla. Dubey gets a bucket of milk. Shukla says this is Radhe’s first earning, without anyone’s help, I dislike milk, but I will have this. He asks everyone to have the milk, we should be thankful to Dubey for this day. They all drink the milk. Bua asks Krishna to pack her bags. Krishna packs her clothes. She thinks of Radhe and cries. Dubey comes to her. Krishna hugs him and cries.

Saajan goes to help Krishna. Shukla signs Saajan to get away. He says Dubey, there is something that I couldn’t tell

you, Radhe is very lucky for me, when he was born, my business flourished, he has become my fav, today I m really hurt, it was very difficult for me to beat him in front of everyone, I m heartbroken, I m hurt, so I was saying, I hope this mistake isn’t repeated again. Dubey nods. Shukla says because next time, I won’t be beating Radhe, he has got his share of beatings, I will take your leave now. He asks Bua to give Saaunf/fennel seeds for him. Shukla wipes his hands on Dubey’s shirt to insult him. She says you can have your son-in-law and daughter for a week, let them stay until you are sure that you won’t repeat the mistake, then you can send both of them. Bua says forgive us.

Saajan holds Radhe and says you still have my bike, you can keep it for you, its also yours. Radhe stays sad all the while. Shukla and his family leaves. Dubey asks Pyaare to arrange a car for Radhe. Bela gets a call from Triloki. She asks what, Shukla has sold Radhe’s bike. Saajan says Radhe is heartbroken and you are worried for bike’s price. Lali hears Bela joking on Krishna. Bela sees Lali and says I m really disappointed and sad. Radhe’s mum says why did you sell bike if it was Krishna’s mistake. Shukla says leave it, stop it now, forget the bike, tell your son to control his wife, you couldn’t do a small thing, I told you to control that girl, you just create issues. They reach Kanpur. Krishna sees Radhe and says I just vented out my frustration on you, I didn’t know…

Radhe says stop it, its just my mistake, it was my dream, I didn’t ask anyone to fulfill my dream, I know everyone gets a bike in marriage, I also thought to get a bike, I didn’t force anybody, I went to Banwari and requested him, I told him that I will collect money and pay him so that I can return buffalo to you, you can even punish me and vent our anger on me, its my fault, it was my dream, my bike, my dad ruined my dream. He cries holding her. He leaves her and says sorry. Pyaare says lets go, car is here. Dubey and Bua get sweets and gifts. Dubey says sorry. Radhe says no, its my mistake, don’t fold hands, one more thing, don’t worry for Krishna, I have already promised you, I will try to keep her happy always. Dubey thanks him. Radhe takes his blessings. Radhe and Krishna are on the way. Dekha hai pehli baar…..plays on radio. Radhe sits sad. Krishna falls on his side when car takes a turn. They have a moment. She says the car took a turn all of a sudden, don’t know why don’t they fix the potholes. Driver says its good, many lovers come close due to the potholes.

Radhe says Shukla has always beaten me at home, he should have not done that in my in-laws, will he beat me in front of my children. Krishna hears him talking to Saajan. Saajan goes to Krishna. He says Radhe beats me and cries, but today he had only one thing, he used to smile like an innocent child, you snatched his smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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